升学英语训练试题 升学英语训练试题 英语训练
  1. she(宾格)
  2. country(复数)
  3. close(现在分词)

  4. three(序数词)
  5. China(形容词)
  6. I (名词性物主代词)
  7. paper (复数)
  10.mouse(复数) 二、选择题: ( ) (
  1). I get up about seven fifty -five . A. in B. on C. at D. for ( ) (
  2). Why are you looking at like that? A. I B. mine C. my D. me ( ) (
  3). I want a map of China . A. buy B. is buying C. to buy D. am buying ( ) (
  4). Is it a picture your school ? A. of B. to C. and D. with ( ) (
  5). Do you like ? A. swim B. swimming C. are swimming D. swim, too ( ) (
  6). The man a book in his hand is my uncle . A. and B. of C. with D. for ( ) (
  7). Who’s the lady blue ? A. in B. on C. at D. with ( ) (
  8). We usually stay home Saturday afternoon . A. at…in B. at…on C. in…at D. on…on ( ) (
  9). A: It’s a white shirt , is it yours ? B: No, is yellow . A. I B. My C. Mine D. Me ( ) (
  10). any men in the room ? A. Is there B. Are there C. There aren’t D. There isn’t ( ) (
  11). The bed the right is yours . A. on B. in C. at D. of
  8. swim (现在分词)
) (
  12). Look at picture . A. one B. the one C. first D. the first ( ) (
  13). These books are my . A. students B. students’s C. students’ D. students of ( ) (
  14). My parents often tell me your family . A. about B. from C. for D. by ( ) (
  15). any food in the fridge ? A. Are there B. Is there C. Have D. Has 三、按要求改写句子,注意每条横线只填一个单词:
  1. The children like the ball . (改为一般疑问句) the children the ball ?
  2. Are these your pens ? (不改变原句意思,改写句子) Are these ?
  3. Please put the clothes here .(改为否定句) put the clothes here, .
  4. They get up at six thirty .(就划线部分提问) What they get up ? 四、联词成句:
  1. the, read, in, don't, sun, please

  2. sisters, brothers, you, any, or, got, have?
  3. black, all, like, I, at, don’t
  4. can, do, I, for, what, you?
  5. drink, like, something, you, to, would? 五、用所给的动词的适当形式填空: 1 . Look ! My sister ( play ) with the toy cars . 2 . I ( get ) up at 6:30 every morning . 3 . Do they like (swim) ? 4 . Tom’s mother (have) a nice jacket . 5 . Can you (make ) a paper plane for me ?
升学英语模拟试题 升学英语模拟试题
一.Listen and choose.(听录音,选出你所听到的单词)10% ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A.6:30 )
  2、A .he )
  3、A .sun )
  4、A .fly )
  5、A .long )
  6、A .ten )
  7、A. in front of )
  8、A .shirt )
  9、A .egg )10 A. Monday B.6:15 B. she B. moon B. swim B. short B. eight B. next to B. pants B. rice B .Sunday C.5:45 C. they C. star C. write C. strong C. twelve C. on C. jacket C .milk C .Friday
二.Listen and choose.(听录音,选出你所听到的句子)10% ( )
  1. A. How many books do I have?
B. What are these? C. May I have five books? ( )
  2、A. This is a book.
B. These are pencils. C. This is my pen. ( )
  3、A. It’s not my pencil. B. I don’t like the hat. C. This isn’t a cat. ( )
  4、A. My name is Danny. B. What’s your name. C. Are you Danny? ( )
  5、A. He is writing.
B. She is singing a song. C. They are playing.
三.Listen to the dialogue and complete the passage.(听录音,完成短文内容)10% My name Li Ming . I a pupil. My is very near the school. I walk school. I hard in school. I love my school. Part 2 Writing (笔试部分)70% 一.Read and write.(正确抄写下列句子,注意大小写,标点符号) 10% You must show them these terms so they know their rights. 二.Read and choose.(选出一个划线部分发音不同于其他单词的单词)
  10% ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. sheep )
  2.A. doctor )
  3.A. make )
  4.A. three )
  5.A. is B.he B.look B.cake B.there B.nice C.bread C.hot C.play D.read D.orange D.cat D.fourth D.yes
C.thank C.books
三.Choose the right word to complete the sentence.(选出正确的单词完成句子)10%
  1. --May I use (your/you) bicycle? --I'm sorry.(My/Me) is not here.
  2. Look! The cat is jumping on (a/the) desk.
  3. The market is (to/too)(big/bigger).I very like it.
  4. Li Ming (and/with) Danny were(in/at) home yesterday.
  5. There are (third/three) girls in the room. The(one/first) girl is my sister. They ( are /is) happy. 四.Choose the best answer.(选择最恰当的答案)
  1、What is it ? A. Yes. . B. It is a box. C. I am ten. . C. Ten . C .He is tall and thin.

  2、How many cats can you see ? A. It is red. B. Yes.

  3、What does Zhou Jielun do ? A .He is a singer.
  4、What is the time ? A .It is a book.
B. She is Miss Chen. . B. It is one o’clock.
C. I am eleven.

  5、How old are you ? A. I am ten.
  6、What colour is it ? A. One
  7、Thank you ! A. Yes.
  8、Where is the egg? A. It’s in the box.
  9、When is your birthday ? A. I’m excited.
. B. Fine. . B. It is red . B. Good-bye. . B. Ten . B. It’s in May. C. I like birthday cake. . C. They are goats C. It is an egg. C. You are welcome. C. Ok. C. How old are you.

  10、What’s your favourite school work ?
A. I like playing ping-pong. B. She is a student.



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