(A) Now TV programs play an important part in our daily life. We can get a lot of knowledge and a lot of fun from it. Today is Saturday. The following are some TV programs on different channels today. Now read these TV programs and try to find some information for you and your family members. SXTV Channel 7 13: 12 Football Match SXTV Channel 6 18: 30 Cartoon Film CCTV Channel 1 19: 00 News Report 15: 30 12: 38 21: 00 XATV Channel 4 TV Play CCTV Channel 1 Law Today CCTV Channel 3 The Latest Music
判断正误(True or Fause)
  41. ( )My grandfather is interested in laws. He can watch CCTV Channel 1 at noon.
  42. ( ) My father is a football fan. He prefers football matches. He can watch CCTV Channel
  43.( ) My mother likes watching TV plays. She wants to watch XATV Channel 4 in the afternoon.
  44. ( )My sister is only six years old. I want to find a program for her. I think she can watch CCTV Channel
  45. ( )I’m a student. I like music, but I am very busy tonight. So I can watch CCTV Channel 3 this evening. 阅读下面三篇短文,根据短文内容, 阅读下面三篇短文,根据短文内容,从第
  51-61 小题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选 - 、 、 、 四个选项中, 择最佳选项。 择最佳选项。 (B) The police do many things for us. They help keep our things and us safe. They help keep cars moving safely. They take care of people who are hurt. Then they see these people get to a doctor. The police go around town to see that everything is all right. They get around town in many ways. Some of them walk or go by car. In some big cities, some of the police ride on horses. It is strange to see these animals in the street. As they go around town, the police help people. Sometimes they find lost children. They take the children home. If the police see a fight, they put an end to it right away. Sometimes people will ask the police how to get to a place in town. The police can always tell the people which way to go. They know all the streets and roads well. Some police stand at crossings. They tell the cars when to go and when to stop. They make sure that the cars do not go too fast. They help children cross the street. They also help people who can't walk too well. Without the police, our streets would not be safe. Cars might go too fast and hurt people. Lost people might never be found. The police do a good job. We need them. And we should thank them for a job well done.
  51. The police do many things for us. They help keep our things and us . A. warm B. clean C. quiet D. safe
  52. How do some of the police get around in some big cities? A. By taxi. B. On horses. C. By bus D. On bikes
  53. In the text, “put an end to”means “”.
A. stop B. cut C. kill D. fly
  54. The text is mainly talking about the of the police. A. life B. road C. job D. day (C)
Gadgets for Work and Play It's 7:45 in the morning, and 26-year-old Steve Clarkson is going to work. He puts on his jacket, and picks up his mobile phone and laptop. As he leaves the house, he turns on his MP3 player and puts on his headphone. He is ready to go. Today, for millions of people, gadgets like Clarkson's are a normal part of life. “I”m a reporter for a magazine, and I'm usually not in the office. My mobile phone and laptop help me to do my work both on the road and at home, ”says Clarkson. Today many people can check e-mails, send messages, or surf the Web, using their mobile phones. Tina Fang is studying photography in New York City. “Some of these gadgets are expensive, but they can save your money in the long run. I have a digital camera. I can use it to take eighty pictures and shoot video (record an image onto video)at the same time. I listen to music on my MP3 player, and I can download and read books on it, too. I use the camera and MP 3 for both learning and fun. ” It's now 9:
  45. Steve Clarkson gets an e-mail from his 17-year-old sister. She has a gadget that lets her send e-mails, play games, and take notes. She is in class right now. “I e-mailed her back. I told her to stop playing, and pay attention, ”laughs Clarkson. “These gadgets are fun, but sometimes they can distract (分散注意力)people, too. ”
  55. What is Steve Clarkson? A. A student B. A reporter C. A businessman. D. A computer programmer.
  56. Which of the following things is not a gadget? A. A picture B. A laptop C. An MP3 player. D. A mobile phone.
  57. When this sister had lessons, Steve told her . A. to pay no attention B. to e-mail him back right away C. to stop playing games D. to listen to music on the MP 3 player. (D)
Watching some children trying to catch butterflies one August afternoon, I was reminded of an incident in my own childhood. When I was a boy of twelve in South Carolina, something happened to me that made me never put any wild creature (living thing)in a cage(笼子). We lived on the edge of a forest, and every evening at dusk the mockingbirds would come and rest in the trees and sing. There isn't a musical instrument made by man that can produce a more beautiful sound than the song of the mockingbird. I decided that I would catch a young bird and keep it in a cage and in that way, I would have my own private musician. I finally succeeded in catching one and put it in a cage. At first, being scared, the bird fluttered (扑腾) about the cage, but finally it settled down in its new home. I felt very pleased with myself and looked forward to some beautiful singing from my little musician. On the second day of the bird's captivity, my new pet's mother flew to the cage with food in her mouth. The baby bird ate everything she brought to it. I was pleased to see this. Certainly the mother knew better than I how to feed her baby. The following morning when I went to see how my captive (caged)bird was doing, I discovered it on the floor of the cage, dead. I was terribly surprised! What had happened! I had taken extremely care of my little bird, or so I thought. Arthur Wayne, the famous ornithologist, who happened to be visiting my father at the time, hearing me crying over the death of my bird, explained what had happened. “A mother mockingbird, finding her young in a cage, will sometimes bring it poison berries (毒莓). She thinks it better for her young to die than to live in captivity. ” Never since then have I caught any living creature and put it in a cage. All living creatures have a right to live free.
  58. Why did the writer catch a mockingbird when he was a boy of twelve? A. He liked living creatures. B. He enjoyed watching beautiful birds. C. He needed a pet as a friend. D. He wanted the bird to sing for him.
  59. The mockingbird died because . A. the bird suffered from missing its mother B. the bird's mother gave it the poisonous food C. the writer didn't know how to feed the bird at first D. his father's friend didn't tell him the way of birds” life
  60. An ornithologist is probably a person who . A. studies birds B. loves creatures C. majors in habits D. takes care of trees
  61. From his past experience, the writer probably suggests that . A. no one can miss the chance to say sorry B. all living creatures can make free choices C. everything can be less worthy than any lives D. nothing can be more important than freedom 附答案:
  41. T
  42. F
  43. T
  44. F
  45. F (B:) D B A C (C:) B A C (D:) B A D



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   (A) Now TV programs play an important part in our daily life. We can get a lot of knowledge and a lot of fun from it. Today is Saturday. The following are some TV programs on different channels today. Now read these TV programs and try to find some ...


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