复习 1-6 单选:
  1. does
your pen pal come from?
He comes from Australia. A. Who B. Where C. When D. What

  2. Where does he live? He lives Shanghai. A. in B. on C. at D. from

  3. He usually at 7:00 in the morning. A. get up B. gets up C. getting up D. got up
  4. --Where is London? --It’s in . A. America B. Australia C. England D. France
  5. the Japanese people English? A. Do, talk B. Does, talk C. Do, speak D. Does speak

  6. Tom to bed early but his mom doesn’t. A. went B. go C. goes D. going
  7. Do you like English or Japanese? A Yes, English B. No, Japanese C. English D Yes, I do John is Australia, but he lives Beijing now. A. of; in B from; in C. in; of D. from; from

  1. ? Is there a school on Center Street?
--. A. Yes, it is B. No, it isn’t C. Yes, there is D. No, there aren’t
  2. Where is the bookshop? It’s the post office and the bank. A. behind B. between C. near
  3.There is a bank King Street. A. on B. at C. for D. from D. across

  4. I will arrive New York next Sunday. A. at B. in C. from D to

  5. You can see old hotel behind the station. A. a B. an C. the D/

  6. Let me you my telephone number. A. tell B. to tell C. telling D tells
  7. This is a street. There are so many buses and cars. A short B. clean C. old D. busy

  8. --Where is the nearest hospital? - Turn left at the first crossing, and you will find it your left. A. in B. at C. on D. from
do you want to see pandas? Because they’re cute. A. Where B. Who C. What D. Why\
He often breakfast at 7:30 in the morning. A. eat B. eating C. ate D. eats
Where lions? A. do; from B. are; from C. come; from D. be ; from
Why do you like pandas? Because they’re cute. A. some B kind of C. a kind of D. kinds of Koalas eat and . A. Leafs; grasses B. leaves; grasses B. C. leaf; grass D. leaves; grass --Why is he late? he gets up late. A. and B. but C. so D. because

  1. --What your father ? He is an engineer. A. do; do B. does; do C. are; do D. do are
  2. My aunt often helps doctors and patients. She is a . A. doctor B. nurse C. waitress D. reporter
  3. My sister at school. She is a policawoman. A. works B don’t works C. doesn’t work D. isn’t work do you want to be? I want to be a singer
一切为了学生的发展 一切为了家长的心愿
A. who B. what C. where D. when What does your mother do? . A. She likes playing football. B. She is a worker. B. She is from China. D. She’s at home
I’m a waitress. So I work in a . A factory B. hospital C. restaurant D. police station Look! They on the playground. A. play basketball B. are playing basketball
C. playing basketball D. plays basketball --Where is David? He his homework. A. read B. reads C. is reading D. are reading you listening to music? . I’m watching TV. A. Yes, I am. B. No. I’m not. C.Yes, I do D. No, I don’t
Here a photo of my family. A. are B. is C. am D. be
are Lisa and Tim talking to? Their English teacher. Please be quiet! Grandma.
一切为了学生的发展 一切为了家长的心愿
A. sleep
B. sleeps
C. is sleeping D. slept
Uncle Li wants his bike. A. ride B riding C. to ride D. rode
How’s it going with you? A. Hot B. Great C. Sure D. Of course
is the weather in London? It’s rainy. A. What B Where C. How D. Why
the weather like today? It’s sunny. A. What’s B. How’s C. Why’s D. Where’s
Can I a photo you? A. make; for B. make; off C. take; off D. take; for Some students are running, are dancing. A. other B. another C. others D. the other
男孩们喜欢踢足球 The boys football. 那个女孩说日语吗? that girl Japanese? 我认为它们是很有趣的地方。
一切为了学生的发展 一切为了家长的心愿
they’re very interesting places. 你能马上给我写信吗? Can you me soon? 医院对面有一所学校 across from the hospital. 沿着这条街走,再向左拐。 the street, and then 我希望你旅途愉快。 I hope you 如果你饿了,你可以在超市买些食物。 , you can buy some food in the supermarket. 让我们去散步吧。 . 补全对话 A. Excuse me, is the hospital, please? B. I’m here. I don’t know. You can the police. A. Thank you. A. Excuse me, can you tell me I can the hospital? Policeman: Well, go along the street and (向右拐) at the second crossing, then take the on the
一切为了学生的发展 一切为了家长的心愿
(在第三个路口向右拐) It’s .(在你的左边) A: Thank you very much. Policeman: That’s . 他白天睡觉,晚上上班。 He sleeps and works 让我们一起去动物园吧。 the zoo together. 你还喜欢其他什么运动? do you like?
他的工作很有趣但是有点困难。 His work is interesting but difficult. 我想成为一名银行职员。 a bank clerk. 当人们外出就餐时我很忙。 I’m when people for dinner. 他上课迟到了。 He class. 许多人正在等公交车。 Many people . 谢谢你的来信和照片。 your letter and photos.
一切为了学生的发展 一切为了家长的心愿
这里有很多人在度假。 many people here . 他们正在拍照。 . 我们在农场玩的很高兴。 on the farm. 感谢你加入我们。 joining us.



