08 年 6 月大学英语四级考试新题型的翻译题
  87.Our efforts will pay off if the result of this research (能 应用于新技术的开发)
  88. I can’t boot my computer now. Something .(一定出了毛病)
  89. Leaving one’s job, (不管是什么工作), is a difficult change, even for those who look forward to retire.
  90. (与我成长的地方相比), this town is more prosperous and exciting. did
  91. (直到他完成使命) he realize he was seriously ill.
  87. can be applied to/in the development of new technology.
  88. must be wrong./ must go wrong.
  89. no matter what job it is/ whatever job it is
  90. Compared with the place where I grew up
  91. Not until he had finished the mission Not until he had accomplished the task
07 年 12 月大学英语四级考试新题型的翻译题
  87. (多亏了一系列的新发明), doctors can treat this disease s uccessfully.
  88. In my sixties, one change I notice is that (我比以前更 容易累了).
  89. I am going to pursue this course, (无论我要作出什么样的牺牲).
  90. I would prefer shopping online to shopping in a department store because_ (它更加方便和省时).
  91.Many Americans live on credit, and their quality of life是用他 们能够借到多少来衡量的), not how much they can earn.
  87. Owing to (或 thanks to) a series of new inventions

  88. I am apt to 或 inclined to be more easily tired than before 89 no matter what/whatever sacrifices I will make
  90. The former is more convenient and time-saving.
  91. is weighed upon/is measured by/ is decided by how much they can borrow /
07 年 6 月大学英语四级考试新题型的翻译题

  87. The finding of this study failed to __(将人们的睡眠质量考虑在内).
  88. The prevent and treatment of AIDS is __(我们可以合作的领域).
  89. Because of the leg injury, the athlete __(决定退出比赛).
  90. To make donations or for more information, please_(按以下地址和我们联系).
  91. Please come here at ten tomorrow morning (如果你方便的话). 07/6
  87. take people's sleep quality into account/ consider people’s sleep quality.
  88. the field (where) we can cooperate / the field in which we can cooperate
  89. decided to quit the match
  90. contact us at the following address
  91. if it is convenient for you / at your convenience
06 年 12 月大学英语四级考试新题型的翻译题:
  87.Specialists in intercultural (适应不同文化中的生活) studies say that it is not easy to

  88.Since my childhood I have found that 比读书对我更有吸引力)
  89.The victim
(本来有机会活下来) if he had been taken to hospital in time.

  90.Some psychologists claim that people (出门在外时可能会感到孤独).
91The nation’s population continues to rise (以每年 1200 万人的速度). 06/12
  87. adapt to the life in the different culture
  88.nothing can(could) be more attractive than reading
  89.could have had a chance to survive
  90.may feel lonely when they go far away from home/ may feel lonely when they are away from home
  91. at a rate (speed)of twelve million per year
06 年 6 月大学英语四级考试新题型的翻译题 87 Having spent some time in the city, he had no trouble (找到去历史博物馆的路). 88 (为了挣钱供我上学), Mother often takes on more work than is good for her. 89 The professor required that (我们交研究报告)。
90 The more you explain, (我愈糊涂).
91 Though a skilled worker, (他被公司解雇了). 06/6
  87. finding the way to the history museum
  88. In order to support my studies (to finance my education)3
  89. we hand in our research report(s)
  90. the more confused I am
  91. he was fired by the company
  1.I have had great deal of trouble (跟得上班上的其他同学) .

  2. (我们没有人料到主席会出现) at the party. We thought he was still in hospital.

  3. A good many proposals were raised by the delegates,(正如预料的那 样).

  4. Most doctors recognize that medicine is as much(是一门科学, 也是一 门艺术).

  5. Some women (本来能够挣一份很好的工资) in a job instead of staying home, but they decided not to work for the sale of the family.

  6.Over a third of the population was estimated(无法获得) to the health service.

  7. Although punctual himself, the professor was quite used(习惯了学生 迟到) his lecture.

  8. The price of beer(从 50 美分到 4 美元不等) per liter during the summer season.

  9. We'd like (预订一张餐桌) five for dinner this evening.

  10. There's a man at the reception desk who seems very angry and I think he means(想找麻烦). 244

  1. keeping up with the rest of the class.

  2. none of us expected the chairman to turn up

  3. as was to be expected

  4. an art as it is a science

  5. could have made a good salary.

  6. to have no access

  7. to students' being late for

  8. ranges/varies from 50 cents to $4

  9. to reserve a table for

  10. to make trouble
  11. It may be necessary to stop(每隔...时间) in the learning process and go back to the difficult points in the lessons.

  12. The mad man was put in the soft-padded cell lest he (伤害自己).

  13. Jean did not have time to go to the concert last night because she was(忙着准备) her examination.

  14. The ship's generator broke down and the pumps(不得不用手工操作) instead of mechanically.

  15. Why didn't you tell me you could me the money? I (本来不必从银行 借钱的) 221

  16.By the time you get to New York, I(已经动身去) London.

  17. Buying clothes(是一件很耗时的工作), because those clothes that a person likes are rarely the ones that fit him or her.

  18. It's time(采取措施) about the traffic problem downtown.

  19. When I was very young, I was terribly frightened of school, but I soon(克 服了这种心理).

  20. Please don't stand in the kitchen, you're(挡路了).

  11. at intervals

  12. injure himself

  13. busy preparing for

  14. had to be operated manually

  15. needn't have borrowed it from the bank.

  16. shall have left for

  17. is often a very time-consuming job

  18. something was done/some measures were taken

  19. overcame it/got over it

  20. in the way
  21.There was a knock at the door. It was the second time someone (打扰我) that evening.

  22. (正是由于她太没有经验) that she does not know how to deal with the situation.

