给几张乞丐的图片 beggars
图片:lily 图片:一所新房子 I have just moved to a house in Bridge Street.
动画:一个乞丐正在敲门(动态) Yesterday a beggar knocked at my door.
a meal and a glass of beer
图片:刚才那个乞丐做倒立动作 He stood on his head and sang songs.
He ate the food and drank the beer. Then he put a piece of cheese in his pocket and went away.
A neighbor told me about him.
图片:刚才那个乞丐 Percy Buttons
He calls at every house in the street and always asks for a meal and a glass of beer.
He calls at every house in the street once a month.
call at:拜访

  1.call at :拜访 call on :拜访 call at+地点/场所 at+ / call on+表示人的名词/代词 / I called on the Smiths yesterday. 我昨天拜访了史密斯一家人。 I called at the Smith’s yesterday. 我昨天去了史密斯家。

  2.call on 拜访 号召 The headmaster called on the students to work harder. 校长号召学生们更努力地学习。

  3.call in:请来,找来(某人帮忙) Your father is ill, you should call in a doctor at once. 你父亲病了,应该马上去请个大夫来。 The police have been called in to help make it clear. 已请来了警察帮忙把这件事情弄清楚。

  4. call for
  1)要求,需要,提倡 Success calls for hard work. 成功需要勤奋。 The work calls for a lot of time. 这项工作需要大量时间。
  2)接(某人),来取(某物) I’ll call for you at seven this evening. We call for the package at the post office.

  3)喊着要人取来某物=ask for The man sat down and called for a glass of beer. 那人坐下来,要了一杯啤酒。
  5. call up: 打电话=ring up/telephone/phone 回想起 I’ll call you up tomorrow. Your letter called up the days when we worked together.

  1.He called at the doctor’s yesterday.
  2. How many friends will you call in?
  3. She can still call up the days when she was a teacher.
  4. I'll call for the package on my way home this evening.
What have you learnt today?

  1. a story about a beggar
  2. call的词组辨析 call at call on call in call for call up
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