一、 正反题模版 §1 支持及理由:段首句+优点一. What is more, 优点二 §2 反对及理由:段首句+对应理由一. Furthermore, 对应理由二 §3 个人看法之中庸法:段首句+ on the one hand,看法一. on the other hand 看法二 个人看法之一边倒:段首句+First of all, 看法一.Next, 看法二 文章模版 When asked about……….., most people believe that ….., but others regard it as ………. 优点一. what is more, 优点二 But others may not agree, they maintain that……/ As opposed to all the points mentioned above, others argue that ……. 对应理由一. Furthermore, 对应理由二 结尾段选择一(中庸法) Just as a sward has two blades, its advantages co-exsit with its disadvantages./ Obviously it has more than one face. We should preserve sth. While at the same time making it qualified. on the one hand,看法一. on the other hand 看法二 结尾段选择二(一边倒) For the resons presented above, it is not difficult to get the conclusion that ……/ On the whole, if we take a careful consideration, it is safely to draw the conclusion that…… 二、 社会现象题模版 §1 描述现象:段首句+现状+定性 §2 之分析原因(题中出现解释原因或因素要求):段首句+for one thing,国家角度. for another,个人角度 之分析影响(题中出现说明危害或意义要求):段首句+for one thing,国家角度. for another,个人角度 §3 建议:段首句+firstly, 国家建议. Secondly, 个人建议 文章模板 Recently it is widely accepted that ……/ Currently wherever you go, you will hardly fail to find that A is becoming increasingly popular……. 现象现状. It brings benefits to us(积极现象)/it does great harm to us(消极现象)/ is a delicate problem worth of discussion(客观现 象) 中间段选择一(原因段) There are several reasons accounting for it. for one thing,国家角度原因. for another,个人角度 中间段选择二(影响段) The phenomenon results in the following consequences. for one thing,国家角度原因. for another,个人角度 It is urgent/imperative/necessary that attention should be paid to the issue to do sth./ There is no denying that the tendence analyzed above will continue in the near future. firstly, 国家建议. Secondly, 个人建议. With proper laws and alert public, it will become a past as a matter of time.( 消极现象)/ With proper laws and alert public, it will be carried on in a good way. (积极或客观现象) 三、 图表题 §1 描述数据变化 §2 分析原因段首句+for one thing,国家角度. for another,个人角度 §3(积极或消极现象)建议:段首句+firstly, 国家建议. Secondly, 个人建议 (客观现象)个人看法:段首句+ on the one hand,看法一. on the other hand 看法二 文章模板 According to the figures in the chart, ……increased dramatically, which revealed that…. There are several reasons accounting for it. for one thing,国家角度原因. for another,个人角度 选择一(建议)参见社会现象题§3 选择二(个人看法)参见正反题§3 一, 高频词汇
  1, 产生影响:to have an effect/influence on sth.
正面的:to have a possitive effect; bring benefits to 负面的:to have a negative/adverse effect; do harm to 深远的:profound; far-reaching
  2, 努力/尽力 Make efforts to do; take pains to do; spare no effotrs doing; strive to do 3, 改变成为 Chang A into B; convert A into B; transform A into B 例句:我们要努力使这个地区脱贫致富。(结构-词汇) Efforts should be made to transform the poverty into wealth in this area.
  4,采取措施:take steps to do; take measures to do
  5,达到目标:achieve one’s objective; accomplish ….. 例句:国家必须采取措施从而达到扭亏为盈的目的 Measures must be taken to achieve the objective of transforming the losses into profits.
  6,发扬光大/减到最小 maximize/minimize 例句:我们必须把私家车的副作减到最小 The adverse effects of private cars must be minimized. 二、词汇 Make――enable;allow;permit So――acoordingly/consequently/as a result Nowadays――currently/at present Become――tuen out tobe/prove More and more――growing/increasing Most of――the vast majority of/the large percentage of/the considerable proportion of Not only a but also b―― a as well as b Think――maintian/hold/assert/argue/contend/blieve/be of the view 图表题开头段常用 10 大句型
  1.从 1991 年起,出国留学的中国学生大幅度增加,一直到 2002 年逐渐趋于稳定,之后有所减少。 Since 1991, the number of Chinese students going abroad increased dramatically. It reached the plateau in 2002, then was on the decline afterwards.
  2. 南京大学的论文发表数量高居榜首,清华大学和复旦大学分别是第二和第三。 With regard to the number of academic essays published, Nanking University topped the list, with Qinghua and Fudan University respectively ranking the second and the third.

