1. Who is closer to you, your mom or your dad?
  2. Can you go to the cinema with your watch broken?
  3. How do you make an eggroll( 卷)?
  4. What has a fork and mouth, but cannot eat?
  5. What has three hands and a face, but no arms or legs?
  6. What can be measured, but has no length, width, or thickness?
  7. What doesn’t ask questions, but needs to be answered?
  8. What comes down, but never goes up?
  9. What has ears, but can’t hear?
  10. What goes up and down but doesn’t move?
  11. Where was Solomon’s temple?
  12. What kind of cake tastes awful?
  13. Where can you find the largest diamond in the world?
  14. If six children and two dogs were under just one umbrella, how come none of them got wet?
  15. What’s the best way to win a race?
  16. What has no beginning and no end?
  17. How can you jump off a fifty-foot ladder without getting hurt?
  18. When is it bad luck to have a black cat follow you?
  19. Why do we dress baby boys in blue and baby girls in pink?
  20. If an electric train travels ninety miles an hour in a westerly direction (to the west), and the wind is blowing from the north, in which direction will the smoke blow?
  21. Who can jump higher than a house?
  22. Two fathers and two sons went fishing. Each fisherman caught a fish, yet only three fish were caught. How is this possible?
  23. At this moment, everyone in the world is doing the same thing. What is it?
  24. How much dirt is there in a hole exactly one foot deep and one foot wide?
  25. Two teachers teach at the same school. One is the father of the other’s son. What relation are they to each other?
  26. A cowboy had twelve cows. All but nine died. How many cows did he have left?

  27. How many books can you put into an empty school bag?
  28. A donkey was tied to a rope six feet long. A bale of hay was eighteen feet away, and the donkey wanted to eat the hay. How could he do it?
  29. It takes twelve one-cent stamps to make a dozen. How many six-cent stamps does it take to make a dozen?
  30. If you have five potatoes and you have to divide them equally among three people, what should you do?
  31. A girl was nine on her last birthday, and she will be eleven on her next. How is this possible?
  32. If it takes three minutes to boil an egg, how long will it take to boil three eggs?
  33. How do you make seven even?
  34. A man who worked in a butcher shop was six feet tall and wore size eleven shoes. What did he weigh?
  35. What’s the difference between a hill and a pill?
  36. What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and not once in a hundred years?
  37. What is the similarity between “2+2=5” and your left hand?
  38. When can a man be six feet tall and be short at the same time?
  39. Why did a teenager put sugar under her pillow?
  40. What is the first thing that a gardener puts in the garden?
  41. Where is the ocean deepest?
  42. Do you say “Nine and five are thirteen” or “Nine and five is thirteen”?
  43. How many months have twenty-eight days?
  44. Name five things that contain milk.
  45. What’s the best way to find a pin in a rug?
  46. How many bricks does it take to finish a house?
  47. If the green house is on the right side of the road,and the red house is on the left side of the road,where is the white house?
  48. How can you tell a clock is shy?
  49. How long is a shoe, usually?
  50. Which can move faster, heat or cold?



   语 问 1. Who is closer to you, your mom or your dad? 2. Can you go to the cinema with your watch broken? 3. How do you make an eggroll( 卷)? 4. What has a fork and mouth, but cannot eat? 5. What has three hands and a face, but no arms or legs? 6. What ...


   英语趣味知识问答 1. I have cities, but there are not any houses in them. I have forests, but not any trees in them. I have rivers, but there is not any water in them. What am I? 2. What room has no walls, no doors, no windows and no one to live in? 3. What ...


   蛇的三片叶子 Once upon a time there was a poor man who could no longer afford to keep his only son. So his son said:" Dear father, you have fallen on very hard times and I'm a burden to you; it will be better if I go away and try to earn my living.& ...


   tree happy 树 高兴的 窗户 We are very happy! window 圣诞树 Christmas tree Where is the window? ? 圣诞快乐! 圣诞快乐! Merry Christmas! 树 tree(s) Good morning! What’s that? Good morning! 海 sea It’s sea. 花 flower(s) 钢笔 pen It’s a pen. / That is a pen. They are… What’s ...


   源于名校, 源于名校,成就所托 英语趣味故事 1.. Second language A mother mouse was out for a stroll with her babies when she spotted a cat crouched behind a bush. She watched the cat, and the cat watched the mice. Mother mouse barked fiercely, "Woof, woof, woof!&q ...


