V.单项选择.(每小题 1 分,共 15 分.)
  31.…How is Guilin from Chongqing? …About two kilometers. A.far.far B.away, away C.far, away D.away, far

  32.…Can you come to supper tomorrow evening? …. A.Sure,I'd love C.Sure.I'd love to B.OK, I'd love D.No, I can't

  33.Yao Ming is taller than his parents. A.more B.much C.very D.much more

  34.…How long does it you to get to work? …I usually half an hour walking to work. A.take, take B.spend,take C.take, spend D.spend,spend

  35.Chongqing is a big city famous her food. A.for B.as C.to D.with

  36.In our town,many people go to work a boat. A.by B.in C.take D.catch

  37.You have to eat less food and take to keep healthy. A.less exercise B.fewer exercises C.more exercises D.more exercise

  38.The chocolate is expensive and eating chocolate is not good for your health. A.too much,much too C.much too,too much B.too much,too much D.much too,much too

  39.Her brother is as her.They like dancing. A.same, all C.different,both B.different,all D.the same,both

  40.I'm hungry.Could you give me apple? A.another
  41.…Let's watch TV. …That sounds boring.I watch TV.I like reading. A.often B.usually C.hardly ever D.sometimes B.other C.others D.the other

  42.You don't look.Why not go to see a doctor? A.good B.well C.happy D.better

  43.I have to tell you. A.important something B.important anything
C.something important
D.anything important

  44.She has books in her room,and the books is 3
  00. A.a number of, a number of C.the number of, a number of B.the number of, the number of D.a number of, the number of

  45.Look! Mr Green with his students playing basketball on the playground. A.are B.is C.was D.were
VI.完型填空.(每小题 1 分,共 10 分.) 根据短文内容在 ABCD 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案. We were going to play a team from a country school.They didn't come nearly began.They looked even 47 46 the match
than we thought.They wore dirty T-shirts and blue saw a basketball before.We felt that we
jeans and looked like farm boys.We thought they 48 didn't need any practice to play 49
such a team.It was very late,so they couldn't have any
time to practice.The match began.One of our boys got the ball and he tried to give it to 50 .But suddenly(突然)a boy in a T-shirt took the ball and he quickly and beautifully got the ball into our basket 51 had two points(分数) .They surprised 52 .They had another two
points a minute later.Soon it was all over.The country team 53 us.Of course we knew that there was still another team 54 than any good team.But this time we learn the 55 lesson:
One can't tell a man or a team by the appearance(外貌).
  49.A.with B.so B.younger B.often B.in C.until C.worse D.however D.much better
C.sometimes D.always C.on C.other C.although C.us C.beat C.better D.of D.other boys D.however D.we D.missed D.more

  50.A.another one B.the other
  55.A.calm B.and B.they B.won B.less
B.traditional C.interesting D.important
Ⅶ.阅读理解.(每小题 2 分,共 30 分.) A Dear Trudy, Thanks for remembering my big day! tried to forget it, when your gift arrived, was really I but I happy.I love the cookbook.I have seen it in stores and thought it looked interesting.And it is! Today's dinner comes straight from it. Thanks again.
Mary Dear Heather, The pants you gave me are gorgeous! I can't believe you made them yourself.They look like something from a boutique(精品店).With a gift like this,I'm not worried about being another year older. Best wishes! Nancy Dear Friends, Thank you for turning my birthday into a concert.I'm so happy now! I'll never forget that special day.I'm very lucky to have you as friends and neighbors! Yours, Harry
  56.The three letters are all. A.reports C.invitations B.thank-you notes D.birthday cards

  57.What did Mary get on her birthday? A.Pants B.A dinner. C.A cookbook. D.A concert ticket.

