2:A.(that) 3:C.(another) 4:C.(leaves) 5:D.(mature) 6:A.(being discussed) 9:D(to) 10:B(persist) 填空: 1:payment 2:were interviewed 3:be 4:conducted 5:were 6:responsibility 7:injured 8:to acceept 9:quickly 阅读理解: (一) 1:B(better organizide our activities) 2:C(study efficiently) 3:B(Any activities we're eager to do) 4:B(Taking a short nap in the afternoon) 5:A(Study Habits and time Management) (二)
  1:B(Start a new small business) 2:D(Determination and originality) 3:C(Advise beforehand) 4:A(Those with fewer than 50 employees) 5:B(Linking to other relevant articles) (三) 搭配题(汉译英) :
  1.现金价格:E(cash price)
  2:销售合同:D(salses contract) 3:到达港:J(port of arrival)
  4:供货合同:A(supply agreement) 5:逾期付款:H(Late payment)
  6:索赔通知:P(Note of claim)
  7:贸易协定:B(Trade agreement)
  8:信用证:M(Letter of credit)
  9:固定价格:G(Fixed price)
  10:即期装运:K(Prompt shipment) 翻译(选择正确答案) :
  1:BCD 2:AB 3:ACD 一.单选
  1.The new drug will not beB.untin
7:C.(casual) 8:B.(that)

  2.It was becomeC.that
  3.Our compays visitorsC.another
  4.According to the time table,tne train forC.leaves
  5.Although she is onlyD.maature
  6.The proposalat the meelingA.being discussed
  7.when he patted her on theC.casual
  8.There is no eridenceB.that
  9.it is reasonadle for peopleD.to
  10.The weather forecast predicts the coldB.persist 二.填空
  1.Nowadays,electronicis a morepayment
  2.Most of the high schoolwere interiewed
  3.lt is important that hewas
  4.According to the surveyconducted
  5.lf Iyou,Iwill studywere
  6.lt is theof the ltnmanresponsibility
  7.lt was reported thatpeopleinjured
  8.The bank refnsed,My applicationto accept
  9.lt's import to realize howquickly 三.阅读理解 Task1 (文章开头) College is a place to expcore....
  1.we need to Dlan ahead in order to. B.bettet organize our activities.
  2.stategic times are best for us to. C.stndy efficiently.
  3.which of the following could be used as a motivation to do our assignments? B.Any activities we're eager to do.
  4.what con help us to keep.... B.Taking a short nap in the afternoon.
  5.which of the following conld be the best.... A.study Habits and Time management. Task2 (文章开头) wellome to our small business set-up....
  1.this guide is intended to help people to. B.start a new small business.
  2.what are most important for a. D.Detemin a tion and originaliny.
  3.what does the woed "dore warn"mean? C.Advise beforehand.
  4.what kin of businesses nre regarded as. A.Those with fewer than 50 employees.
  5.more inform ation abon about how to.... B.Lin king to other relevat articles.
Task3 (文章开头)How to write contact details in you CV? Top of page:__Print__your name in Letters ltems. To be included:1__address__ 2__email__ 3__mobile phone muber__ Notto....:1__Personal information__,suchas... 2__lnclude a photgraph__,unlessit... Task4
  1.what is the brand of the Apple Jam? Great wall Brand.
  2.what is the total value of the contract? US$
  00. 3when will the goods be shipped? August 20
  4.what are the terms of payment? By letter of credit.
  5.where are the goods to be sent to.... vancouver,canada 四.连线
  1.ECash prue 现金价格
  2.Dsales 销售合同
  3.JPort of arrival 到达港
  4.Asuppty agreement 供货合同
  5.Hlate payment 逾期付款
  6.PNote of claim 索赔通知
  7.BTrade agreement 贸易协定
  8.Mletter of credit 信用社
  9.GFixed Price 固定价格
  10.KPrompt slupment 即期装运 五.翻译(下面的选项不可选,其它三项可任选一项选)
  1.when exporting goods,it is essential to arrange insurane. A.为了促进货物出口,减少货物的丢失或损坏,必须发展保险业。
  2.lf we do not receive payment by the.... C.如果本月底我们还收不到订货,我们就不得不采取其他办法了。
  3.Party Bhas the right to Concel the contract.... B.乙方有义务在下述情况下有权拒绝接受甲方书写的合同。
  4.lhave already given instructions. D.我已作了解释,首先必须有工程师们愿意加已工作才能有可能来完成这项任务。 六.作文 是关于介绍产品的,具体看下面的词组和句子! (考试可用到的词组) complely 完全地 energ-saving air-conditioning 节能空调
market research 市场调查 lead to 导致 technicall development 技术性发展 marketing strategy 市场战略 有限公司:limited 成立:fonnd 雇员:employees 销售市场:sales marleet 主要产品:main product (句子)
  1.This is to introd uce that.
  2.we have great pleas ure in trodu cing to you by this letter. Mr/miss/Ms
  3.Thank you for the trouble you will have to take for.
  4.we are writing to introduce that.
  5.I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.



