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191288886 杨小艳 杨筱雁 Short Conversations
  11. W: There were more than a hundred people at Kate's birthday party. How come she's got so many friends? M: It's really no surprise. You know she was popular even when she was a child Q: What does the man imply about Kate?

  12. M: They say there'll be a snow-storm tonight, and the cold weather will last quite a few days. W: Oh! We're so lucky, we'll be getting away for a while, and having a holiday in Florida. But let's call right now to confirm our flight. Q: What do we learn about the two speakers?

  13. W: Tony was awarded a medal for rescuing several families from the forest fire. M: I really admire his courage. Q: What do we learn about Tony from the conversation?

  14. M: My washing machine is more than fifteen years old and it has worked just fine until last night. W: You’ll never be able to get parts for it, even from Japan. So it might be time to invest a more recent model. Q: What does the woman suggest the man do?

  15. W: I heard about your promotion, you must be thrilled. M: Not really, the new office is huge, but the word load has doubled.
Q: What do we learn about the man from the conversation?

  16. W: I can’t decide what to do about the party tomorrow. M: You don’t have to go if you don’t want to, but I’ll be glad to give you a ride if you do. Q: What do we learn from the conversation?
  17. M: Now if you have any questions about the contract. I’ll be happy to answer them. W: Nothing comes to mind right now, but I’d like to go over all the articles of the contract once more before signing it. Q: What are the speakers doing right now?

