一、 写出下列单词的适当形式
  1.buy(过去式 )
  2.stop(过去式 )
  3.play (现在分词 )
  5.watch (过去式 )
  6.went( 原形 )
  7.photo( 复数 )
  8.eat ( 过去式 )
  9.win (过去式 )
  10.is (过去式 ) 二. 选择题 ( )
  1.What’s English for “禁止吸烟”? A.No swimmingB.No Smoking .C.No parking.D.No photos ( )
  2.I to school by bus this morning . A.walked B.went C.come D.rode ( )
  3.Where is the bird ? the tree. A.Inside B.In C.On D.At ( )
  4.Is she a student or a teacher ? A.Yes, she is.B.No, she isn’t.C.She is a teacher . ( )
  5.A.I’ve got many apples . B.Are they big small ? A.or B.and C.either ( )
  6.This is picture . Look at picture . A.a , the , B.a, × C.an, the D.×,× ( )
  7.I to the park yesterday. A.go B.went C.goes ( )
  8.The book interesting . A.look B.looked C.looks ( )
  9.This cap is my brother .
A.for B.to C.from ( )
  10.We can a basketball team. A.have B.has C.had ( )
  11.He little about the film until he it yesterday evening . A.know , see B.know, saw C.knew, saw D.knew, see ( )
  12.Daming and Simon to a baseball game in America. A.goes, B.gos C.went D.go ( )
  13.Whose sweaters are these ? , I think . A.They B.Their C.Theirs D.Them 三、按要求改写句子,注意每条横线只填一个单词:
  1. The children like the ball . (改为一般疑问句) the children the ball ?
  2. Are these your pens ? (不改变原句意思,改写句子) Are these ?
  3. Please put the clothes here .(改为否定句) put the clothes here, .
  4. They get up at six thirty .(就划线部分提问) What they get up ? 四、用所给的动词的适当形式填空: 1 . Look ! My sister ( play ) with the toy cars . 2 . I ( get ) up at 6:30 every morning . 3 . Do they like (swim) ? 4 . Tom’s mother (have) a nice jacket . 5 . Can you (make ) a paper plane for me ? 五 先阅读短文,然后回答问题: This is a nice classroom. You can see some boys and girls in it.Do you know the boy in a black and green shirt? His name is Mike. He sits beside the window. The boy behind Mike is Liu Tao. He’s a Chinese boy. He likes stamps.
He has many Chinese stamps. The girl next to him is Lucy. She’s American. Her twin sister is Lily.They are in the same row but in different groups. Look at the girl in a green dress. She is Wang Ying. She sits between Mike and Helen.She’s Helen’s good friend. 1What colour is Mike’s shirt? . 2 Where’s Lily? . 3Who are in the same? . 4 What’s the name of the girl’s in the green dress? . 5 Who is the nearest to the teacher’s desk? .



   初一尖子班入学测试 分钟) (满分 50 分,共需 45 分钟) 一. 二. 听力理解 单项填空 (15 分) 1. The window ten minutes ago, and the room is bright now. A. can be cleaned B. is cleaned C. was cleaned D. will be cleaned last year. 2. How beautiful your school building is!?Yeah! It A. bu ...


   一、 写出下列单词的适当形式 1.buy(过去式 ) 2.stop(过去式 ) 3.play (现在分词 ) 4.give(过去式) 5.watch (过去式 ) 6.went( 原形 ) 7.photo( 复数 ) 8.eat ( 过去式 ) 9.win (过去式 ) 10.is (过去式 ) 二. 选择题 ( )1.What’s English for “禁止吸烟”? A.No swimmingB.No Smoking .C.No parking.D.No photos ( )2.I t ...


   六年级秋季英语精英班入学测试题 时间:1 小时 总分:100 分 Ⅰ单项填空(40 分) 单项填空 阅读下面的句子和对话, 从[A] [B] [C] [D]四个选项中选出一个能填入空白处的最佳选项 本小节共 20 道,每小题 2 分,共 40 分 ( )1.John got a nice present yesterday, he looked . A. sad ( B. happy C. tired B. happily )2. I don’t like eating meat. A. t ...


   初一英语测试卷 测试日期: 测试日期: 一、单项选择 ( ) 1. My pen-friend is six A. foot; inch ( seven B. foots; inches tall. C. feet; inches in a dictionary. C. look for it D. look it for D. feet; inch 测试时间: 测试时间: 姓名: 姓名: 成绩: 成绩: ) 2. I don’t know this word, so I have to A ...


