2010?2011 学年度第一学期期末考试试题 ? 英语试题
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Part I Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)(20%)
Directions: In this part, you will have 15 minutes to go over the passage quickly, decide the following statements with Y, N or NG, choose A for Y, B for N, C for NG and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. For questions1-10, mark Y (for YES) if the statement agrees with the information given in the passage; N (for NO) if the statement contradicts the information given in the passage; NG (for NOT GIVEN) if the information is not given in the passage;
How to Write a Personal Letter
We shy people need to write a letter now and then, or else people will forget us. It’s true. And I speak as one who prefers to reach for the phone, dial the number, and talk. The telephone is the easy way out. A letter is better. Such a sweet gifta piece of handmade writing, in an envelope that is not a bill sitting in our friend’s path when she trudges(脚步沉重地走)home from a long day at work, a day our words will help repair. They don’t need to be immoral, just sincere. She can read them twice and again tomorrow: You’re someone I care about, Corinne, and think of often, and every time I do, you make me smile. We need to write; otherwise nobody will know who we are. They will have only a vague impression of us as A Nice Person, because frankly, we don’t shine at conversation, we lack the confidence to thrust our faces forward and say, “Hi, I’m Heather Hoffman, let me tell you about my week.” Mostly we say “Uhhuh” and “Oh really.” People smile and look over our shoulder, looking for someone else to talk to. So a shy person sits down and writes a letter. To be known by another personto meet and talk freely on the pageto be close despite distance. To escape from anonymity(匿名)and be our own sweet selves and express the music of our souls. We want our dear Aunt Eleanor to know that we have fallen in love, that we quit our job, that we’re moving to New York, and we want to say a few things that might not get said in casual conversation: thank you for what you’ve meant to me. I am very happy right now. The first step in writing letters is to get over the guilt of not writing. You don’t “owe” anybody a letter. Letters are a gift. The burning shame you feel when you see unanswered mail makes it harder to pick up a pen and makes for a cheerless letter when you finally do. I feel bad about not writing, but I’ve been so busy, etc. Skip this. Few letters are obligatory, and they are Thanks for the wonderful gift and I am terribly sorry to hear about George’s death. Write these promptly if you want to keep your friends. Don’t worry about the others, except love letters, of
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course. Obviously when your true love writes Dear Light of My Life, Joy of My Heart, you should respond immediately. Some of the beat letters are written in a burst of inspiration, so keep your writing stuff in one place where you can sit down for a few minutes and write a quick note to a friend. Keep envelopes, stamps, address book, everything in a drawer so you can write fast when the pen is hot. Sit for a few minutes with the blank sheet in front of you, and meditate 考虑) the person ( on you will write to, let your friend come to your mind until you can almost see her or him in the room with you. Remember the last time you saw each other and how your friend looked and what you said and what perhaps was unsaid between you; when your friend becomes real to you, start to write. Write the salutationDear you and take a deep breath and begin. A simple declarative sentence will do, followed by another and another. Tell us what you’re doing and tell it as if you were talking to us. Don’t think about grammar, don’t think about style, don’t try to write dramatically, just give us your news. Where did you go, who did you see, what did they say, and what do you think? If you don’t know where to begin, start with the present: I’m sitting at the kitchen table on a rainy Saturday morning. Everyone is gone and the house is quiet. Let your description of the present lead to something else. Let the letter drift gently along. The hardest letter to write is one that is meant to impress, as we all know from writing job applications; if it’s hard work to produce a letter for a friend, maybe you’re trying too hard to be terrific. A letter is only a report to someone who already likes you for reasons other than your brilliance. Take it easy. Don’t worry about form. It’s not a term paper. When you come to the end of one episode, just start a new paragraph. You can go from a few lines about the sad state of rock’n’roll(摇滚) to the fight with your mother to your fond memories of Mexico to the kitchen sink and what’s in it. The more you write, the easier it gets. Don’t tear up the page and start over when you write a bad linetry to write your way out of it. Make mistakes and continue. Let the letter cook along(让信自然展开)and let yourself be bold. Outrage, confusion, lovewhatever is in your mind, let it find a way to the page. Writing is a means of discovery, always, and when you come to the end and write Yours ever or Hugs and Kisses, you’ll know something you didn’t when you started the letter. Probably your friend will put your letter away, and it’ll be read again a few years from nowand it will improve with age. And forty years from now, your friend’s grandkids will dig it out of the attic and read it, a sweet and precious relic(遗物)of the ancient eighties that gives them a sudden clear glimpse of the world we old-timers knew. You will then have created an object of art. Your simple lines about where you went, who you saw, what they said, will speak to those children and they will feel in their hearts the humanity of our times. You can’t pick up a phone and call the future and tell them about our times. You have to
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pick up a piece of paper.