  18. M: We are out of paper for the printer. Can you please order some? W: I completed the order form online yesterday and it will be here by noon. I’ll let you know when it comes in. Q: What did the woman do? Long Conversation Conversation One W: Bob, do you know who I saw the other day? Old Jake, looking terribly depressed. Did he get pensioned off at last? M: Yes. They made him retire after 50 years at sea. He is pretty upset about it, but what can you do? He really is pasted. W: He is all alone, isn’t he? M: Yes, his wife has been dead for years. They had one daughter, Dories. But she went off to town as soon as she left school. And he hasn’t heard from her since. I hear she is making good money as a model. W: Maybe someone could get in touch with her. Get her to come back for a while to help? M: I don’t suppose she come. She never got on with her father. He is bit of a tough character and she is rather selfish. Oh, I expect old Jake will get by. He is healthy at least, comes into a clinic for a check regularly. W: Are you his doctor? M: No, my partner doctor Johnson is.
W: That bad-tempered old thing? M: Oh, he isn’t bad-tempered. He just looks it. He is an excellent doctor, taught me a lot, and he has a very nice family. His wife invites me over there to supper every week. Very pleasant. W: yes. I teach their daughter Pen at school. She is a bit careless and lazy about her school work, but a bright little thing and very popular with her age group.
Questions 19 to 22 are based on the conversation you’ve just heard.
  19. Why does old Jake look terribly depressed?
  20. What do we learn about Jake’s wife?
  21. What does the man say about Jake’s daughter?
  22. What does the man say about Jake’s doctor?
Conversation Two W: Hello, Mr. Summerfield. How are you today? M: Very well. Thank you, Ms. Green. W: What can I do for you? M: Well, unfortunately, there is a problem with the order we received from you yesterday. It seems we haven’t seen the right quantity of manuals to support the telephone system. W: Oh, dear, that’s bad news. I’m very sorry to hear that, and you don’t know how many packs are without manuals? M: No, because we haven’t opened every pack. But in several of those that have been opened there are none, no manuals. W: I’m very sorry about this inconvenience, Mr. Summerfield. We’ll send out the manuals this afternoon by express mail entirely at our cost, and the manuals should arrive tomorrow or the day after at the latest. M: All of them, right? W: Yes. It maybe that some have them already, but we cannot be sure. So the best thing is to send out the manual for every pack. M: Yes. Yes, I see. That would be great. W: Please accept our apologies for this mix-up. I assure you we will do everything possible to find out why the mistake happened M: Right. Thanks for your swift action. W: Not at all. Thank you and goodbye for now. Do call if there is anything else. M: All right. Thank you. Goodbye, Ms Green. W: Goodbye.
Questions 23 to 25 are based on the conversation you’ve just heard.
  23. What problems are the speakers discussing?
  24. What does the woman promise to do?
  25. What does the man think of the solution?
Passage Passage 1 Attracting and feeding wild birds are entertaining activities that have long been enjoyed by people all over the world. Feeding birds has become so popular that prepared feed mixtures are readily available. We feed birds for many reasons. Many pleasant hours can come from watching birds. A hobby often develops into a serious study of their habits. Accurate identification of birds is usually the first goal. But observations that an amateur bird-watcher can make are really limitless. There is, however, responsibility associated with bird feeding, including a disease hazard. Attracting numbers of birds continually to the same spot can be harmful to them, particularly species that pick food from the ground contaminated by the droppings of other birds. In winter feeding efforts are most satisfying to people and are of greatest benefit to birds. During this time when fewer natural foods are available and air temperatures are lower, extra feeding can keep a bird warm and well. Once begun, feeding should never stop during these lean months. If you start a local increase of birds, be prepared to do what may be required to eliminate hazards to those you want to befriend. A constant supply of food should be given until the cold is over and spring has come. If feeding is stopped during severe weather, birds used to relying upon the feeders must starve.
Questions 26 to 28 are based on the passage you’ve just heard. Q26 What does the speaker say about bird watching? Q27 What does the speaker say about birds fed continually on the same spot? Q28 What does the speaker suggest we do in feeding birds in winter?
Passage 2 My friend Leo makes up weak and poor excuses whenever there is something he doesn’t want to do. Just two weeks ago, he was at my house when he
decided he didn’t want to go into work. He called his boss and said he had to get a new set of tires put on his truck. Then he sat down and watched TV with me. Not only had he lied but his excuse wasn’t a very convincing one. Another time, he cancelled a date with his girlfriend at the last minute telling her he had to get a new battery for his truck. She was angry and refused to go out with him again until he apologized. Last weekend, Leo offered the poorest excuse yet. He’d promised he’d help me move some furniture, from my parents’ house to my new apartment. He was supposed to bring his truck over about 8 o’clock Saturday morning. I waited, and then called and left a message on his machine. About 11:30, he called and said he was sorry but he’d been getting a new set of tires put on his truck. I guess he’d forgotten he used the same excuse when he called his boss from my house. I think I need a new set of friends. I’m beginning to get tired of Leo’s excuses.
Questions 29 to 31 are based on the passage you’ve just heard. Q29 What does the speaker tell us about her friend Leo? Q30 What did his girlfriend do when Leo canceled a date with her at the last minute? Q31 What favor did the speaker ask Leo to do last weekend?
Passage 3 In Hollywood, everybody wants to be rich, famous and beautiful. Nobody wants to be old, unknown and poor. For Hollywood kids, life can be difficult because they grow up such an unreal atmosphere. Their parents are ambitious and the children are part of the parents’ ambitions. Parents pay for wasteful grand parties, expensive cars and designer clothes. When every dream can come true, kids don’t learn the value of anything because they have everything. A thirteen-year-old boy, Trent Maguire, has a driver, credit cards and unlimited cash to do what he wants when he wants to. “One day, I’ll earn more than my dad!” he boasts. Parents buy care and attention for their children because they have no time to give it themselves. Amender’s mother employs a personal trainer, a bodyguard, a singing coach and a councilor to look after all her fifteen-year-old daughter’s needs. Often, there is no parent at home most days, so children decide whether to make their own meals or go out to restaurants, when to watch television or do homework. They organize their social life. They play no childhood games. They become adults before
they’re ready. Hollywood has always been the city of dreams. The kids there live unreal lives where money, beauty and pleasure are the only gods. Will children around the world soon start to think the same? Or do they already?
Questions 32 to 35 are based on the passage you’ve just heard. Q32 Why is life said to be difficult for Hollywood kids? Q33 What does the speaker say about Trent Maguire, a thirteen-year-old boy? Q34 Why does Amender’s mother employ other people to look after her needs? Q35 What will probably have negative effects on the lives of Hollywood kids?
Compound Dictation Around 120 years ago, Ebbinghaus began his study of memory. He concentrated on studying how quickly the human mind can remember information. One result of his research is known as the total time hypothesis, which simply mean the amount you learn depends on the time you spend trying to learn it. This can be taken as our first rule of learning. Although it is usually true that studying for 4 hours is better than studying for 1, there is still the question of how to use the 4 hours. For example, is it better to study for 4 hours straight or to study for 1 hour a day for 4 days in a row? The answer, as you may have suspected, is that it is better to spread out the study times. This phenomenon through which we can learn more efficiently by dividing our practice time is known as the distribution of practice effect. Thus, our second rule of learning is this. It’s better to study fairly briefly but often. But we are not finished yet. We haven’t considered how we should study over very short periods of time. Let’s say you are trying to learn some new and rather difficult English vocabulary using a stack of cards. Should you look at the same word in rapid succession or look at the word and then have some delay before you look at it again? The answer is it is better to space up the presentations of the word you are to learn.
本 文 来 自 : 恒 星 英 语 学 习 网 (www.Hxen.com) 详 细 出 处 参 考 : http://www.hxen.com/englishlistening/cet4/zhenti/2009-06-20/79884_
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Short Conversations

  11.M: I just received an Email from one of my former classmates. I was surprised, I hadn’t heard from him for ages. W: Well, I’ve been out of touch with most of my old friends, only one or two still drop me a line occasionally, Q: What does the woman mean?

