英语日常口语是一个系列英语口语对话教程, 介绍住同一公寓的四位 伙伴在英国生活和工作的经历,下面是关于本课程中四位公寓伙伴 Tim, Michal, Alice 和 Helen 的介绍。 Tim works in a department store in the city. He's ambitious and very competitive. What's new? He'd like to start up his own business and is always on the lookout for people and ideas that can help him make his dream a reality.
Alice is a nurse from London. She loves her job and gets a lot of satisfaction helping people get better. What's new? She wants to get married and have kids but she never seems to meet the right man.
Michal is Tim's cousin from Poland. He's come to Britain to improve his English. What's new? He's studying in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) school. He's shy and he still misses Poland a lot.
Helen was born in China but has lived in Britain since she was
  12. She is at university studying politics and economics. What's new? Helen is worried about her exams. She wants to get a good degree but doesn't study as much as she should. 本单元是关于在机场的对话 Helen: What does Michael look like? Tim: Well, he's tall and well built. He's got brown eyes and a shaved head. Helen: Is he handsome? Tim: Of course he is! He's my cousin. Helen: And what's he like? Is he like you too? Tim: No, he's quite shy really. Helen: Oh look! Is that him? Tim: Yeah! Michael! Michael! He's crying. I wonder what's wrong. 前面的对话当中出现了一些描写人的句子, 下面介绍关于这方面的语 言点。 Describing people 描述人 To talk about people's appearance or personality you can use (在描述某 人的长相和性格时,可以使用): be + adjective
Verb: To be Adjective I'm slim He's well-built She's matronly You're handsome We're extroverted They're shy To talk about physical characteristics you can use (在描述某人的身体特 征时,可以使用): have got + (adjective) + noun
Verb: Have got (Adjective) + Noun I've got hazel eyes He's got a shaved head She's got gorgeous black hair You've got a five o'clock shadow We've got green eyes They've got long legs Some adjectives have a negative connotation (or feeling) and some are
more neutral (某些形容词有负面涵义或感受,有些则是中性的):
Negative Neutral fat(negative) plump or large(neutral) skinny(negative) slim(neutral) spinster(negative) single(neutral)
To ask about someone's appearance you can use (询问某人的容貌,可以 使用): do + look like?
Verb: To do Look like?
What do I look like? What do you look like? What does he/she/it look like? What do they look like?
To ask about someone's personality you can use (询问某人的性格,可以 使用):
be + like?
Verb: To be Like? What am I like? What are you like? What is he/she/it like? What are we like? What are they like?
Vocabulary (词汇):
A five o'clock shadow: is a kind of beard or moustache (but not a full beard or moustache) that a man gets if he doesn't shave for a day or two 有时候,爱长胡子的男士,就算早上剃了胡子,到下午五点左右,胡 子的须根已经露出来,那些五点左右再长出来的胡子,或者,一、两 天未刮胡子,而长出来的须根,就被称做“五点左右的须根阴影” (A five o'clock shadow)
Bald (adj): a person with no hair. A person can have a shaved head if s/he is bald or if s/he has hair but chooses to shave it off 秃顶的;剃光头的; 无毛的
Extroverted (adj): a confident person who enjoys being with other people 外向性格的人;喜欢与他人交往的、自信的人



   英语日常口语是一个系列英语口语对话教程, 介绍住同一公寓的四位 伙伴在英国生活和工作的经历,下面是关于本课程中四位公寓伙伴 Tim, Michal, Alice 和 Helen 的介绍。 Tim works in a department store in the city. He's ambitious and very competitive. What's new? He'd like to start up his own business and is always on the ...


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