笔试部分(共 80 分) I. 按要求写出相应的单词。(10 分)
  1. safe (反义词)
  2. push (反义词)
  3. die (现在分词)
  4. myself (复数)
  5. tooth (复数)
  6. they(反身代词)
  7. far (比较级)
  8. strong(反义词)
  9. both (反义词)
  10. across (动词) II. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。(5 分)
  1.Which do you like , beef or pork? (well)
  2.Is the fur on your hat ?(really)
  3.I think it's much in a paper box.(nice)
  4.Lucy will do her lessons more next time. (care)
  5.Jim jumps in our school. (far) III. 选择填空。(5 分)
  1.Let's go boating, ? A. shall we B. will you C. won't you D. do you think
  2. I met a friend of on way home yesterday. A. me;mine B. mine;my
C. my;mine D. I;mine
  3. - do you write to your parents? -Once a month. A. How long B. How soon C. What time D. How often
  4. I'll go with you if I tomorrow. A. will free B. am free C. will be free D. was free
  5. You have few friends here, ? A. don't you B. are you C. aren't you D. do you IV. 判断下列句子分别属于哪种句型。(10 分) A. S+V B. S+V+O C. S+V+P D. S+V+IO+DO E. S+V+O+C
  1. We must keep our classroom clean.
  2. My father bought me a new bike.
  3. Now you'd better have the bill.
  4. Uncle Li helped me fix the machine.
  5. The mooncakes taste very sweet. V. 句型转换。(10 分) 根据要求改写句子,每空一词。
  1. Ann helped Han Mei with her maths last Sunday. (用 next Sunday 改写句子) Ann Han Mei with her maths next Sunday.
  2. The students are studying very hard. (改为感叹句)
the students are studying!
  3. I like beef. I like potatoes. (改为选择疑问句) you like beef potatoes?
  4. I'll go with you. I finish my homework. (合并为一句话) I'll go with you I finish my homework.
  5. The classroom is not very big. It can't hold many students. The classroom is not big so many students. VI. 根据上下文的意思,补全下列对话,每空一词。(10 分) Doctor: What's the 1 ? Jim: I often dream that I quarrel 2 someone while I'm asleep. I have a headac he when I get up in the morning. Doctor: Let me take your temperature. Oh, it's nothing 3 . 4 fact you must try to 5 before you go to bed. Jim: Doctor, could you tell me how to relax? If I do so, will I sleep 6 ? Doctor: Yes. You could try listening to some light music. You could also do so me 7 before you go to bed. Don't worry too much. You'll soon feel 8 . Jim: Thank you, but can I have some sleeping pills? Doctor: No, it's 9 for you not take sleeping pills, because they can cause bad s ide effects(副作用). They are not good 10 your health. VII. 完形填空。(10 分) People all over the world are learning English. Some learn at school, others stu dy by 1 . A few learn English by listening 2 the radio. Why do all these people want to learn English? It's difficult 3 this question. Ma ny children learn English at school because it is one of their subjects. Some people learn English because 4 useful for their work. Many students often learn English fo r their 5 education(教育)because 6 college some of the books they will use are writ ten 7 English.
It is not 8 to learn a foreign language.But there is 9 difficult in the world if yo u 10 your heart into it.
  1. A. himself B. oneself C. themselves D. ourselves
  2. A. of B. with C. to D. in
  3. A. answer B. answering C. answered D. to answer
  4. A. it's B. its C. they're D. their
  5. A. lower B. longer C. shorter D. further
  6. A. near B. at C. on D. in front of
  7. A. in B. with C. on D. from
  8. A. free B. difficult C. busy D. easy
  9. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. some
  10. A .keep B. put C. take D. bring VIII. 阅读理解。(10 分) When you are in England, you must be very careful when crossing the street b ecause people drive on the left. Before you cross a street, you must look to the rig ht first and then the left. If the traffic lights are red, the traffic must stop. Then p eople can cross the road. If the traffic lights are green, the traffic can go. People mustn't cross the road at this time. In the morning and in the evening when peopl e go to or come back from work, the streets are very crowded(拥挤的). Crossing th e road is the most dangerous at this time. When you travel by bus in England, you also have to be careful. Always reme mber the traffic moves on the left. You must be careful when getting on or off a b us. In many English cities, there are buses called double deckers. These buses hav e two floors. You can sit on the top deck. From there you can get a good view of the city. It is very interesting! 根据短文内容,判断下列句子正(T)误(F)。
  1. In England people only have to look to the left when they cross a street.
  2. It is dangerous for people on foot not to watch traffic lights carefully.

