2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
二级试题 Part I Greetings
Hello, good morning/afternoon. Sit down, please. Can you hand me that sheet of paper, please? Thank you. I'm (My name is ). What's your name? Are you feeling all right, ? Good/Don't worry. Take it easy, OK?
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
二级试题 Part II Warm-up Questions

What day is today? How did you come here today? How long did it take for you to come here? Is this the first time for you to come to this place? How do you like this place?
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
二级试题 Part III General Conversation
Are you interested in art?
  2. What do you do in your free time?
  3. Do you often go shopping?
  4. Where do you usually shop for shopping? Part IV Situational Response Okay, now you're going to say sth in the following 2 situations. For example: You want someone to help you. You can say: "Can you help me, please?"

2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
Part IV Situational Response Situation 1 You're Mr. Li, and someone calls you on the phone, "May I speak to Mr. Li?" What do you say? (Speaking) Situation 2 When someone says to you "You have a nice decoration in your apartment," how would you reply? (Thank you.)
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
三级试题 Part I Greetings & Introductions (1m)
Good morning/afternoon. Sit down, please. I'm (My name is ). What's your name? Hello, Can you tell me your test number, please? Thank you. Could you give me your mark sheet, please? Thank you.
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
三级试题 Part II General Conversation (2m)
Now, I'd like to ask you some questions about sports. What sports do you like best? Do you think physical exercise important? How often do you take it? Who is your favorite sports star? Why do you like him/her? Okay, now you have 3 or 4 minutes to answer my next question.
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
三级试题 Part II General Conversation (2m)
Okay, now you have 3 or 4 minutes to answer my next question. Some high schools require students to wear uniforms. Others allow students to wear clothing of their own choice. Which situation do you think is better and why? Thank you.
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
三级试题 Part III Topic presentation & follow-up questions
Now, here are some other topics. Please choose one topic from them. Topic 1 Education What is the most interesting class you have ever taken? Explain the aspects of the class that made it interesting. Include details and examples in your explanation.
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
Topic 2 Health and Body Care Some people get up early in the morning and go to bed Early at night. Others get up late in the morning and stay Up until late at night. What do you think is better and why? Now, you have 4 minutes to talk about it, and then I'll ask you a few questions related to the topic.
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
Topic 1 Education
  1. Do you want to go abroad for further study? Why?
  2. Do you think that foreign degrees and diplomas can help you to find a better job?
  3. Some students prepare for tests by studying alone. Others prepare for tests by studying with other students or a tutor. Which study method do you think is better, and why?
2006/11英语口语考试试题 英语口语考试试题
Topic 2 Health and Body Care
  1. Some people relax by staying at home. Others relax by going out. Which type of relaxation is better for you and why?
  2. Do you prefer Chinese herbal medicine or western medicine? Please give your reasons.
  3. To keep our mental health, do you think it important to have friends? Please explain.



   口试场景 序号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Part 6 Part 8 Part 4 Part 3 Part 2 场景设置 Section 3 餐馆就餐 Section 4 在麦当劳和肯德基 Section 1 宾馆住宿 Section 3 房屋设施 Section 1 问路 Section 6 乘飞机 Section 8 出国通关 Section 1 电话 Section 3 在银行 页码 75~79 80~84 99~104 110~114 80~84 156~161 ...


   1. What do you think is the most serious challenge of living in a big city? City Traffic。 。 For my part, I think the house is the most serious challenge ,because the price is the high. To buy a apartment ,I may Maybe most of us are facing this prob ...


   英语口语考试试题 NAMES Does your Chinese name have any special meaning? What special habits do Chinese have when giving names? What special meaning does your Chinese name have? How did you get your name? How do Chinese have their names? Is your surname pop ...


   Name: Student ID: Professional: 吸 血 鬼 传 说 Does the world really have the vampire? The Vampire' Prototype(原型) Countess(伯爵夫人)wanted to remain forever young by drinking the blood of young women . Erzsébet Báthory 巴托里伯爵夫人 The father of the legendary va ...


   一、评分标准 CET-SET 主考在评分时使用以下标准: a. 准确性 指考生的语音、语调以及所使用的语法和词汇的准确程度 b. 语言范围 指考生使用的词汇和语法结构的复杂程度和范围 c. 话语的长短 指考生对整个考试中的交际所作的贡献、讲话的多少 d. 连贯性 指考生有能力进行较长时间的、语言连贯的发言 e. 灵活性 指考生应付不同情景和话题的能力 f. 适切性 指考生根据不同场合选用适当确切的语言的能力 二、语言功能 CET-SET 考试要求考生参与不同形式的口头交际,其语言能力将根据其 ...


