选择题: D
  1. We must find a way to cut prices reducing our profits too much. A. Without B with C. despite D. for C
  2. some students are able to find employment after graduation, others will have to return to school and earn an advanced degree. A. Since B. Because C. While D. If D
  3. the weather improves, we will suffer a huge loss in the tourist industry. A. As B. While C. Since D. Unless A
  4. Enclosed you an application form that you are asked to fill out. A. A. will find B. find C. found D. are finding A
  5.Would you pass me the book cover is black? A. Which B. that C. whose D. its A
  6. John had never been abroad before, he found the business trip very exciting. A. Because B. so C. though D. while B
  7. I t is important that we the task ahead of time. A. will finish B. finish C.finished D. shall finish
  8. by the failure of the project,the manager could hardly say a word. A. To be shocked B. Shocked C. Be shocked D. Shocking
  9. When I first arrived in Japan, I was surprised the way people greeted each other. A of B to C with D at
  10. We are happy at the good news Mr.Black has been awarded the Best Manager. A.That B. what C. which D. whether
  1. If your neighbors are too noise, then you have a good reason to make your (complain) complaint .
  2. Measures should be taken to avoid the negative effect (bring) brought about by unfair competition.
  3. Having been badly damaged by the earthquake, the city has to be (rebuild) rebuilt .
  4. I shall appreciate your effort in (correct) correcting this error in my bank account as soon as possible.
  5. The local economy depends (heavy) heavily on the exports of manufactured goods.
  6. Some domestic manufactures are busy increasing production, losing the chance to develop more (advance) advanced technology.
  7. Since we work in different sections of the company, we see each other only(occasional) occasionally .
  8. 30 percent of the students who (interview) were interviewed yesterday believe they should continue with their education until they have a university degree.
  9. Finally the woman found her (lose) lost child with the help of the police.
  10. The proposal about the annual sales (discuss) will be discussed at the next board meeting. 阅读理解: Task 1 Your boss holds your future prospects in his hands. Some bosses are hard to get along with. Some have excellent qualifications but no idea when it comes to dealing with people. Of course, not all bosses are like that.
The relationship you have with your boss can be a majior factor in determining your rise up the career ladder. Your boss is ot only your leade, he is also the person best equipped to help you do the job you are paid to do. He can infom you of company diection that may affect your professional development. Your boss also needs you to perform at your best in order to accomplish his objectives. He needs your feedback in order to provide realistic and useful working relationship with your boss? The key is communication. Learn and understand his goals and prorities.Observe and understand your boss’s work style. If he has not been clear with his expectations, ask! Likewise, ask for feedbackl and accept critiscism gracefully. And if he understands that you do not view your job as just something to fill the hours between 9 and 5, he may be more likely to help you. In short, getting along with your boss requires getting to know his likes and dislikes and learning to work with his personality and management style.
  1. The main idea of the first paragraph is that . A. bosses are hard to deal with B. bosses have good character C. bosses determine your career future D. bosses must have similar personality
  2. In the second paragrahp, “ rise up the career ladder” ( Line
  2) means. A. going to work abroad B. changing jobs frequently C. being promoted in position D. pursuing an advanced degree
  3. In order to achieve his objectives, your boss expects that you will . A. do your best in your work B. show your management skills C. get along with your colleagues D. write reports to upper management
  4. The most important factor for establishing a good working relationship with the boss is . A. high expectations B. quick feedback C. frequent criticism D. effective communication
  5. The best title for the passage might be . A. How to take cake of your boss B. How to get along with your boss C. How to accept your boss’s criticism D. How to accomplish your boss’s objective Task 2 Google, the Internet search-engine company, has announced it will give more than twenty-five million dollars in money and investments to help the poor. The company says the effort involves using the power of information and technology to help people improve their lives. Aleem Walji works for Google.org?the part of the company that gives money to good causes.He said the company’s first project will help identify where infectious(传染性的) diseases are
developing. In Southeast Asia and Africa, for example , Google.org wil work with partners to strengthen early-warning systems and take action against growing health threats. Google.org’ second project will invest in ways to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. s Walji says microfinance(小额信贷) is generally small, short-term loans that create few jobs. Instead, he says Google.org wants to develop ways to bring investors and business owners together to create jobs and improve economic growth. Google.org will also give money to help two climate-change programs announced earlier this year. One of these programs studies ways to make renewable(再生的) energy less costly than coal-based energy. The other is examining the efforts being made to increase the use of electric cars. The creators of Google have promised to give Google.org about one percent of company profits and one percent of its total stock value every year. Aleem Walji says this amount may increase in the future.
