一、单项选择。 ( A )
  1. I am very busy today and I will get home than usual. A. earlier B. later C. tiring D. boring ( A )
  2. “He is leaving for school.” means . A. he is going home B. he is looking for school C. he is on his way home D. he is going to school ( D )
  3. -Which of the following is not a Olympic sport by now? -. A. Rowing B. Cycling C. Wushu D. Skating ( D )
  4. A lot of people lose their in the traffic accident(事故). A. living B. life C. lives D. live ( B )
  5. If you are sitting at this seat, you can change another one. A. comfortable B. uncomfortable C. happy D. interesting ( D )
  6. We are going to on the beach for next Saturday. A. lie, relax B. lying, relaxing C. lie, relaxing D. lying, relax ( A )
  7. “We have a great time.” Means we a lot. A. enjoy ourselves B. like ourselves C. are very great D. have lots of time ( A )
  8. ?What are you doing? ?I’m for presents. A. buying B. taking C. having D. shopping ( D )
  9. Guangzhou is the south of China. A. in B. to C. on D. from ( A )
  10. What the population of your city? A. are B. is C. have D. has ( B )
  11. easy her the work on time. A. She is, for, to finish B. It’s, for, to finish C. That’s, to, finish D. It’s, to, finish ( C )
  12. Chongqing is than Tianjin. A. hot B. hoter C. hotter D. more hot ( C )
  13. is popular in China. A. Mother’s Day B. Mothers’ Day C. The Mother’s Day D. The Mothers’ Day ( B )
  14. he some reading tomorrow afternoon? A. Will, does B. Is, going to do C. Is, doing D. Shall, do (A )
  15. You, he and I going do some shopping tomorrow. A. the, / B. /, the C. aren’t, / D. the, the ( C )
  16. Mr. Green TV and Mrs. Green clothes at this moment. A. watches, washing B. watching, washes C. is watching, is washing D. watches, is washing ( A )
  17. -? -She’s making a plane. A. What’s Lingling doing B. Where’s Lingling
C. How is Lingling D. Why is Lingling at home ( C )
  18. Be careful! The bus ! A. comes B. coming C. is coming D. come ( D )
  19. It you 2 hours to get there. A. will pay B. will spend C. will cost D. will take ( C )
  20. - is that river, do you know? -About 2,000 kilometers. A. How B. How wide C. How long D. How tall 二、词汇。 (一)用词语适当形式填空:
  21. Look, Mr. Wang (run) for subway to go to office.
  22. Now (bus) are more and more important for people.
  23. There are paper (cut) on the doors and windows.
  24. My uncle likes (cycle) around the town.
  25. The boy is very (careful) so we call him Xiaomahu.
  26. I get (dress) quickly in the morning.
  27. This picture is (beautiful) than that one.
  28. Jim isn’t (good) at painting.
  29. Boys are (lie) on the beach at this moment.
  30. Miss Zhang finishes (do) her housework. (二)根据句子的含义填空:
  31. is a place. People buy and eat meals there.
  32. Hot dog is not a dog a long red sausage in bread.
  33. Yuanxiao is a kind of rice dumplings.
  34. Why is the boy shouting over there?
  35. Our team lost the game because the players played in it.
  36. The Great Wall is a famous place of interest in .
  37. is 12:00 o’clock at night.
  38. My grandpa arrived in New York yesterday evening.
  39. Word “start” means doing or happening.
  40. is a musical play. The actors sing many or all of the words.
KEYS: 一、
  9. A
  20.C 二、 (一)
  21.is running
  27.more beautiful
  30.doing (二)



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