   旅游英语口语测试卷 一.考试程序 1. 师生问候(10 分) 2. 自我介绍(20 分) 3. 交际用语(20 分) 4. 情景对话(50 分) 二.考试内容 1. 交际用语 Talking about the weather (1).A: Do you think it'll clear up this afternoon? (2)A: What is the weather like today? (3)A: It seems to be a nice day. Talking abou ...


   公 开 课 教 案 学 科 任课教师 寒假期末公开课教案 一、教学目标: 1、展示学生学习成果,使家长了解学生一个假期的收获; 2、再现课堂精彩环节,使家长了解我们的教学过程及学生的课堂表现; 3、做学期总结及新学期计划,使家长更全面的了解我校的教学。 二、课前点名: (家长及学生)读《致家长的一封信》 三、课堂再现: 1、引课:现在就由我与孩子们共同为家长朋友们展示一堂复习课。 ①Greeting: Sing “Hello”song . ②Song: Sing the songs 《Ten ...


   练习卷 2011/4/6 一、选择填空。(20) 选择填空。 ( )1.-Is this your chair? - A.It’s your desk.. ( B.It’s my desk. C.Yes,it is. )2.What time ? A.it is B.is it C.it’s ( )3.9:50. A.It is B.Is it C.it is ( )4.It’s time get up. A.at B.for C.to ( )5.It’s time math class. ...


   1 5 2 3 9 4 7 8 6 1 小学英语期末测试试卷分析 与教学导向 三、五年级 一、小学英语教育教学的目标: 小学英语教育教学的目标: 培养兴趣, 培养兴趣,奠定基础 过于局限在某本教材,必将造成知 过于局限在某本教材, 识和能力上的缺陷 不存在“完美” 不存在“完美”的教材 统一水平测试标准 3 二、命题情况 根据新课改英语教学的要求 语言的基础知识 语言的综合运用能力 考虑到学生之间存在着差异 EEC版小学英语 EEC版小学英语 适当拓展课外及日常生活的知识 4 三、命题说明 ...


   第二部分 得 分 评卷人 复核人 学科专业素养( 学科专业素养(100 分) 得 分 评卷人 复核人 六、教材分析与教学设计(共 40 分) 五、判断(下列各题的答案填在下表相应题号的下面, 正确的打“√” ,错误的打“×” 。每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 题号 答案 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 根据提供的教材《Unit 3 Finding your way》《牛津初中英语》7B) ( ,按照新授课第 一课时的要求,完成 25-27 小题。 25.写出本节课 ...


   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! 注:此试题供参考。可根据各地实际情况,作适当调整。如发现疏漏,请 自行更正。 三年级英语下学期期末测试卷 三年级英语下学期期末测试卷 英语下学期 姓名 班级 听力部分(30%) 一 二 三 四 五 六 学号 笔试部分(40%) 七 八 九 十 题号 得分 口 试 (30%) 总分 口试部分(30%) 口试主要考查学生运用所学语言进行口头简单日常交流 (包括唱) 的能力。 根据各 地多年来的 ...



   剑桥少儿英语二级下册家长辅导孩子的重点 Unit one 基本句型: Where would you like to go in the holiday? I’d like to go to the countryside Where did you go on the holiday? Did you go to Huang Mountain? What other places did you go to ? I’m sure you had a good time. That’s gr ...


   邮政 post 邮局 post office 明信片 post card 收 get get a letter receive receive a letter 寄 send send a letter mail mail a letter 给某人写信 write (to) sb. 收到某人来信 hear from sb. 信的分类 信件 letter / mail 航空邮件 airmail / air mail 平信 regular mail 挂号信 registered mail 快递 ...

unit5自考英语听力 I have a dream

   Glossary 1. boycott: to refuse to have dealings with (a person, organization, etc) or refuse to buy (a product) as a protest 联合抵制 e.g. to boycott a nation对某国实行抵制 to boycott a commercial product抵制某种商品 2. abolish: put an end to 废除 abolishment 3. civi ...


   1. The most effective means to solve this problem is that . In that case, . 2. Everything has its own two sides, no exception with AAA. For one thing, . for another, . 3. My experience tells me that to needs a thorough and persevering process, and i ...


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