  1. Writing a letter is better for a shy person than telephoning.
  2. A personal letter is a sweet gift and the receiver can enjoy it several times.
  3. It is difficult for anyone to write a letter if he or she feels guilty about not writing.
  4. “I feel bad about not writing, but I’ve been so busy” is a better beginning than “I am terribly sorry to hear about George’s death”.
  5. Before writing a personal letter, you should try to imagine that your friend is in front of you.
  6. If you want to write a good letter, you have to talk about the weather of your town.
  7. If you make some mistakes in a letter to a friend, you should tear it up.
  8. The author is a fan of rock and roll.
  9. A personal letter might become an object of art because your friend’s children will enjoy it when they read it years later.
  10. When your friend’s children read your letter, they will admire you and your friend.
Part II Reading Comprehension (Reading In Depth)(40%)
Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
Questions 11 to 15 are based on the following passage:
She is widely seen as proof that good looks can last forever. But, at nearly 500 years of age, time is catching up with the Mona Lisa. The health of the famous picture, painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1505, is getting worse by the year, according to the Louvre Museum where it is housed. “The thin, wooden panel on which the Mona Lisa is painted in oil has changed shape since experts checked it two years ago,” the museum said. Visitors have noticed changes but repairing the world’s most famous painting is not easy. Experts are not sure about the materials the Italian artist used and their present chemical state. Nearly six million people go to see the Mona Lisa every year, many attracted by the mystery of her smile. “It is very interesting that when you’re not looking at her, she seems to be smiling, and then you look at her and she stops,” said Professor Margaret Livingstone of Harvard University. “It’s because direct vision is excellent at picking up detail, but less suited to looking at shadows. Da Vinci painted the smile in shadows.” Da Vinci himself loved it so much that he always carried it with him, until it was eventually sold to France’s King Francis I in 15
  19. During World War II, French hid the painting in small towns to keep it out of the hands of German forces. Like many old ladies, the Mona Lisa has some interesting stories to tell.
  11. In the first paragraph, “catching up with” means .
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A. coming up from behind B. having effet on C. making up for D. getting along with
  12. It is difficult to repair this painting due to . A. painting material B. wooden panel C. long history D. good name
  13. Mona Lisa is smiling when you look . A. at her B. from the corners of your eyes C. into the shadows D. for details
  14. Para. 4 is mainly about . A. the history of the Mona Lisa B. the condition of the Mona Lisa C. the secret of Mona Lisa’s smile D. the secret of Mona Lisa’s beauty
  15. During World War II the famous painting was in . A. Italy B. France C. Britain D. Germany
Questions 16 to 20 are based on the following passage:
Millions of American students take part in service programs. They help people in their communities as part of their education. They work on projects like improving the environment and feeding homeless people. Many school systems in the United States now require students to do some kind of community service as part of their studies. Students involved in service projects help themselves as well as their communities. They learn about the needs of people and aid organizations. Some college administrators say public service may also help high school graduates gain acceptance to the college of their choice. Many schools in the United States offer courses in what is called service-learning. These educational programs teach methods to aid the community. For example, Nicholas Senn High School in Chicago, Illinois, is one of these schools. It has received national honors for its service-learning program. Students there were not doing well in their studies back when the program began in 19
  97. Teachers say doing community service has led many students to work harder in school. School officials say mathematics and reading skills have improved. Wilkinson Junior High School in Middleburg, Florida, also has received national honors for its service-learning program. Its twelve-year-old students work on two major projects. They are helping to find the best way to restore trees to an area of land that was used for mining titanium (钛). They also test water from the nearby Saint John’s River and report the results to local water officials. Teachers try to link their classroom material with current community needs. For example, a history teacher talked about the issue of hunger in some American communities. Afer that, students helped at a food center for poor people. Students at some schools come from many other countries. They speak different languages. Even students who have just arrived from other nations perform community service.
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Public schools are not the only ones that require community service. Bishop Ireton High School is a private Roman Catholic school. In one project, students there organized programs for people who lived in a retirement center near the school.
  16. What is the main idea of the passage? A. American service programs are gaining popularity now. B. Service programs help American students win college acceptance. C. American schools involve students in community service. D. American service programs have helped many people.
  17. The example of Nicholas Senn High School mainly suggests that . A. it offers the best service-learning program nationwide B. students there didn’t work hard back in 1997 C. students there have improved their math and reading D. service involvement contributes to study improvement
  18. How do American schools help students better service their communities? A. They call on students to improve the environment. B. They train students to aid the community. C. They provide students with extracurricular activities. D. They link school courses with student needs.
  19. Students from Wilkinson Junior High School help to . A. restore trees to an old titanium-mining land B. test water from a local river C. report test results to local water officials D. All above.
  20. Which of the following claims would supporters of service-learning programs in schools make? A. It is good for growing youths to be physically active. B. Students should learn how to make a living. C. Students should contribute to the communities in which they live. D. Students should help pay for school taxes.
Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage:
For a long time women with HIV were ignored because the focus was totally on HIV men. The gay community was very much in sight and vocal and suc



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