Unit 1

  1. 去滑板 go skateboarding
  2. 锻炼 exercise = do / take exercise
  3. 几乎不曾 hardly ever
  4. 一周两次 twice a week
  5. 一个月一次 once a month
  6. 一年三次 three times a year
  7. 一周三或四次 three or four times a week
  8. 网上冲浪 surf the Internet
  9. 多久 一次 多久(一次 一次) How often 10…….的结果 的结果 the result of…
  11.活动调查 活动调查 activity survey
  12. 有某物给某人 Here is/are sth for sb. on weekends
  13.在周末 在周末

  14.活跃的 积极的 be active 活跃的;积极的 活跃的 as for…
  15.至于 关于 至于;关于 至于 junk food
  16.垃圾食品 垃圾食品
  17.想要 某人 做某事 want (sb) to do sth 想要(某人 想要 某人)做某事
  18.对…有好处 / 坏处 be good / bad for… 对 有好处
  19.健康的 be healthy 健康的
  20.每晚你睡几个小时 每晚你睡几个小时 每晚你睡几个小时? How many hours do you sleep every night?
  21.九个小时 for nine hours
  22.从学校放学回家 come home from school 从学校放学回家
  23.饮食习惯 eating habits 饮食习惯
  24.尽(最大 努力 试着做 最大)努力 试着做… 尽 最大 努力/试着做 try (one’s best )to do sth

  25.大量 许多 a lot of = lots of 大量,许多 大量
  26.当然 of course =sure = certainly 当然
  27.注意健康 look after my health 注意健康
  28.有健康的生活方式 have a healthy lifestyle 有健康的生活方式
  29.帮助某人做某事 help sb (to) do/with sth 帮助某人做某事
  30.取得好成绩 get good grades 取得好成绩
  31.学得好 更好 最好 study well / better / best 学得好/更好 学得好 更好/最好
  32.为什么不做某事 为什么不做某事? 为什么不做某事 why not do sth?= why don’t you /we do sth?
  33.与…相同 be the same as… 与 相同
  34.与…不同 be different from… 与 不同
  35. (…和 …)的不同点 和 的不同点 the differences (between…and …) 有几分/一点
  36.有几分 一点不健康 be kind of unhealthy 有几分 一点不健康

  37.保持健康 保持健康
keep in good health = keep/stay healthy

  38.少吃肉 eat less meat 少吃肉
  39.提高英语 improve English 提高英语

  1、你多久吃一次蔬菜?我每天都吃 How often do you eat vegetables ? I eat them every day .
  2、她周末干什么? 她经常在家看电视。 What does she do on weekends ? She often watches TV at home .
  3、至于家庭作业,大部分学生一周做3到4次作业 As for homework , most students do homework three or four times a week .

  4、一些学生一周上一两次网。 Some students surf the Internet once or twice a week.
  5、你每天晚上睡几个小时? How many hours do you sleep every night ?
  6、因此我可能有几分不健康,尽管我有一个健康的习惯。 So maybe I’m kind of unhealthy , although I have a healthy habit .
  7、吃水果对我们的健康有好处。 Eating fruit is good for our health .
  8、我尽量每天都做运动。 I try to do exercise every day .

  9、我的健康的生活方式帮我取得好成绩。 My healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades .
  10、他每天晚上睡9个小时。 He sleeps for nine hours every night .
  11、她的饮食习惯和你的一样吗? Are her eating habits the same as yours ?

  1、He is very strong because he often exercises .
  2、Do you like surfing the Internet ?
  3、Here are the results of his survey .
  4、We wash our hair twice a week .
  5、I like the TV p rogram on CCTV-10 . .
  6、I don’t think junk food is good for our h ealth
  7、My eating habits are pretty good .
  8、Don’t worry . Maybe he can help you . .
  9、It’s important to keep healthy
  10、Can you tell me the differences between the two words ?
  11、My grandpa is still healthy , a lthough he is over 80 .
  12、Jim goes to see his parents once a month .
  1、I look after my health and I am healthy .(health) 、
  2、My teacher wants me to write (write) a letter 、 to you .
  3、They hardly(hard) go out of this small town . 、
  4、The boy is trying to climb (climb) up the tree . 、 different (difference) from the other .
  5、This word is 、
  6、We must do eye exercises (exercise) every day . 、
  7、My mother has (have) a healthy lifestyle . She 、 eats less (little) junk food but more vegetables .
  8、I practice speaking (speak) English every day . 、
  9、What can I do to improve (improve) my math? 、 ?
  10、Jim often plays (play) computer games . 、
选用方框里的字, 选用方框里的字,用其适当形式填空
help, make, a lot of, want, early , exercise, try, and, give, take a lot of
  1. I have toy cars in my room.
  2. I eat fruit drink milk every day. and take
  3. My parents often me to the park on Sundays.
  4. He usually comes to school. early give 5 Jim, this book to Ann.
  6. Mum wants me to get up at 6:00 and run with her.
  7. You must to eat less meat. try make
  8. Does it a big difference if you eat fruit every
day? help
  9. A lot of vegetables you to keep in good health.
  10.Grandma is pretty healthy because she exercises every day . U1
句型转换: 句型转换:
  1. Ann’s mother shops once a month.
How often does Ann’s mother shop?

