从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 例:It is generally considered unwise to give a childhe or she wants. A.however B.whatever C.whichever D.shenever 答案是 B。
  21.Who ealled me this morning when I was not? A man eallingRobert. A.his B.himself C.his D.不填
  22.Look out! Don’t get too close to the houseroof is under repair. A.whose B.which C.of which D.what
  23.Sorry. Madam. You’d better come tomorrow because it’sthe visiting hours. A.during B.at C.beyond D.before
  24.I adies and gendemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane. A.takes off B.is taking off C.has taken off D.took off
  25.How long do you think it will beChina sends a meanned spaceship to the moon? Perhaps two or three years. B.until C.that A.when D.before
  26.Green products are becoming more and more popular because they are environmentally. A.friendly B.various C.common D.changeable
  27.If it were not for the fact that shesing, I would invite ber to the party. A.couldn’t B.shouldn’t C.can’t D.might not
  28.SheJapanese when she was in Japan. Now she can speak it freely. A. B. C. D.
  29.I’m sure you’d tather she went to school by bus,? A.hadn’t you B.wouldn’t you C.aren’t D.didn’t she
  30.homework did we have to do that we had no time to take a rest. A.So much B.Too much C.Too little D.So little
  31.The moment the 28th Olympic Camesopen, the whole world cheered. A.dcelaned B.have been declared C.have declared D.were declared
  32.The workers will go on strike if the demands theyput forward are lurned down. A.could Bwould C.不填 D.had

  33.for the breakdown of the school computer network, Alice was in low spirits. A.Blamin B.Blamed C.To blame D.To be blamed
  34.It’s burning hot today, isn’t it? Yes. yesterday. A.So was it B.So it was C.So it is D.So is it
  35.Always read theon the bottle carefully and take the right amout of medieine. A.explanstions B.instructions C.descriptions D.introductions 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出填入空白处 的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 The battle was followed by a terrible slorm. Therefore, it wasn’t until October 26 that Vice. Admiral(海军中将)Collingwood was 36 to send off his the victory and Nelson’s death. report to Britain 37 the task one of the smallest ships in his flect. Pickle, He chose 38 39 by Captain Lapenotiere. In spite of 40 winds and rough seas. Pickle made the 41 of more than 1, 000 miles in just over eight days, 42 Falmouth on the morning of November
  4. From there. Captain Lapenotiere 43 a fast post chaise(轻便马车)to London, traveling 44 for 37 hours. He reached the Admiralty in Whitehall at 1 a. m. on Wednesday, November 6-less than 11 days after he had 45 Colingwood. Mest of the offieials had gone to bed 46 , but the seeretary was still in the famous Board Room. Lapenotiete hurried in and 48 the report whit 47 the simple words; “Sir, we have gained a great victory. But we have 49 Lord Nelson.” Copies of the report were quickly made and 50 to the prime Minister and King Ceorge 1
  11. A special edition of a 51 was rushed out and delivered all over the country. The atmosphere of public 52 fot the victory was weakened by widespread sorrow the 53 of Nelson. As one poet later wrote; “The victory of Trafalgat was 54 ,indeed, with the usual forms of rejoicing(欢庆), 55 they were without joy.”
  36.A.eager B.anxious C.able D.sure
  37.A.announcing B.telling C.mentioning D.warning
  38.A.with B.from C.for D.among
  39.A.seated B.brought C.owned D.led
  40.A.stong B.weak C.warm
  41.A.leaving for D.sailing for
  42.A.leaving for D.sailing for
  43.A.made D.sat
  44.A.freely D.contimously
  45.A. seen D.left
  46.A.long before D.left
  47.A.on leave sea
  48.A.took over D.turned out
  49.A.defeated D.lost
  50.A.sent D.written
  51.A.book D.magarine
  52.A.hope D.happiness
  53.A.return D.injury
  54.A.congratulated D.reported
  55.A.and D.hut
B.arriving at B.arriving at B.took B.nimlessly B.found B.fon ago B.on business C.at work
C.staying in C.staying in C.kept C.slowly C.told C.tokl D.at C.ave out C.missed C.suggested C.weekly C.desire C.deats C.gained C.for
B.handed over B.beaten B.carried B.newspaper B.search B.failure B.celebrated B.so



   一. READING PART ONE Questions 1-7 . Read these sentences and the following new reports. . Which country does each sentence describe? . For each sentence mark one letter (A ,B ,C or D) on your Answer Sheet. Example: the head of state went to China to ...


   八年级英语试题 二、单项选择 26. ?Have you A. never A. at 28. The box is A. too, to carry 29. I think you should A. stop wear been to the Disneyland? B. ever B. in heavy for me B. too, for carry C. still the swim team. C. with . C. so, to carry D. too, in carry ...


   I. Complete each of the following sentences with the correct forms of the given words. Section one 1. The film, which was _producted by the leading film studio in Italy, has been applauded as a of geniuses in their most productive years. (productio ...


