8B Unit 3
Online Travel
Reading Around the world in eight hours
Good afternoon, everyone. Now I’ll say junior Oxford English 8B Unit 3 Reading Part A. Around the World in Eight Hours. I’ll prepare to say the lesson from three parts.
Part One: Analysis of the Teaching Material
(一) Status and Function
This is an important lesson in this book. Such a topic is related to daily life, so it is helpful to raise learning interests of students and it will be also helpful to improve their society sense. It can help students to attain “four skills” request of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Therefore this lesson is in the important position of the teaching material.
(二) Analysis of the students
Most students are interested in computer games. So this topic can greatly attract their interests. It can accelerate them to learn English and geography well. After learning this lesson, they will know English and geography are as important as computer .Without much knowledge ,you won’t be able to learn computer well.
(三)Teaching aims and Demands

  1.Knowledge objects
To understand the aim of an educational CD-ROM and what the character can do
To infer meaning from keywords, context and existing knowledge.
To master the Passive voice.

  2.Ability objects
To develop the Ss’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
To train the students how to use their own words to express their ideas.
(四)Teaching key and Difficult point

  1. Key points
To review the Present perfect tense.
To learn the Passive voice.
To tell more about the CD-ROM.
To retell how the game is played
To understand the whole passage and answer teacher’s questions

  2. Difficult points:
The Passive voice.
To retell how the game is played
(五) Teaching Equipment
Multi-media computer, Tape recorder, Software: PowerPoint and so on. They will be needed in this lesson.
Part Two: The Teaching Methods

  1. Communicative teaching method

  2. Audio-visual teaching method

  3. Task-based” teaching method
As we all know: the main instructional aims of learning English in the Middle School is to cultivate students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing and their good sense of the English language. So in this lesson I’ll mainly use “Communicative” teaching method, “Audio-visual” teaching method and “Task-based” teaching method.
To use these methods are helpful to develop the students’ abilities.
Part Three: Studying Procedures
Step 1
Arouse students’ interest by telling them that they are going to read about a new educational CD-ROM. Explain that the game is set in different countries and involves a tour around the world
Step 2
Tell students that the first paragraph of the reading passage explains the background to the game .Listen to the tape. Ask some questions to check understanding, eg.
What’s the name of the new educational CD-ROM?
What can it help you to do?
Who is the designer?
Step 3
Tell students that the second paragraph of the reading passage introduces the main character of the game . Ask some questions to check understanding, eg.
Who is the main character of the game?
How old is he?
What does he like doing?
What was he doing when he fell asleep?
Step 4
Tell students that the third and fourth paragraphs of the reading passage, on page41, explain how the game is played. Ask them to read the rest of the reading passage on page 41
Step 5
Ask some questions to check understanding, eg.
How can you earn a point?
What will happen if you have earned a point?
What will happen if you have earned enough points?
How many levels does the game have?
How long does it take you to finish the game?
What do the questions test?
What will you see on the screen when you reach a new place?
What can you learn about when you reach London?
What will you see when you pass a level?
What happened to the places you have visited?
Step 6
Read the whole passage and then ask some students to retell how the game is played(in 5steps)
1 See a golden cloud with instructions on it
2 See clouds with information about different places; See clouds with questions on them
3 Get a point every time you answer a question correctly
4 A cloud will come down and carry you off to a new place
5 See a world map. The old place is marked in bright purple
If possible, ask students to discuss what they have learned from the passage.(with their own words)
Step7 Use the following keywords to try to retell the passage.
a new educational CD-ROM, Around the world in Eight Hours.
Come out, interesting, at the same time, be designed by, the all-time favorite CD-ROM
Main character, love traveling, lie on the grass, fall asleep
be written on, different colors with questions on them
Every time you answer a question, earn enough points, come down, Carry off
Play the role of, take …an hour to finish, travel around, Test your knowledge of, a lot of useful information, for example
Paragraph 5
Be the best , get it in sold out
Step 8 Homework
1 Translating the following phrases:
  2) 过一关
  4) 光盘的设计者
  6) 得到足够的分数

  3) 扮演…角色

  5) 一直广受欢迎的游戏
  7) 睡着
  9) 在你的屏幕上
  11) 在市场上
  13) 掉下来

  8) 英语语法和词汇
  10) 检验知识
  12) 例如
  14) 售完
2 Try to recite the text.
Design of the blackboard

  1) The Present perfect tense. A new educational CD-ROM has just come out.
When you have earned enough points,….……..Carry you off to a place you have never visited before. The places you have visited are marked…

  2) The Passive voice.
It is designed by Nancy Jackson. These words were written on it.
The places you have visited are marked in bright purple.
Get it now before it is sold out



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