奥运英语情景对话 Unit 1 New Beijing, Great Olympics 第一单元 新北京新奥运
A: Let's talk about Beijing bidding for 2008 Olympic Games. 我们谈谈北京申办 2008 年的奥运会吧。 B: Okay. 好的。 A: Bidding for the Olympics is, in a way, a image-creating undertaking. 申办奥运在某种程度上是一个创造形象的重任。 B: Yes. I agree with you. Beijing must attract others by it unique image. 是的,我同意你。北京必须用自己独特的形象吸引人。 A: So Beijing gives their theme: New Beijing, Great Olympics. 因此北京提出的主题是:新北京、新奥运。 B: In my opinion, the 2008 Olympics will be a great green Olympics illuminated with two more special colors, yellow and red. 我认为 2008 年奥运会将会是一届伟大的绿色奥运会,与之相对的另外两种颜色是黄色和红 色。 A: Why do we call it like this? 为什么我们这样称呼它? B: Because the city's green area will make up 40% of its total till 20
  08. 因为到了 2008 年,这个城市的绿化面积将占城市总面积的 40%. A: I heard that along the Fourth Ring Road
  12.5 million trees and over I million acres of grass will be planted. 我听说沿四环路将种上 1,2 亿棵树和 1 百万亩面积的草。 B: Yeah, a green Beijing will be achieved. 是的,绿色的北京,一定能实现。 A: And yellow Olympics? 那黄色奥运呢?
B: We are all the yellow race and descendants of the Yellow Emperor. Therefore, yellow will naturally add splendor to the 2008 Olympics. 我们是黄种人,是炎黄子孙。因此,黄色自然会为 2008 年奥运会增添光彩。 A: Then red Olympics? 红色奥运呢? B: Red is the color of double happiness, representing joy, auspiciousness, enthusiasm and prosperity. 红色是幸福双至的颜色,它象征着快乐,吉祥,热情和繁荣。 A: In your mind, by 2008, Beijing will be a sea of red. 按照你这么说,到 2008 年,北京将是一片红色的海洋。 B: Yes. Our Olympics will be a unique one. 是的,我们的奥运会将会是一届独特的奥运会。 A: Let's look forward to that moment. 让我们期待着那一刻的到来吧。
Unit 2 Olympics Project 第二单元 奥运工程
A: As a leader of the Chinese Olympic bid, could you talk about the general preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games in several years? 作为奥申委的负责人,你能谈一谈关于 2008 年奥运会在今后七年里的一些准备工作吗? B: Okay, it's well known that Beijing Municipal Government has already set the theme for the future games: New Beijing, Great Olympics. 好的,众所周知,北京市政府已经为未来的奥运会设立了主题:新北京,新奥运。 A: A great creative idea! Can you explain what the meaning of the theme is? 一个非常具有创意的设想!你能给我们解释一下这一主题意义吗? B: With pleasure. We defined 2008 Olympics as Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People's Olympics. 非常高兴。我们已经把 2008 年奥运会定义为“绿色奥运,科技奥运和人文奥运。” A: Fantastic! How does Beijing Municipal Government manage to do it? 太棒了!北京市政府如何才能做到这一点呢? B: According to the theme, "The Green Olympics Action Plan" is being carried out. In several years, we will invest 100 billion RMB in preseving and protecting the environment.
  12.5 million trees and more than 1 million acres of grass will be planted along the Fourth Ring Road. At the same time, we will also control industrial pollution. 根据这个主题,“绿色奥林匹克运动会行动计划”的方案正在实施。在今后的几年里,我们将 在保存和保护环境方面投入一千亿元人民币, 沿着四环路将会种上一千二百五十万棵树和一 百多方亩草,与此同时,我们要控制工业污染源。 A: Great project! 非常宏大的工程! B: Yes. Welcome businessmen from all over the world come and invest in Beijing! 是的,欢迎世界各地的商业人士前来投资! A: Thank you! 谢谢!