  1. The purpose of Google’s investments is to . A. help poor people B. develop new technology C. expand its own business D. increase the power of information
  2. According to Aleem Walji, the company’s first project is to . A. set up a new system to warn people of infectious diseases B. find out where infectious diseases develop C. identify the causes of infectious diseases D. cure patients of infectious diseases
  3. What kind of businesses will benefit from Google.org’s second project? A. large enterprises B. cross-national companies C. foreign-funded corporations D. small and medium-sized businesses
  4. From the fourth paragraph, we learn that Google’s money is also invested to help . A. start more research programs B. make more advanced electric cars C. develop renewable and coal-based energy D. conduct studies related to climate changes
  5、From the last paragraph we learn that the investments by Google.org come from . A) Google’s profits and stock value B) some international IT companies C) the company’s own interests D) local commercial banks Task 3 We welcome you aboard the Easter Flight and will do our best to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. For your safety and convenience To begin the trip, we would like to draw your attention to some safety-related details. These are also exolained on the instruction card I the seat pocket in front of you. Seat belts must remain
fastened while the “ fasten seatbelts” sign is on. It is advisable to keep them fastened at all times while seated. All flights are non-smoking. The use of mobile telephone is now allowed when the airplane is on the ground. During the flight the use of CD and DVD players is not allowed. For your entertainment To help you enjoy your trip, we provide a range of newspapers. On our MD-11 and Boeing aircraft, we provide muise and video programes. On Airbus A 321/ 320/319, short vidoes are shown. Meals and drinks During most flights we serve you a tasty meals and drinks. Beer, wine and other drinks are served free of charge. Coffee, tea and juice are served free of charge on all domstic flights. On domestic flight leaving before nine and on all flights to Northern China, a snack is served. Eastern Flight Service Safety and concenience
  1. seat belts: remain _fastened while the “fasten seatbelts sign is on
  2. smokin: not allowed on board
  3. mobile phones: used only when the airplan is __on the ground
  4. CD and DVD: not allowed to play during the flight Entertainment provided
  1. newspapers
  2. music and __video programso n MD-11 and Boeing aircraft Meals and drinks on board
  1. meals served on most flights
  2. coffee, tea and juice served free of charge
  3. a snack served on all flights to __Northern China task 4 Dear Mr .mith, I am pleased to offer you the position of the after-sales manager at our company starting on 16 June,20
  09. I propose that the term of employment will be those in the attached draft individual employment arrangement. Please note that you are entitled to discuss this offer and to seek advice on the attached proposed agreement with your family, a union, a lawyer or someone else you trust. If you want something on your employment rights, you can also contact the Employment Service Office or visit out website. Also, if you disagree with, or do not understand or wish to clarify anything in this offer, please ting me to discuss any issue you wish to raise. If you are happy with the proposed terms and wish to accept this offer of employment, please sign the duplicate copy of this letter and return it to me by 1 June, 20
  09. In the event I have not heard from you by that date, this offer will be automatically withdrawn on that date. I look forward to working with you. Your sincerely, John Brown
  1. What job position is offered to Mr. Smith in the letter? The after-sales manager.
  2. From whom may Mr. Smith seek advice about the proposed agreement? His family, a union, _a lawyer, or someone else he trusts.
How can Mr. Smith get information about employment rights? By contacting the Employment Service Office or visiting its website.
  4. When should Mr. Smith return the signed duplicate copy of this letter? By 1 June 20
  5. What will happen if the duplicate copy of the letter is not returned by the deadline? This offer will be automatically withdrawon that date. Task 5 A air traffic control system B armed police C crime prevention D entry requirement Einternational criminal police organization F level of security G picket line Hpolice station I patrolling vehicle J safety precaution measure K safety control device Lsafety command center Msecurity service N security control center O security personnel P valid documents Q security monitoring and control ( A )空中交通管制系统 ( J ) 安全预防措施 ( I )巡逻车 ( B ) 武装警察 ( E )国际刑警组织 ( P ) 有效证件 ( D )入境要求 ( O )安保人员 ( F )安全保障级别 ( Q )安全监控 翻译:
  1. If either party wants to renew the contract, it should submit a written notice to the other party three months prior to the expiration of the contract. A) 如果任何一方希望撤销合约,必须将撤销的理由在三个月内通知对方。 B) 如果合同一方希望重签合同,必须在合同到期的三个月内写信通知对方。 C) 如果任何一方希望更改合同,必须提前三个月内写信通知对方。 D) 如果任何一方希望续签合同,必须在合同期满前三个月书面通知对方。
  2. There is no sign that the world economic crisis will lessen in the next few months, although a certain degree of recover is in sight. A) 尽管没有人认为未来几个月内世界经济危机会消失,但是在一定程度上的复苏是 肯定的。 B) 尽管世界经济复苏的机箱是肯定的, 但是未来几个月内经济危机缓和的现象还不是 很明显。 C) 尽管已经显现出一定程度的经济复苏,但没有迹象表明世界经济危机在未来几个 月会缓减。 D) 尽管没有人承认未来几个月内世界经济危机会触底,但我们肯定会看到世界经济 的复苏。
  3) Most of the issues conserning personnel management have been solved satisfactorily; only a few of secondary importance remain to be discussed. A) 多数有关人员管理的问题顺利地解决了,仅剩下几个问题还需要进行第二次讨论。 B)大多数有关人事管理问题已经得到圆满解决,只剩下几个次要的问题还有待于讨论。 C)很多有关人员配备问题基本上都得到了答复,只有第二个重要问题还未经过讨论。 D) 第二个重要问题是有关人员调动的问题,这次已经得到妥善解决,不必再次讨论。


