五、 听录音,完成下列句子。6 分
  1. you get up?
  2.Let’s next weekend?
  3. do you like ?
  4.I winter because I can a long time.
  5.We everyday. 笔试部分( 笔试部分(70 分) 六、 选择合适的词的序号。18 分 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
  1.He hiking. I go hiking, . A. go…too B. goes…either C. goes…too ( )
  2.Let’s a birthday card for our mother. A. make B. making C. makes ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
  3. birthday is in October? 二、 听音写单词。5 分(每行 5 分) A. Who B. Whose C. Who’s ( )
  4.Which do you like best? A. season B. seasons C. a season ( )
  5.My mother is a teacher. She goes to school 7:00 the morning. 三、 听录音,写出所听到的节日日期。6 分 A. at…on B. at…at C. at…in ( )
  6.The tree are green in spring.
  6. B. leaves C. leaf 四、 听录音, 判断句子的内容与所听到的内容是否相符。 A. leafs ( )
  7. is the ninth month of a year. 5分 A. September B. August C. October ( )
  1.The spring Festival is our Chinese Festival. ( )
  8.I like winter. I can snow. ( )
  2.Spring in Beijing is from September to November. A. play with B. play on C. playing in ( )
  3.I often swim all day. ( )
  9.Winter is beautiful, but it’s cold ( )
  4.Her birthday is on June 18th. me. ( )John is making a birthday chart. A. to…for B. too…for C. too…to 强湾中心小学 2005?2006 学年度第二学期 五年级英语期中试卷 班别: 姓名: 得分: 听力部分(30 分) 听力部分 一、 听录音,按听到的顺序给下列图片标号。8 分
七、 根据句意,填入句子所缺的单词(第一个字母已给 出) 分 。5
  1.Every weekend I climb m
  2.I l fall in Canada.
  3.Today is Chen Jie’s birthday. John is sending h a card.
  4.It’s May. What s is it in Beijing?
  5.Autumn is beautiful. I can watch the leaves f 八、 看图完成句子。8 分
  1.Today is .
  2.Zoom likes .
  3.Summer is .
  4.My mother and I on the Sundays. 九、 情景对话。8 分
  4. ( )
  1.Why do you like spring? A. He’s sending Grandpa an e-card. ( )
  2.Which month does Mike like best? B. Usually I do my homework. ( )
  3.What do you usually do on Saturday? C. Because I can plant trees. ( )
  4.What’s Zoom doing? D. November. 十、 用序号将它们连成一段完整的对话。7 分 ( )That’s good idea. When do you do? ( )On October 1st. ( )During (在…期间) National Day holiday. I’m going the to Beijing. ( )How is the weather in Beijing? ( )Oh, it’s cool. What do you so in Beijing.
( )It’s always windy and sunny. ( )I visit the Great Wall with my father. 十一、 根据中文提示,用单词完成句子。10 分
  1.我最喜欢春季。 I like .
  2.你在周末通常做些什么?What you usually do on the ?
  3.明天让我们一起去晨练。 Let’s do tomorrow.
  4.五一是一年的第五个月。 is the month of a year.
  5.今天是几月几日? the today? 十二、 阅读理解。判断下列句子意思与短文意思是 否相符,用“T”或“F”表示。14 分 Zoom and Zip are good friends. They are planning a trip(旅游). Zip is going to sunny Australia(澳大利亚)! It’s so warm there. He can swim all day. He has a new bathing suit(游泳衣) and sunglasses(太阳镜). But Zoom doesn’t like swimming. He likes skating. So he is going to Canada, It’s winter there now. He can skate all day. He has winter coats(冬 衣) and some new ice skates(滑冰鞋). ( )
  1.The season in Australia and Canada is the same. ( )
  2.Zoom and Zip are going to Canada. ( )
  3. Zoom likes swimming. ( )
  4.Zip has a new bathing suit and sunglasses. ( )
  5.Zoom can swim all day in Canada. ( )
  6.It’s warm in Australia. ( )
  7.Zoom can skate all day in Canada.



