A: Hi, Li lei! Are you this afternoon?
B: Yes. What you going do?
A: I'm going to swim. you like to go me?
B: Oh, yes, I'd love ! What time go?
A: What half past two?
B: All right! Why ask Jim to go us, too?
A: idea! go and ask him now.
A: Hello! This is Jim speaking. Is Lucy ?
B: Hello! I'm sorry she is out at the . Can I take a for
A: That's very kind of you. Please ask her to my notebook back
B: Sure. I'll tell her when she comes back.
A: Thanks a . Bye!
B: Not at all. Bye!
A : Hello! 283615
  B : Is that Mr Jones?
  A : Sorry, he isn't in. 1
  B : That's too bad. 2
  A : No. Will you ring him up again this evening?
  B : Sorry, but I won't be free tonight.
  A : 3
  B : It's very kind of you. There will be a talk on English history at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. 4
  A : I certainly will. I'll tell him as soon as he comes back.
  B : 5 Goodbye!
[  ]
A.He came home a moment ago.
B.Thanks a lot.
C.He left home a moment ago.
D.Can I take a message
E.Tell him not to be late.
F.Will he come back soon
G.Don't be late.
Jenny: Hello!
Mary: ! May I speak Jenny?
J: This is Jenny. that Mary ?
M: Oh, yes. Jenny, tomorrow will be Sunday. It will be a fine . Would you like to go to the park me?
J: Oh, sorry. I'm afraid can't. Mother is ill. I have to at home and her.
M: I'm to hear that mother is ill. What's her trouble?
J: She a bad headache and felt terrible yesterday.
M: Did she the doctor?
J: Yes. The doctor gave her madicine and she is a little better now.
M: Just stay at home and good care of . I won't go to the park. I'll go to see your mother tomorrow morning.
J: Thank you .
M: Good-bye!
J: !
A: Tomorrow I'll go to Harbin Station.
B: will you go there?
A: To my uncle. He lives in Nanjing will to our city by train. Have you ever to Harbin Station?
B: Yes, I have. It's exciting place. There are many tall there.
A: Are all of very new?
B: No, they aren't. Some are new, are not.
A: Can we see trains arriving and ?
B: Yes, Certainly.
Liu: Excuse me, 1 ?
Alice: Yes, and you are…?
Liu: 2 Shanghai China Travel Service (中国上海旅行社)?
This is my membership card (会员证). 3 ?
Alice: OK. Here you are.
Liu: Welcome to Shanghai. I'm so glad the first one I asked is the guest (客人) I will receive.
Alice: Thank you. I'm so lucky that I can meet my guide (导游) 4 .
Liu: Let me help you with your luggage (行李). Our car is waiting for us just at the entrance. 5 .
Alice: Thank you very much for your good service (服务).
Liu: With great pleasure.
  a. Do you come from America
  b. are you Alice from America
  c. I'm a Chinese guide from
  d. Do you have a passport (护照)
  e. Would you please show me your passport
  f. The car will take us right to the hotel
  g. as soon as I got off the plane
A: Excuse me. Can you me the to the museum, please?
B: Certainly. Go this street and right. Then you'll see a bridge. Go the bridge and you'll see a tall building. That's the , and it's between the post office and the fruit shop. You can't it.
A: Is it from here?
B: No, It's quite near. It'll only you about 10 minutes if you walk there.
A: Thank you very much.
B: You're .
A: Do you like Sunday?
B: Of I do. Everybody likes Sunday.
A: What do you usually on Sunday?
B: I watch TV, newspapers and sometimes I football my classmates.
A: Don't you do your homework on Sunday?
B: , Sunday is a free day, isn't it?
A: Yes, it is. But for me it is a busy day. I have go shopping, wash clothes and clean the room.
B: Then I'll come and you with your housework.
A: Oh, really? It's very nice of . Thanks a .
B: That's .
A: What was it yesterday?
B: It was Friday. Why?
A: Oh, I had a busy day yesterday.
B: you? When you get up?
A: I got up 5:30 and quickly my breakfast.
B: did you get up so early?
A: Because I on duty yesterday, and I got school before 7:
B: How classes did you have yesterday?
A: We had seven. Four in the morning and three the afternoon.
B: And did you do after you went home?
A: I helped my mother the cooking and after supper I Daddy do washing.
B: Oh, you really had a busy !
A: Could you lend me your dictionary?
B: Sure, here you are.
A: Thank you. 1 I just want to look up a few words.
B: I'm not using it now. 2
A: Thanks.
B: 3
A: 4 are you going to go the city this afternoon?
B: I'm going to. What can I do for you?
A: 5
B: Sure. I'll be glad to.
a: By the way,
b: Would you please buy a book for me?
c: It's nothing else.
d: I won't keep it long.
e: I'll give the dictionary to you.
f: Not at all.
g: Take your time.
Dick: Hello, Wang Ling!
Wang: Hello, Dick! I haven't seen you for a lomg time. __1__?
Dick: I'm very well, thank you. And you?
Wang: __2__, thank you .
Dick: This is Carl, my cousin (表弟).
Wang: __3__?
Carl: How do you do?
Wang: __4__, Dick?
Dick: We're going to the Summer Palace.
Carl: Will you please join us?
Wang: __5__. Let's go.



   听力: 一 听力:(20X1.5=30) 维克多英语听力 2?1 小题; 第一节 (共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 7.5 分) 1. What do we know about the man? A.He’d like to have the windows open. B.He rarely leaves the windows open. C.He’ll help the woman close the windows. 2. Where does the conversati ...


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