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慧众教育英语水平测试题(初中) 众教育英语水平测试题 初中) 水平测试
  1. I’m going skating. Would you like to go with ? A. me B. I C. my D. mine
  2. Peter usually gets up early the morning. A. on B. in C. at D. of
  3. Lucy and Lily sisters. They study at the same school. A. be B. am C. is D. are
  4. It’s a nice house it hasn’t got a garden. A. and B. or C. but D. so
  5. ? you speak Japanese? ? No, I can’t. A. Can B. Must C. May D. Should
  6. I’m hungry. I want to eat. A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing
  7. ? did you buy for your mom for Mother’s Day? ? Some flowers. A. How B. Where C. When D. What
  8. I think real cards are than e-cards. A. nice B. nicer C. nicest D. the nicest
  9. ? My brother’s ill in hospital. ? I’m sorry that. A. hear B. hearing C. heard D. to hear
  10. Don’t turn on the TV. Grandma now. A. is sleeping B. will sleep C. slept D. sleeps
  11. We were in Qingdao last week and great fun there. A. will have B. have had C. had D. have
  12. ? Linda, when shall we take a walk? ? After I finish the dishes. A. wash B. washed C. to wash D. washing
  13. ? Hello! Can I speak to Alice? ? Sorry. She isn’t here right now. She to the shop. A. goes B. will go C. has gone D. was going
  14. Betty likes very much. She draws pictures every day. A. art B. music C. sport D. science
  15. He’ll send us a message as soon as he in Sichuan. A. is arriving B. will arrive C. arrived D. arrives
  16. ? Who’s the little baby in the photo, Susan? ? It’s me. This photo ten years ago. A. takes B. is taken C. took D. was taken
  17. ? Do you know for Shanghai last night? ? At 9:
  00. A. what time he leaves B. what time does he leave C. what time he left D. what time did he leave
  18. ? Shall we go to the sea animal show tomorrow? ?
A. Thank you. B. Good idea. 二、阅读理解 Do you want to live a happier, less stressful (有压力的) life? Try laughing for no reason at all. That’s how thousands of people start their day at Laughter Clubs around the world ? and many doctors now think that having a good laugh might be one of the best ways to stay healthy. The first Laughter Club was started in Mumbai, India, in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria. “Young children laugh about 300 times a day. Adults laugh between 7 and 15 times a day,” says Dr. Kataria. “Everyone’s naturally good at laughing ? it’s the universal language. We want people to feel happy with their lives.” There are now more than 500 Laughter Clubs in India and over 1,300 worldwide. Many doctors are also interested in the effects (效果) of laughter on our health. According to a 5-year study at the UCLA School of Medicine in California, with laughing there is less stress in the body. Laughter improves our health against illness by about 40%. So, what happens at a Laughter Club? I went along to my nearest club in South London to find out. I was quite nervous at the beginning of the class, to be honest ? I wasn’t interested in laughing with a group of strangers, and I was worried about looking stupid. Our laughter teacher told us to clap our hands and say “ho ho ho, ha ha ha,” while looking at each other. However, our bodies can’t tell the difference between fake laughter and real laughter, so they still produce the same healthy effects. Surprisingly, it works! After ten minutes everybody in the room was laughing for real ? and some people just couldn’t stop! At the end of the class I was surprised by how relaxed and comfortable I felt. So if you’re under stress, then start laughing. You might be very pleased with the results!
  4. In which country was the first Laughter Club started? A. Britain. B. America. C. Australia. D. India.
  5. How did the writer feel at the beginning of the class? A. Surprised. B. Pleased. C. Nervous. D. Stressful.
  6. When did the people in the club begin to laugh for real? A. After a few minutes. B. After a few hours. C. After a few seconds. D. After a few days.
  7. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. Fake laughter and real laughter are both good for health. B. 40% of the people in Laughter Clubs are good friends. C. Adults laugh more often than children in a day. D. Laughing is the best way to prevent illness. 三、选词填空 family, too, do, five, and, farmer, like ( At an English corner ) A: Hello! I’m Peter. B: Hello! I’m Liu Dong. Nice to meet you. A: Nice to meet you, 1 . B. I’m from China. Where’re you from? A: I’m from America. How many people are there in your 2 ? B: There’re 3 . They’re my grandpa, grandma, father, mother and I. A: What do your parents 4 ? B: My father’s a teacher 5 my mother works in a bookstore. his job? A: Does your father 6 B: Sure. He likes teaching very much. What about your parents? A: Both of them are 7 . They have a big farm.
惠州慧众教育麦地分校 Popularize Educational Maidi Branch C. It doesn’t matter. D. It’s very kind of you.



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