  3. 2002 年,考研的人数大幅度增加,远远超过了 50 万人,几乎是 1999 年的两倍。 2002 saw a sharp increase in the number of NETEM test-takers which was as that in 19
  4. 上海的 GDP 一直保持在 10%以上。 The GDP (General Development Product) of Shanghai remains higher than 10%.
  5. 中文系,浙江的学生占了 45%,比安徽的学生多了整整 10%。 At Chinese Department, the students from Zhejiang account for 45%,precisely 10% more than those from Anhui.
  6. 由于残酷的市场竞争,2002 年这种汽车的销售量降到了低谷。 On account of/Owing to the cruel market competition, in 2002, the sale of the cars fell to the bottom.
  7. 如图表数据显示,1994 年冰箱出口量大大增加,在外贸进出口领域产生了深远的影响。 According to the figures given in the chart, the amount of the refrigerator influences in the import and export field of foreign trade. export increased considerably in 1994, which exerted profound far beyond half a million and was approximately twice as many

  8. 上学期留学生的考试成绩一直无规律地波动,在教学改革后成绩有明显上升。 Last semester the scores of the foreign students fluctuated irregularly, but
  9. 有关费用饼状图由六个部分组成,其中广告费占 53%。 The pie chart concerning fees consists of six sections, among which advertisement fees account for 53%. showed an obvious increase after the reform in teaching.

  10. 与 1998 年相比,2003 年电的使用量增加了 23%,表明经济增长带来了更多的能源消耗。 Compared with 1998, the usage of electricity increased by 23%, which revealed a larger economic growth. consumption of energy in accordance with the



   Interviewing English 自我介绍(self-introduce) Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is ***, 24. I come from ******,the capital of *******Province. I graduated from the ******* department of *****U ...


   --2009 万能英语模板 图标作文 As is shown by the figure/percentage in the table/picture, has been on rise/ decrease, significantly/dramatically rising/decreasing from in to in . From the sharp rise/decline in the chart , it goes without saying that . There ar ...


   英语 百科名片 英语(English)是联合国的工作语言之一,也是事实上的国际交流语言。英语 属于印欧语系中日耳曼语族下的西日耳曼语支, 并通过英国的殖民活动传播到世 界各地。由于在历史上曾和多种民族语言接触,它的词汇从一元变为多元,语法 从“多屈折”变为“少屈折”,语音也发生了规律性的变化。根据以英语作为母 语的人数计算, 英语可能是世界上第三大语言, 但它是世界上最广泛的第二语言。 世界上 60%以上的信件是用英语书写的,上两个世纪英国和美国在文化、经济、 军事、政治和科学上的领先地位使 ...


   浅谈英语文章阅读 一、阅读英文文章的技巧 1、扩大阅读视野 、 所谓阅读视野是指眼睛在“凝视”的瞬间所能接收或覆盖的印刷符号。 普通读者眼睛停顿 时可接收两个英语单词, 阅读能力强的读者一眼可以看四个左右的单词, 但能力差的读者一 眼只能接收一个或者不到一个的单词。因此,在相等的阅读时间里,视野狭窄的读者所看到 的单词要少得多,如果再经常复视,读速肯定快不了。 我们阅读时应该特别注意词的整体性, 要把注意力放在句子中较大的单位上, 而不要放 在一个个孤立的单词上。例如,下面的句子可以分成三个 ...


   在英语教学中重视文化教育 浙江省湖州中学弁山校区英语组 姜海礁 [摘 要] 语言和文化有着密不可分的内在联系,英语文化的学习是英语课程的一个重要 组成部分。学习英语的过程就是对英语国家文化知识了解和掌握的过程,掌握英语必须跨 越英汉两种语言文化, 才能进行得体的交际, 所以教师在教学中必须重视英语文化的导入。 [关键词] 素质教育 文化教学 关键词] 跨文化交际 一、问题的提出 语言是文化的载体,是文化的主要表现形式,语言的本质差异就是文化差异。语言是 随着民族的发展而发展的, 它是社会民族 ...


   据说这篇资料在人人网已经被收藏 30 多万次了,不知道是不是真的,不过既然有 很多人收藏,估计肯定有它的道理吧,呵呵,大家一起学习进步) (1)英语口语集锦 http://www.xingkoo.com/view_info_new/36/view_info-36855.html (2)100 句英语典句 http://www.xingkoo.com/view_info_new/31/view_info-31141.html (3)最让人心动的爱的英文表白 http://www.xingkoo ...


