Junior English for China Students’ Book 3 Lesson 22
contents Part 1 Analysis of Teaching Material Part 2 Teaching Methods Part 3 Learning Methods
Part 4 Teaching Procedure Part 5 Layout on the blackboard
Part 1 Analysis of the Teaching Material
(教材的地位与作用) 教材的地位与作用)
This is an instructive article about Jacques Cousteau. It’s helpful to enhance the students’ awareness of the need to protect the environment.
Knowledge objects
  1. To make the students know the importance of the sea to our life.
  2. Let the students get to know what Jacques Cousteau had done to let people know more about the undersea world and to protect life in the sea.
  3. To make the students know how to protect the sea.
Ability Objects
  4. To improve students’ ability of getting information through reading.
  5. To develop students’ ability of expressing their own opinions in English
Moral Objects
  6. To enhance the students the awareness of the need to protect the undersea environment.
  7. To encourage them to help protect the water as well as the environment for our human being.

  1. To help the students to understand the whole article.
  2. To make them learn from the man Cousteau who devoted his life to the sea.

  1. The understanding of some long sentences.
  2. The students use their own words to express their own ideas.
Part 2 Teaching Methods

  1. Multimedia Computer Assisted Instruction
  2. Elicitation Method
  3. Communicative Approach
Part 3 Learning Methods
  1). To analyze and solve the problems on the students’ own.
  2). To get information through listening, watching and reading.
  3). To be able to guess the meaning of some words and sentences in the reading material with the teacher’s help.
Part 4 Teaching Procedure Step 1 Presentation (5m) Step 2 Pre-read (10m)
Step 3 Fast Reading (8m) Step 4 Intensive Reading (15m) Step 5 Discussion Step 6 Homework (5m) (2m)
Lesson 22
  1. Presentation
  1. Where do you think they are?
  2. Have you ever been to the sea?
  3. What do people do when they’re at the sea?
  2. Pre-read (A) Discussion: How important is the sea to our life? answers : A). The sea gives us much food. B). It gives us rain for our crops. C). It gives us pearls for jewelry. D). It gives us plants for medicine.
  2. Pre-read (B)
Introduction of Jacques Cousteau
The scuba machine allows a person to breathe under water for a long time.
  2. Pre-read (B)
He bought a ship and used it to explore under the sea.
  2. Pre-read (B)
He took pictures and videos under the sea. He let many people see what life was like under the sea.
  2. Pre-read (B)
  2. Pre-read (B)
Cousteau started the Cousteau Society in 1973 to help protect life in the sea.
Step 3 Fast Reading
Give five minutes to read through the story then answer the following questions: A). What was invented in 1943? B). Who invented it? C). What do you know about Cousteau?
Step 4 Intensive Reading
Questions: 1>. What is the scuba machine used for? 2>. Did Cousteau buy a ship for pleasure or for exploring? 3>. What did Cousteau do under the sea? 4>. Why was Cousteau’s TV show very popular? 5>. What does the word “run” in this passage mean? 6>. What amazed Cousteau when he was a boy? 7>. Why did the colourful coral reefs die and become grey? 8>. What did Cousteau do to protect life in the sea?
Step 4 Intensive Reading
Language points:
  1). allow : let allow sb. to do sth.
  2). explore : to look for something new explorer: the person who explores
  3). amazed : to be very surprised be amazed at : to be surprised at
  4). however : but
  5). society : a large group of people who live together and have the same culture
  6) . protect : to keep someone or something safe
Read the passage out loud if time there is time.
Step 4 Intensive Reading
Fill in the blanks:
  1. In 1943 Jacques Cousteau and his friend invented the .
  2. As he the sea, he took pictures and videos of many things that people had never before.
  3. He was at all the colours, and all the beautiful fish.
  4. He the Cousteau Society to help life in the sea.
  5. water most of the earth, Cousteau knew we should the sea.
  6. water is very important our environment, he everyone to protecting our lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.
Step 5 Discussion (Group work)
What do you think you should do to keep our water clean?
Step 6 Homework
Workbook exercise
  2. Write a short passage answering the two questions .
Part 5 Layout on the blackboard
Lesson 22 Under the Sea
  1). allow: let
  2). explore: to look for something new explorer: the person who explores
  3). amazed: to be very surprised be amazed at: to be surprised at
  4). however: but
  5). society
  6). protect; to keep someone or something safe.
  7). take part in : to join



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