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BLingSoft 每天早上睁开眼,看福布斯排行榜,如果上面没我,我就起来上班! 主页博客 博客相册|个人档案 |好友 |i 贴吧 博客 查看文章 研究生英语复试面试口语万能模版 2011 年 04 月 09 日 星期六 下午 09:08
  1. 自我介绍(self-introduce) Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is ***,
  24. I come from ******,the capital of *******Province. I graduated from the ******* department of *****University in July ,20
  01.In the past two years I have been prepareing for the postgraduate examination while I have been teaching *****in NO.****middle School and I was a head-teacher of a class in junior grade two.Now all my hard work has got a result since I have a chance to be interview by you . I am open-minded ,quick in thought and very fond of history.In my spare time,I have broad interests like many other youngers.I like reading books, especially those about *******.Frequently I exchange with other people by making comments in the forum on line.In addition , during my college years, was once a Net-bar technician.So,I have I a comparative good command of network application.I am able to operate the computer well.I am skillful in searching for information in Internet.I am a football fan for years.Italian team is my favorite.Anyway, feel great pity for our I country‘s team. I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning .Of course, if I am given a chance to study ****** in this famous University,I will stare no effort to master a good command of advance ******.
  2.考研原因 (reasons for my choice) There are several reasons. I have been deeply impressed by the academic atmosphere when I came here last summer. In my opinion,as one of the most famous ******in our country, it provide people with enough room to get further enrichment . This is the first reason. The second one is I am long for doing research in ******throughout my life. Its a pleasure to be with my favorite
******for lifetime. I suppose this is the most important factor in my decision. Thirdly, I learnt a lot from my *****job during the past two years. However, I think further study is still urgent for me to realize self-value. Life is precious. It is necessary to seize any chance for self-development, especially in this competitive modern world. In a word, I am looking forward to making a solid foundation for future profession after two years study here.
  3.研究生期间你的计划 (plans in the postgraduate study) First, I hope I can form systematic view of *****. As for ******, my express wish is to get a complete comprehension of the formation and development as well as **************. If possible, I will go on with my study for doctorate degree. In a word, I am looking forward to making a solid foundation for future profession after two years study here. (简单了一些,望高手补充) 4 .介绍你的家乡(about hometown) I am from , a famous city with a long history over
  2,200 years. It is called “Rong Cheng ” because there were lots of banians even 900 years ago. The city lies in the eastern part of the province. It is the center of politics, economy and culture. Many celebrities were born here, for instance, Yanfu, Xie Bingxin, Lin Zexu and so on . . You know, there is a saying that “The greatness of a man lends a glory to a place”。 I think the city really deserves it. The top three artware are Shoushan Stone, cattle-horn combs and bodiless lacquerware. In addition, it is famous for the hot springs. Theyare known for high-quality. Visitors athome and abroad feel it comfortable bathing here.There is my beloved hometown.
  5.你的家庭(about family) There are four members in my family; my parents, my cute cat of 9 years old and me. My father is a technician in the Fujian TV station. He often goes out on b usiness. So most of the housework is done by my industrious mom. Climbing at weekends is our common interest. The fresh air and natural beauty can help us get rid of tiredness. They can strengthen our relation, too.During my prepareing for coming here,my parents‘love and support have always been my power.and I hope in future I wil be able to repay them.
  6.你的大学(about university) **********University is the oldest one in the province. It was founded in *******and covers an area of over******* mu. The building area is ************square meters. It develops into a comprehensive university with efforts of generations, especially after the reform and opening up. It takes the lead among the *********universities with nice teaching and scientific research
ability. The library has a storage of *******books. . various research institutes are set up including 52 research centers. There are teaching research experimental bases. For example, the computer center, analyzing-test center, modern education technical center and so on.
