英语日常口语必背句子 英语日常口语必背句子
Does it serve your purpose? 对你有用吗? Don't flatter me. 过奖了。 Big mouth! 多嘴驴! Sure thing! 当然! I''m going to go. 我这就去。 Never mind. 不要紧。 Can-do. 能人。 Close-up. 特写镜头。 Drop it! 停止! Bottle it! 闭嘴! Don''t play possum! 别装蒜! Break the rules. 反规则。 There is nobody by that name working here. 这里没有这个人。 How big of you! 你真棒! Poor thing! 真可怜! Nuts! 呸;胡说;混蛋 Make it up! 不记前嫌! Watch you mouth. 注意言辞。 Any urgent thing? 有急事吗? Don't over do it. 别太过分了。 Can you dig it? 你搞明白了吗? You want a bet? 你想打赌吗? What if I go for you? 我替你去怎么样? Who wants? 谁稀罕? Follow my nose. 凭直觉做某事。 Gild the lily. 画蛇添足。 I'll be seeing you. 再见。 I wonder if you can give me a lift? 能让我搭一程吗? I might hear a pin drop. 非常寂静。 Why are you so sure? 怎么这样肯定? Is that so? 是这样吗? Don't get loaded. 别喝醉了。 Don't get high hat. 别摆架子。 Right over there. 就在那里。 Doggy bag. 打包袋。 That rings a bell. 听起来耳熟。 Sleeping on both ears. 睡的香。 Play hooky. 旷工、旷课。 I am the one wearing pants in the house. 我当家. It's up in the air. 尚未确定。 I am all ears. 我洗耳恭听。 Get cold feet. 害怕做某事。 Good for you! 好得很! Help me out. 帮帮我。 Let's bag it. 先把它搁一边。 Lose head. 丧失理智。 Talk truly. 有话直说。 He is the pain on neck. 他真让人讨厌。 You bet! 一定,当然! That is a boy! 太好了,好极了! It's up to you. 由你决定。 The line is engaged. 占线。 My hands are full right now. 我现在很忙。 Don't make up a story. 不要捏造事实。 Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 小别胜新婚。 She make a mess of things. 她把事情搞得一塌糊涂。 Get an eyeful. 看个够。 He has a quick eye. 他的眼睛很锐利。 Shoot the breeze. 闲谈。 Tell me when! 随时奉陪! Let's play it by ear. 让我们随兴所至。 Why so blue? 怎么垂头丧气? What brought you here? 什么风把你吹来了? Chin up. 不气 ,振作些。 You never know. 世事难料。 High jack! 举起手来(抢劫)! She'll be along in a few minutes. 他马上会过来。 He is a fast talker. 他是个吹牛大王。 I'll get even with him one day. 我总有一天跟他扯平 She's got quite a wad. 她身怀巨款。 I don't have anywhere to be. 没地方可去。 I 'm dying to see you. 我很想见你。
Nothing tricky. 别耍花招。
Come on, be reasonable. 嗨,你怎么不讲道理。
Price is soaring, if it goes on like this, we shall not be able to keep the pot boiling. 物价直线上升, 这样子下去,我们锅里可没什么东西煮饭 None of you keyhole. 不准偷看。 Don't get me wrong. 别误会我。 You don't seem to be quite yourself today. 你今天看起来不大对劲。 Do you have any money on you? 你身上带钱了吗? Dinner is on me. 晚饭我请。 We have no way out. 我们没办法。 I hate to be late and keep my date waiting. 我不喜欢迟到而让别人久等。 Not precisely! 不见得,不一定! You don't say so. 未必吧,不至于这样吧。 It doesn't take much of you time. 这不花你好多时间。 Not in the long run. 从长远来说不是这样的。 It is of high quality. 它质量上乘。 He pushes his luck. 他太贪心了。 I can't make both ends meet. 我上个月接不到下个月,缺钱。 It can be a killer. 这是个伤脑筋的问题。 You ask for it! 活该! 英语口语中好用的四词短句?? Are you by yourself? 你一个人来吗? Are you kidding me? 跟我开玩笑啊? Back in a moment! 马上回来! Boys will be boys! 本性难移! Come to the point! 有话直说! Do I have to? 我一定要做吗? Don't count on me! 别指望我! Don't fall for it! 别上当! Don't get me wrong! 你搞错了! Don't give me that! 少来这套! Don't let me down! 别让我失望! Don't over do it! 别做过头了! Drop me a line!要写信给我! Easy come easy go! 来得容易去也快! Get a move on! 快点吧! Give me a break! 饶了我吧! Glad you like it! 很高兴你喜欢! Great minds think alike! 英雄所见略同! He always talks big! 他老是吹牛! He's a double crosser! 他是个骗子! I cross my heart! 我发誓是真的! I just made it! 我做到了! I watch my money! 视财如命! I'll be right back! 我马上回来! I'll check it out! 我去查查看! I'll see to it! 我会留意的! I'm down and out! 我穷困潦倒! I'm in a hurry! 我赶时间! I'm not that bad! 我没那么差吧? I'm short on cash! 我缺钱! I've got the blues! 我很郁闷! It's Greek to me! 我完全不懂! If I were you...=if I were in your shoes 如果我是你... It kills my eyes! 太好看了! It's no big deal! 没什么大不了的! It’s worth a try! 值得一试! Just wait and see! 等着瞧! Know what I mean? 明白我的意思吧? Let’s change the subject! 换个话题吧! My mouth is watering! 我要流口水了! No pain no gain! 吃一堑长一智! None of your business! 没你事!
全方位测测自己的英语水平>> She’s under the weather! 她今天很忧郁! So far, so good! 还过得去! Speaking of the devil! 说曹操,曹操到! Stay away from me! 离我远点! That makes no difference! 不都一样吗? The walls have ears! 隔墙有耳! We better get going! 最好马上就走! We’re all for it! 我们都赞成! What’s on your mind? 你在想什么? You are the boss! 你是老大! You asked for it! 你自讨苦吃! You have my word! 我保证! You want a bet? 你敢打赌吗? You’re pulling my leg! 你开玩笑吧? You’re really kidding me! 真是笑死我了!