   Unit 1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 好朋友;伙伴 笔友 加拿大 法国 日本 美国 澳洲;澳大利亚 新加坡 英国 22. 紧靠的旁边;贴近 23. 紧靠的旁边;贴近; 最接近 24. 介于(两者或多者)之 间 25. 前面;前边 26. 在…前面 27. 在…之后 28. 附近;街区;附近地区 29. 直接地;就;只;仅仅 30. 一直;直接 31. 转弯;转变方向 32. 向左;左边 33. 向下;下去;沿着 34. 向右;右边 35. 在右边 36. 开着的 ...


   第一单元 SectionA 图片你的笔友来自哪?他来自澳大利亚。你的笔友来自 图片 哪?她来自日本。 2d 约翰的笔友来自哪? 他来自日本。他住在哪?他住在 东京。 Grammar Focus 你的笔友来自哪? 他来自澳大利亚。 约 翰的笔友来自哪?他来自日本。他住在哪?他住在巴黎。 3b 这是我的新笔友。 她来自澳大利亚。 他讲什么语言? 她 讲英语。 4 问题:悉尼在哪儿?答案:在澳大利亚!悉尼在哪儿? 在美国。不,在澳大利亚。 SectionB 2a 她叫什么名字?她来自哪?她有兄弟姐 ...


   七年级下册英语练习 Unit3 一.用括号中所给的词的适当的英文形式填空 1.(蘑菇) are a kind of fungus(真菌) that can be eaten. 2.Please give me two .(西红柿) 3.How many (青椒) are there in the box ? 4.Please give me a piece of (奶酪). 5.Are these (洋葱) yours ? 二.根据句意和首字母填空 1.In Italy the most p ...


   七年级下册英语期 七年级下册英语期中复习集 册英语 一、句型转换 1. The bank is next to the supermarket.(就划线部分提问) (就划线部分提问) the bank? 2. I like dogs because they are very clever.(就划线部分提问) (就划线部分提问) you like pandas? 3. Jim comes from America.(就划线部分提问) (就划线部分提问) Jim from? 4. She ...

人教版七年级英语下册Unit 6复习学案

   )16.Let's now. A.to go to home B.to go home C.go to home D.go home )17.What she have dinner? A.do, in B.does, for C.is, at D.can, to ) There is some on the table. A. 18. tomato B. egg C. chicken D. banana 一,学习目标 1. 知识目标 : )19.There lots of apples o ...


   综合练习二 I.选用恰当的代词填空. 1. have a ruler. But ruler is short. Can you give a long ruler? (I, me, my) (you, (she, your) her) name is Wang Li. is twelve. (he, our) him, his) 2. are a good boy. What's name? 3. is a teacher. 4. David is an American boy. Plea ...