Personal statement (introduction) Good morning, my dear teachers, my dear professors. I am very glad to be here for your interview. My name is ZhangQiang,I am 22 years old. I come from Nanjing, a very beautiful city. My undergraduate period will be accomplished in Tongji university in July, 2007; and now, I am trying my best for obtaining a key to XXX university. Generally speaking, I am a hard-working student especially do the thing I am interested in. I will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is. When I was sophomore, I found web design very interesting, so I learned it very hard. To weaver a homepage for myself, I stayed with my personnel computer for half a month, and I am the first one in my class who own his homepage. Furthermore is a person with great perseverance. During the days preparing for the first examination insist on running every day, no matter what the weather was like. And just owning to this, I could concentrate on my study and succeeded in the end. Well, in my spare time, I like basketball, tennis and Chinese chess. Also English is my favorite. Often go to English corner to practice my oral English on every Thursday, and write compositions to improve my written ability. But I know my English is not good enough, I will continue studying. Ok, that is all, thank you for your attention. 深圳龙岗英语 龙岗英语培训 深圳龙岗英语角 出国英语口语 出国留学英语 出国英语考试 深圳龙岗英语培训中心,为你提供龙岗英语最好的培训计划,报名电话: 0755-894508
  22. 2011 年龙岗英语,深圳唯希国际英语将秉承一贯坚持的服务理念和教学目标, 为龙岗地区英语爱好者提供最优质的英语教学服务,推进龙岗英语培训、高端英 语培训的发展进程。 课程设置:《人人说英语口语》,《商务英语》,《新概念英语》,《雅思英 》,《商务英语》,《新概念英语》,《雅思英 《人人说英语口语》,《商务英语》,《新概念英语》,《 》,《出国英语》、《剑桥少儿英语》,《企业英语培训 出国英语》、《剑桥少儿英语》,《企业英语培训》 语》,《出国英语》、《剑桥少儿英语》,《企业英语培训》 欢迎你有时间过来中心了解,我们会安排专业的老师: A、免费给你做英语水平测试 B、免费制定英语学习计划
C、免费安排英语试听课 如何在外企英语面试中脱颖而出?如何有效的运用英语在外企英文面试中打动 面试官?在外企口语面试中应该避免哪些内容?外企面试看种什么样的英语证 书?……上海外教网的英语外教 William Hill 先生(美国)为我们简要谈谈外 企英语面试竞争力的问题。William Hill 先生曾任某知名外企上海分公司人力 资源经理。
  1、流利而准确的英语表达能力将成为你的职场竞争力。 外企英语面试和雅思托福等出国考试不一样。前者是竞争型测试,后者是通过型 测试。也就是说,参加出国考试的通过人数没有名额限制,你只要能力足够高, 发挥得足够好,就能够 pass。然而外企招聘却是有名额限制的,只有优于他人 的应聘者才可能在外企英文面试中脱颖而出。 专业而熟练的职业技能结合流利的口语表达、 清晰的英语思维、 地道的英语发音、 准确而恰当的俚语运用、跨文化沟通技巧等将成为你应聘外企的主要竞争力。外 教 William Hill 先生告诉我们:“I interviewed a lot of candidates in Shanghai, a few of which did impress me deeply with veteran skills. I was surprised at their spoken English because they appeared to be a Chinese American. I just couldn't decline them.” 在多人竞争某一职位时, 简单的“可以理解的”初级英语层次显然不能够凸显个 人实力。William Hill 先生建议应聘者不妨关注一下自己的英语表达和发音, 中国式英语是应该避免的,多了解你即将应聘的外企的国家文化,因为每个国家 的文化不同会使面试过程的氛围也不同。相对来讲美国企业的面试比较 relaxing,有点像一般的聊天,只不过聊的内容不是普通的“闲聊”。如果在外 企英文面试中能准确地融入一些该国的俚语,则你的面试过程将会非常的愉快。
  2、外企招聘时看重哪些英语证书? 如果外企的面试官是老外的话,那么国内的一些英语考试如 CET
  4、 TEM8 等可能作用并不明显,除了老外不了解这些考试外更多的在于这些考试并 没有对考生的口语能力进行测试。关于这个问题 William Hill 说:“I don't think candidates with those certificates are up to par, because what we focus on is the communicating ability. And, as is known, CET and TEM don't seem to test one's speaking skills. But he who owns an IELTS or TOEFL certificate may be preferred.”可见雅思、托福等出国英语证书可能在一定 程度上增强应聘者的竞争力。 常见典型问题拆招:
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主页 博客 相册个人档案 好友 i 贴吧 相册个人档案 查看文章 乐维英语免费口语学习资料??面试八大经典问答 面试八大经典问答 乐维英语免费口语学习资料 2011-03-28 10:32 面试八大经典问答 Type 1: “Why did you decide to seek a position in this company?” 你为什么要应聘这个职位? “You are a top company and I am convinced there would be no be tter place to work. You provide your employees with an open working e nvironment based on team work。” Type 2: “Why did you leave your last job?” 为什么离开上一份工作 (Hint: Don’t lie and don’t speak badly of your past employer) “I felt there was a lack of potential for upward mobility, I needed a more challenging job” Type 3: “How would you describe your ability to work in a team?” 说说你自己在团队合作中扮演什么角色,您的能力自己怎么评价 ”As part of my college basketball team I learned we must work tog ether. My individual training in the gym contributed to the team’s overall success. I like a mix, with a group I get the group input, but some pr ojects are done better if just one person is working on them” Type 4: “What skills have you developed in your previous roles?” 你在上一份工作中获得什么技能
“During my internship I worked for a few days in each of the depar tments of a company. This gave me a great insight into management te chniques and how a big organisation works” Type 5: “Would you be willing to travel in this job?” 你会愿意经常出差工作吗 “I understand that in order to build a good long term relationship wi th our customers it sometimes necessary to travel. I am more than willi ng to do this” Type 6: “Describe your leadership skills?” 说一下你的领导能力 “It is important to take everyone’s opinion into account and give the m the opportunity to excel. My role, as I see it, is organise and get thi ngs in order” Type 7: “What suggestions do you have for our organisation?” 你对我们公司有什么建议 “Looking at your website, and comparing it with those of your comp etitors, I think you should streamline the site and emphasis the recent u pgrades to your products” Type 8: “What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made?” 你至今犯的最大错误是什么 “Taking for granted the huge sacrifices my parents made, so that I could succeed. I now do everything I can to make them proud of me”
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盛典づミ *こ幽灵 Oo 盛典づミ 我是堕落的天使,是爱让我苏醒 主页博客 博客相册个人档案 好友 i 贴吧 博客 查看文章 PETS 等级考试 PETS 完美口语八大秘诀 2010-10-14 09:26