  1. leave sb the choice of ... or ... 要么 ,要么… (选择类经典句) 要么…,要么 选择类经典句) Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us the choice of brave resistance or the most abject s ubmission. 敌人冷酷无情/铁石心肠,我们要么英勇奋战,要么屈膝投降。 The age of 30s leaves you the choice of marriage or remaining a bachelor. 年过三十,要么结婚,要么单身。
  2. be the instrument of sth 引来某事物的人或事(使动类经典句) 引来某事物的人或事(使动类经典句) The eyes of all our countrymen are now upon us, and we shall have the blessings and praises, if happily we are the instruments of saving them from the tyranny meditated against them. 全国同胞都在注视着我们。如果我们有幸使他们摆脱强加于身的暴政,我们将得到他们的祝福和赞颂。 他所建立的组织最终使他垮了台。 The organization he had built up eventually became the instrument of his downfall. 能够让你幸福,我愿意付出我的一切。 If I can be the instrument of your happiness, I will sacrifice all I have.
  3. it was the memory / memories of 追溯到 ,回顾历史(回忆类经典句) 追溯到…,回顾历史(回忆类经典句) Perhaps it was the memories of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which were considered turning points in their nations' development. (回顾历史, 人们可能会把 1964 年东京奥运会和 1988 年汉城奥运会分别视为日韩两国发展的转折点。 )
It was the memory of 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered from the attacks of a tomic bomb, from which originated the term of "Zero Ground". “零地带”这个术语可以追溯到 1945 年广岛和长崎遭受原子弹袭击的历史时刻。
  4. on the premise / ground / prerequisite / proposition / hypothesis / presuposition that 基于一个前提… 假设类经典句) 基于一个前提 (假设类经典句) 中国政府在宣布实行和平统一的方针时,是基于一个前提,即当时的台湾当局坚持世界上只有一个中国, 台湾是中国的一部分。 The Chinese government declared the implementation of the policy of peaceful reunification on t he premise that the then Taiwan authorities maintained that there is only one China in the world a nd Taiwan is but one part of China. Advice to investors was based on the premise that interest rates would continue to fall. 对投资者的建议是以利率将继续下跌为依据的。
  5. be bound to 必定 ;一定… (意愿类经典句) 必定…;一定 意愿类经典句) 西部大开发一定能成为沟通世界各国和中国的一座桥梁,促进中国和世界经济共同发展,共同繁荣。 The Great Development of Western China is bound to be a bridge between China and other co untries, promoting common economic development and prosperity for the whole world. Just wars are bound to triumph over wars of aggression. 正义之战必胜,侵略之战必败。
  6. a matter of sth/doing sth 与…有关的情况或问题 (描述类经典句) 描述类经典句) 有关的情况或问题 Considering the following statements, made by the same man eight years apart. "Eventually, b eing 'poor' won't be as much a matter of living in a poor country as it will be a matter of having poor skills." 请思考一下同一个人在八年前与现在所说的话。“说到底,‘贫穷’与其说是生活在贫穷的国家里,还不如 说是技艺不精。” Dealing with these problems is all a matter of experience. 处理这些问题全凭经验。
  7. This is the similar case with/when 这恰如;正如;也会(比较类经典句) 这恰如;正如;也会(比较类经典句) 这恰如我们虽然看不懂莫扎特乐曲的总谱,却照样能同它的主旋律产生共鸣,击节称赞。 This is the similar case when the main melody can evoke a strong echo for us with our hands clapping in admiration despite our disability to understand the score of Mozart's musical pieces. 除此以外,老百姓的服务性消费,如教育,信息,旅游等消费也会大量增长。 Besides, this is also the case with the citizen's expenditure on education, information, traveling, etc.
  8. be exemplified by 这一点也证明了 ;这点反映在以下事实:… (举例类经典句) 这一点也证明了…;这点反映在以下事实: 举例类经典句) This American desire to keep the children's world separate from that of the adult is exemplifi ed also by the practice of delaying transmission of the news to children when their parents have be en killed in an accident.
如果父母在事故中丧生,人们总是晚些时候才告诉孩子们,这一点也证实了美国人想把儿童世界和成人 世界隔离开的愿望。 美国人想把儿童和成人的世界划清界限,这一愿望还反映在以下事实:如果父母在事故中丧生,人们总 是晚些时候才告诉孩子们。 The manual worker is usually quite at ease in any company. This is partly explained by the f act that people of all income groups go together to the same schools. 体力劳动者在任何场合通常都相当自在。收入档次不同的人就读同一所学校,这个事实多少说明了这一点。
  9. constitute… (不用于进行式)是;认为(判断类经典句) 不用于进行式) 认为(判断类经典句) 历史雄辩地说明, 中美之间建立在平等互利基础上的劳动分工是最为合理和实用的国际关系。 History has proved eloquently that the division of labor based on equality and mutual benefit b etween China and USA constitutes the most reasonable and practical international relationship. My decision does not constitute a precedent. 我的决定不应视为先例。 The defeat constitutes a major set-back for our diplomacy. 这一失败是我们外交上的重大挫折。
  10. witness... 见证 (发生类经典句) 见证… 发生类经典句) a time or event witnesses sth / sb in a particular situation or doing a particular thing. 经过二十多年的快速发展,中国西部地区已奠定了一定的物质技术基础。 The rapid development in the past 20 years witnesses a relatively solid foundation in terms of material wealth and technology in the western region of China. 在下一轮的会谈中,我们将宣布中东地区永久停火协议,对此我抱有乐观态度并充满希望。 I am optimistic and hopeful that the next round of talk will witness a permanent cease-fire in t he Middle East.