Unit 3 Green Olympics 第三单元 绿色奥运
A: Do you know what the main feature the Sydney Olympics is, John? 你知道悉尼奥运会还有一个什么特点吗? B: Of course, I know. 我当然知道。 A: What? 什么特点? B: Environmental protection. 环保啊! A: Do you know when IOC put forward the issue of environmental protection? 你知道国际奥委会在哪一年提出环保课题的吗? B: Sorry, I have no idea about it. 抱歉,这我还真不知道。 A: Let me tell you. In 19
  91. At that time, Sydney put forward the slogan "environmental protection", thus, it won the bid. 让我来告诉你,那是 1991 年。当时,悉尼正是打出“环保牌”才赢得申办权。 B: What a nice memory! Oh, I know that Beijing and Sydney bid for the Olympic Games together. 好记性!噢,我知道那时北京和悉尼一起参加申奥。 A: Yeah, Sydney had five strate-gies: save energy, save water, reduce trash, prevent pollution, and protect the environmnet. They tried to host a "Green Olympics". 不错,悉尼有五大战略,即:节能、节水、减少垃圾、防止污染与保护环境。他们要办一届 “绿色奥运”。 B: They have racked their brain. 他们可谓绞尽脑汁。 A: Yes. Even the torch and fuel are produced by using environmental protection techniques and materials. 是的。就连火炬和燃料都采用环保技术与材料制成。
B: Even so, there was still much pity left. The Green and Peace Organization called it at most a half green. 即使如此,还留下了不少遗憾。绿色和平组织,称其最多是半绿色。 A: That's been quite good. It's the beginning after all. I'm sure that it will be better and better. 已经很不错了,毕竟是刚刚开始嘛。我相信以后会越来越好。
Unit 4 Olympics Economy 第四单元 奥运经济
R: Beijing was voted as the host city of the Olympics in 20
  08. What do you think of it as a senior official. 北京已被选定为 2008 年奥运会的举办城市。 你作为一位政府的高级官员, 请问你有何看法? O: Firstly, I'm so excited and proud at hearing the good news. On the other hand, I think it's an expected thing. 首先,当我听到这一好消息,我非常地激动和自豪!从另一个角度来说,我认为这是意料之 中的事。 R: Why do you think so? 为什么是意料之中的事呢? O: Well, it's the result of the reform and opening up for 20 years and economic development of China. 这是中国二十年改革开放和经济发展的结果。 R: I feel the same way. In your opinion, the reason of Beijing winning 2008 Summer Olympics is that the power of the country is becoming stronger. 也有同感。你认为北京赢得 2008 年夏季奥运会是因为中国变得越来越强大。 O: Of course. Without the great development of China, it is impossible for Beijing to win 2008 Summer Olympics. 当然了。没有中国经济的巨大发展,对北京来说,赢得 2008 年夏季奥运会的主办权也是不 可能的。 R: Great! could you talk about the general impact on the economic development of China from the success? 非常好!你能不能谈一下申奥的成功会给中国经济发展总体上带来的影响吗? O: Ok, It will advance the development of infrastructure, transportation, tourist industry, telecom and information technology, especially environment. 可以,它将推动基础设施、交通、旅游业和信息服务业、特别是环境建设的新发展。 R: Thank you for lots of information. 谢谢你谈了这么多。
Unit 5 Influence of Olympics 第五单元 奥运的影响力
J: Do you know the news about the success of Beijing winning 2008 Summer Olympics. 北京已经赢得 2008 年夏季奥运会,你知道吗? M: Yes, Of course. Chinese all knew the news shocking the whole world. 是的,当然知道。每一个中国人都知道这令人震惊的消息。 J: Wonderful! I'm almost excited to fall in a faint. I'm sure it will advance our nation's economic development and improve Chinese life condition. 棒极了!我高兴的几乎要晕过去,我相信这会推动我国经济发展,提高人民生活状况。 M: I think so. That'll boost the related industries, such as education, manufacture industry, tourist industry, transportation etc. 我也这样认为,这会促进相关产业的发展,诸如教育产业、制造业、旅游业、交通等。 J: You are right. It'll also improve our scientific technology! 对,还能提高我们的科学技术水平!