  1.Listen to yourself(听自己 听自己) 听自己 如果你不能听出你自己的发音问题,就很难去改正它。试着把你的朗读或演说录 下来,并与以英语为母语的外国人士做个比较。
  2.Slowdown(慢下来 慢下来) 慢下来 很多英语学习者说话都求快,其实快不见得就说得好,说得越快毛病越不容易改 掉。每天练习一点点,从声调到单



   英语面试经典问答(1) About your academic records A: Are you a student leader at college? B: Yes. I've served as the monitor of our class for two years. A: Have you got any honors or rewards in your university days? B: Yes. I've been on the honor roll for th ...


   1.英语面试自我介绍范文(一) Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! It is really my honor to have this opportunity for an interview. I hope I can make a good performance today. I'm confident that I can succeed. Now I will introduce myself briefly. I am 26 years ol ...


   用户名: 密码: 注册 提交 登录 BLingSoft 每天早上睁开眼,看福布斯排行榜,如果上面没我,我就起来上班! 主页博客 博客相册|个人档案 |好友 |i 贴吧 博客 查看文章 研究生英语复试面试口语万能模版 2011 年 04 月 09 日 星期六 下午 09:08 1. 自我介绍(self-introduce) Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. ...


   英语 面试 在求职过程中,可以说是压力最大的一个环节。面对 HR 提问,如果能回答得从 容不迫、简明扼要,恰当中肯,而且合乎 HR 的口味,那么肯定会大大增加你的录取机会。 事先 3 项准备 对目标公司所在地、规模、在全球的活动概况等要事先有所了解,包括总公司在国内设 立分公司的时间、业绩表现、经营规模,以及今后打算开展的业务等,若能得到业界的评价 更好。如无法得到书面资料,也要设法从该公司或其他同业中获得情报。 面试 时自我介绍内容应强调应征的动机以及想应征的岗位,因此收集好相关岗位的情 ...


