人教课标版 高一 必修 2 Unit 1
Extensive reading

  1. There was no doubt that the house belonged to my grandfather.
  2. We will look into the matter tomorrow, when the owner will be back.
  3. I won’t go there if invited.
  4. I’m pleased to have been of any help to you.
  5. The girl was highly thought of for her good design.
Discussion What must a judge do in a trial? What are the differences between a fact and an opinion?
What is a fact? It is anything that can be proved. What is an opinion? An opinion is what someone believes is true but has not been proved.
Task 1: Read a man’s story about what happened to the Amber Room quickly. Do you think it is a fact or an opinion? I think it is an opinion that what is in boxes is gold or the Amber Room because Jan Hasek did not see what was in the boxes. He listened to other people’s ideas of what might have been inside. So his evidence is an opinion.
Task 2: Read the story again and fill in the forms.
Name Place What he heard What he saw Job Jan Hasek a miner Czech Republic Time April,1945 Something exploded at midnight.
  1. Some German soldiers put wooden boxes in the mine.
  2.The entrance to the mine was closed.
What he believes
The Amber Room and some gold were buried in the mine.
Now you are going to hear another two people talk about what happened to the Amber Room. Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks.
NAME PLACE One night during the war
Hans Braun JOB Konigsberg
a sailor
He was told to help the German soldiers put some big wooden boxes onto the ship. The soldiers said that the heavy were full of treasure boxes .
One . night The ship went out to sea On the during voyage, the ship and was attacked the sank. Almost . everyone died war He had to swim three kilometres before he was saved by a German ship .
Name Anna Petrov Job a maid Place Konigsberg came to the castle Many trucks One night with large boxes . in took the The German soldiers 1941 boxes into the castle. She heard that a special art treasure in the castle was shown to . important visitors
something explode At the She heard , And she saw . the castle was on fire end of She found some melted pieces of August, something that looked like 1944 . honey The soldiers told her that the melted pieces could have come from . the Amber Room

  1. consider (
  1) 考虑 consider sth. / doing sth. We are considering going abroad. Have you considered his decision?
  2) 认为 consider +that-clause consider…as/ (to be)… They all consider that we should start now. He is considered as / (to be) the best player. (
  3) considering 鉴于 考虑到 就…而言 鉴于,考虑到 考虑到, 而言 She did very well, considering her age. (注意 此处不可以改成 注意:此处不可以改成 注意 此处不可以改成considered)

  2. rather than 而不是 other than 除了 除了… (
  1) He would die rather than give in. (
  2) He prefers to stay at home rather than go outing. (
  3) What I need now is money rather than advice. (
  4) Other than England, there are no other places like this.
I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母 或汉语提示,写出该单词的正确形式。 或汉语提示,写出该单词的正确形式。
  1. The murder (审讯 lasted six 审讯) 审讯 trial weeks. sailors 船员)
  2. The (船员 are asked to take 船员 their positions by their captain. maid 女仆
  3. Her (女仆 helped her to dress 女仆) up for the party.
  4. I’ll meet you at the entrance of the zoo e tomorrow.

  5. After a long d, the bill was debate passed.
  6. There wasn’t enough e to evidence prove his guilt. II. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 用所给单词的适当形式填空。
  1. The horse was frightened by the sound of the explosion (explode).
  2. Several days later, the flood water sank (sink) and life returned to normal.

  3. Yesterday they were invited to a (form) party. formal
  4. Your boss speaks very (high) of highly your work. III. 根据括号内所给的提示将下列句子翻 译成英语。 译成英语。
  1. 老师对他评价很高,他很高兴。 (think 老师对他评价很高,他很高兴。 highly of) He is delighted that his teacher thinks highly of him.

  2. 这是个他们相互之间常争论的问题。 这是个他们相互之间常争论的问题。 (debate) This is a question that they have often debated with each other.
  3. 20世纪 年代早期人口急剧增长。 世纪70年代早期人口急剧增长 世纪 年代早期人口急剧增长。 (explode) The population exploded in the early 1970s.

  4. 这所房子有一个前门和一个后门。 这所房子有一个前门和一个后门。 (entrance to) There is a front and a back entrance to the house.
Reading task (P
  45) Task 1: Fast readingmain idea. Why does Big Feng want to save cultural relics? (Big Feng and his friends offer each other help whoever needs help. So Feng believes that his work to save cultural relics is a way to thank his friends.)
Task 2: Careful reading ? details. Answer the questions on Page

  1. What does Big Feng think about cultural relics? He thinks that saving cultural relics is more important than writing his novels.

  2. What does he do to protect the cultural relics of his hometown? He asks the local government to protect things of cultural interest. He works very hard to save all the old building of his hometown, Tianjin.

  3. What are his two successful projects? His successful projects are: ※protecting the oldest street in Tianjin; ※persuading the city government to buy some land in the centre of the city so it could not be sold for businesses.
  4. Why does he think it is more important to do this than to write novels? He thinks that people will forget their great past if they do not preserve it.

  5. It is very time-consuming and expensive for Feng Jicai to take care of cultural relics. Try to think of two other ways to help him with his projects. ◎put up posters announcing his latest campaign; ◎make speeches to support Feng Jicai; ◎go with him when he goes to meet with the local government.
Discussion What should we do protect our cultural relics?
Homework Do a research about one of the cultural relics in China.


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