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Will power意志力
Mike(M) Danny(C), Tommy(T)classmates
Scenein the college dorm
Danny is playing a computer game on his laptop. Tommy is sleeping.
Mike came back from a morning jogging.
M: hi, Dan, what are u doing?
D: I am playing war craft.
M: Where is Tommy?
D: Shiiiii!
M:What? What's the matter?
D: Don't u see? He is still sleeping.
M: My goodness! I can't believe this! It’s almost nine. He got to get up now. Don't u remember we are required to make up a three people dialogue for tomorrow's oral class?
D: Yes, I do. You wake up Tommy and I will play one more round of war craft.
M: You'd better stop playing right now. We don't have much time to prepare this dialogue. Tommy! Tommy! Wake up! Time to wake up!
T:five more minutes, please.
Mike: No way, Jose. Time really flies.We still have a lot to do. Hurry up.
T: (Tommy sits up in his bed) Can I lie down two more minutes, please, just two more minutes? when Danny finishes his game, I will be fine.(Yawns) I don't know why I am so so sleepy. (Tommy lies down again.)
M: Guys!!! I am really angry now. Time waits for nobody. If you two don't stop what you are doing now, I will find somebody else to be my partners.
D and T: all right. All right. We listen to u.
M: That's more like it. We need will power.
D and T: what is will power?
M: Will power is trying hard not to do something that you really want to do.
D: You mean like trying not to play war craft?
Mike: right.
T: you mean like trying not to stay up late?
M: right.
Danny turns off his computer. Tommy gets up and goes to the bathroom.
Two minutes later the three maskeetters are working on their assignment.
Danny: Mike, can I take a little break? Let me play one round and we will continue our work?
Tommy: Mike, Can I lie down a minute? My back hurts.
Mike: No! No! No! Let's finish our work first before we do anything. We need will power!!!
Danny and Tommy: that's true. We need will power! We listen to you
Introducing an Acquaintance
Mr. Lee: We’ll get Miss Lewis’ opinion on this, I think.
Lee先生: 我们来听一听Lewis小姐的看法。
Mr. Jones: Miss Lewis … I’ve heard that name. Oh yes! I heard she is one of the secrets of this company’s success. Everyone was raving about what a great job she’s done in motivating the … (interrupted by Mr. Lee)
Jones先生: Lewis小姐……我听说过那个名字。哦,是的。听说她是公司的大功臣之一。每一个人都对她优秀的表现赞不绝口,她善于激励……
Mr. Lee: Uh, Mike … speak of the devil… the famous Miss Lewis is standing right behind you. Mary, let me introduce our new Accounting Manager, Mike Jones. Mike, this is Mary Lewis.
Lee先生: Mike……说曹操曹操就到,赫赫有名的Lewis小姐就站在你的身后。Mary,请允许我向你介绍我们新财务经理Mike Jones。Mike,这位是Mary Lewis。
Mr. Jones: So you’re the famous Miss Lewis! So nice to meet you at last! I’ve heard so much about you.
Jones先生: 你就是那位Lewis小姐!终于见到你,十分高兴!我常常听人提起你。
Miss Lewis: All good, I hope. It’s nice to meet you, too.
Lewis小姐: 希望都是说我的好处。很高兴认识你!
Mr. Jones: Yes, I assure you, it was all good. What do you do in Human Resources?
Jones先生: 我向你保证都是好事情。你在人力资源部做什么工作?
Miss Lewis: I’m the General Manager of Human Resources. I took over from Jim when he stepped down a few years ago. And how long have you been in the Accounting Department?
Lewis小姐: 我是人力资源部的总经理。几年前Jim离职后我就接替了他总经理的职位。你在财务部有多久了?
Mr. Jones: Just started, I’m afraid. But I hope to see more of you in the future. It was so nice to finally meet you.
Jones先生: 我刚来。希望以后多多见面。能认识你,真的很高兴。
人物: Xiao Ling (X), Yani,(Y) Songtao(S)
地点: 校园
Xiao Ling is on her way to the dormitory. She drops a book and Yani and Songtao who happen to be right behind her, pick up the book and give it back to her.
Y: Excuse me, is this your book?
X: Thank you so much.
Y: You are welcome. Are you a new admit?
X: yes. I just came to register yesterday. My name is Xiao ling. Nice to meet you.
Y: My name is Yani. Nice to meet you, too. This is my friend since childhood, Songtao.
S: hi! We both came from xxx.
X: really? I am from there too. We are all town fellows aren’t we?. It’s such a small world.
Y: absolutely. We both majored in computer science. What’s yours?
X: accounting. I don’t really like it. But my parents said this school offers excellent accounting programs and it will be easier for me to get a job later on.
S: I picked my own major because I know what I want. I just like computers a lot. I would like to be a computer programmer in the future.
Y: Well, I don’t know wether I really like it or not. I just follow Songtao where he goes.
X: I feel bad for those students who make it to the top but had to quit school because of short of money.
S: My parents paid some of my tution and I said to myself that I want to be somebody. But no matter how much I do, I will never be able to repay parents for what they do for me.
X: yeah. I agree with you.
S: look. The boys are playing basketball now. I will join them. See you !
X: let’s keep in touch, ok?
Y: ok. Here is my cell phone number.
X: this is mine. I am so glad to meet you. Take care!
Y and S: bye!
: What do you think about the fate and destiny of our life?
B: I do not believe in fate.
C: Why?
B: Because I believe everything in life can be controled by ourselves.
A: I do not agree with you.
C: Me too.
A: I believe in fate and destiny. I think there are something in life that are beyond our control.
C: I think our fate and destiny is determine by God.
B: I don't think so.
A: Why do you say so?
B: If we believe that everything is determine by God then we will never improve. Nothing around us will change.
C: Then how do you explain abou life and death? Isn't all these are predetermined in our life?
A: Yes I agree with you. Life and death is a very good example for predetermined fate.
C: I think if God wants someone to die somehow that person will die. This is fate.
B: Maybe both of you are right.

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“新北京、新奥运”是北京申奥的口号,英文为“New Beijing, Great Olympics”。其中的“新”包含3色奥运的意思。请看下面的情景对话来更好地理解其意义。
A: Let's talk about Beijing bidding for 2008 Olympic Games.
B: Okay.
A: Bidding for the Olympics is, in a way, a image-creating undertaking.
B: Yes. I agree with you. Beijing must attract others by it unique image.
A: So Beijing gives their theme: New Beijing, Great Olympics.
B: In my opinion, the 2008 Olympics will be a great green Olympics illuminated with two more special colors, yellow and red.
A: Why do we call it like this?
B: Because the city's green area will make up 40% of its total till 20
A: I heard that along the Fourth Ring Road
  12.5 million trees and over I million acres of grass will be planted.
B: Yeah, a green Beijing will be achieved.
A: And yellow Olympics?
B: We are all the yellow race and descendants of the Yellow Emperor. Therefore, yellow will naturally add splendor to the 2008 Olympics.
A: Then red Olympics?
B: Red is the color of double happiness, representing joy, auspiciousness, enthusiasm and prosperity.
A: In your mind, by 2008, Beijing will be a sea of red.
B: Yes. Our Olympics will be a unique one.
A: Let's look forward to that moment.



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