英语写作技巧及范文 Sample writing
  1. Will Computers Replace Us ? Outline:
  1.今天计算机正在创造 奇迹。似乎迟早要代替人。
  3.因此,离开人,它是无所作为的。 Will Computers Replace Us ? We are in the computer age today. The computers are working all kinds of wonders now. They are very useful in automatic control and data processing. At the same time, computers are finding their way into home. They seem to be so clever and can solve such complicated problems that some people think sooner or later they’ll replace us. But I don’t think that there is such a possibility. My reason is very simple: computers are machines, not humans. And our tasks are far too various and complicated for any one single kind of machine to perform. Probably the greatest difference between man and computer is that the former can do things of his own accord while the latter can do nothing but an extension of our human brains, no matter how clever and complicated they may become. Sample writing
How to Deal with Peer Pressure? College students are often obsessed by peer pressure from their classmates or schoolmates. Facing others’ hard work and good performance in academic and other aspects, many students feel great pressure. Then, how to deal with this kind of peer pressure? The following measures can be taken. First, you should take a careful look at your present level and set a practical object. You needn’t always compare yourselves with those on the top and just make your efforts towards your object. Second, under peer pressure, you shouldn’t feel discouraged and pressed. Instead, you should make it your motivation for harder work. Finally, if you find pressure is nearly beyond your control, you’d better turn to professional psychological guidance.
As a college student, I have no way to avoid peer pressure, so I try to figure out the way to do with it well. I set my own goal, including my practical level and my position among the peers. Because of my focus on my own goal, I have no time and energy to think about the pressure. So I’m little troubled by it. To conclude, we should not escape from peer pressure, but learn to make best use of it, since it can hardly be avoided. Sample writing 3 Volunteer Teaching in the West
  1. 每年,高校许多大学生受到鼓舞去贫困地区支教。
  2. 支教活动的意义。
  3. 我的看法。 Every year, college students are inspired to help students with their study in underdeveloped areas in china. They have been trying their best to impart knowledge and offering help to those students who are so eager to learn. This volunteer practice has been beneficial in two aspects. On one hand, college volunteers are really devoted to the cause. They have opened the eyes of students in underdeveloped regions to the outside world by bringing them new knowledge and thoughts. As a result, they are extremely welcome and respected by the children there. On the other hand, college students have received a rigorous training by adapting to the harsh living conditions. They are learning how to deal with difficulties and face challenges as well. What’s more, by any means, this volunteer experience will be always a valuable asset in his or her life. In my opinion, every Chinese citizen is responsible for the development of education in China. And we college students should take the lead in response to the appeal for offering aid to children in poor areas. Sample writing 4 College Students Should Attend Physical Exercise Physical exercise is a necessary part of college life. However, still some college students do not like to attend sports activities, they think those activities waste their time and influence their study. Indeed, it is very unwise for college students to keep distance from physical exercise because physical exercise is not harmful but good to them.
College students can benefit a lot from physical exercise. First of all, attending physical sports can help students build a strong body, and keep abounding energy. Moreover, physical exercise is an effective way to relief pressure and keep a pleasant move. Besides, by attending physical activities, students can have chances to contact and communicate with others which can help them improve their social skills. Nowadays, all colleges and universities have provided many sports facilities for students to do physical exercises, students can chose freely according to their interests and needs. As for me, I am keen on all kinds of ball games, especially football and basketball. From these games, I have gained a lot, and enjoined great pleasure. To conclude, physical exercise is beneficial to every college students, and therefore do not hesitate to attend sports activities. Sample writing
  5. 2009 年 12 月英语四级作文范文 作文题目:
  3. 建设校园十分重要 不仅是绿色环境 我们应该怎么办
高分版范文(昂立): 高分版范文(昂立): On the Importance of Campus Construction Campus is the place where university students spend most of their daily life through the four-year’s study. Hence, campus construction is of vital importance not only to the physical development of students but to their mental health as well. Concerning campus construction, it doesn’t exclusively involve green environment preservation and protection, such as planting more trees and flowers, which makes campus an ecological and natural resort, but advocating green products. For example, students are encouraged to avoid using disposable plastic containers in campus dining hall and recycle wasted batteries and other electrical products properly. In addition to the environmentally friendly practice, we shall make every effort to improve the moral standard and ethical level of university students in order to create a civilized atmosphere for the sake of students’ mental health. For example, students will be severely punished in case of cheating in exams and plagiarizing in academic papers. As a university student, not only shall we increase our awareness of the importance of green environment on campus but also we take prompt action to purify the campus atmosphere and make it more harmonious。 高分版范文(新东方): 高分版范文(新东方): Nowadays, campus construction has been brought into focus. According to a survey, almost all the schools and colleges are rebuilding their campus: not only the teaching buildings but also
the circumstances. In this essay, I will discuss the importance of campus construction and offer my own view on it. A lot of efforts have been made to better the campus environment, in particular, the construction of a green campus. Many colleges have taken serious measures to build environmental friendly campus, such as lawns, artificial pools, and tree-lined roads. However, in my view, this is only the initial step and we can do more. To begin with, the schools and colleges may implement strict regulation of waste on campus: no matter the leftovers in canteens or the litter in classrooms. Moreover, on the student side, we can use green bags instead of disposable plastic bags and use more recycling chopsticks and bowls. In addition, the most important thing for everyone is that we should raise our awareness of environmental protection。 Sample writing
  6. 据国务院发布的:限塑令”,自 2008 年 6 月 1 日起,在所有超市、商场实行塑料购物袋有偿 使用制度,超市、商场一律不得免费提供塑料购物袋。请你写一篇英语短文,要求包括以下 内容: 现状:目前中国每天消费近 30 亿个塑料袋,造成了严重的资源浪费和环境污染; 限塑令的意义:减少塑料袋使用量,提高公众的环保意识; 提倡:重拎布袋子,重提菜篮子。 As we all know, white trash mainly refers to the plastic bags we consume everyday. And this pollution has been affecting us for many years. It is reported that 3 billion plast ic bags are used on a daily basis. Fortunately, the government has taken measures to deal with the increasingly serious problem. A new ban was launched not quite long ago that plastic shopping bags are no longer free. This ban is significant in the following aspects. First of all, it contributes to the redu ced quantities of plastic bags and therefore can relieve the pressure of white trash on the environment. Furthermore, the environmental awareness will be strengthened and thus benefit other aspects of the environmental protection.
In all, we have only one earth, which doesn’t belong to our generation only. It’s the responsibility for every individual to take actions to protect it. Let’s use more cloth bags, baskets instead of plastic bags. Only by taking actions can we really rescue our mother earth from being drown in the trash.
Sample writing
Fast Food
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the t opic Fast Food. Your composition should be based on the Outline given below:



Fast Food
Fast food is becoming more and more popular in China, especially among children a nd teenagers. Today, nothing is more representative of the fast pace of modern society tha n fast food. There are several reasons for its popularity. First, it is quick and convenient. Go into a fast food restaurant, and your food will be ready in a minute. You can satisfy your hunger instantly. Precious time won't be wasted in waiting-in-line to order or waiting at your table for your food to arrive. Second, its popularity is also attributed to the clea n food, the excellent service and the comfortable environment of the fast food restaurant.
However, I think that fast food isn't healthy enough because it does not compose a b alanced diet and is low in nutrition. Doctors suggest that people should avoid eating too
much fast food. Although home cooking is time-consuming and following washing-u p tire some, it offers healthy and delicious meals your body likes and needs.
Sample writing
  8. Friendship Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the t opic: What does friendship mean? You should write at least 120 words and you should b ase your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:
  3.友谊的重要性。 What does friendship mean? There is no definite answer. An eternal theme in literatu re, friendship is also indispensable in daily life. Friendship is to our life what salt is to dasher. When you are happy, friendship is ju st like adding flowers on the brocade; when you are sad, friendship is a dose of consolati on; if you are in trouble, friends will surround you and remove the barriers for you; if y ou have a hard nut to crack, you can turn to friends for help. We admire the great friend ship between Marx and Engel, which firmly combined them and pushed them forward on the road to exploring and fulfilling Communism. Friendship isn't almighty, but no one can live happily without it.
Sample writing
My View on the Income Gap
  1. 收入差距悬殊是当前社会的一种现象


  3. 我的看法
Sample writing
Now the income gap is getting wider and wider. In some privately owned firms, joi nt-ventures, ors foreign-fund companies, an executive’s yearly income is ten times or even a hundred times as much as an ordinary worker’s.
Faced with this situation, people will undoubtedly have different opinions. Some beli eve that it benefits the social and economic development since driving force is often deriv ed from the gap. In other words, the gap inspires people and gives a push to advancemen t. Others speak of its side effect: income gap is often the root of social unrest and also c ontrary to our country’s principle.
From my point of view, while it is true that the income gap may stimulate the so cial development to some extent, it causes trouble as well. An income gap that is too wid e for most people to bear can neither contribute to the stability of a country nor promote its economic development. Therefore, while we are advocating the rapid development of our country, we should tolerate the narrow income gap but narrow the wide one.
Sample writing
How long Should the National Holiday Be?
  1. 有些人认为长假好,有些人认为短假好
  2. 我认为......
  3. 我建议有关部门……
How long Should the National Holiday Be?
It goes without saying that some people prefer long vacations because they can have enough time to do things that cannot be finished within a short time .During a long vacation, they may make a complicated experiment, carry out an involved investigation or go to a faraway place for some necessary field work. Taking a full time job to earn money for one or two months is another benefit the long vacation provides and sometimes a good academic thesis with a considerable length needs a long vacation. What is more, those who favor short vacations also have understandable reasons. For two or three weeks' rest is adequate for students to refresh themselves without forgetting the lessons that are to be continued next semester. Short vacations also mean to rest three times a sch



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