   日 期:2007-5-25 19:42:20 发件人:"品成 周" <zhoupincheng2000@yahoo.com.cn> 收件人:chenwenyang.0001@yahoo.com.cn 主 题:3级听说 Unit 2 What’s your address? Vocabulary Task Answers: 1. 1. Petra Fields 2. 2. 1904 Broadway, San Francisco, ...


   大学英语三级单词表 A-D a(an) art.一(个);每一(个);任一 able a.能够,有能力的 about prep.关于; 在…周围; 在… 各处 ad.大约 above prep.在…上方;(数量,价 格等)大于… abroad ad.出国,在国外 accept v.认可,接受 accident n.事故 according a.(- to)相符的,一致的,根 据…而定的 ache v.痛;哀怜 n.疼痛,酸痛 achieve v.完成,达到;获得 across prep.穿过 ...


   一、强背的方法: 1、要大声朗读,反复朗读直至背诵。 2、关于如何背单词,我记得有一句话大致意思是:在你背完第一遍的 8 小时后复习一遍, 24 小时后再复习一遍,48 小时后再复习一遍,你可以前后衔接地类似滚雪球那样去复习。 3、注意积累,我现在还在这样做,我在家里和办公室里各有一本单词本,写得满满的。 这其实和学母语一样的,我小时候也用本子收集中文的美文妙句,多了就自然融会贯通, 能在作文中熟练运用了。我现在还有金山词霸所附带的生词本背诵。 4、多留心英文广播电视,其节目来源目前在中国还 ...


   最重要:阅读理解、听力 各30%分 写作 25%分 英语知识运用 15%分 听力 分析推理题: 最多,难度不等,细心,听懂,语调,选项长,快速阅读;Infer, imply, most (least)likely probably…… 常见提问方式:what can we learn about the man/the conversation? what does the woman imply? what conclusion can be drawn from the conversat ...


   四川省 3 级考试 Part II: Vocabulary & Grammar 考点 Verb tenses 1. 过去完成时: They bought their first house last year; previously they to get a loan. A). hadn’t been able B). weren’t able C). were able D). had been able 成时由 had+过去完过去分词构成,表示“过去的过去“,句中常用 by, ...


   a(an)art. (非特指的)一(个);任何一个;每一(个)A.D.n.公元 A.M.ad.上午,午前 abandonv.放弃;抛弃,离弃 abdomenn.腹;腹部 abidev.(by)坚持;遵守;容忍 ability n.能力,智能;才能,才干;技能 ablea.能够,有能力的 abolishv.废除,取消 about prep.关于;在…周围;在…各处 ad.大约 above prep.在…上方;(数量,价格等)大于… abroad ad.出国,在国外 abrupt a.突然的,意外 ...