   2007年中考英语试题评析 北京师范大学 程晓堂 2007年12月14日 西安 主要内容 2007年中考英语试题总体趋势分析 题型使用情况 考试形式存在的主要问题 典型试题分析 一、2007年中考英语试题总体 趋势分析 考试内容:既考查技能,又考查基础知 识;既考查综合能力,也考查微观知识 与技能; 考试形式:题型多样,新题型增多,使 用范围扩大;非选择题增加,所占分值 提高(平均占37.2%); 命题技术有所提高,但还存在不少问题。 评分标准有改进:主要观测点为实际书 面表达能力;标点符合 ...


   中国最大的教育门户网站 合 并 自 : AoShu.com( 奥 数 ) 、 ZhongKao.com( 中 考 ) 、 GaoKao.com( 高 考 ) 、 ZuoWen.com( 作 文 ) 、 YingYu.com( 英 语 ) 、 YouJiao.com( 幼 教 ) 、 BBS.eduU.com、Home.eduU.com 等站 定西市 2010 年中考 英语试卷 听力部分 一,听力(每题 1 分,共 20 分)。 听力 A) 听句子,选出句子中所包含的信息。每个句子读一遍。 ( ...


   小学四年级下 小学四年级下英语试题 一、选择题 ( )1.Excuse,are you a nurse? A) I B) me C) my ( )2.A: B: is that woman? She is my mother. A)what B)who C)why ( )3.Don'tthe window. A)open B)look C)go ( )4.What's thewith you? A)matter B)wrong C)that ( )5.This is my daughter. ...


   一、选择填空 20% 1. Between the buildings ( A. stand B. stands B )a secondary school. C. to stand D. standing 2. Neither I nor he ( B ) fond of music. A. am B. is C. are D. were 3.The laws that ( A )how the buildings maybe made are building codes. A. tel ...


   2002 年 7 月商务英语试题 课程代码:0796 课程代码 (阅读与写作部分 阅读与写作部分) 阅读与写作部分 注意: 注意:写在答题纸上的答案为有效答案 《商务英语》试题词汇注释(阅读部分) 商务英语》试题词汇注释(阅读部分) PART ONE Questions 1-5 1.quotation 3.adjust Questions 6-10 4.job vacancies 6.retailing Questions 11-15 8.constant 10.fluctuation PA ...


   2007 年青岛中考英语试题 2007 年青岛中考英语试题 笔试( 第二部分 笔试(85 分) 一, 语音(10 小题,每小题 0.5 分,共 5 分) 从每小题的 A,B,C,D 中选出与所给单词划线部分读音相同的单词. 16. any A.animal B. says C today D.and 17. become A. both B.hold C.cover D.over 18. through A. took B. food C. book D.good 19. break A. ...


   08 高考英语试题讲解江苏卷 英语试题参考答案及解析: 第一部分: 第一部分:听力 1. B 11.C 解析略 2. A 12. C 3. C 13. B 4. A 5. B 6. A 16. a 7. C 17. B 8. C 9. A 10. A 20.C 14. B 15. C 18. B 19. A 第二部分: 第二部分:英语语言知识运用 第一节:单项选择 21. B 解析:by sea 是固定词组,用作状语,表示方式,意为“乘船”。类似词组还有 by air (乘飞机),by la ...



   2006 年 6 月大学英语词汇部分试题 41. People’s expectations about the future may have more influence on their sense of well-being than their state does. A) current B) initial C) modern D) primitive(A) 42. After working all day, he was so tired that he was in no ...

牛津英语8B 单元1

   牛津初中英语 8B Unit1 单元知识点 1. used to do sth (过去常常做某事) be used to do sth (被用来做某事) be used to doing sth (习惯于做某事) ①This building is a department store now. Ita cinema. A.was used to be B.used to be C.is used to doing D.used to be ②Children at the beginnin ...


   全新版大学英语综合 教程2课文翻译 AppendⅡ Chinese Translations of Texts A (Units 1-8) 参考译文 第一单元 学习方式 课文A 哈佛大学教育学教授霍华德*加德纳回忆其中国之行,阐述他对中西方不同的学习方式 的看法。 中国式的学习风格 霍华德*加德纳 1987年春,我和妻子埃伦带着我们18个月的儿子本杰明在繁忙的中国东部城市南京住 了一个月,同时考察中国幼儿园和小学的艺术教育情况。然而,我和埃伦获得的有关中蓁教 育观念差异的最难忘的体 ...


   2010高一第一学期期末 第一学期期末英语试题 2010-2011 年 高一第一学期期末英语试题 第一题 选择填空(共 15 题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 选择填空 第一题:选择填空 1. Now they are having a discussion. A. peaceful A. took up A. to turn off A. organized A. noticing A. give it up B. peaceable B. saved up C. silent C. ...


   21. 情态动词 21.1 情态动词的语法特征  1) 情态动词不能表示正在发生或已经发生的事情,只表示期待或估计某事的发生。  2) 情态动词 除ought 和have 外,后面只能接不带to 的不定式。  3) 情态动词没有人称,数的变化,即情态动词第三人称单数不加-s。  4) 情态动词没有非谓语形式,即没有不定式,分词,等形式。 21.2 比较can 和be able to 1)can could 表示能力;可能 (过去时用could), 只用于现在式和过去式(could)。b ...