   5.写作 新增的作文是一篇 100 字左右的应用性短文,文体包括有信件、便笺、备忘录等。满 分 10 分。其实,2003 和 2004 年的大纲都强调了要会写应用文,如书信、简历摘要和备忘 录, 但同学们在复习中一般不会将其作为重点来抓, 老师讲课的时候也主要以议论和记叙描 述类为主,且历年真题命题情况也是如此。但 10 大纲对写作部分的新要求我们要正视应用 文, 所以同学们平时要注意应用文写作的特定的格式要求, 有意识的掌握各类应用文的写作 方法。按照大纲的要求,要注重写作内容信息点覆盖的 ...


   学号课程号开始退出医院管理 医生编码 毕业院校 最高学历 学生信息年龄 月薪+津贴+奖金-医疗保险-养老保险 字符型(6) 字符型(30) 字符型(10) 实发工资 华中科技大学 外国语学院英语二学位教学计划 [ 作者:wzhw 来源:华中科技大学外国语学院 点击数:638 更新时间:2006-2-11 文章录入: wzhw ] 【字体: 】 课程名称 学时/学分 二下 (2-6 月) 二下暑假 (7 或 8 月) 32 开课时间 三上(9-次年 元月) 32 三下 (2-6 月) 三下暑假 ...


   英语学习方法 ?语言重运用,功到自然成 林语堂学英文要诀 林语堂先生(1895-1976), 现代文学家、翻译家,一生共出 版中文集三种,英文著作36种。 他从中国人学习英语的实际出发, 提出了一系列的英语教学方法和 英语学习方法,至今仍然值得我 们借鉴。 林语堂学英文要诀 " 一、学英文时须学全句,勿专念单字。学 时须把全句语法、语音及腔调整个读出 来。 " 二、学时不可以识字为足。识之必然兼用 之。凡遇新字,必至少学得该字之一种正 确用法。以后见有多种用法,便多记住。 " 三、识字不可 ...


   大学英语啊??说的是四六级?我想知道你是想掌握实用性的还是应试性的……四六级和真正的英语是背道而驰的,要想学真正的英语,出国用的,趁早丢了四六级,免得中毒……如果是国内发展,四六级就可以了 语法其实在高中已经全部学完了,你要是想加强语法,我相信你肯定有老师发给你们的什么高考冲刺之类的复习书吧?看语法,再把里面的选择题全部好好做完,把错题全部弄懂,为什么错了,相信我,你的语法一定会很牛…… 四六级的关键在于听力和阅读,特别是听力,建议采用精听和泛听,精听就是把重要的单词能写下来的那种,泛听就是大 ...



   初中英语阅读完形填空 100 篇(十) 91 Miss Richards was a teacher at a school for boys and girls. She __1 chemistry and physics from the lowest to the highest classes in the __2 . Sometimes the new classes 3 rapidly, but sometimes they were very 4 , and then Miss ...


   英语语法口诀 1、英语的词类 句子要由词组成, 英语词类有十种: 句中成分用实词, 名、代、动、副、数、形容: 冠、介、连词和感叹, 虚词附加或沟通。 词类功能掌握了, 造句之时好运用。 2、语序歌 主、谓、宾、表同汉语, 定语有同也有异。 状语位置更特殊, 不能全和汉语 3、肯定句变一般疑问句 have 和 be 提句首, 其它助词 Do 开头。 时间、人称由 do 变, 动词只把原形留。 谓语助词有几个, 第一助词提句首。 4、肯定句变否定句 否定词语加 not, 放在 be 和 hav ...


   a-1 a cruel man abandoned his wife and son. above all, everyone must abide by the law . so he was arrested. but the trial came to an abrupt end because of the man's absence. it was said he was mentally abnormal and was set free according to one law ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   商务英语口语 Editor: 陈云 (Ada.Chen) Ada.Chen) LOGO Crazy English 李阳疯狂英语精髓 两个中心,一个标准。 两个中心,一个标准。 中心一: 中心一:以句子为中心。在句子中掌握单词、语法。 中心二: 中心二:以口语为中心。通过口语突破,掌握听力、 阅读、写作、翻译,称作听说读写译一体。 标准:以脱口而出为标准。 标准:以脱口而出为标准。 实现脱口而出的方法: 1.掌握五大发音秘诀 2.掌握三最口腔训练法 3.掌握一口气训练法 www.themeg ...