  2. He is writing on the blackboard now.
What is he doing on the blackboard now?

  3. Jim goes to see Uncle Li in the evening.(否定句 否定句) 否定句
Jim doesn’t go to see Uncle Li in the evening.

  4. There are some beautiful flowers in the garden.. 一般疑问句) (一般疑问句)
Are there any beautiful flowers in the garden?

  5. She only eats junk food once a week because junk food isn’t good for health.
Why does she only eat junk food once a week?
Unit 2

  1.怎么了 得什么病了 = What’s wrong (with sb)? 怎么了?得什么病了 怎么了 得什么病了? What’s the matter/trouble (with sb)? =what’s up
  2. (重)感冒 have/get a (bad) cold 重 感冒
  3. 发(高)烧 have a (high) fever 高烧
  4. 胃痛 have a stomachache
  5. 牙痛 have a toothache
  6. 头痛 have a headache
  7. 喉咙痛 have a sore throat have a sore back =have a backache
  8. 背痛
  9. 躺下休息 lie down and rest/have a rest 躺下休息
  10. 加蜂蜜的热茶 hot tea with honey see a doctor
  11. 看病
  12. 看牙医 see a dentist
  13.多喝水 drink lots of water 多喝水
  14.应该 不该做某事 should / shouldn’t do sth 应该/不该做某事 应该

  15.好主意。 That’s a good idea. 好主意。 好主意
  16.我感觉不舒服。 我感觉不舒服。 我感觉不舒服 I’m not feeling well=I don’t feel well=I feel terrible/bad.
  17.太糟了。That’s too bad. 太糟了。 太糟了
  18.我(不)是这样认为的。 I (don’t) think so. 是这样认为的。 我 不 是这样认为的
  19.我希望你能尽快好起来。 我希望你能尽快好起来 我希望你能尽快好起来。
I hope you feel better soon. be/ get tired
  20.疲劳 疲劳
  21.压力大 be /get stressed out 压力大
  22.早上床睡觉 go to bed early 早上床睡觉 listen to music
  23.听音乐 听音乐 go to/join the party
  24.参加派对 参加派对

  25.需要阴和阳的平衡来保持健康 需要阴和阳的平衡来保持健康 需要阴和阳的平衡
be + adj.
need a balance of yin and yang to be healthy
  26.此刻;现在 at the moment = now 此刻; 此刻

  27.传统中医 traditional Chinese doctors 传统中医
  28.例如 例如 for example
  29.在某方面很弱 be weak (in sth) 在某方面很弱
  30.太多 太多… too many +可数 复数 太多 可数n.复数 可数
too much +不可数 不可数n. 实在太… much too + adj. / adv. 实在太
  31.生(…)气 be/get angry (with sb.) 生 气 Chinese medicine
  32.中药 中药
  33.吃药 take medicine 吃药
  34.在西方国家 in western countries 在西方国家
  35.吃均衡的饮食 eat a balanced diet 吃均衡的饮食

  36.(对某人来说 做某事很 Doing sth is+ adj + (for sb ). 对某人来说)做某事很 对某人来说 做某事很… It’s +adj. + (for sb ) + to do sth a little + 不可数 不可数n.
  37.少数几个 一些 肯定 a few + 可数 复数 少数几个/一些 肯定) 少数几个 一些(肯定 可数n.复数 几乎没有(否定 否定) 几乎没有 否定 few + 可数 复数 little + 不可数 可数n.复数 不可数n.
  38.很遗憾听到这个消息 I’m sorry to hear that. 很遗憾听到这个消息

  1、你怎么了?我头疼。 、你怎么了?我头疼。 What’s the matter with you ? / What’s the trouble with you ? / What’s wrong with you ? I have a headache . I have a pain in my head .
  2、你应该好好休息几个晚上。 、你应该好好休息几个晚上。 You should have a good rest for a few nights .
  3、我希望她尽快好起来 、 I hope she will feel better soon .
  4、牙疼什么时候开始的? 大概三天前。 、牙疼什么时候开始的? 大概三天前。 When did the toothache start ? About three days ago .

