红萍教育 初一英语补习班测试题 B卷 一 根据句子意思及首字母补全单词 15 分
  1. Let's finish our homework in an h.
  2. Peter is good at computer, so he has no t with the new computer system.
  3. It's the best w to get to school.
  4. He lives f from school of all.
  5. Bill Gates is the f of Microsoft. 6 O upon a time, there was a little girl.
  7. Yang Liwei is a national h.
  8. I'm on h in London.
  9. He is looking f to visit his uncle.
  10.W you like some coffee? 二 选择题 20 分
  1) Kate needs help, ( )? A: doesn't she B: does she C: needs she B: to take C: taking B: sleep D: needn't she D: look at C: small D: asleep D: good D: takes B: poor C: sleeping
  2) Tom! You must ( ) your things. A: look for
  3) I want ( ) it to the classroom . A: take B: look like C: look after

  4) His brain is very ( ). Everyone likes to ask him for help. A: clever
  19) He fell ( ) at the meeting this morning. A: to sleep
  5) Put on your coat .It ( ) cold. A: get B: got
  6) ( ) up, we are going to be late. A: Wake B: Waking C: is getting
D: gets D: Awaking C: in D: at C: sleep D: wake B: for
C: Awake B: awake

  7) She is a good student, she is never been late ( ) school. A: to
  8) Keep ( ). You sleep too much these days .A: asleep

  9) I came to this school five years ( ).A: before B: later C: ago D: after
  10)Today is June 1st,so today is day. A. child B. children C. childrens D. children's 三 "看"你会不会 15 分 1 看电影2 看报纸 3 看电视4 看足球比赛 5 看黑板 四完形填空 15 分 One of Charlie Chaplin's most famous films was "The Gold Rush" The film was set in California in the middle of the 1 century. At that time, gold was discovered in California and thousands of people 2 there to look for gold, so it became 3 as "the gold rush" People said gold could 4 be picked up by washing sand from the river in a pan of water. This was known as "panning for gold" In the film, Chaplin and his friend are in California. So far, they have been 5 in their search for gold and have no money at all. They 6 in a snow storm in a small wooden house. They have 7 They are so hungry that they 8 a pair of shoes, by boiling them in a pan of water. Chaplin sits down 9 the table and eats the shoe. He makes it seem as if this is one of the 10 meals that he has ever enjoyed.
  1.A.nineteen B.ninetieth C.nineteenth D.ninth
  2.A.went B.left C.climb D.found
  3.A.famous B.known C.wonderful D.great
  4.A.hard B.easily C.difficulty D.slowly
  5.A.unhappy B.unsuccessfully C.unlucky D.unluckily
  6.A.have got B.meet C.are caught D.live
  7.A.a little food B.some water C.nothing D.nothing to eat
  8.A.wear B.cook C.make D.mend
  9.A.at B.by C.near D.beside
  10.A.biggest B.dearest C.cheapest D.most delicious 五 阅读理解 10 分
  1) NAME: MARY Subjects Mathematics She is not so good at this,but she has tried her best to catch up with others.
French Her reading is very good,and she can remember many words. Physics She is a little weak in this,but has done better than before. Chemistry She can work out many difficulties. Well done. English She's got the best result in the class. Keep it up. Geography She is familiar(熟悉) with the names of many places in the world. History She likes reading stories about women. Art She can draw pictures like real ones. Music She does not like pop songs,though sings very well. Why? Physical Education (P.E.) She needs more outdoor exercise. Teacher Helen ()
  1. Mary's two best subjects are . A. mathematics and English B. P.E. and chemistry C. English and chemistry D. Art and geography ( )
  2. Which subjects of Mary are not so good? They are . A. mathematics and history B. chemistry and P.E. C. art and physics D. physics and mathematics ( )
  3. Which of the following is true? A. Mary can't sing pop songs very well. B. Mary studies at St. Agnes School. C. Mary doesn't do well in chemistry D. Mary learns two foreign languages in school. ( )
  4. Can you tell me Mary's teacher's name? A. sorry, I don't know.B. must be Halen.C. may be Helen. D. I can't find out the answer. ( )
  5. How about her geography? A. not very well B. she can do a lot of difficult questions C she know a lot of names of the world places D she is not good at it . 六 写作练习 25 分 写一篇小短文,简单叙述春节的习俗,以下短语至少用四个.字数在 50 词以上. Clean the house ,get good ready, buy new clothes, have a big dinner, visit friends .



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   1. 如果你们俩停止争斗并努力好好相处,我将不胜感激。(be grateful, get along with) I would be grateful if the two of you stopped fighting and tried to get along with each other. 2. 这是他第一次用电子邮件与笔友交流。(the first time, communicate with). This is the first time he has used e-mail ...


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