  23. When I (发现他骗我) I stopped buying thins there and started dealing with another shop.

  24. The manager would rather his daughter(不在一个办公室内工作).

  25. The sports meet originally due to be held last Friday(最终因天气不好而 取消了).

  26.I(将在做实验) from three to five this afternoon.

  27. How close parents are to their children(有很强的影响) the character of the children.

  28. But for his help, I (我不可能这么早完成).

  29. His remarks left me (想知道他的真实目的).

  30. Mark often(试图逃脱罚款) whenever he breaks traffic regulations.

  21. had interrupted me

  22. it is because she is too inexperienced

  23. caught him cheating me

  24. did not work in the same office

  25. was finally called off/cancelled because of the bad weather

  26. will be doing/conducting the experiment

  27. has a strong influence on

  28. would not have finished so early

  29. wondering about his real purpose

  30. attempts to escape being fined
  31.If this can't be settled reasonably, it may be necessary to(诉助武力).

  32. The room is in a terrible mess; it (肯定没打扫过).

  33. Everybody knows he(受到了冤枉指控).

  34. He wears a pair of sunglasses(惟恐被别人认出来).

  35. She never dreams of (被派到国外).

  36. If you won't agree to our plan,(他们也不会同意).

  37. I should say Henry is (与其说是个作家不如说是) as a reporter.

  38. (信不信由你), his discovery has created a stir in scientific circles.

  39. If you don't like to swim, you (不妨待在家里).

  40. Please be careful when you are drinking coffee in case you(弄脏了新地毯). 100

  31. resort to force

  32. can't have been cleaned

  33. was wrongly accused/charged

  34. for fear that he should be recognized

  35. being sent abroad

  36. neither will they

  37. not so much a writer

  38. Believe it or not

  39. may just as well stay at home

  40. stain the new carpet
  41.Frankly speaking, I'd rather you (不采取任何措施) about it for the time being.

  42. In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives(起着不可缺 少的作用) in raising children.

  43. John seems a nice person, (即使这样), I don't trust him.

  44. The fifth generation computers, with artificial intelligence,(正在研制) and perfected now.

  45. What a lovely party! It's worth(牢记一生).

  46.Though you stay in the sea for weeks, you will not(失去联系) the outside world.

  47. Cancer is (仅次于) heart disease as a cause of death.

  48. It is a pity that we should stay at home when we have (这么好的天气).

  49. I would (不会诉诸法律) a court of law if I hadn't been so desperate.

  50. John cannot afford to go to the university, (更不用说出国了).

  41. didn't do anything

  42. play indispensable roles

  43. Even so

  44. are being developed

  45. remembering all my life

  46. lose contact with

  47. second only to

  48. such fine weather

  49. have never resorted to

  50. not to speak of/not to mention/let alone going abroad
  51.I don't mind your(你延期做出决定) the decision as long as it is not too late.

  52. I suggested he (使自己适应)his new conditions.

  53. I have no objection(再听听你的故事).

  54. This popular sports car(正在生产出来)out at the rate of a thousand a week.

  55. (请你找张空白纸)and write your name at the top?

  51. delaying making

  52. should adapt himself to

  53. to hearing your story again

  54. is now being turned

  55. Could you take a blank sheet of paper?
  1. 他进步如此的快以至于通过了这次考试。
  2. 我毫不费力地解决了这个问题。
  3. 她以一种我们从未料到的方式讲话。
  4. 杰克由于政治原因被迫离开了家乡。
  5. 这些设想队你来说也许觉得奇怪。
  6. 正当我父亲翻阅晚报时,他突然惊讶地喊了一声。
  7. 到他们回来之时,我将完成我的工作了。
  8. 她因比赛时踝关节扭伤,呆在家里。
  9. 上星期他作了眼科检查。
  10. 男孩昨天说太阳比月亮要大。
  12. 有人告诉我这个消息。
  13. 这所公司是 2002 年成立的。

  14.2005 年我们家乡建造了一个电影院
  15. 一些新电脑在昨晚被盗了。 Answer:
  1. He made such rapid progress that he passed the exam.
  2. I had no trouble in solving this problem.
  3. She spoke in a way that we had never expected.
  4. Jack was forced to leave his home town for political reasons.
  5. These ideas may seem strange to you.
  6. My father was looking through the evening paper when he suddenly let out a cry of surprise.
  7. I shall have finished my work by the time they come back.
  8. She stays indoors because he sprained his ankle in one match.
  9. He had an eye test last week.
  10. The boy said the sun is bigger than the moon yesterday.
  11. This problem will be discussed at the next meeting.
  12. I was told the news.
  13. This company was set up in 20
  14. A cinema was built in our home town in 20
  15. Some new computers were stolen last night. 大学英语四级考试翻译题精选练习(
  1.(这个计划成功的关键) is good planning.
  2. The specific use of leisure(每一人都不同)
  3. The ship ' s generator broke down and the pumps( 不 得不用手工操作 ) instead of mechanically.

  4. Although punctual himself, the professor was quite used( 习 惯了学生迟到 ) his lecture.
  5. I prefer to communicate with my customers ( 通过写电子邮件而不是 打电话)
  6. After the terrorist attack, tourists ( 被劝告暂时不要去该国旅游)
  7.( 他把自己奉献于社区工作 ) and is passionate about what he is doing.
  8. Man should not exploit the natural resources ( 以牺牲其他物种为代 价 ).
  9. When Sandy recovered from cancer, her doctor ( 把此归因于她对未 来的信念 ).
  10. At the end of his speech, the school master encouraged the children to work hard ( 不要让父母失望 ).
  11. In the budget for this building, they failed to __( 考虑价格增长的因素 ).
  12. Only after I slapped



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