  58.The underlined word "gorgeous" means "" . A.beautiful B.different C.important D.necessary

  59.Harry spent his birthday. A.in a store B.cooking dinner C.in a boutique D.1istening to music

  60.Which of the following is NOT true? A.Mary learned a lot from the cookbook. B.Heather bought the pants from a boutique. C.Trudy gave Mary a gift for her birthday. D.Harry's friends are also his neighbors. B. Jack is a twenty-year-old young man.Two years ago,when he finished middle school,he found work in a shop. Usually he works until ten o'clock in the evening. is very tired when he He gets home.After a quick supper,he goes to bed and soon falls asleep.His grandma who lives downstairs is satisfied with(满意)him. One day,on his way home,he met Mary.They were both happy.He invited the girl to his house.she agreed happily.He bought some fruit and drinks for her.And they talked about their school,teachers,classmates and their future(未来).They talked for a long time. "Have a look at your watch,please,"said the girl."What time is it now?"
"Sorry,something is wrong with my watch,"said Jack. "Where's yours?" "I left it at home." Jack thought for a moment and found a way. began to stamp his foot on the floor, He "Bang! Bang! Bang!" The sound woke his grandma up. old woman shouted downstairs, The "It's twelve o'clock in the night,Jack.Why are you still jumping upstairs?"
  61.Jack was when he finished middle school. A.sixteen B.eighteen C.twenty D.fifteen

  62.The old woman is satisfied with Jack because. A.he's her grandson C.he can keep quiet B.he's clever D.he gets home on time

  63.From the story,we know that Mary is Jack's . A.classmate B.teacher C.aunt D.wife

  64.The word"stamp" in the story means in Chinese. A.盖印. B.跺 C.贴邮票 D.承认

  65.Jack stamped his foot on the floor in order(为了) . A.to wake his grandma up B.to make his grandma angry C.that his grandma was going to tell him the time D.that his grandma was going to buy him a watch C. . 根据短文内容判断正误.正确的涂 A,错误的涂 B. April Fools' Day is on April 1st.People can play jokes on others on this special day. If you succeed,(成功)you usually laugh and say "April Fool!"The person fooled(被愚弄) by you laughs too,and he will not be angry with you. Mother's Day is on the second Sunday of May.It's a day to thank mothers. On that day mothers usually get flowers and cards from their children.Fathers and children do the housework so that mothers can have a good rest. Easter Day(复活节)falls on the first Sunday after the full moon which is on or after March 21st.It's also called Easter Sunday.People say that on that day Jesus Christ comes back to life.Many people go to church and children often get presents such as toy rabbits. Thanksgiving Day(感恩节)is on the fourth Thursday in November.It's a day when people give thanks for the good things in life.Usually families get together and have a big dinner. Christmas Day comes on December 25th.It's the most important festival in a year. The beautiful things are everywhere.People exchange(交换)presents,send Christmas cards and .
visit friends.
  66.You can play jokes on April Fools'Day.
  67.Mother's Day is on the second Saturday in May.
  68.Easter Day is always on March 21st.
  69.People usually have a big dinner with their families on Thanksgiving Day.
  70.On Christmas Day people often go to church and get presents like toy rabbits.
第Ⅱ卷(非选择题,共 50 分)
Ⅷ.口语运用.根据对话内容, 从方框中选出五个合适的句子补全对话.(每小题 1 分,共 5 分.) A.Goodbye. B.Thank you. C.That's all right. D.It's a very beautiful city. E.I'd like to buy a map of Beijing. F.How much is it? G:How long are you staying here? (以下的对话发生在 2008 年奥运会之前的某一天) Waiter:Can I help you,sir? Foreigner:Yes, 71 .
Waiter: You can go to the Centre Halls.There's a store there. Foreigner:Thanks.Your English is quite good. Waiter: 72 .By the way, are you working here in Beijing?
Foreigner:No,I'm not.I've come for the Olympics. Waiter:Oh,so you are an athlete.Welcome to Beijing. Foreigner:Oh,no,I'm not an athlete.I'm just a football fan. Waiter:Me,too! 73
Foreigner:Two weeks. Waiter:What do you think of Beijing? Foreigner: Waiter: 74 .Oh,I must go.Goodbye. 75 .Have a nice day.
Ⅸ.用所给词的适当形式填空. (每空
  0.5 分,共 5 分)

