2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
二级试题 Part I Greetings
Hello, good morning/afternoon. Sit down, please. Can you hand me that sheet of paper, please? Thank you. I'm (My name is ). What's your name? Are you feeling all right, ? Good/Don't worry. Take it easy, OK?
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
二级试题 Part II Warm-up Questions

What day is today? How did you come here today? How long did it take for you to come here? Is this the first time for you to come to this place? How do you like this place?
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
二级试题 Part III General Conversation
Are you interested in art?
  2. What do you do in your free time?
  3. Do you often go shopping?
  4. Where do you usually shop for shopping? Part IV Situational Response Okay, now you're going to say sth in the following 2 situations. For example: You want someone to help you. You can say: "Can you help me, please?"

2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
Part IV Situational Response Situation 1 You're Mr. Li, and someone calls you on the phone, "May I speak to Mr. Li?" What do you say? (Speaking) Situation 2 When someone says to you "You have a nice decoration in your apartment," how would you reply? (Thank you.)
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
三级试题 Part I Greetings & Introductions (1m)
Good morning/afternoon. Sit down, please. I'm (My name is ). What's your name? Hello, Can you tell me your test number, please? Thank you. Could you give me your mark sheet, please? Thank you.
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
三级试题 Part II General Conversation (2m)
Now, I'd like to ask you some questions about sports. What sports do you like best? Do you think physical exercise important? How often do you take it? Who is your favorite sports star? Why do you like him/her? Okay, now you have 3 or 4 minutes to answer my next question.
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
三级试题 Part II General Conversation (2m)
Okay, now you have 3 or 4 minutes to answer my next question. Some high schools require students to wear uniforms. Others allow students to wear clothing of their own choice. Which situation do you think is better and why? Thank you.
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
三级试题 Part III Topic presentation & follow-up questions
Now, here are some other topics. Please choose one topic from them. Topic 1 Education What is the most interesting class you have ever taken? Explain the aspects of the class that made it interesting. Include details and examples in your explanation.
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
Topic 2 Health and Body Care Some people get up early in the morning and go to bed Early at night. Others get up late in the morning and stay Up until late at night. What do you think is better and why? Now, you have 4 minutes to talk about it, and then I'll ask you a few questions related to the topic.
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
Topic 1 Education
  1. Do you want to go abroad for further study? Why?
  2. Do you think that foreign degrees and diplomas can help you to find a better job?
  3. Some students prepare for tests by studying alone. Others prepare for tests by studying with other students or a tutor. Which study method do you think is better, and why?
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
Topic 2 Health and Body Care
  1. Some people relax by staying at home. Others relax by going out. Which type of relaxation is better for you and why?
  2. Do you prefer Chinese herbal medicine or western medicine? Please give your reasons.
  3. To keep our mental health, do you think it important to have friends? Please explain.



   英语口语考试试题 一、 读单词(2 分) 给你 20 秒的时间准备朗读短文,当听到“开始”时请在 20 秒内朗读单词 和短语一遍,当听到 “停止朗读”的提示信号时,请立即终止朗读。 strict , thief , humid , dormitory , appear , polite , be proud of , be supposed to , by accident , look forward to . 二、 短文朗读(2 分) 给你 60 秒的时间准备朗读短文,当听到“开始”的提 ...


   1. Why do people get angry/depressed? How to control such negative feelings? People feel blue for a variety of reasons. People tend to get angry when treated unfairly. Specifically, we may fly into a rage when we realize we were betrayed by a close ...


   1. What do you think is the most serious challenge of living in a big city? City Traffic。 。 For my part, I think the house is the most serious challenge ,because the price is the high. To buy a apartment ,I may Maybe most of us are facing this prob ...


   On money What’s you attitude money? If you were a millionaire,how would you spend it? Money is not everything(钱不是万能的 钱不是万能的) 钱不是万能的 My View on Money Directions: You are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My View on Money. You sh ...


   Name: Student ID: Professional: 吸 血 鬼 传 说 Does the world really have the vampire? The Vampire' Prototype(原型) Countess(伯爵夫人)wanted to remain forever young by drinking the blood of young women . Erzsébet Báthory 巴托里伯爵夫人 The father of the legendary va ...


