英语试卷 二,Grammar and Vocabulary( 20% )

  25. Who knocked at the door? I've no idea. I just pretended nobody was at home, so I didn't ask who was. A. he B. that C. she D. it
  26. We don't doubt he can do a good job. A. whether B. that C. how D. why
  27. Do you have anything dirty ,sir? No. You can have a rest or do something else. A. washing B. to be washed C. washed D. to wash
  28. I always prefer starting early leaving everything to the last minute. A. or else B. in case C. rather than D. for fear
  29. You can make yourself in English pretty well if you keep on speaking the language. A. understand B. understanding C. to understand D. understood
  30. ? Dear me ! I've been in American for a month. -- you are settled, why don't you take up some serious study ? A. If B. Now that C. When D. Even if
  31. Li Ping was late over and over again made the teacher angry. A. That B . Why C. When D. Because
  32. The child is very demanding. He great care of. A. need to be taken B. needs to be taken C. needs be taken D. need to take
  33. When , the elephant can work most efficiently for man. A. being trained B. training C. having been trained D. trained
  34. Mr. Black has done what he us with our English. A. can help B. can helping C. can to helping D. can to help
  35. I have had a terrible headache for several days. You to the clinic yesterday. A. should go B. must have gone C. should have gone D. had to go
  36. seemed strange to me was all the students sat silently in the classroom. A. It / that B. What / why C. That / how D. What / that
  37. It was in the house he used to live we met again. A. that, where B. where, where C. where, that D. which, that
  38. Have you the road accident near our school yesterday afternoon ? A. heard … happened B. heard of … which happened C. heard of … happening D. heard … to happen
  39. This is an illness that can result in total blindness if . A. left untreating B. leaving untreated C. left untreated D.leaving untreating
  40. That was matter that I had no choice but to talk it over with my parents.
A. a such seriou B. a so serious C. such serious a D. so serious a
  41. She is always ready to help people in trouble because she thinks it a . A. decision B. chance C. pride D. pleasure
  42. The squirrel was lucky as it just being caught. A. lost B. hid C. prevented D. missed
  43. The book I need for my term paper is not in the library at the moment. A. suitable B. practical C. principle D. available
  44. John and I keep close contact by means of sending e-mails . A. regularly B. occasionally C. currently D. recently 三,Cloze : ( 20% ) ( A ) "Sai Sai", my favorite dog, was murdered on November 25th, 20
  05. Here I use the word "murder" without 45 , because I know the killers were my family members. Though the dog was not as strong and beautiful as others, she accompanied my childhood and I loved her. "Sai Sai" was killed because she bit my neighbor. Dad was so angry that he decided to kill her. I was unable to stop my father and I dared not 46 at that moment. But I can imagine how hopeless and painful she was when she was struggling between life and death. She 47 have been calling me for help. 48 , I could do nothing but cry. Her death was caused by a bite, but has every one of my family thought why she went out of her 49 to bite people that day? The neighbor was a new person with whom Sai Sai was not familiar. She bit him to keep her owner 50 . Should we end her life because of her mistake ? Human beings sometimes are selfish and 51 to animals. When the animal is useful, they appear to be kind. But once the animal makes them angry or becomes useless, people 52 it, alongside all sweet memories about it. How terrible! How I wish God had told me the end of her life 53 . Even if there was only one day, I would have taken a day off to relax with her in the field. I'd untie the line around her neck and let her run free 54 she was tired enough to go to sleep near my feet……
  45. A. anger B. hesitation C. feelings D. complaint
  46. A. look on B. look up C. look through D. look back
  47. A. should B. must C. could D. might
  48. A. Instead B. Though C. However D. Then
  49. A. mind B. control C. place D. way
  50. A. protection B. safe C. away D. informed
  51. A. cruel B. kind C. painful D. hard
  52. A. desert B. blame C. forget D. throw