   10 个问题,让你掌握面试主动权 个问题, 大多数人在面试的时候,只是单纯地回答面试官所提出的问题,那样你只能一味 跟着对方的思路走。相反,如果能够在面试中主动提出一些适当的问题,那样也 许就能让你掌握主动权:你既可以借着问题展现自己,同时又是进一步了解公司 的好途径。 1. Have you had a chance to review my resume? 您有看过我的简历吗? 您有看过我的简历吗? 别以为这是个多余的问题,事实上,不少的面试人员事前并没有看过应聘者 的简历,就匆匆忙忙开 ...


   经典英语面试问题汇总 First One: Work experience "work experience" is the type of work you"ve done in the past.Ifyou haven"t started working yet you can say "center now I"m stillastudent." or "I"m a recent grad and ...


   1. 自我介绍(self-introduce) Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is ***, 24. I come from ******,the capital of *******Province. I graduated from the ****** department of *****University in July ...


   Interview " " " ALEX: I can see by your resume here that you studied business : administration. MORGAN: That’s right. : ALEX: So I wonder why you want to work for a newspaper. : MORGAN: I did reporting for the university newspaper at my school. An ...


   面试英语奥秘之幽默篇(转贴)   A:Hello,Modern English.Drew here.   你好,洋话连篇,我是Drew B:hi,buddy,it's marco .   嘿哥们儿,我是麦克   A:How can I help you today?   今天想聊些什么?   B:Well.I am going for an interview tomorrow. Can you give me an idea of what the interviewer will ask? ...


     见面亲切问候,赢得主考官好感   让我们先谈谈初见面的问候语。求职者带给面试官的第一印象,如果是落落大方的,会是一个很好的开始。我建议求职者可以从面试官的名字开始问候。如果面试官的桌上会有名牌,求职者可以从”Good morning, Mr. ”开始,拉近两人的距离。当面试官问求职者:”How are you?” 求职者可以回答:”Couldn’t be better!”显示出个人「愉悦的人格属性」。   当被问及个性时,以2S1H胜出   面试官除了关心求职者的学历及经验(这些可以从履历 ...


新编剑桥商务英语中级学生用书 Unit

   新编剑桥商务英语中级学生用书 Unit 10B I Donald, your consultancy helps companies enter foreign markets. What kind of help are companies looking for when they come to KMP? D Well, companies usually have a specific market in mind and a pretty good idea as to which ...


   e Wol  .  01 ( e ea  eilNo 1 6   r No 12 0 G n rlS r   . 3   d a 英 语 专 业 课 程 必 须 彻 底 改革  再谈 “ 辨 缺 席 " 思   黄 源深  中图 分 类 号 :H 1 文 献 标 识 码 :B 文章 编 号 :10 5 1 (o o o 0 1 ? 6 39 0 4? 12 2 l ) l一 0 1 0   19 9 8年 , 曾撰 有 “ 辨缺席 ” 一 文 , 我 思 ① 指  : 外语 系的 学生 遇 ...


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   2008 年中考英语复习资料 年中考英语 英语复习资料 八年级上英语复习 Units1-2 一、短语 1.how often 3.how many 5.look after 7.go to the movie 9.twice a week 11.be good for 13.look after 15.保持健康 保持健康 17.和…一样 和 19. kind of 21. 一条建议 二、重点句子 1.What do you usually do on weekends ? 2.How oft ...


   高考资源网(ks5u.com) 您身边的高考专家 英语 第一部分 听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 做题时,先将答案标在试卷上,录音内容结束后,你将有两分钟的时间将试卷上的答案转 涂到答题卡上。 第一节 (共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 7.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话,每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最 佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置,听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题的 阅读下一小题,每段对话仅读一遍。 例:How much is t ...