   山 东 省 英 语 口 语 等 级 证 书 考 试 大 纲 山东省英语口语等级证书考试领导小组 山 东 省 教 育 厅 山东省高等教育自学考试委员会 2004 年 8 月 前 言 加入世贸组织,是中国对外开放的新起点,也使山东的对外开放进入了新阶段,更给我们的 对外交流与合作提出了更高的要求.随着山东国际贸易和对外交往不断扩大,急需大量懂外语, 能够进行英语交流的专业人才.山东青岛作为 2008 年奥运会分会场更需要大量能够与外国人直 接用英语交流的专业人士和服务人员,来保障奥运会的顺利举行 ...


   大学英语口语 为进一步推动我国大学英语教学, 适应国家改革开放的需要, 使大学生更加重视英语口 语学习,获得更强的英语口语交际能力 国家教育部高等教育司为检验与认定高校非英 语专业在校生对英语口语掌握的程度, 全国大学英语四六级考试委员会在 1999 年 11 月开始 施行的大学英语四六级口语测试。全称叫大学英语四、六级口语考试(CET Spoken English Test)简称大学英语口语考试(CET-SET) 。 申请参加口语考试的考生必须是已经获得 大学英语四、 六级考试证书的在校生 ...


   I'm very glad to be here to say something about life. 1st, take care of yourself. Life is precious to everyone. You can image that everyday, every minute, we, man and boy, have the danger of losing it. When we go out, out, when we are at work, when ...


   Is science mainly a monster or an angel? A: Hi! How are you doing? B: Moody Monday, ah. We have two classes in science and technology today. A: Why? feel sleepy and dreary ? B: Oh…God. Don’t u think science is mainly a monster? A: Of course not! I ...


   1. What do you think about the parents’ true love for children? Nowadays in China, parents, especially those of teenagers, care about their children’s education more than anything else. They would do anything for their children when it comes to the ...



   Practical Writing 2 Practical Writing Unit 1 Introduction to Practical English Writing Course Objectives Acquire a comprehensive understanding of practical writing; Understand the nature of individual stages involved in practical writing; Understan ...

英语:Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation课件(1)(人教新目标七年级下)

   Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation? Period 1 My Summer Vacation stayed at home cleaned my rooms visited friends cooked dinner practiced English walked on the beach 动词结尾加 -ed或-d. play played clean cleaned visit visited watch-- watched stay stayed ...


   2009?2010 学年度上学期 ? 英语小结 随着与世界联系密切英语作为一种国际语言越来越多受到了家长重视, 因 此幼儿园也开设了英语教育无疑,3-6 岁幼儿学语言最佳时期,教学过程中我 发现幼儿学习英语应当听先再说。英语教学通过听歌谣并指挂图、听故事并出 示图片、听歌曲并表演、听指令并执行等方式进行。本班幼儿学习的英语主要 有两种,一种是“洪恩英语” ,一种是“花儿朵朵” 。洪恩英语主要是通过故事、 单词卡片、歌曲以及情景表演让孩子对英语感兴趣,能大胆说英语,唱英语歌 曲以及表演英语故事 ...


   商务英语学习心得 1. 商务英语的特点 与普通英语不同,商务英语强调的是商务沟通能力,其追求的目标是用最准确、最清晰的商务语言来 与同事、老板以及客户进行最有效的沟通和交流。另外商务英语还涉及了很多西方的先进管理思想和工作 方式,包括如何与外国员工合作以及他们之间的交流方式等等。基于此处,商务英语又包含了很多西方人 的工作理念。 商务英语是英语的一种社会功能变体,是专门用途英语中的一个分支,是英语在商务场合中的应用。 它涉及技术引进、对外贸易、招商引资、对外劳务承包与合同、国际合同、国际金融 ...


   万学教育 海文考研 万学教育 海文考研 遥遥领先的中国第一考研品牌 2009 年考研英语全程复习规划 主持人: 主持人:对于绝大多数考生来说,英语是考研的重头戏,很多时候,可谓是"成 也英语,败也英语".然而,英语并非是一蹴而就短期收效的学科.所以,尽早 入手,也许是最为明智的选择.那么如何对一整年的英语复习进行规划呢?这可 能是众多面临 09 考研的考生,目前比较疑惑的问题.今天,我们"辉煌大讲堂" 非常有幸的请来了万学海文的考研英语辅导名师徐峰,他 ...