  53. A. before
  54. A. unless
B. in time B. so
C. on time C. until ( B )
D. in advance D. when
Would you like to spend an evening reading a lovely story with beautiful illustrations and make $35,000 at the same time? Millions of people all over the world tried to do just that. 55 succeeded. The book is called "Masquerade", and was written by a British to the location of a golden jewel, and the clues could find and keep the treasure. painter Kit Williams. Within its pages are 56 whoever 57
Some years ago, Williams was asked to write a children's book. Wanting to do something no one else had done before, he decided to bury a golden treasure and tell where 58 in the book. He began painting without a clear idea of what the story would be about, where he would bury the treasure, or even what the treasure would be. and water to deliver a gift from the moon to the sun. After three years, he finished the Williams himself. This beautiful jewel, 60 61 and then wrote the story. The treasure around $35,000, depending on gold 62 likely to find it as a college became an 18 carat gold hare, decorated with precious stones, and it was made by Kit prices, was buried somewhere in Britain, free to anyone who could decipher the clues. Williams's assurance that a ten year old child was graduate 63 trying to solve the 64 of Masquerade. the book to sell millions of copies and kept people of all ages amused 59 he painted, he decided that in the story a hare, or rabbit, would travel through earth, air, fire
The rabbit was finally found in the spring of 1982, by a 48-year-old design engineer. It was buried in a park about thirty-five miles from London.
  55. A. No one B. Only one C. Very few C. maps D. Only a few D. pictures
  56. A. descriptionsB. clues
  58. A. was it
  59. A. Before
  60. A. story
  61. A. worth
  62. A. very
  63. A. found B. to bury B. After B. painting B. cost B. just B. helped

  57. A. figured on B. figured in C. figured for D. figured out C. it was D. it was buried C. As C. gift C. spent C. as D. While D. treasure D. priced D. much
C. made D. read