   大学英语三级单词表 A a(an) art.一(个);每一(个);任一 able a.能够,有能力的 about prep.关于;在…周围;在…各处 ad.大约 above prep.在…上方;(数量,价格等)大于… abroad ad.出国,在国外 accept v.认可,接受 accident n.事故 according a.(- to)相符的,一致的,根据…而定的 ache v.痛;哀怜 n.疼痛,酸痛 achieve v.完成,达到;获得 across prep.穿过;在另一边,在对 ...


   选择题: 1:B.(until) 2:A.(that) 3:C.(another) 4:C.(leaves) 5:D.(mature) 6:A.(being discussed) 9:D(to) 10:B(persist) 填空: 1:payment 2:were interviewed 3:be 4:conducted 5:were 6:responsibility 7:injured 8:to acceept 9:quickly 阅读理解: (一) 1:B(better organizi ...


   一:选择题 The new drug will not be put on the market _B______it has proved sage on humans . A. if B. until C .since D when 2.It was because of his good performance at the interview_ _C__he got the job with the big company. A. so B. what C. .that D. whi ...


   听力训练参考答案 Model Test 1 1?5 CDCCB Model Test 2 1?5 CCDAC Model Test 3 1?5 BDCCB Model Test 4 1?5 DBDBC Model Test 5 1?5 CBADA Model Test 6 1?5 BACAC Model Test 7 1?5 BCBBC Model Test 8 1?5 BABDA Model Test 9 1?5 DCDAA Model Test 10 1?5 BCBBC 6?10 DCA ...


2-3 考研英语听力考试中容易混淆的词语及其表达法

   考研英语听力考试中容易混淆的词语及其表达法 1) a big time:尽兴,高兴的时刻 e.g. I had a big time there. the big time:第一流,最高级 e.g. Don’t worry, you are in the big time now. 2) according to:按照,根据 e.g. They were commended or criticized according to their work. according as:随……而定 e ...


   图表式作文的几种形式: 图表式作文的几种形式 一是以表格形式,将统计的数据或被说明的事 一是以表格形式 将统计的数据或被说明的事 表格形式 物直接用表格形式体现出来,即统计表 即统计表。 物直接用表格形式体现出来 即统计表。 二是以图形形式 二是以图形形式 图形 A 表示数据变化的曲线图 表示数据变化的曲线图 曲线图; B 表示数据的大小或数量之间的差异 条形图; 的条形图 C 表示总体内部结构变化的扇形图。 表示总体内部结构变化的扇形图 扇形图。 2000 Item Food Clothi ...


   初一英语下学期综合测试 初一英语下学期综合测试 听力部分( 听力部分(共 25 分) 听对话,选择与对话内容相符的图片,将代表图片的字母填在相应的序号后。 一.听对话,选择与对话内容相符的图片 将代表图片的字母填在相应的序号后。 每段对话读两遍。 每段对话读两遍。 (共 5 分,每小题 1 分) A. B. C. D. E. F. 1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. ( ) 小题所给句子的正误。 二.听对话,根据对话内容,判断第 6-10 小题所给句子的正误。正确的 ...


   学 科 教 学 探 索  鼹   撩   瓣  成 凤  誊  境  ( 无极县西合流学校 ,河北 石 家庄 o 2 6 ) 5 4O  摘 要: 良好 的英语课 堂环境 , 对于改 变我们的英语教 学 , 培养 学生的英语运 用能力等 方面都非常重要 。创  设 良好的英语课堂教 学环境应从 以下几方 面入 手 : 布置特 色教 室, 营造 民主 和谐的课 堂氛围 , 织丰富 多彩 的教  组 学活动 , 用积极 的评价手段 。 运   关键 词 : 小学英语 ; 堂 ; 学; 课 教 环 ...

牛津初中英语8B Unit2 Reading

   牛津初中英语 8B Unit2 Reading Teaching aims: 1. To read a letter about a holiday in Japan. 2. To expand vocabulary to talk about traveling. 3. To identify specific details by answering questions. Background information: Sanrio Puroland is a multi-level i ...