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初一英语素质测试 初一英语素质测试
期 中 英 语 试 题
(考试时间:120 分钟 总分:150 分) 说明:本试卷由 A,B 两卷组成(A 卷 100 分+B 卷 50 分),答题时请同学们把答 说明 案写在答题卡上,交卷时只交答题卡,试卷请自己保管好,祝同学们考出优异成绩.
A 卷 (100 分)
听力部分 (30 分) 一,会话题
(5 分)
  1. A. Yes, they are.
  2. A. Please.
  3. A. Yes, these are.
  4. A. Yes, it is.
  5. A. How are you? 二,理解题 (25 分) A, 句子理解.(13 分)
  1) ,根据录音内容,选择一个能正确填入所听句子的选项.(4 分)
  1. A. their
  2. A. right
  3. A. books
  4. A. to B. they're B. write B. box B. too B. It's a car. B. Yes. C. No, they aren't C. Thank you. C .That's all right. C. Yes, we are. C. How do you do? D. They're Chinese cars. D. Nice to meet you. D. Here you are. D. We are all here. D. Come in, please.
B. Oh, yes, they are. B. Yes, they are. B. Glad to see you.

  2) ,根据录音内容,选择一个与你所听到的句子意思相同或相近的选项.(4 分)
  5. A. It's in the picture.
  6. A. He's at school.
  7. A. They're not apples.
  8. A. B. B. The picture is old. B. He's not in. B. The apples are trees. C. C. This is a picture. C. He's at home. C. These trees are apple.
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
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  3),根据录音内容,从所给备选项中选择一个最能表达所听句子意思的选项.(5 分)
  9. A. B. C.




B, 对话理解.(5 分) 根据录音内容,选择一个与对话及问题相符的选项.
  1. A. My father.
  2. A. Yes, they are.
  3. A. Kate.
  4. A. B. Tom. B. No, they aren't. B. No. B. C. Your friend. C. They're pens. C. Yes. C.
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
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C,短文理解 (7 分) 根据你所听到的录音内容,选择与短文内容相符的选项.(1-5 题听问题回答,6-7 题直接完成句子.)
  1. A. He is
  2. A. Yes he is.
  3. A. He is
  14. B. He is
  12. B. Chinese B. It is
  4. C. He is a boy. C. American. C. It's

  4. A. Jim Green, Gao Hui and Jam Green. B. Li Lei, David Smith and Sam Green. C. David Smith, Li lei and Jim Green.
  5. A. 62818301 B. 63828201 C. 68218301

  6. Jim Green is in now. A. America B. China C. England

  7. is Jim Green's teacher. A. Li Lei B. David Smith C. Gao Hui
笔试部分 (70 分)
一,写出五个元音字母大小写.(5 分)
二,写出含有/e/, /i:/, /u:/, /e/, /:/的英语字母大小写.(12 分)
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
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三,找出所给单词划线部分发音不相同的选项.(5 分)
  1. A. orange
  2. A. cap
  3. A. club
  4. A. book
  5. A. egg B. clock B. what B. blue B. good B. desk C. telephone C. family C. us C. look C. these D. lost D. and D. number D. too D. pencil
四,写出下列划线部分字母或字母组合的相同发音.(5 分) / /
  1. / /
  2. / /
  3. / /
  4. / /
  5. see girl card brother nine three her clock those white meet learn color then bye green work picture they my
五,词类转换 根据要求做.(5 分)
  1. watch(复数)
  2. are not (缩写形式)
  3. her(反义词)
  4. No.(全称)
  5. right(同音词)
六,单项选择.(13 分)
  1. my table? A. Where's B. Where are C. What's D. What are

  2. The desk has two . A. drawer B. dresser C. drawers D. dressers

  3. -- Where are your bags? A. It's B. He's
-- on the desk. C. You're D. They're

  4. Thank you your photo. A. to B. at C. for D. in

  5. Are her parents? A. this B. these C. that D. your

  6. How you spell yes? A. are B. is C. do D. am

  7. This my book, it's book. A. is, her
  8. Is this a pen? B. isn't, you . B. It's a ruler C. Yes, it is D. Yes, it isn't
C. is, your
D. isn't, his
A. No. It's a pen
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
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  9. Hello, Alice. Nice to meet . A. you B. I C. him D. her

  10. What your number? A. is, name B. am, ID C. are, phone D. is, ID

  11. Is that your book? A. It's his book.
  12. Let's English. A. look B. read
. B. Yes, it's. C. No, it isn't. D. Sorry, it isn't your book.
C. listen
D. sing