  76.Xiao Ming's home is ten(minute)walk to school.
  77.What should the (visit)take with them?
  78.My mother made me (wash) my feet every day.
  79.It's difficult (finish)the work by themselves.
  80.I think(read)more books can help you improve English.
  81.You'd better take an umbrella.It (rain)at the moment.
  82.Peter is ill now, maybe he has got a heart(心脏)(ill).
  83.Who is(heavy),David or Mike?
  84.He thinks she is as(good)at playing basketball as Yao Ming.
  85.Please try to find out the (different)between these two pictures. Ⅹ.根据汉语意思完成句子. (每空
  0.5 分,共 5 分. )
  86.你必须马上出去吗? Do you go out soon?
  87.他在六点半左右出发去上学. He school at around 6:
  88.我要到山中徒步旅行. I'm in the mountains.
  89.交通方式敢决于你住在哪里. The means of transportation where you live.
  90.下周九百名学生将参加运动会. students will join in the sports meeting next week. Ⅺ.句型转换.根据要求完成下列句子.每空一词. (每空 1 分,共 20 分)
  91.Lin Tao has to look after his mother at home.(变否定句) Lin Tao to look after his mother at home.
  92.I had a fever last night.(变一般疑问句) you a fever last night?
  93.she goes to the library once a week.(对划线部分提问) does she go to the library?
  94.Tony has a bad cold.(对划线部分提问) with Tony?
  95.Lily is going to Beijing with her parents this weekend.(对划线部分提问) is Lily going to Beijing this weekend?
  96.Eating a balanced diet is important for us. (同义句) important for us eat a balanced diet.
  97.After Mike finished writing the letter, he went to play basketball. (同义句)
Mike go to play basketball he finished writing the letter.
  98.Mr Green flew to England last week.(同义句) Mr Green went to England last week.
  99.I'm staying for four days in Hong Kong.(对划线部分提问) are you staying in Hong Kong? 1
  00.Remember to bring your dictionary to school tomorrow.(同义句) to bring your dictionary to school tomorrow. Ⅻ.根据课文内容填空. (每空
  0.5 分,共 5 分. ) A Traditional Chinese doctors 102 101 we need a balance of yin and yang to be
.For example, are you often week and tired? Maybe you have too much yin.You should 103 Dangshen and Huangqi herbs is also good for this.… 105 countries.It's easy to have a healthy lifestyle,
eat hot yang foods, like beef. Chinese and it's 104
is now popular in many
106 to eat a balanced diet. B
Ben Lambert ,the famous French singer, is 108 going to Greece or Spain, but 109
107 a long vacation this summer. He thought on Canada. "I always take vacations in
110 ,"he said. "This time I want to…" ⅩⅢ.短文填空. (每空
  1.5 分,共 15 分. ) Basketball players are usually very tall.Because they basket.Other sports players may be 112 than them. 113 people, so they don't fall over (跌倒) 115 , table tennis, 117 111 to put the ball into the
Short people often have better balance than very 114
.In some sports the players must have good balance.For 116
they don't need to have long very tall.
to run fast! Some of the fast runners in the world
Some people are tall and some are short.The tallest man in the world is
  2.41meters tall.Today 118 people in many countries grow taller than their parents.This is 119 they 120 people grow.
eat better than their parents. Good food can ⅪV.书面表达. (10 分. )
假如你是 Ann,你的朋友们 Sandy 邀请你下周末去她的新房子里玩.但是你很忙,不 能去.原因是这个周末你有很多事要做. 星期六上午:完成科学报告. 星期六下午:去看牙医. 星期六晚上:听音乐会. 星期天上午:上钢琴课. 星期天下午:准备数学考试. 星期天晚上:看电影.
篇约 60 字的英语短文.要求:内容完整,要点齐全;语句通顺,连贯;书写工整,规 范. Dear Sandy, Thank you………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………… Yours Ann 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》http://www.7caiedu.cn



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