年小学六年级英语下册期中测试题及答案_试题_ 2009 年小学六年级英语下册期中测试题及答案_试题_试卷 听力 略
一、 补全对话。 (把编号写在横线上) (10 分) A、What did you do yesterday? C、What day is today? was yesterday? G、Yes, I did. A: B: It was Saturday. A: B: I went to visit my cousin. A: B: I went by bike. A: ? ? ? ? B、How did you go there?
D、What did you do there ? E、What day
F、Did you play computer game with your cousin?
B: I played computer game with my cousin. A: Did you eat good food in your cousin’s home? B: .It was delicious.
二、 阅读理解。 (10 分)
On National Day, we had a long holiday. We had seven days. I went to Hainan with my parents. My grandparents lived in a beautiful village in Hainan. We visited them. We went to see the blue sea every day. We swam in it. We went fishing. My grandma cooked good food for us every day. The seafood is tasty. I like it . We took many pictures. I was excited. ( )
  1、I went to Hainan with my . A: father and mother B:
grandparents ( )
  2、There are ( )
  3、I was ( )
  4、 can I days on National Day. A: a week B: seven
on National Day. A: very happy B:tired in Hainan. A: went fishing B: swim and go fishing . A: on National Day B: every day
( )
  5、We ate good food 八.短文选词填空。 (10 分)
( well、China、dinner、singer、comes、pictures、next、 swimming、family、writer ) Nick is my new friend. He from Japan, but he lives in . He has a happy . His father is a . He often writes the TV show. His mother is a . She sings . She likes cooking. Nick likes drawing and . I’m going to visit him Saturday. 根据答句问问题。 (10 分)
  1、A: B: We’re going to the zoo this Sunday.
  2、A: B: I ate dinner at 7:00 last night.
  3、A: B: John went to school by bus.
  4、A: B: Mary bought some story- books in the bookstore.
  5、A: B: No, I went ice-skating last week .
十. 看图作文。 (10 分) 根据图片,请用英语描述一下 Mike 去年到北京做了哪些事情?心情怎样? (不少于五句话)
六年级期中听力材料及参考答案 六年级期中听力材料及参考答案 期中
  1、B: 15cm
  2、A: clean
  3、C: take
  4、B: play the piano
  5、 C: wear
  6、A: buy
  7、B: skate
  8、A: present
  9、A: I’m fine.
  10、 B: He’s sick. 二、
  1、I like taking pictures. (√) (×)
  3、Amy can row a boat. (√)
  2、Tim went hiking last weekend.
  4、What do you usually do after
school? I often read books.(√)
  5、What did you do at the party? We sang and danced. (√)
  6、Today is Thursday. (√)
  7、Where did you go last Sunday? I went to a park. What did you do there? I flew kites. ( × ) 8 、 Did you watch TV last night? No, I visited
grandparents with my parents. (√)
  9、I went to Beijing last winter
and I went skiing in Beijing ,too. (×)
  10、How do you feel, Tom? You look tired. Yes, I had a fever yesterday. (√) 三、
  1、What did you do in the bookstore? (B)
  2、What does she do at the zoo?(A)
  3、Are you going to be an engineer? (C)
  4、Did your mother watch cartoons yesterday evening? (B)
  5、How does Amy feel? (A) 四、
  1、How got boat
  2、saw elephants
  3、eat bought presents
  4、learned Chinese 五、 Hello, I’m Tom. My family had a good time last weekend. Let me tell you. I went to the nature park to see animals. I took many pictures for them. The animals were so cute. My mother did housework and cooked dinner at home. My father read some newspapers. In the evening ,we ate dinner ad watched TV together. That was fun. What about you? What did you do last weekend?
  1. √
  5.√ 六、E、A、B、D、G 七、
  7、 dinner
  10、next 九、
  1、Where are you going this Sunday/ What did you do this Sunday?
  2、When did you eat dinner last night?
  3、How did John go to school?
  4、What did Mary buy in the bookstore?
  5、Did you go hiking/….
Last week? 十、略。



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