  12. M: If you can make up your mind about the color, I can start on the outside of your house early next week. W: Well, right now I think I want white for the window frames and yellow for the walls, but I’ll let you know tomorrow. Q: Who is the woman talking to?

  13. W: Excuse me, do you have any apartments available for under 500 dollars a month? I need to move in next week when my new job starts. M: The only vacant one I have is 600 dollars, have you inquired at the apartment complex down the street? Q: What does the man suggest the woman do?

  14. W: You bought a pair of jeans yesterday, didn’t you? What are they like? M: Oh, they are pretty much like my other ones, except with a larger waist. I guess I haven’t spent much time exercising lately. Q: What can we infer from the conversation about the man?

  15. W: I really like those abstract paintings we saw yesterday. What do you think? M: I guess it’s something I haven’t acquired a taste for yet. Q: What does the man imply?

  16. W: You haven’t seen a blue notebook, have you? I hope I didn’t leave it in the reading room. M: Did you check that pile of journals you’ve borrowed from the library the other day? Q: What is the man trying to say to the woman?

  17. M: How about joining me for a cup of coffee? W: I’d love to, but I’m exhausted. I was up till 3 this morning, writing a paper for my literature class. Q: Why does the woman decline the man’s invitation?

  18. W: You had a job interview yesterday, didn’t you? How did it go? M: Not too bad, I guess. There were about 20 candidates competing for the sales manager’s job. And finally it was down to three of us, but the other two seemed better qualified. Q: What does the man imply?
长对话 1
F: Simon, how does it feel to be retired? M: Well, not so bad. F: How have you been spending your time?
M: I have been spending more time with my fam



   Listening Practice 1.扎实的语言基本功 扎实的语言基本功 2.预测、综合判断能力 预测、 预测 3.学会用英语思维 学会用英语思维 4.有关学科及社会背景知识 4.有关学科及社会背景知识 5.恰当的选择练习资料 恰当的选择练习资料 1.扎实的语言基本功 扎实的语言基本功 听力理解技巧是建立在听力理解水平基 础上的, 础上的,而听力理解水平是通过听力理 解能力来体现的,它包括记忆和回想的 解能力来体现的,它包括记忆和回想的 能力、选择要点的能力、 能力、选择要点的能力、推断 ...


   大学英语四级听力技巧 按照新的教学大纲的要求,六级学生在学完 1-6 级基础阶段的英语课程后, 对所给的英语口头材料应达到一定的理解程度。对题材熟悉,内容浅于课文,基 本上无生词、语速每分钟为 150 个单词的材料,一遍可以听懂,准确率不低于 70%。 通过对历年试卷的听力部分所作的题项分析,充分表明考生听力的高低完全取 决于他们是否具备了以下 4 个方面的基础: 一. 坚实的语言基础 二. 一定的文化背景知识 三. 基本的听力技能 四. 正确有效的听音习惯 听力材料的选材原则一般基于以下三 ...


   合练习听力的英文歌适合练习听力的英文歌 1 沉默之声 The Sound Of Silence 2 爱的细语 There's A Kind Of Hush 3 阳光季节 Seasons In The Sun 4 唱首忧郁的歌 Song Sung Blue 5 在老橡树上系黄丝带 Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree 6 雨的旋律 Rhythm of The Rain 7 七个寂寞的日子 Seven Lonely Days 8 超级迷你比基尼 I ...

英语 四级 听力

   Name: Morpheus Zhao (赵默芝) Sex: 非 male Birthplace: Chairman Mao’s fellow provincial Age: 365 months 365 days Experience: Decade as a Teacher; Tri - years as a Mother Nationality : Stand with the Majority Profession: “the of Human Soul” Hobby: Daydre ...


   Short Conversation 11. W: Just imagine! We have to finish reading 300 pages before Monday! How can the professor expect us to do it in such a short time? M: Yeah, but what troubles me is that I can’t find the book in the library or in the universit ...


