英语说课样稿(英文稿) 英语说课样稿(英文稿)
I Teaching Aims:

  1. To develop Ss’ basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Reading is the focus in this lesson. Reading skills for Ss include (predicting, skimming, scanning and digesting.)
  2. To encourage Ss to practice, participate, and co-operate in the classroom activities.
  3. To get Ss to know something about … and have a better understanding of the importance of …. As for teaching approaches, I think …
II Teaching Approaches
Communicative approach and Computer-Assisted Instruction are to be used in the course of this lesson. And I will try my best to limit TTT, that is, limit Teacher Talking Time and increase STT (Student Talking Time). So during this lesson, emphases are to be laid on:
  1.Student-centered teaching
  2.Task-based learning
  3.Activity-based teaching (individual work; pair work; group work; class work)
III Teaching Aids:

  1.a projector
  2.a multi-media computer system They are for showing Ss some pictures, some audio files, some visual files, some topics or reading tasks.
IV Teaching Procedure
  1. Warming-up & lead-in Activity 1 Free talk (class work) I will invite Ss to answer the following Qs. Q1: Who do you think looks coolest in our class? Q2: Do you like him/her? Q3: If so, why? If not, why?… Activity 2 Picture-talking /Music-talking (individual work) Download some pictures/music from the Internet. Guiding Qs may be: Q1: Who’s she/he? Q2: Do you like him/her? Q3: If so, why? If not, why? Q4: Do you think he/she is perfect?
Goal: To lead up to the topic, get Ss to warm up and arouse their interest in the topic.
  2. Pre-reading Activity1 Look and guess (class work)
In this activity, Ss are required to look at the title/subtitle and guess what they will read. Activity2 Brain-storming (class work) In this activity, Ss are encouraged to think of as many words as possible to describe the picture/… skillpredicting Goal: To develop Ss’ reading skillpredicting and present some new words
in the passage such as …
  3. Reading Activity 1 Skimming (class work) Ss are required to go through the whole passage quickly to get the general idea and pay special attention to the first or last Para of the article (or the first sentence or the last sentence of each Para.) Goal: To develop Ss’ reading skill skimming, that is, how can we get
the general idea of a passage as quickly as possible.
Activity 2 Scanning (group work) Encourage Ss to read the passage again, exchange their understanding of the passage with their group members and work together to fill in the following form: Title Part/Para. Main idea Detailed information a. topic sentences/introduction 1 b. examples/supporting ideas c. conclusion a. 2 b. c.
skillscanning, Goal: To develop Ss’ reading skillscanning, that is, how to find out the clue of a story and motivate Ss to cooperate with each other.
Activity 3 Report (class work) Invite some group members to report their work to the whole class. overcome Ss’ Goal: To overcome Ss shyness and stimulate Ss to speak in public. Activity 4 Further understanding and word study (pair work) Encourage Ss to discuss the following Qs in pairs (A PowerPoint
will be used here to present some blank-filling exercises and multiple choices.) Q1: What does the word “this” in the last Para. but 3 refer to? A. sjkdfkjdk B. klklklkl C. opieporiwp D. jdlkjflkd Q2: What is the Chinese equivalent for the phrase “investing in loss”? A. B. C. D. Q3: The word “flawless” in Line 5 of Para.2 can be replaced by Q4: Which of the following statements is true or not true?
Goal: To help Ss to guess the meaning of certain unknown words and understand understand the passage exactly.
  4. Post-reading Activity1 Role-play(pair work)
Suppose one student is a … and the other …. Ss are encouraged to put themselves in the situation and make a face-to-face interview.
Activity2 Discussion (Group work) Topics may be : Q1: Do u want to be perfect? Q2: Do u think there is anyone in the world that is perfect? Q3: Look at the subtitle/title “Remind yourself”, remind yourself of what? Activity3 Poster-designing/Cartoon-designing/…(group work) postGoal: These post-reading activities are intended to develop Ss’ creative
thinking and get them to know the importance of …
  5. Homework Task 1 Write a summary of the passage (about 100 words) (Individual work) Goal: To spur Ss to consolidate what they have learned. Task 2 Look up some more information about … (Individual work) Encourage Ss to go to the school library or get on the Internet if possible to consult related English websites on the topic.
encourage Goal: To encourage Ss to study English spontaneously and independently after class, arouse Ss’ interest in traditional Chinese culture and develop Ss’ crossculture awareness and cross-culture communicative skills.
As for my blackboard-design, since time is limited, I’d like to give a brief introduction. Title Here is the form Here are some new words for Ss So much for my presentation. Thank u very much. Bye-bye.



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