前厅常用英语句子 前厅常用英语句子

  1.Good moring/afternoon/evening,state guest hote,Can I help you?
  2.Sorry, I dialed the wrong number. 对不起,我拨错号码了。 拨 3 May I speak to front office manager?.能和你们前厅部经理 经理说话么? 经理
  4. I'm sorry, he's not here right now. 对不起,他现在 现在不在 现在
  6.It's very kind of you 您真客气
  5.Wish you success .祝您成功.

  7. Mind your step 请走好 Please be careful 请当心

  8. It’s my pleasure. My pleasure .With pleasure. 乐意为您效劳.
  9.Thank you for your advice(help,information) 感谢您的忠告(帮助,信息)
  10.I'm sorry, it's my fault .很抱歉,那是我的错.
  11. Thank you for staying in our hotel .感谢您下榻我们酒店.
  12.Please don't smoke here 请不要在这边吸烟
  13.I'm sorry to disturb you / Sorry to interrupt you 对不起,打扰您.
  14.I'm sorry about this, I apologize for this 对此表示抱歉,我向您道歉
  15.In the lobby near the gate 在大厅靠近大门 Thank you for your coming 谢谢您的光临
  16.Please don't forget your things. Please don't leave anything behind. 请别遗忘 遗忘您的东西 遗忘
  17.Can you tell me your name and room number? May I have your name and room number? 您能告诉我您的姓名和房间号么?
  18.Please pay at the cashier's desk over there.请去那边帐台 帐台付款 帐台
  19.This is to introduce a brochure of our hotel and tariff 这是介绍我们酒店的小册子 价目表 小册子和价目表 小册子
  20.Sit down, please. Here is the menu, sir 请坐,给您菜单,先生
  21.Do you want to order? May I takeyour order,sir?请问您要点菜么?
  22.Would you like to have any wine with your dinner?您用餐时要喝点酒么?
  23.service time/ service hours 服务时间
  24. Thank you for your compliment 谢谢您给我们的赞扬 赞扬
  25.I am sorry you’ll have to pay for the damage.您必须赔偿 赔偿
  26. You may pay in cash or with credit card 您可以付现金 现金也可以用信用卡 信用卡 现金



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