   山 东 省 英 语 口 语 等 级 证 书 考 试 大 纲 山东省英语口语等级证书考试领导小组 山 东 省 教 育 厅 山东省高等教育自学考试委员会 2004 年 8 月 前 言 加入世贸组织,是中国对外开放的新起点,也使山东的对外开放进入了新阶段,更给我们的 对外交流与合作提出了更高的要求.随着山东国际贸易和对外交往不断扩大,急需大量懂外语, 能够进行英语交流的专业人才.山东青岛作为 2008 年奥运会分会场更需要大量能够与外国人直 接用英语交流的专业人士和服务人员,来保障奥运会的顺利举行 ...


   The importantance of environment protection Some people think that the urgent task is to develop economy on a large scale. First, they hold that many people are living in poverty and can’t afford the basic schooling for their children, who often ha ...


   08 第四学期口语考试办法 考试地点: 文 B420 考试地点: 考试形式:朗读课文( 话题阐述( 考试形式:朗读课文(8 分)+话题阐述(12 分) 1. 朗读课文。 考试时间:每位同学 1 分钟,无准备时间。 要 求: 语音正确,有语调的起伏变化,朗读以意群为单位,能正 确断句 2. 话题阐述。 准备时间:2 分钟,抽签决定阐述的话题 阐述时间:2 分钟 1) How do TV programs affect education?(some TV programming can be ...


   职场英语口语考试 ??吴兴超整理 ??吴兴超整理 吴兴超 一. Job interview I: Please come in and sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Y: Thank you. I: May I ask why you are interested in this job? Y: When I saw the position your company advertised in China Daily, I decided to ...


   Is science mainly a monster or an angel? A: Hi! How are you doing? B: Moody Monday, ah. We have two classes in science and technology today. A: Why? feel sleepy and dreary ? B: Oh…God. Don’t u think science is mainly a monster? A: Of course not! I ...



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   英语面试自我介绍范文 大凡找工作的人,都有对面试的担心,而英语面试最令人头痛.面试气氛总是紧张的,一紧张就容 易出错,中文"台词"都会结巴,何况英语! 可俗话说,养兵千日,用兵一时,学了那么多年英语,好歹有些积累,总不能栽在这上面.那么,如何 过好英语面试这一关呢? 外企英语面试啥样子? 各外企的英语面试形式各异,但基本流程是差不多的. 【您现在阅读的文章来自"中国人才指南网", 请记住我们的永久域名:www.cnrencai.com 】 第一轮面试一 ...

大学英语精读课后 翻译

   Book2 Unit4 翻译 1) 那小女孩跑得太快,身体一下失去平衡,跌倒了。 The little girl ran so fast that she was thrown off balance and fell over / down. 2) 他致力于研究工作的精神 (devotion to research) 给我留下了很深印象, 但我对他那些深奥的理论丝毫不感兴趣。 I was impressed by his devotion to research but I did not ...


   课时 教学目标: 教学目标: 1 能听说、认读数字 1 到 10。 2 能听懂所学的指令语,并能按照指令做出相应的动作。 重点: 重点:能认读数字 1-10。 能按指令语做相应的动作。 难点: 难点:数字的准确发音,尤其是 3、5、9 三个数字的发音要到位。 教具准备: 教具准备: 1 教师和学生都准备扑克牌中的数字 1-10。 2 教师准备教学录音带。 教学过程: 教学过程: 1 热身、复习 (Warm-up/Revision) (1)师生共同演唱歌曲 Old MacDonald ,让学生 ...


   李阳疯狂英语及心灵财富 LOGO 招商计划书 【照片】 疯狂英语创始 李阳老师 心灵财富创始人 李胜杰教练 李阳疯狂英语&心灵财富 携手奉献 <<激发你学习英语的无限潜能>> 全球第一套最具革命性的 先进的英语激励工具 将全面激发您学习英语的 强烈的兴趣 必胜的信心 全面的行动力 第一页: 第一页:前言 做一个国际化的中国人 21 世纪, 中国面临最大的挑战是什么?是严重缺乏能够迎接全球竞争的国际化人才中 国不缺乏廉价的劳动力,人们也不想当廉价的劳动力!我们希望成为: 有非凡的斗志和 ...