   柯云成 初学英语者时常会遇到一些由英语数字组成的习语,如:to be dressed up to the nines, to be in sixes and sevens, to arrive at the eleventh hour 等等.虽然这些都是大家所熟悉的常用数字,但是由它们组成的习语的意思却与数字 毫不相关,望文生义往往是指鹿为马,风马牛不相及,那么这些习语究竟是什么意思呢?下 面笔者就将自己阅读中收集起来的有关习语作一简单的介绍,以飨读者. 1.one-horse town-- ...


   当别人在你旁边罗嗦个没完,你烦透了, 当别人在你旁边罗嗦个没完,你烦透了,说“You are so bor ing “.(你真烦!)。“Shut up !”(闭嘴!)自然没错,可人家受 “.(你真烦! !”(闭嘴!)自然没错, 你真烦 !)自然没错 得了吗? “Oh, come on .Give me a break !”(帮帮忙, (帮帮忙 帮帮忙, 得了吗?不如来一句 让我歇歇吧! 这多地道、多幽默。 让我歇歇吧!)这多地道、多幽默。 要想说人“气色好” !”当然不错 当然不错, 要想说 ...


   英语趣味口诀 英语趣味口诀 趣味 名人名言 I might say that success is won by three things: first, effort; second, more effort; third, still more effort. Thomas Hardy, British poet and novelist 可以说成功要靠三件事才能赢得:努力、努力、再努力。英国诗人、小说家哈代.T. 口诀 1 要求跟不定式的动词 “要想干,同意办,愿意不愿意,决定尽量干。 ...


   英语趣味话题 主编: 主编: 编写人员: 编写人员:郑桂花 刘杰 目 录 英语趣味话题之趣味问答………………………………………….. 1 英语趣味话题之趣味问答 趣味问答 英语趣味话题之文化陷阱………………………………………….. 4 英语趣味话题之文化陷阱 文化陷阱 英语趣味话题之生活禁忌 英语趣味话题之生活禁忌…………………………………………..13 生活禁忌 英语趣味话题之趣味翻译 英语趣味话题之趣味翻译…………………………………………..18 趣味翻译 英语趣味话题之星座知识 英语趣 ...


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   考研精引高频次汇 频生频 6 次熟次次 access n.进使;使口 进使; 进使 vt.幸自 合打机文有 幸自(合打机文有 幸自 合打机文有) acquire vt.自活,获活,学达 自活, 自活 获活, adapt vt.充适使;改编,维改 充适使;改编, 充适使 vi.适使 适使 additional a.或加熟,另外熟,添加熟 或加熟,另外熟, 或加熟 aggressive a. [贬]侵谋熟;[褒]敢着敢频熟,容极熟 侵谋熟; 敢着敢频熟, 贬 侵谋熟 褒 敢着敢频熟 amateu ...


   不规则动词表 Infinitive 不定式 Past Tense 过去式 Past Participle 过去分词 abide abode, abided abode, abided alight alighted, alit alighted, alit arise arose arisen awake awoke awoke, awaked bear bore borne, born beat beat beaten become became become befall befell ...


   介词(推荐 初中英语语法专项习题 6-介词 推荐 介词 推荐) 1 ( ) 1 Children get gifts Christmas and their birthdays. A. on; on B. at; on C. in; in D. in; on ( ) 2 -There is nothing tomorrow afternoon, is there? -No. We can have a game of table tennis. A. on B. in C. out D. u ...


   SW小矮人音乐 SW-白雪公主 Q-皇后 M-魔镜 H-猎人 P-白马王子 D-小矮人音乐起,旁白 A long time ago, In a beautiful kingdom, there lived a young king and queen, the people loved them so much; the queen died while giving birth to a girl, her name was Snow White, She was a beautiful ...


   激发幼儿学习英语的兴趣 英语,作为一门国际语言,越来越受到重视。作为启蒙教育的奠基石,幼儿英语教育成 为关注的“热点”。随着社会经济的发展,人们越来越注重双语教学教育的开发研究,幼儿 园双语教学已成为家长和孩子们的迫切需要。 实践证明: 让孩子在语言发育时期就接触英语, 同时运用英语和汉语表达自己的思想,对孩子的语言发展有很大好处。 然而,在当前幼儿英语教学中,由于认识和实践上的偏差,许多幼儿英语教学成人化, 使幼儿过早丧失了对学英语的兴趣。因此,怎样提高幼儿学英语的兴趣呢?我园自开设英语 ...