  3. Traffic is very busy in the rush hours.
  4. You can see double deckers in all cities in England.
  5. People drive on the same side of the road in China and England. IX. 写作。(10 分) 请根据下面文字提示,写一篇短文(不少于 80 词)。 上个星期天,我们参观了一个野生动物园。早晨六点钟,在学校门口集合,然后乘公共 汽车去,半个小时后,到了那里。那儿风景优美,我们看到了老虎、大象、猴子等许多动物, 我们最喜欢猴子。中午,我们在一棵大树下野餐,做了各种游戏。当我们回到家时,天已经 黑了。 下学期期中测试题参考答案 听力部分录音原文及参考答案 I.
  1. If the driver can't stop the car at once, there will be an accident.
  2. The two girls are putting their picnic basket under the tree.
  3. Liu Mei is telling the old man the way to the hospital.
  4. They are having a picnic under the tree.
  5. There are two children eating fish and chips at Kate's house. (1-5 CAEDB) II.
  1. They visit the Great Wall every year.
  2. He never reads in the sun.
  3. Wake me up at half past four in the afternoon.

  4. Why not tell your friend?
  5. My father often dreams at night. (
  1. visitors
  2. reading
  3. awake
  4. telling
  5.dreamt / dreamed) III. David watched a basketball match on TV last night. It started at eleven for ty-five. He didn't go to bed until it finished. When he got up this morning, it was h alf past six. He ran to the bus stop without having breakfast. A lot of people were waiting for the bus when he got there. Just then a bus came and he went to jump the queue.An old woman saw him and stopped him. He said he was afraid to be l ate for school. The old woman told him to take her place and he thanked her. (1-5 TFTTF) 笔试部分 I.
  1. dangerous
  2. pull
  3. dying
  4. ourselves
  5. teeth
  6. themselves
  7. farther / further
  9. neither
  10. cross II.
  1. better
  2. real
  3. nicer
  4. carefully
  5. farthest III. 1-5 ABDBD IV. 1-5 EDBEC V.
  1. will help。next Sunday 是表示将来的时间,所以要用将来时态。
  2. How har d。本句改为感叹句,其中心词是 hard,所以用 how 引导的感叹句。
  3. Do, or。选择疑问 句是在一般疑问句的基础上,由 or 连接两个被选择的对象。
  4. as soon as。这句话表示" 我一做完作业就和你走。"as soon as 表示"一……就……"的意思。
  5. enough to hold。en ough 在修饰形容词时要放在被修饰词后。 VI.
  1. trouble / matter / problem
  2. with
  3. serious
  4. In
  5. relax
  6. better
  7. exercise
  8. better
  9. better / best
  10. for VII. 1-5 CCDAD 6-10 BADCB VIII. 1-5 FTTFF IX. One possible version: Last Sunday, we visited the wildlife park in my hometown. We got up early an d met outside the school gate at 6 o'clock. Then we went there by bus. Half an ho ur later, we arrived. The scenery was very beautiful. We saw many animals in the
open air, such as tigers, elephants and monkeys. They were not in cages. They cou ld walk around in the park. Among them we liked the monkeys best. They are love ly. Time went quickly. Soon it was time to have lunch. We had a picnic under a b ig tree. There we played different kinds of games and had a good time. When we came back home, it was getting dark. We were very tired, but we felt very happy


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