  13. Is this gold ring? A. the B. a C. an D. x
七,补全对话 根据方框中 8 个选项,从中选择 5 个完成下列对话.(5 分) A. How do you spell Harold? B. What's your name? D. My name is Harold Smith. E. What's this in English? G. Hello, my name is Steve. H. What's it? A: (
  1) B: Hello. Steve. A: What's your name? B: (
  2) A: (
  3) B: H-A-R-O-L-D. A: (
  4) B: No, it isn't. A: (
  5) B: It's a computer. A: Thank you. 八,句型转换 根据题后要求,完成下列句子.(10 分)
  1. good, are, and, my, Alice, friends, Peter (连词成句) .
  2. That's a gold ring. (一般疑问句) a gold ring?
C. Is this a case? F. I'm Jane Morgan.

  3. This is my brother. (复数)
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
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  4. The bag is on the table? (提问) the bag?
  5. My parents are teachers. (同义句) My and are teachers. 九,阅读理解 (10 分) A My name is Karen Suarez. I am nineteen. My phone number is 398-802
  75. My
mobile(移动的) telephone number is 130035246
  88. His name is Kenji Tanaka. His phone number 276-539
  14. 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F)
  1. Kenji is nineteen.
  2. His first name is Tanaka.
  3. I have(有)a mobile telephone.
  4. My telephone is three-nine-eight-eight-zero-two-seven-five.
  5. His mobile number is one-three-o-o-three-five-two-four-six-eight-eight. B I'm Jane. This is my room. The TV and videocassettes are on the table. Where's my backpack? It's not on the table. Oh! It's on the bed. My pencils aren't on the desk. They're in my pencil case and it's in my drawer. My alarm clock, my ID card, and my keys are on the dresser.
  6. We don't know Jane's . A. first name B. last name C. videocassettes D. pencils

  7. My bag is . A. on the table B. on the dresser C. on the bed D. on the desk

  8. My pencil case has some . A. pencils B. keys C. videocassettes D. A and B

  9. My pencil case is . A. on the desk B. on the table C. in the backpack D. in the drawer

  10. The are on the dresser. A. pencil case and ID card
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
B. alarm clock and keys
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
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C. ID card and TV
D. keys and backpack

  1. My a son is my cousin.
(50 分)
十,单词拼写 根据首字母或汉语提示写出正确的形式.(5 分)

  2. Are your pencils in the pencil c?
  3. We can see some ideal (戒子)
  4. T my math books in the bag.
  5. Amy is my good (女儿). 十一,词类转换,根据所给单词,写出正确形式.(5 分)
  1. These (not be) their English books.
  2. I can (speak) English.
  3. That's (she)father.
  4. The man is my (mother) uncle.
  5. Are those your (dictionary)? 十二,介词填空,根据句子意思用正确的介词填空.(5 分)
  1. This book is you. It's not my book.
  2. Gina is before Lucy. Lucy is Gina.
  3. His pens are the lost and found case.
  4. Please call Ben 131589034
  5. The ball is the table and it's on the floor. 十三,改错,先判断正误,如正确用"√" ,错误用"×"且改正.(5 分).
  1. Is these your grandparents? ( ) ?
  2. They aren't my cousin. ( ) .
  3. What's that in English? It's a soda. ( )
  4. We aren't know the ball is on the floor. ( ) .
  5. I bring a hat to the school. ( )
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. 十四,完形填空.(10 分) I (
  1) Li Lei. This (
  2) a ruler. (
  3) is (
  4) ruler. I spell (
  5), R-U-L-E-R. That is (
  6) eraser. It's (
  7). I (
  8) spell it. (
  9) do you spell it, Do you know? (
  10), I don't know.
  1. A. is
  2. A. is
  3. A. This
  4. A. your
  5. A. it
  6. A. your
  7. A. your
  8. A. do
  9. A. How
  10. A. OK B. am B. am B. That B. his B. one B. my B. my B. don't B. What B. Not C. are C. are C. It C. her C. her C. an C. his C. isn't C. What's C. Thank you D. do D. do D. One D. my D. me D. a D. her D. am not D. How are D. Sorry
十五,短文填空.(10 分) Meimei is a student. She is o(
  1) her bed. N(
  2) to the bed is a desk. A computer and h(
  3) bag are on the desk. U(
  4) the dresser is a soccer ball. A TV i(
  5) on the table. Meimei a(
  6) her mother like i(
  7) very much. Two p(
  8) are on the wall. A hat is b(
  9) CDs and cassettes on the desk i(
  10) them. 十六,写作.(10 分) 请你介绍一下你的家庭成员情况,词数在 30 词以上.
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