A卷 一,单选; 1,without find 6,so t 10,That 二,填空;
  1, complaint correcting interviewed 三,阅读; A 篇; C
  1, bosses determine your career future 2, C 3, A 4, D 5, B boss B 篇;
  1,A Help poor people 2, B find out where infection 3, D business 4, D climate changes 5, A 四;阅读填空 1,fastened programs 5,Northern 问答题
  1,the after-sales manage 2, 3, 4, 5,
  1, A Q l 六;翻译;
  1,A 七;作文 关于购买新手机的询问。 2,A 3,D 4,C J 2,I B 3,E P 4,D O 5,F a lawyer Employment 1June 10 automatically with drawn service office China 2,on the ground 4,video 3,during the flight Google's........ conduct studies relatedn to small and medium-sized being promoted in position do your best in your work effective communcation Hoe to get along with your 6,advanced 2,brought 5,heavily 7,occasionly 9,lost
  8.were 3,rebuilt 4, y 2,while 3,unless 4,will 5,whose 7,finish 8,shocked 9,a
  1,I look forward to your reply. 2,Would me know..... 3,I 4,I am writing to would like to sincerel you in the hope that I may get..... inquire about some information about..... 5,Yours you let
6,June 20th.2010
10,will be discussed Dear Madam or Sir: nowadys , the cellphone has become very popular among people. accourding to a recent survey conducted by CCTV , the past five years has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of people who get to an astonishing number of 18,784,627,000 .so i am writing to you in the hope that I may get a new cellphone,as all we know, at recent times,our cellphone are changed sharp fast,i thought my celephone had been out of style early , so i conclude to get a new one. would you like to tell me some informationsuch as the qualities,functions and so on , of course , you should keep in mind that is really suit for me . i sincerely hope you can give me a hand ! i look forward to yourreply !
--yours sincerely June 20th.2010
《答案一》 一、选择题
  1、 until 2 、 that 3 a nothe 4 to ten leares 5 matare 6 A being aiscussed 7when he 8 theat 9 to 10 the wezther perasit 二、填空题 1NO we deys electronic payment 2 most of the interviewed yes terday 3 it is impartant be
called 4 A ccording to the comducted recently 5 If I were 6it is the responnsildty 7 it was reported in iure 8 the bank accept 9 it causes a lot of coonveniente 10 it’simportant quickcy 三、阅读(阅读一二 三顺序是打乱的答题 时因注意对照) 阅读一 Askcel college is………………. 这是阅读开 头 (如答案中有以下选限是对的请选择该 项) 1 we need to betteror ganizente our 2 strategic time study efficientiy 3 which of the follwing ang activities we’re 4 what can help taking a short 5 which of the shady habites 阅读二 开头为 wwelcome to …………………… 1 this gnide starta new 2 what are most determination 3 what does the Advise 4 what kind of theose with fewer 5 more inf linking to othev 阅读三 开头 hao to ……………….. 1 great wall Brandit 2 30*1000=30000$ 3 Time of ……. 4 Letter of credit…. 5 Where rancourer canadt….. 四选择词组填空
《答案二》 A 级答案 A 卷 1620 42132 2125 43122 26 lucking 27 introduction 28 to make 29 informeds 30 rebuilts 31 had lived 32 winning 33 mores 34 heavily 35 lefts 36--40 13323 41--45 12234 46tuiters 47returning 48 pocket money 49educational career 50February 51 DQ 52 LJ 53 AE 54 NP 55 GI 56 14week 57sales support activity 58an online catalog 59business communication 60in interview 61--64 4221 B 卷 16--20 ACBCC 21--25 BDACB 36--40 BCDCD 41--45 BBACC 46tuiters 47returning 48 pocket money 49educational career 50February 51DQ 52LJ 53AE 54NP 55GI 56 14week 57sales support activity 58an online catalog 59business communication 60in interview 61--64 DBAD 65 城市政府 认识到市民有些必然的新需求, 为更好的满 足您的需求,在 2009 年我们已经做了一些 社区设施的改变: 已经增加了三条从郊区到 西火车服务站,宽带现在也全市的所有 地 方可以使用, 从市图书馆买了 5000 本新书, 在城市医院安装了新的设备。 明年我们将尽 我们的全力让我们的生活更好 除了选择 题 其他跟 A 卷一样 作文: 说明: 假设你 是某公司人事部职员王林, 为安排一次职工 的假期旅行,向某旅行社写信询问有关事 宜。 内容: 1 询问旅游信息 (线路价格 折扣) 2 告诉对方参加旅游的人数和时间 安排 3 素要相关的资料,特别是行程的安
五翻译 (该题只有一点提试 后面句子要 自己查资料解决) 1 when exporting 为了促进 2 if weodo not 如在本月底我门还订货 3 party B 乙方有义务在下 4 I have already 我已经做了解释 六作文提示`(该词语在文章中要用) Limited compay found employee 有限公 司 I am looking forward to hearing 我很高 兴向你介绍 结尾用 your sincerely



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   你大四了。 你四级过了么? 你六级过了么? 你组织过一次活动么? 你当过学生干部么? 你拿过奖学金么? 你看谁谁烫了大花真好看 你看谁谁又买了衣服真好看 你看谁谁又换了手机真好看 你看谁谁又交了男朋友真好看 你也想烫个大花。 你也想买衣服。 你也想换个手机。 你也想交个男朋友。 你晚上两点睡,上午十点起。你坐电脑前边上一个下午的校内,再打一个晚上的僵尸。 你周一逛公园,周二唱歌,周三小聚。你周四陪姐们逛街,周五回到家兜里就剩三块钱。 你周六去面试,人家把你干下去了,你愤青似的见人就说,他不就是 ...


   a(an)art. (非特指的)一(个);任何一个;每一(个)A.D.n.公元 A.M.ad.上午,午前 abandonv.放弃;抛弃,离弃 abdomenn.腹;腹部 abidev.(by)坚持;遵守;容忍 ability n.能力,智能;才能,才干;技能 ablea.能够,有能力的 abolishv.废除,取消 about prep.关于;在…周围;在…各处 ad.大约 above prep.在…上方;(数量,价格等)大于… abroad ad.出国,在国外 abrupt a.突然的,意外 ...



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