  5、听说你妈妈生病了我很难过。 、听说你妈妈生病了我很难过。 I’m sorry to hear that your mother is ill .
  6、当你很累的时候,你晚上不应该太过努力学习。 、当你很累的时候,你晚上不应该太过努力学习。 When you are tired , you shouldn’t study too hard at night .
  7、传统中医坚信要保持健康我们需要阴、阳的平衡。 、传统中医坚信要保持健康我们需要阴、阳的平衡。 Traditional Chinese doctors believe that we need a balance of yin and yang to keep healthy .
  8、中药在许多西方一些国家很受欢迎。 、中药在许多西方一些国家很受欢迎。
Chinese medicine is popular in some western countries .

  9、拥有一个健康的生活方式是很容易的,吃均衡的饮食 、拥有一个健康的生活方式是很容易的, 也是很重要的。 也是很重要的。 It’s easy to have a healthy lifestyle , and it’s important to eat a balanced diet .

  10、我真的需要每天练习说英语来提高我的英语水平。 、我真的需要每天练习说英语来提高我的英语水平。 I really need to practice speaking English every day to improve my English .
  11、Jim 昨天发烧。 、 昨天发烧。 Jim had a fever yesterday .
  12、那是个好注意。 、那是个好注意。 That’s a good idea .
句型转换: 句型转换:
  1. What’s your trouble, young man?(同义句) ’ ?(同义句) ?(同义句 matter What’sthe you, young man? ’ with What’swrong with ’ you, young man?
  2.Be quick, please(否定句 Don’t quick,please. 否定句) be 否定句 ,
  3. She had a cold two days ago.(划线部分提问 划线部分提问) 划线部分提问 have shea cold? When did
  4.My brother does his homework in the evening.(改为 evening.(改为 一般疑问句) 一般疑问句 Does your brother his homework in the do evening?
  5.He hopes that he will be a doctor some day.(改为简 改为简 单句) 单句 to be He hopes a doctors some day.
  6.Look! The bus is coming here.(改为倒装 改为倒装) 改为倒装 bus Look! . ! Here’s coming the
适当形式填空: 适当形式填空: anything
  1. He shouldn’t eat (something) for 4 hours. health
  2. Many sports help you to keep in good (health)
  3. I hope (be) healthy. to be see
  4. Maybe you should (see) a dentist.
  5. When (do) it start? About two days ago. did better
  6. Now I feel (good). foot
  7. I usually go to school on (foot).
  8. My little son has eighteen (tooth) teeth illness
  9. My mother’s (ill) makes me unhappy.
  10. If you have trouble, I can give you some advice (advice)

  11. I’m tired and I have a lot of (headache).
  12. Don’t (be )stressed out. be
  13. It’s important (sleep) nine hours a to sleep night.
  14. I don’t feel (good) today. well medicine
  15. I need to take some (medicine). exercise
  16. He is kind of unhealthy, he should (exercise) every day.
  17. When you have a stomachache, you shouldn’t eat (something) for some time. anything teeth
  18. The baby has four (tooth) at the age of one.
  19. A cow has four (stomach) stomachs beautiful
  20. She looks (beautiful) and sings (beautiful) beautifully
  1、I’m s out , I want to listen to music . important
  2、It’s i for us to eat a balanced diet .
  3、If you are thirsty t , please have a drink . angry
  4、Don’t be a with the boy .He is only a kid . advice .
  5、A doctor can give you some a balanced diet can help us to keep healthy .
  6、Eating a b problem
  7、I can’t work out the difficult math p Traditional believe
  8、T Chinese doctors b we need a balance of yin and yang to stay healthy .
  9、He is a good student , and he usually goes to school early e . until
  10、They didn’t finish their homework u 11 o’clock. matter
  11、What’s the m with you , madam ?

  1、I think you are ill . You need to see(see) a doctor .
  2、It’s good to eat (eat) hot yang foods if you have


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