A: Hi, Li lei! Are you this afternoon?
B: Yes. What you going do?
A: I'm going to swim. you like to go me?
B: Oh, yes, I'd love ! What time go?
A: What half past two?
B: All right! Why ask Jim to go us, too?
A: idea! go and ask him now.
A: Hello! This is Jim speaking. Is Lucy ?
B: Hello! I'm sorry she is out at the . Can I take a for
A: That's very kind of you. Please ask her to my notebook back
B: Sure. I'll tell her when she comes back.
A: Thanks a . Bye!
B: Not at all. Bye!
A : Hello! 283615
  B : Is that Mr Jones?
  A : Sorry, he isn't in. 1
  B : That's too bad. 2
  A : No. Will you ring him up again this evening?
  B : Sorry, but I won't be free tonight.
  A : 3
  B : It's very kind of you. There will be a talk on English history at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. 4
  A : I certainly will. I'll tell him as soon as he comes back.
  B : 5 Goodbye!
[  ]
A.He came home a moment ago.
B.Thanks a lot.
C.He left home a moment ago.
D.Can I take a message
E.Tell him not to be late.
F.Will he come back soon
G.Don't be late.
Jenny: Hello!
Mary: ! May I speak Jenny?
J: This is Jenny. that Mary ?
M: Oh, yes. Jenny, tomorrow will be Sunday. It will be a fine . Would you like to go to the park me?
J: Oh, sorry. I'm afraid can't. Mother is ill. I have to at home and her.
M: I'm to hear that mother is ill. What's her trouble?
J: She a bad headache and felt terrible yesterday.
M: Did she the doctor?
J: Yes. The doctor gave her madicine and she is a little better now.
M: Just stay at home and good care of . I won't go to the park. I'll go to see your mother tomorrow morning.
J: Thank you .
M: Good-bye!
J: !
A: Tomorrow I'll go to Harbin Station.
B: will you go there?
A: To my uncle. He lives in Nanjing will to our city by train. Have you ever to Harbin Station?
B: Yes, I have. It's exciting place. There are many tall there.
A: Are all of very new?
B: No, they aren't. Some are new, are not.
A: Can we see trains arriving and ?
B: Yes, Certainly.
Liu: Excuse me, 1 ?
Alice: Yes, and you are…?
Liu: 2 Shanghai China Travel Service (中国上海旅行社)?
This is my membership card (会员证). 3 ?
Alice: OK. Here you are.
Liu: Welcome to Shanghai. I'm so glad the first one I asked is the guest (客人) I will receive.
Alice: Thank you. I'm so lucky that I can meet my guide (导游) 4 .
Liu: Let me help you with your luggage (行李). Our car is waiting for us just at the entrance. 5 .
Alice: Thank you very much for your good service (服务).
Liu: With great pleasure.
  a. Do you come from America
  b. are you Alice from America
  c. I'm a Chinese guide from
  d. Do you have a passport (护照)
  e. Would you please show me your passport
  f. The car will take us right to the hotel
  g. as soon as I got off the plane
A: Excuse me. Can you me the to the museum, please?
B: Certainly. Go this street and right. Then you'll see a bridge. Go the bridge and you'll see a tall building. That's the , and it's between the post office and the fruit shop. You can't it.
A: Is it from here?
B: No, It's quite near. It'll only you about 10 minutes if you walk there.
A: Thank you very much.
B: You're .
A: Do you like Sunday?
B: Of I do. Everybody likes Sunday.
A: What do you usually on Sunday?
B: I watch TV, newspapers and sometimes I football my classmates.
A: Don't you do your homework on Sunday?
B: , Sunday is a free day, isn't it?
A: Yes, it is. But for me it is a busy day. I have go shopping, wash clothes and clean the room.
B: Then I'll come and you with your housework.
A: Oh, really? It's very nice of . Thanks a .
B: That's .
A: What was it yesterday?
B: It was Friday. Why?
A: Oh, I had a busy day yesterday.
B: you? When you get up?
A: I got up 5:30 and quickly my breakfast.
B: did you get up so early?
A: Because I on duty yesterday, and I got school before 7:
B: How classes did you have yesterday?
A: We had seven. Four in the morning and three the afternoon.
B: And did you do after you went home?
A: I helped my mother the cooking and after supper I Daddy do washing.
B: Oh, you really had a busy !
A: Could you lend me your dictionary?
B: Sure, here you are.
A: Thank you. 1 I just want to look up a few words.
B: I'm not using it now. 2
A: Thanks.
B: 3
A: 4 are you going to go the city this afternoon?
B: I'm going to. What can I do for you?
A: 5
B: Sure. I'll be glad to.
a: By the way,
b: Would you please buy a book for me?
c: It's nothing else.
d: I won't keep it long.
e: I'll give the dictionary to you.
f: Not at all.
g: Take your time.
Dick: Hello, Wang Ling!
Wang: Hello, Dick! I haven't seen you for a lomg time. __1__?
Dick: I'm very well, thank you. And you?
Wang: __2__, thank you .
Dick: This is Carl, my cousin (表弟).
Wang: __3__?
Carl: How do you do?
Wang: __4__, Dick?
Dick: We're going to the Summer Palace.
Carl: Will you please join us?
Wang: __5__. Let's go.



   英语周报网 http://www.ew.com.cn/ 2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(全国二卷) 英语 第一卷(选择题) 第一部分 英语知识运用 第一节 语音知识(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,找出其 划线部分与所给单词的划线部分读音相同的选项,并 在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 1. Come A. cold B. cock C. comfort D. improve 2. dead D. health A. eager B. great ...


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