   Lesson 1 May I Go to Beijing? Lesson Objectives At the end of this lesson, students will be able to: 1. understand the meaning of the text 2. remember the mastery vocabulary 3. find and use the list of mastery vocabulary in Lesson 8 Class Opening G ...


   Unit1 Unit2 海岸;海滨 一边;一侧 海滩 在中心的 庄稼;作物 景色优美的 女王 城堡 葡萄酒;果酒 文化 音乐会 令人惊奇的;令人赞叹的 港湾;海港 电缆车;索车 美味的;可口的 餐厅 阳光 台阶 令人惊奇的 降落伞 家乡;故乡 拥挤的 在某车 小车(类似中国的三轮车) 车轮 新鲜的 在国外;到国外 亲戚 放松;休息 寄;发送 明信片 网球 球场 瀑布 营地 塔;塔楼 几乎;差不多 设计者;设计师 建筑师;缔造者 增加;添加 参观者;游客 南;南方 有限的;很小的 采访 自然的 ...


   七年级下册英语作文复习试卷 by 陈颖欣 (一) 假设你有一位笔友广州,请把他介绍给你的同学。 姓名`年龄`国籍`语言`学校`爱好`家庭等) ( I have a pen pal in Guangzhou, China. He is Andrew King. He is 15 years old and his birthday is on October 19. He lives in Guangzhou. He thinks China is a very interesting co ...


   Unit9 How was your weekend 主备课人: 主备课人:肖琳 审核人: 审核人:张文静 二次备课 Teaching Goals: 1. General aims: Talk about recent past events 2. Particular aims: A. Language Focus. Talk about recent past events and think of the past events. B. Language goals How was…. ...



   1.在there + be 的句型中,句子的主语是先行词,而且又是物。 例如: There are two novels that I want to read. 我要读的有两本小说。 There is no work that can be done now. 没有什么工作现在能做的了。 2.当先行词为主句的表语或者关系代词为从句的表语时。 例如: This is the book that was bought yesterday.这就是昨天买的书。 Our school is no lo ...


   E-I-A Phrase E I E A E I I I I I I A I I A E E E A A I I I I E E I I be about to according to by accident in accordance with account for on account of accustomed to take ... into account in addition to add up to in advance gain/have an advantage Tr ...


   1. have fun doing sth. 在做某事的过程中获得乐趣 2.have some problems doing sth.在做某事的过程中有问题 3. Thank you for doing sth.因做某事而感谢你 4. How about doing sth.? =What about doing sth.? 做某事怎样? 5. after doing sth. 做某事之后 6. before doing sth. 做某事之前 7. finish doing sth. 完成做 ...


   初中英语语法梳理和提高??状语从句讲解试题 初中英语语法梳理和提高??状语从句讲解试题 ?? 状语从句在复合句中作状语,修饰动词、形容词或副词等。状语从句可以表示时间、条件、 原因、地点、目的、结果、让步、方式、比较等意义。 知识梳理:提纲挈领,抓住重点和难点! 各类状语从句连接词(短语)一览表: 时间 when, while, as, as soon as, since, until, after, before 条件 If, unless 原因 As, because, since 地点 ...


   英语中如何优雅地骂人   讲英语难, 吵架更难. 虽说人在国外总是想尽办法以和为贵, 但要跟人家吵架怎么办?   很多人一生气, 所有的英文都忘光了, 平常英文就说不出口, 更何况是吵架, 所以满脑子浮现的不是 Fxxx 就是 Sxxx 这样是很不好的. 我还听过有一个人很绝, 英文骂不过人家就用中文骂, 反正对方听得懂听不懂都无关紧要, 重要的是让他知道你很凶, 而且你正在骂他就行了. 这集还是让我们来看看一些比较文雅的骂人以及吵架的方式.   1. I'm so fed up wit ...