   大学英语四级考试听力复习四大技巧 (一)调整心理状态 一 调整心理状态 考试中的心理偏差有两种,一是过于放松,难以集中注意力,总是想起别的东西,无法抓住听力内容的关键词; 二是过于紧张,心跳加快,手心出汗,有头晕的感觉。出现前一种情况的同学要加强训练,找一个与考试环境相似的 教室,模仿真实的考试场景,逐渐进入状态;出现后一种情况的同学可能是对自己的能力估计不足,心中无数,有一 种惧怕心理。这就要从自身做起,平时加强听力训练,做到有的放矢,弥补弱项。从而充满自信,保持心理稳定。在 考前,把指令 ...


   历届英语四级听力原题或原文(2007-2009) 历届英语四级听力原题或原文 2007 年 6 月英语四级听力材料 11.W: Did you watch the 7 o* clock program on channel 2 yesterday evening? I was about to watch it when someone came to see me. M: Yeah! It reported some major breakthrough in cancer researc ...


   11.W: Did you watch the 7 o* clock program on channel 2 yesterday evening? I was about to watch it when someone came to see me. M: Yeah! It reported some major breakthrough in cancer research. People over 40 would find a program worth watching. Q: ...


   科技信息 。外语论坛o 2009年第19期 浅谈英语四级听力 王少峰 (海南医学院海南海口571 101) 【摘要】在如今的国际以及国内形势下.对于所有非英语专韭大学生来说,英语俨然也成为了一仃.必修妊须掌握的学科.而全国大学英 语四级考试也成为了测试众多非英语专业大学生英语水平的一个重要的标尺。在大学英语四级之中.导致学生失分多.拉分大的部分往往是 听力理解。本文针对大学英语四级考试听力部分各个题型的介绍与分析.提出相应的学习方法.希望可以帮助大学生在英语听力学习方面提 供更多可行的好方法 ...


   2008.6.21英语四级听力原文材料(完整版) 第一部分 Now let's begin with the eight short conversations. Q11.--Today's a bad day for me.I fell off a step and twisted my ankles. --Don't worry.Usually ankle injuries heal quickly if you stop regular activities for a while. W ...



   校园英语幽默 1. Two Birds Teacher: Here are two birds, one is a swallow, the other is sparrow. Now who can tell us which is which? Student: I cannot point out but I know the answer. Teacher: Please tell us. Student: The swallow is beside the sparrow and ...


   英语音标表(英语国际音标表,δ找舯辏 短元音 [ι] [Ε] [Ο] [υ] [? [ε] [Θ] 单元音 长元音 [ι:] [Ε:] [Ο:] [υ:] [Α:] 双元音 [ει] [αι] [Οι] [αυ] [Ευ] [ιΕ] [ΧΕ] [υΕ] 清浊成对 清辅音 [π] [τ] [κ] [Φ] [Τ] [σ] [τσ] [τρ] [Σ] [τΣ] 的辅音 其它辅音 浊辅音 [Β] [δ] [Γ] [? ["] [ζ] [δζ] [δρ] [Ζ] [δΖ] [Η] [Μ] [ν] [Ν ...


   英语四六级考试成绩统计方法 平均级点分: 全国大学英语四, 六级考试的目的是考核学生的英语能力是否达到了大学英语教学大 纲规定的要求,主要是对考生个体英语能力作出评价,但同时也折射出各校,各省,市及全 国对大学英语教学大纲的执行情况.迄今为止,大学英语四,六级考试有效地促进了全国大 学英语教学的改革和发展. 大学英语四, 六级考试的成绩也因而常被用作对学校教学情况进 行评价的依据,但利用的往往只是累计通过率这一项指标. 考试委员会认为,全国大学英语四,六级考试的成绩能够说明某个学生群体(班级 ...


   Unit 1 III. 1. idle 2. justify 3. discount 4. distinct 5. minute 6.accused 7. object 8. contaminate 9. sustain 10. worship IV. 1. accusing... of 2. end up 3. came upon 4. at her worst 5. pay for 6. run a risk of 7. participate in 8. other than 9. o ...


   浅析如何提高中学生英语的学习效率 摘要:新课程高中英语教学实际面临许多困惑,如何提高学生的学习效率是一个急需解决的重要问题。 摘要:新课程高中英语教学实际面临许多困惑,如何提高学生的学习效率是一个急需解决的重要问题。 笔者认为明确现状,立足教学实际,利用激励手段引导学生建立自主学习合作学习, 笔者认为明确现状,立足教学实际,利用激励手段引导学生建立自主学习合作学习,探究学习的学习方 加强教学反思可以有效地提高学生的学习效率。 式,加强教学反思可以有效地提高学生的学习效率。 关键词: 关键词: ...