  64. A. method B. mystery C. minis D. miracle 四,Reading Comprehension( 35% ) ( A ) When Janet, a grade two student at a well-known school, was pestered(纠缠)by her classmates to join their group to steal from shops, she was shocked. She was a quiet, well-behaved girl and she did not understand why the girls had approached her. They showed her some of the things they had stolen and said that shop theft was great fun and very exciting. Then they threatened to beat Janet if she did not join them.
Janet was deeply troubled. She did her best to avoid the group of the girls after classes, but they often waited for her outside the school and tried to persuade her to come with them. This problem is one that many school students in Hong Kong face. We asked the chairman of the local-fight-crime committee what Janet should do in these cases. "First of all, she could try to talk the other girls out of the whole thing. Being caught stealing from shops could ruin their futures and it is simply not worth the risk," he said. "Young people may think that it is easy to get away with stealing from shops, but more and more stores now have plain clothes detectives who are dressed like customers. I would say shop thieves have a more than ninety percent chance of being caught." "If they won't listen to her, Janet should go to someone in charge in school , who can then decide if the matter can be dealt with by her or whether it is necessary to report the incident to the police."
  65. From the first three paragraphs we can learn that . A. Janet didn't know what to do with the case B. Janet faced the group bravely C. the group stole a lot of things D. the group were short of money
  66. The underlined part "talk the other girls out of the whole thing" mean . A. discuss the possible result with them B. tell them about their futures C. persuade them to stop theft D. warn them not to disturb her .
  67. One of the suggestions to Janet is to A. report the situation to the police B. ask the local-flight-crime committee for advice C. hire a detective to catch them D. turn to her teacher for help ( B ) In some faraway Turkish village of Kuskoy, whistling is as important as talking. In fact, whistling is talking because the villagers speak and sing by whistling. Kuskoy parents begin to teach their boys and girls the language of whistling about the time the children learn to talk. It is considered so important that the village school includes it as one of the subjects taught along with the Turkish language. This art of communication has taken centuries to develop. The village of Kuskoy spreads out across two hillsides that are separated by a deep valley ( 峡谷 ). The villagers had to find an easy way to communicate where their voices couldn't carry. They developed a high-pitched ( 高音的 ) whistle-language that could be transmitted as far as five miles through air. As a result, Kuskoy, which means " bird village " in Turkish, has come to be known as a whistler's paradise ( 乐园 ). Whistling is so much part of everyday life in Kuskoy that men and women speak, argue ( 辩论 ), and court ( 求爱) in whistles. The story was recently told of a young couple
who eloped (私奔 ). The news was sent over the " mountain telephone " by whistling. The lover's adventure was quickly known to all the villagers. It is little wonder , then , that the children of Kuskoy study whistling in school. Wouldn't it be fun to start in school day with a song whistled of course !
  68. The children in Kuskoy learn to whistle because . A. it is fun B. it is an important means of communication C. it helps them to learn to sing D. it is like the Turkish language
  69. In Kuskoy, whistling as a way of talking started . A. recently B. ten years ago C. fifty years ago D. hundreds of years ago
  70. The high-pitched whistle can be heard for a distance of . A. 10 km B. 5 km C. 15 km D. 8 km
  71. Which of the following do you think is the best title for this story ? A. To Learn Whistle Is Very Important B. Whistling Is Fun C. Whistling The Mountain Telephone D. The Strange Turkish Language (C) John Russell, 83, now on a Chicago bus and saw a sign saying that senior citizens could ride for half fare. When he dropped three quarters in the box , the driver demanded identification. John took out an ID card. "You need a special CTA card," said the driver. John did not have the Chicago Transit Authority card because he lives in New York and was in Chicago visiting his two sons. "Put in another three quarters," said the driver, "or get off the bus." One privilege of old age is being stubborn(固执).John said, "Give me back my quarters, and I'll get off." "I can't--it's in the box. If you don't get off, I'll call the police," said he and he did that. Two police cars pulled up. "I'm the criminal," said John Russell. Then he and the driver told their stories. "That's what you called me for?" one policeman asked the driver. Another policeman then said to John, "I'll give you three quarters." John shook his head, "Why should you give me the quarters? He has to give me my quarters." "Where are you going?" asked the policemen. "Downtown to have lunch with friends," John said. "Come on ," the policemen said. "We'll get you your card." So they took him downtown to the CTA office. But the people there wouldn't give him a CTA card?he needed a picture. "What about his quarters?" one policeman asked . The officials discussed, and the decision was made to give John's quarters back. When John got downstairs, the policemen asked where he was going. "To see my friends," John said.
"How are you going to get there?" "On the bus .And all I'm going to pay is 75 cents." "Good luck," the policemen said. John got on a bus, dropped three quarters in the box, and said, "I'm a senior citizen..." The driver looked at John and nodded. He didn't know how lucky he was to be a sensible man.
  72. With a Chicago Transit Authority card . A. men of authority can ride on a bus for half fare. B. senior citizens can pay only half fare for a bus ride C. men of authority can ride on a bus paying only three quarters D. senior citizens can pay only three quarters for a bus ride
  73. John Russell needs a special CTA card most probably because . A. he is not a senior citizen B. he is not a citizen of Chicago C. he is only visiting his two sons D. he has lost his ID card
  74. The decision made by the CTA office was . A. to give John a CTA card then and there B. to refuse to give John 's quarters back C. to return the three quarters to John D. to declare that John was a criminal
  75. The second driver let John ride on his bus because . A. now John produced his CTA card B. he knew John was a very difficult man C. he was kind enough to help the aged D. the policemen were with John (D) Miniskirt ban arouses disputes Many students disagree with the new regulations implemented ( 付诸, 实施 ) at Shanghai Normal University, which stops female teachers fro



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   F fable n.寓言;神话 fabric n.织品,织物;结构,构造 fabricate v.建造,制造;捏造,编造(谎言、借口等) fabulous adj.寓言的,寓言讲到的;惊人的,难以置信的, 非常的;极好的,绝妙的 face n.脸;面 face to face 面对面 make a face 做鬼脸 facial adj.脸部的,脸上的 n. (美语)秋季;落下;跌倒 fall asleep 入睡,睡着 fall ill 得病 fallacy n.谬见;谬误推理,错误推理 f ...


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