英 语 试 卷
I 卷(共 105 分)
I.Listening Comprehension(30 分) II.Vocabulary and Grammar(20 分) Directions:Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.
  25.Paper money was in A.the…/ use when Marco Polo visited the country in B./…the C.the…the D./…/ thirteenth century.

  26.Paper produced every year is A.the three times weight of C.as three times heavy as
  27. no possibility
the world's production of vehicles. B.three times the weight of D.three times heavy than
he would win the first prize in the maths contest. B.There was, but D.There was , that everyone wants to visit we can find it in the map of the
A.It was, that C.Here was, when
  28.That's such a well-known place world. A.that, as
  29. B.as, as
C.that, that
D.as, that
in such a traffic accident, he feels awful these days. B.Involving D.Being involved
A.Involved C.Having involved
a book about Chinese last year, but I don't know if he has finished it. B.was writing Shanghai? here, there weren't so many high-rise buildings. B.have visited…came D.visited…have come . C.wrote D.had written
A.has written

  31.?Is this the first time you ?No, but the first time I A.visited…came C.have visited…have come

  32.Having been knocked down by a speeding car, A.many people didn't think he was still alive B.the car was stopped by a policeman C.he was rushed to a nearby hospital D.a stranger came to help him
  33.No freshman and no graduate A.are allowed
  34. B.is allowed
to sit in on the forum. C.are agreed D.is agreed
no buses, we had to walk home. B.As there being C.There being you. C.but D.besides D.There had
A.There were

  35.If you don't turn up by 6 o'clock, we will go A.without
  36. B.except
the villagers realized how serious the pollution was?
A.When was it that C.It was when that
B.Was it when D.When it was that
was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment for theft. B.A cook and a waiter D.A cook and the waiter
A.A cook and waiter C.The cook and waiter ?I don't know, A.nor don't I care C.I don't care, neither
  39.The sailor A.could

  38.?Do you Know Jim quarreled with his brother? . B.nor do I care D.I don't care also
swim only half way before he got totally exhausted and drowned. B.might C.would D.was able to

  40.Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise. A.Probably B.Likely
, our minds are developed by learning. D.Generally

  41.Human beings like any other living things will get old and die, and it is an objective law of man's will. A.independent B.resistant C.free your appetite. C.destroy D.attack D.acceptable

  42.If you eat too many sweeties, you will A.damage
  43.Plastic parts can A.substitute for C.take the place for B.spoil
metal ones in many machines. But they don't last long. B.be replaced with D.be in place of to be a failure. D.turned on

  44.The experiment, though they had tried their best, A.turned up Ⅲ.Cloze(20 分) B.turned out
C.turned in
Directions:For each blank in the following passages there are four words or phrases marked A,B,C And D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. (A) If you have been dreaming of becoming an astronaut after you grow up, get start now! An astronaut needs a strong body and mind. Shenzhou VI astronauts are able to live upside-down. They do this not just during sleep, but also when eating and going to the toilet. Before they 45 practice. Each upside-down training time lasted 20 days. Chinese astronauts aren't just spaceship 46 but also machine repairers and scientists. They have something goes wrong, they've got to the space, they had lots of
to know every part of the spaceship and how it works. 47 know 48
repair it. Also they do scientific experiments in space. 49 . They took a knife, a gun and some dye with them from wild animals. If they sea animals
Shenzhou VI astronauts know how to live in
them into space. If they land in forests, the knife and gun can 50 51
the sea, the dye can color the seawater around them yellow. This can drive 52
away. Astronauts must have strong 54 53 . They can't get a headache and be sick. With many things to
, they've got no time for sickness. Do you still have a long, long way to go? B.flew into B.coaches B.Unless B.why to B.the wild B.protest B.jump into B.lively B.minds B.take care C.stayed at C.inventors C.So C.how to C.trouble C.predict C.fly over C.dangerous C.healthy C.tend (B) Mr Smith was a wealthy industrialist, but he was not satisfied with life. He did not sleep well and his D.lived at D.drivers D.While D.when to D.space D.protect D.fly across D.selfish D.encouragement D.look forward to

  45.A.went through
  48.A.what to
  49.A.the world
  51.A.fall into
food did not 55
with him. The situation lasted for some time. Finally, after a
of sleepless
nights, he decided to consult his doctor. The doctor advised a change of 57 ." Go abroad, "he said, "But I'm not good at foreign languages,"said Mr Smith."It doesn't matter,"said the doctor."It won't 58 you to talk a little less. Go on a voyage. Take plenty of exercise. Try to reduce your weight, 59
rich food." Mr Smith went to Switzerland. He did not know French or German, and had to communicate through gestures. He attended a physical training course. The instructor made him bend his knees, swing his arms, stretch his neck and shake his head rapidly. He had to lie on the ground and raise his right and left legs 60 61 . After a time his muscles grew hard and firm. The life suited him; he almost put aside his financial and nearly forgot the importance of making more money. He even began to 62 individual trees
and individual birds. He ate and slept well. Finally he returned home. But unfortunately his improvement was temporary. Soon he was a savings, his success in a 64
  62.A.see 63 businessman again, worried about his property, his profits, his
society, and things in general. C.suit C.number C.weather C.help C.avoid C.alternately C.worries C.glance D.fit D.few D.life D.prevent D.try D.regularly D.success D.consider
B.taste B.course B.surroundings B.hurt B.prepare B.widely B.debts B.notice