Unit 6 Olympic Vow 第六单元 奥林匹克誓言
A: Where are you heading? 你俩要去哪里? D: Take a walk. We just had dinner. And you? 散散步,我们刚吃过晚饭。 M: Annie, do you know "Olympic Vow"? Annie, 你知道奥林匹克誓言吗? D: Mark, you should know what Annie is named by our class mates, an "Olympic Expert"! 马克,你应该知道 Annie 被同学称为什么吧,“奥运通”啊! A: Don't be kidding. In fact, the oath was composed by Pierre de Coubertin. At the opening ceremony, an athlete of the host country recites the following, "In the name of all competitors, I promise that we will take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern us, in the true spirit of sportsmanship for the glory of sports and the honor of our teams." 不要开玩笑了。其实,运动员宣誓誓词是由顾拜旦起草的。在开幕式上,由主办国运动员宣 读誓言:“我代表全体运动员宣誓,我保证我们参加奥林匹克运动会,尊重和遵守体育规则, 发扬体育道德精神,为体育争光,为国家争荣誉。” M: Did it start form the 7th Games? 那是从第七届开始的吗? A: Yes. Besides taking an oath by the athletes, the flag was raised from that time as well. 是的。除了运动员宣誓外,会旗也是在这届奥运会上第一次升起的。 D: At that time, Belgium was destroyed during the WWI, and because of the lack of time, money and materials, the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp were not very impressive and not well documented. Anyhow, it set several No. 1 in the history of the Olympic Games. 那时,比利时在一战中遭到破坏,由于缺乏资金、时间和物资,1920 年在安特卫普举行的 那届奥运会不是很吸引人,也没有较好地文献记载。但不管怎么说,它也创下了奥运史上的 几个第一。
Unit 7 The Olympic Spirit 第七单元 奥林匹克精神
J: Annie, do you know what is the Olympic Spirit? Annie, 你知道什么是奥林匹克精神吗? A: Is it mutual understanding, friendship, unity and fair play? 是不是相互了解、友谊、团结和公平竞争? J: Yes, it is. Gao Jie, when did China's professional athletes come into being? 是的,就是那个。高洁,中国职业运动员的产生是什么时候开始的? G: At the present, there has not been a wording for professional athletes in China. This is because the Chinese modern athletic sports started rather late and the sports clubs are far from mature as the European and American countries. 从目前来看,中国尚未有职业运动员的说法。因为,中国的竞技体育运动起步较晚,体育俱 乐部也远没有欧美国家那样成熟。 A: The professional athlete are those who must observe the required rigorous treaty when they sign the contract and serve for the clubs, besides taking a generous sum of annual salary. In fact, although such sports management is beneficial to the promotion of the athletic sports level, its drawback is obvious, too. The outstanding athletes have to bear the annoyance that they are bought without any freedom by the employer. 欧美国家的职业运动员在俱乐部里签约服役, 除了拿丰厚的年薪外, 还得遵守苛刻的限定条 约。实际上,这样的体育经营虽然有利于促进竞技体育水平的提高,但是其弊端也是十分明 显的。优秀的运动员不得不忍受老板一次性买断自由的烦恼。 G: Some boxing events and free combat events, which blindly seek economic profit, have already deviated from the sports to a large extent. They seriouly violate the Olympic Spirit. 有些一味追求经济效应的拳击项目,自由搏击项目等,很大程度上已经偏离了体育精神。他 们严重违背了奥林匹克精神。 J: Perhaps the deficiency existing in athletic sports can be entirely supplemented from non-athletic events. 也许竞技体育存在的不足,完全可以从非竞技项目中得到补充。 A: Not certain. The negative effects brought by athletic sports is impossibe to get rid of entirely. Look, you! Stimulant, bribery and miscarriage of justice always puzzle the Olympic Spirit all the time. 不一定。竞技体育带来的消极影响不可能彻底摆脱的。你们看!兴奋剂、受贿、误判等,始 终困挠着奥林匹克精神。
G: Don't worry. The Sydney Olympics is a watershed. Since its beginning, anti-doping has risen from traditional battle to the battle of biologic engineering. 不用担心了。 悉尼奥运会是一个分水岭, 从它开始, 反兴奋剂已从传统战升级为生物工程战。 A: It is the way. They abused the gold medal, and made the competition unfair. 就应该这样。他们诬蔑了金牌,比赛也变得不



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