  4. Only in this way can Chinese enterprises improve their competitiveness and avoid being defeated by their foreign rivals after China`s entry into the WTO. A)只有这个方法才能帮助中国企业去参加竞争,避免在加入世茂组织后被其他国外对手所 击败。 B) 只有这样中国企业要想在世贸组织中参加竞争,必须通过这种办法才能击败他们的外 国对手。 C) 如果中国企业要想在世贸组织



   一、强背的方法: 1、要大声朗读,反复朗读直至背诵。 2、关于如何背单词,我记得有一句话大致意思是:在你背完第一遍的 8 小时后复习一遍, 24 小时后再复习一遍,48 小时后再复习一遍,你可以前后衔接地类似滚雪球那样去复习。 3、注意积累,我现在还在这样做,我在家里和办公室里各有一本单词本,写得满满的。 这其实和学母语一样的,我小时候也用本子收集中文的美文妙句,多了就自然融会贯通, 能在作文中熟练运用了。我现在还有金山词霸所附带的生词本背诵。 4、多留心英文广播电视,其节目来源目前在中国还 ...


   最重要:阅读理解、听力 各30%分 写作 25%分 英语知识运用 15%分 听力 分析推理题: 最多,难度不等,细心,听懂,语调,选项长,快速阅读;Infer, imply, most (least)likely probably…… 常见提问方式:what can we learn about the man/the conversation? what does the woman imply? what conclusion can be drawn from the conversat ...


   黑龙江大学外语部大学外语基础教学管理中心 教学大纲 大学英语三 上外教材) 大学英语三级 (上外教材) 【学分】3 学分 学分】 课程名称】大学英语三级 上外教材) 【课程名称】大学英语三级 (上外教材) 总学时】 【总学时】 80 学时 【开课学期 开课学期】秋季学期 开课学期 【讲授学时】 讲授学时】 80 学时 一、 教学目标 通过本级别课程的学习,应达到进入四级英语学习的水平。具体要求如下: 1.词汇 .词汇:领会式掌握 3550 词,复用式词汇 2200。具备基本构词法识别生词的能 ...


   四川省 3 级考试 Part II: Vocabulary & Grammar 考点 Verb tenses 1. 过去完成时: They bought their first house last year; previously they to get a loan. A). hadn’t been able B). weren’t able C). were able D). had been able 成时由 had+过去完过去分词构成,表示“过去的过去“,句中常用 by, ...