B.happy B.business
C.normal C.miserable
D.successful D.competitive
Ⅳ.Reading Comprehension(35 分) Directions:Read the following passages. Each passages is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C, and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just heard. (A) A student who enters a university in the second half of the 20th century is in a new situation. He is not like the young man of the early 19th who came to sit at the feet of the masters and left as a master. That situation no longer exists, because now it is not only the student who changes. He may grow fast, but science grows still faster. The young German philosophy Hegel, writing at the beginning of the 19th century, believed that one man's mind could contain all the knowledge of his times. At that time it was perfectly possible for a man to hold such a belief and to base his life on it. Hegel's friend Goethe wrote a famous poem about a young man who hoped to translate this purpose into reality. They young man in the poem was called Fraust. But Hegel's situation was slightly different from Fraust's because Fraust, the hero of the poem, had the devil to help him, while Hegel had only his professors. Today a very different situation exists, a situation in which the professor and the devil have lost most of their power. Today a student cannot master knowledge, he can only be its servant. He knows that he can become familiar only with a small corner of knowledge, and that his learning will always be imperfect and incomplete. But he can still hope to add something to the sum of knowledge, and so make the situation slightly more difficult for those who come after him.
  65.The poem about Fraust is mentioned to tell us A.he was a young man. B.he got the devil's help. C.the situation was slightly more difficult for those who came after him. D.today's learning situation is much different from that in the past.
  66.A student of the 20th century is faced with a new situation because A.he has to learn entirely on his own. C.science grows very fast.
  67.Today a student knows that . . .
B.he can never be a master now. D.he is changing all the time
A.his knowledge is often incorrect. B.he cannot learn more than the students in the 19th century did. C.those who come after him will have greater difficulties in learning D.his knowledge is very limited compared with the total amount
  68.The best title for this passage might be .
A.Hegel, the Great German Philosopher. B.The Learning Situation in the Modern University C.How to Study at a Modern University D.The Rapid Development of Science (B) In May 1994, When Ralph Illion was a sailor stationed in the Pacific, he wrote a love letter to a girl named Gloria back in Chicago. He also wrote to his wife, Lillian. You can imagine Lillian's surprise when she opened her letter and found Gloria's included. "Dear Gloria,"it began."It's about time I introduced myself. We haven't met, yet I have heard so much about you, I must say I've fallen in love." "This confession might come as a shock, since you know nothing about me except what other people have told you. Don't take them too seriously. I'm really a bad fellow once you get to know me. And my feelings for you will never change as long as I live." "I hope this makes the proper impression and you won't think me too bold. Send me a picture. And please keep my love for you locked in your heart, have it opened only when I call for it in person." Gloria, now in her mid-40s, mailed me the letter, along with the one Ralph wrote in May 1944 to Lillian. Gloria was three months old when Ralph, her father, mailed them both. He'd been on a warship for ten months and had never seen her. He's 80 now and still happily married to Lillian, Gloria's mom.
  69.After Lillian read these letters . B.she didn't know what to do D.she was very glad and laughed
A.she was very angry with her husband C.she was very surprised
  70.Which of the following took place ?
A.Lillian divorced Ralph after she read the letter . B.Gloria refused Ralph's love . C.Ralph remarried Lillian when he was
  80. D.Ralph sent a letter to Lillian and one to Gloria in the same envelop .
  71.When Ralph wrote these letters , he was A.in his 40s
  72.We can infer that A.Lillian hated Ralph B.Ralph was an amusing man C.Gloria didn't think Ralph was a good boyfriend D.Ralph put the two letters in one envelop by carelessness B.a young fellow . . C.in his 30s D.at the age of 80
(C) NEWTON THEATER OXFORD Tel. 721992 Tickets $4 Monday, 8January for 2 weeks MY FAT FRIEND Charles Lawrence's popular comedy Wednesday , 24 January to Saturday , 27 January Shanghai Festival Ballet Presents SWAN LAKE Monday , 29 January for one week RUN and KILL

  73.What Kind of performance does the Newton theatre have in January ? A.A comedy . B.A ballet C.A concert D.a film
  74.Who is the writer of "My Fat Friend"? A.Tim Danby B.Swan Lake C.Charles Lawrence D.Oxford
  75.Which of the following is true ? A.Performances start at 8 on weekdays . B.You can get tea and coffee during the performance . C.Seats for the performances cost $4 each D.The Shanghai Festival Ballet will perform for 5 days . (D) Recently a group of children in America poured some gasoline on a sleeping man and set him on fire .When caught , the children said they had done what they'd seen on TV. The incidents make people angry who believe that American children are harmed by watching too much TV. They claim children can't tell between the fiction of TV and reality , and TV distracts them from learning and makes them violent . To estimate the impact of TV on young people, "Life" magazine hires a company to interview hundreds of school children in Nora Springs , Iowa and in Dallas , Texas . Although the two cities are very different , the company finds children in each city watch the same TV shows . Many Iowa children , who watch an average of three hours of TV a day , recognizing that life on TV is rosier that what they experience . They favourite shows are situation comedies about American families in trouble . Many boys like violent shows about police detectives or heroes , girls particularly soap operas-stories about families and friends . On the whole , children find real violence on news programs hard to take . "If you see a bus crash on the news , it's frightening," one-fifth grader says . By and large , the Iowa children agree that the best thing about TV is it makes you laugh . Children in Dallas are savvier about programs of drug use on TV. "they don't really show them doing it right . On TV they are not real." A fifth grader says . "life" agrees with a 1988 study by the U. S Department of education that finds children are none the worse for watching TV. The study finds TV doesn't have lasting effect on children . On the contrary , kids show good judgment about what they watch . "There are very few good shows on TV anymore," a 10-year-old boy says . While the debate about TV is so heated , the "Life" survey gives hope that American kids aren't wasting three or fou



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