Unit 2

  1. The bad news sme a lot. I can't believe it.
  2. 他们不让我进去,所以我很生气。 They me , so I was angry.
  3. This store has (各种各样的)toys.
  4. Jack is friendly and (相处) well with his classmates.
  5. Look? The shoes are (与……相同的) yours.
  6. You have the freedom to do what you want to do. You do what you want to do.
  7. My cousin is 10 years old. I'm 10 years old, too. My cousin is as me.
  8. Mike likes many animals (include) tigers and monkeys.
  9. I'm sorry. I forgot (return) the book to you yesterday.
  10. Gina (fail) her chemistry test, which made her mom angry.
  11. Mr Brown often (push) his son to do his homework.
  12. The head of the computer company (send) Cathy to Shanghai last week.
  13. Rose didn't pass the physics test.(同义句). Rose the physics test.
  14. 我能够独立完成那项任务。 I finish the task .
  15. 我们必须尽可能快的跑。We have to run . 你能尽可能说得大声一点吗?Can you say it ?. 我希望你尽可能住的就一点。I hope you’ll stay .
  16. (borrow) things isn't a good habit.
  17. 根据例句翻译句子 例:Either of the plans is dangerous. Either you or I am wrong.
  1) 你可以那两本书中的任何一本。
  18. There are many shops on side of the street. A both B every C all D either
  19. The new shoes cost him $1
  00. He $100 the new shoes.
  20. I paid $25 for this dictionary. This dictionary $
  21. It seems that he has supper at home. (同义句) He have supper at home.
  22. The house is old and (build) in 19
  80. 被动语态
  23. There are no other things in the bag. (同义句) There is in the bag.
  24. Tom bought a blue jacket. Sam bought a blue jacket, too. Tom and Sam bought jacket.
  25. I saw Betty (read) in the classroom when I walked past.

  26. (史密斯一家) are going to the movies tonight.
  27. You should the money on Wednesday. A return, back to B return, back C return, to back D return, to
  26.Mr. Li make me (smoke), because it is bad for my health.
  27.? Mum, I think I'm to get back to school. ? Not really, my dear. You had better stay at home for another day. A well enough B so well C good enough D so good
  28.After the discussion, the students asked their teacher next. A what to do B where to do C which to do D how to do
  29.?Could you please tell me in Today's newspaper. ?Sorry, . A something special, special nothing B special something, special nothing C something special, nothing special
  30. ?How can i make friends in a new school? ?Say hello to to you today, and you can have a friend tomorrow. A someone new B new someone C new anyone 短文填词 Try, mean, easy, problem, soon, how, good, name, visitor, show If you enjoy giving advice, you can start your own advice column on the Internet. Here is some advice on 31 to start your own column. Decide a topic first. 32 to focus(集中) your advice column on one special topic. If your are 33 at different topics, then you can start different advice columns at the same time. Decide on a 34 for your advice column. It should be interesting and 35 to remember. A good one can 36 what kind of advice of advice column you are starting., like Mr. Health's Blog. From the name, we can know Mr. Health's Blog gives advice on people's health
  37. Give answers to questions people send to you as38 as possible. If you want to have lots of 39, you need to write form time to time. This 40 you need to write every few days. Finally, when you give advice, please try to keep it fun and interesting. Paint bear paper enjoy see easy draw Sam is a good
  1. He likes painting very much, not on a piece of 2, but on stones. He starts by 3what kind of animals each stone look like, and hen he 4 animal with a pencil on the stone. Next, he paints it with arcylic(丙 乙酸的) paints. Fishes turtles and snakes are 5 to paint than animals that have fur (软毛), such as cats, rabbits and
  6. Sam teaches groups of children to draw animals on stones, so he can get some money and 7 his hobby at the same time.


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