英语期末复习( 英语期末复习(一)
??新增词汇学习 新增词汇学习
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? awareness disqualify equalize status immune irritate rank occasion ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? convince assemble deliver original fulfill ginger graph inflammation

  1. awareness n.
? Health officials have tried to raise awareness about AIDS among teenagers.
aware adj. 意识到的,察觉到的
? I gradually became aware that there was someone else in the room.

  2. disqualify vt.
取消资格,阻止 做某事 取消资格,阻止…做某事 ? There are many women in their 50’s who are disqualified from working simply because of their age.

  3. equalize v. 使相等,使平等
? England equalized a few minutes before the end of the game.
equal adj.
? Jennifer cut the cakes into six equal pieces.

  4. status n. 身份,社会地位,状况
? John has a great status in the community. 约翰在这个社区有很高的地位。

  5. irritate
vt. 使……烦躁,激怒
?It irritates me to have to shout to be heard.

  6. immune adj.
? Tom is able to look after the child because he is immune to the disease.
? They are always so rude that I’ve almost become immune to it.
? Peterson was told he would be immune from prosecution (起诉) if he cooperated with the police.

  7. rank
  1) n. 等级,军衔
? He is very young to hold such a senior rank.
  2) v. 具有…等级(地位)
? This recession(经济衰退) ranks as one of the worst in recent times.
  3) v. 确定…的地位
? She was at that time ranked sixth in the world.

  8. occasion n.
? I’ve seen Jane with them on several occasions.
  9. convince v.
  1) 使某人确信,使某人明白 What she said convinced me that I was mistaken.
  2) 说服 What convinced you to vote for them?

  10. assemble v. 集合,聚集,收集
? The whole school (was) assembled in the main hall. ? 全校在大礼堂集合。

  11. deliver v. 送达,传递
? We deliver your order to your door. ? 我们送货上门。

  12. original adj. 原先的,最初的,
? I prefer your original plan to this one. ? 我认为你原来的计划比这个好。

  13. fulfill v.
? Does your job fulfill your expectations? ? 你的工作符合你的预想吗?

  14. ginger n. 姜,生姜 adj.姜黄色的,赤黄色的
  15. graph n. 图表,坐标图,曲线图
  16. inflammation n. 炎症,发炎



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