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   1. I see. 我明白了. 2. I quit! 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手! 4. Me too. 我也是. 5. My god! 天哪! 6. No way! 不行! 7. Come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. Hold on. 等一等. 9. I agree. 我同意. 10. Not bad. 还不错. 11. Not yet. 还没. 12. See you. 再见. 13. Shut up! 闭嘴! 14. So long. 再见. 15. Why not? 好呀 ...


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   for/from want of 由于缺少…… The flowers died from want of water. 这些花由于缺少水而枯死了. Some of the wounded soldiers died for want of medicine. 有些士兵因为缺乏药物而死去. for the use of 供……使用的 This parking lot is for the use of employees only. 这个停车场只供员工使用. This dining hall ...


   1. I see. 我明白了。 . 我明白了。 2. I quit! 我不干了 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手 放手! 4. Me too. 我也是。 . 我也是。 5. My god! 天哪 天哪! 6. No way! 不行 不行! 7. Come on. 来吧 赶快) . 来吧(赶快 赶快 8. Hold on. 等一等。 . 等一等。 9. I agree。 我同意。 。 我同意。 10. Not bad. 还不错。 . 还不错。 11. Not yet. 还没。 . 还没。 ...


   Part 1. 1, I see.   我明白了. 2, I quit!   我不干了! 3, I'm full.   我饱了. 4, I'm home. 我回来了. 5, It's very annoying.   真烦人. 6, I can't afford it.   我承担/买不起. 7, He's an engineer. 他是工程师. 8, All for one, one for all.   我为人人,人人为我. 9, Try to look on the bright ...


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