   LESSON SIX 动词的基本模式 练 习 该练习可在[第 6 课练习]下载区下载 一、用所给的动词将下列句子译成英文,注意动词的用法。 1. 我们一定给这孩子最好的教育(education)。(give) 2. 这次航空旅行(trip)使我们非常高兴。(make) 3. 民航总局(CAAC)任命他为航空公司(airline company)的 总经理(general manager; managing director)。(appoint) 4. 航空公司给每一个预订代理人(reserv ...


   a(an)art. (非特指的)一(个);任何一个;每一(个)A.D.n.公元 A.M.ad.上午,午前 abandonv.放弃;抛弃,离弃 abdomenn.腹;腹部 abidev.(by)坚持;遵守;容忍 ability n.能力,智能;才能,才干;技能 ablea.能够,有能力的 abolishv.废除,取消 about prep.关于;在…周围;在…各处 ad.大约 above prep.在…上方;(数量,价格等)大于… abroad ad.出国,在国外 abrupt a.突然的,意外 ...


   虚拟语气 全真试题 1. He was very busy yesterday, otherwise he to the meeting. a) had come a) would give a) should start a) must take b) came c) would come c) give d) would have come d) gave 2. The hostess insisted that everyone present a short speech of co ...


   听力训练参考答案 Model Test 1 1?5 CDCCB Model Test 2 1?5 CCDAC Model Test 3 1?5 BDCCB Model Test 4 1?5 DBDBC Model Test 5 1?5 CBADA Model Test 6 1?5 BACAC Model Test 7 1?5 BCBBC Model Test 8 1?5 BABDA Model Test 9 1?5 DCDAA Model Test 10 1?5 BCBBC 6?10 DCA ...


   8 剑桥英语三级上册 18 单元重点 (2009-10-16 22:30:17) 转载 标签: 教育 Unit 1 My school subjects Words: subject 课程 科目 Art 艺术 美术 Music 音乐 Maths 数学 Chinese 语文 汉 语 English 英语 Science 科学 History 历史 Geography 地理 without 没有 不用 pass 经 过 通过 once 一次 twice 两次 route 路线 step 步 be ...


   剑桥英语三级网络课堂试题 (一)读写部分 Part 1: Read and Choose the correct word. (11 questions) (教师用问卷形式,学生选择点击字母回答) 1) You can use this to play music or you can speak into it and then listen to the words you have said. A) I ) a torch B) a tape recorder C ) a teleph ...



   新视野大学英语课文翻译第三册 Unit 1 威廉斯勋爵代价昂贵的贵族梦 苏格兰托明陶尔??周六晚,在"牢骚酒吧",村民依旧乐意向"威廉斯勋爵"祝酒,尽管这个头衔现在只能引来阵阵笑声. 如今他们就叫他 " 托尼". 这个美丽的山村座落在苏格兰山区,总共只有 320 人,其中一些村民说,他们一直不太了解安东尼威廉斯.这位有钱的贵族说话和气,1986 年和他穿着入时的妻子一同来到这里. 还有一些人说,他们的怀疑是与日俱增的,因为 55 岁 ...


   中国环境下的英语教学 Teaching English in the Chinese Context The Introduction of the book " The writer of the book " The purpose and organization of this book " The reason I choose this book The writer of this book 刘倩 In the past decade, she has taught vari ...


   看之前你仰视英语,看之后你鄙视英语~ (转的)不过你要是不看,你就太亏了...... 网络时代学英语其实很简单, 网络时代学英语其实很简单,但是大部分人花在找英语学习资料上的时间比学英语本身还 下面是我自己的一些结合网络学习的方法,信不信由你, 多,下面是我自己的一些结合网络学习的方法,信不信由你,我三年间从四级勉强及格到 高级口译笔试 210,口试 232.找工作面试时给我口试的老外考官听我说了一分钟就说你 , . 的英语不用考了.我不敢说我的方法一定是最好的, 的英语不用考了.我不敢说我 ...


   2010 年高考英语听力考 点分析与对策 2009-11-10 08:21:53 来源: 作者: 【大 中 小】 浏览:1430 次 评论:0 条 作为英语学习基本技能之一的 "听力", 在高考中具有不可忽视 的地位. 要求考生听懂人们日常生 活交际中所进行的简短对话和独 白.考生应该能够做到以下几点: (1) 理解主旨要义: 它要求我 们对听到的内容有一个整体的把 握和全面的领会, 理解说话者究 竟在说什么. 任何一段对话或独白 都是围绕一个中心展开的, 有时 主旨大意 ...

英语 四人对话

   A 打电话给 B A:hollo,B.I will have a exam of inorganic chemistry,do you have any book about it? B:Sorry,I just have books about computer.Maybe C have some because his major is also chemistry. A:By the way,do you know where is he? B:He is in his lab.You ...