   2009学年度第一学期初一英语期中 初一英语期中检测题 2009-2010 学年度第一学期初一英语期中检测题 亲爱的同学:经过两个多月的学习,相信大家已经喜欢上了英语这门课程。 在展示自己实力的时 亲爱的同学: 经过两 个多月的学习,相信大家已经喜欢上了英语这门课程。 希望大家能认真、细致地答题,争取优异的成绩。 刻,希望大家能认真、细致地答题,争取优异的成绩。 I . 听力部分(共 20 分) 听力部分( 句子,选出句中你所包含的单词( 句中你所包含的单词 一、听句子,选出句中你所包含的单 ...


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   小学六年级英语下册期中测试题 一,下列每组单词中,有一个与所给单词不同类,将其序号填入题前括号内. 分) (7 ( )1. panda a. tiger b. ruler c. zebra ( )2. monday a. day b. tuesday c. friday ( )3. hand a. leg b. foot c. tape ( )4. one a. three b. door c. seven ( )5. doctor a. man b. teacher c. nurse ( ...


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   密封线 英 语 期 中 试 题 五年级年级一 1. 4. Listen and circle noise oil boy toilet 班级班级姓名姓名 What 1. 2. What time do you get up? is the meat? How much How many At 6:30. It’s 20 yuan. Five . They eat corn. It’s on the branch. where 学校 班级 姓名 学号 (听录音,圈一圈) 2. enjoy jo ...


   2010~2011 学年度第二学期期中考试试卷 2010~ ( ( ( ( ( 七年级英语 七年级英语 第一部分:听力( 第一部分:听力(满分 20 分) Ⅰ.听句子,根据所听内容选择对应的信息。句子读一遍。 分) (5 ( )1. A. lions B. lines C. lanes ( ) 2. A. where B. why C. when ( ) 3. A. house B. how C. horse ( ) 4. A. front B. friend C. behind ( ) 5 ...


   2010?2011 学年度下学期期中质量监测试题 ? 学年度下学期期中质量监 期中质量监测试题 学 校 ( ) 2 .He is . A growing B grow C to grow D growwing 六年级 试卷 ( ) 3.He is the leader the school team. A to B with C of D at 年 级 题号 时间: 分钟 满分: 分 一 二 三 总分 ( ) 4 . important book it is ! A What a B Wha ...


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   情人分手也上网 Breaking up is never much fun,even though these days there are lots of diffent ways to do it. 分手从来都不是件开心的事情,即使现在有很多不同的分手方式。以成本中心 1 号为例,几 周前, 他和女友分手了。至少他用的是打电话的方式,而不是发邮件或(更糟糕的)发短信。 但挂掉电话后,他直接上了网,在他的 Facebook 页面上修改了她的官方状态。 显然,这自动地将消息传递给了与他页面相 ...


   07 英语六级高频词汇汇总 第一节 六级核心形容词 abnormal α.不正常的 95-1-42 98-1-58 absurd α.荒缪的 99-6-39 abundant α.丰富的 89-1-59 acute α.敏锐的 锋利的 96-1-63 aggressive α.侵略的 好斗的 94-1-63 ambiguous α.模棱两可的 模糊的 01-6-60 ambitious α.有雄心的 有抱负的 00-1-58 appropriate α.合适的 恰当的 00-6-41 aut ...


   如何进行英语说课 目前,很多县市及学校举办英语优质课竞赛、或者招聘英语老师都进行说课活动。说课看起 来简单,其实它比上课的难度要大得多。首先,因为它们所面对的对象不同,所以上课和说 课的内容就不同。上课是面对学生,教师主要是传输知识;而说课时教师面对的是同行和专 家,它不仅要求教师说清教什么、怎么教,还要求从理论上阐述这样教学的依据。另外,它 们对教师的要求也不同, 上课主要是要求教师在传授知识的方法上下工夫, 即重点是教法的 研究,教师的课堂用语也更简单;而说课却是教师个人素质的全面展示, ...


   一、一个星期七天 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 二、一年十二个月 January February March April May June July August September October November December 三、一年四季 1. spring 2. summer 3. autumn 4. winter 四、容易拼写错的数字 1. eighth 第 八 2. ninth 第 九 3. ...


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