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  31. Advantages of Trying New Things
It is widely accepted that one is more likely to succeed at things he already knows how to do well.However,to limit ourselves to doing only those things we are good at will make us miss many opportunities to develop other interests and skills.Therefore,sometimes it is necessary for us to try some new things and take some rests.Though we have the risk of failure when trying new things,we can get many advantages from it. Firstly,the process of trying a new thing is a rewarding experience,from which we may feel a different world.Secondly,even if we fail,we can still absorb experience and lessons from the trying process and our failure.Thirdly,if it turns out that we succeed at this new try,we'll get great pleasure and confidence.Finally,it is impossible for us to never fail even if we do only what we are familiar with.We don't know when we'll meet the situation we can't control.With experience of trying new things,when facing unexpected situations,we can deal with them better. Condidering the above mentioned,we needn't be afraid of new things but should bravely try them.But it is worth noting that trying new things bravely does not mean acting rashly and blindly.We should take full account before we are ready to try new things.

  32. Holiday Economy
As we see, the extended holidays have caused unexpected great travel craze and brisk economic activities.But there are many debates on the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of holiday economy.Many people,especially some economists,are in favor of the holiday economy.They believe that tourism-based holiday economy has raised consumption and helped to spur the domestic demands.In addition,transportation,catering,hotels and service industries become flourishing during long holidays. However,many others argue that the holiday economy do more harm than
good.First,the travel craze puts a heavy burden on the traffic system.Second,thousands of tourists full scenic spots causing over crowdedness and safety problems. As to me,I believe the advantages of holiday economy outweigh its disadvantages.After all,holiday economy greatly benefits the development of our overall economy.Besides,consumers can enjoy more colourful commodities and more preferential policies provided by the merchants.But the government should take effective measures to reduce the side effects of holiday economy.

  33. Education For All
Nowadays in China,the limit to candidates for college entrance examination is not so strict as before. People of all ages and even married people can take the examination and have a chance of becoming a college student. The new regulation has many advantages. Firstly,it provides more people with chances to receive high education. There are many people who have once lost the chance to enter a college for some reason. Now they can pick up their own dreams of being a college student. Secondly,it will introduce more students with different backgrounds and the abilities for colleges and universities. Finally,it stimulates competition and promotes the candidates to work harder. However,relaxing the limit of age and marriage might bring some problems. For one thing,married students have to take care of the family and children, which brings more difficulties for school management. For another,there might be a gap between the elder students and the other young students. Therefore,more attention should be paid to the enrollment of those people of other age groups and married persons.

  34.Parental Hopes and Personal Ideals
All parents hope their children will have a bright future. However, parents’ expectations for their children are not always in accordance with their children’s personal ideals, and sometimes they are even
conflicting with each other. This is often a main cause for quarrels and gaps between parents and children. But what lead to the conflict between parental hopes and personal ideals? The following three factors contribute to the conflict. First of all, in this fast-changing society, parents and children have too many differences in mind. Secondly, traditional patriarchy is still influencing Chinese parents in modern society. They are used to making decisions for their children. Third, nowadays young people have strong independence, who want to plan their own future and control their own destiny. Thus the conflict between parents and children inevitably appear. In order to solve the conflict, both parents and children should pay their efforts. For one thing, parents should give their children rights to make their own decisions. They may help their children make choices instead of replacing them to make choices. For another, children should learn to respect their parents’ advices since parents tend to have more life experience. Besides, to communicate with each other actively is necessary to their understanding each other. As long as both parents and children learn to think from the other side’s point of view, the conflicts between them can be avoided

  35.Does e-mail make people get closer or drift apart?
Nowadays, more and more people are exchanging a great variety of imformation by using electronic mails instead of traditional ways of mailing letters. Some people think that e-mail makes relationships among people closer, while some others maintain that makes people drift apart. Those who hold the former opinion insist that the appearence of e-mail makes communication quicker and more convenient. By e-mail people can deliver more information including pictures and sounds. However, some others think e-mail with the same format and printfont includes less emotion, then traditional letters written by hand. Most people use e-mails to deliver information instead of feelings. From my point of view, e-mail does bring great convenience for people, but it is not a better way to express our feelings than traditional letters. Our hand-writing on the paper can deliver much emotion. Therefore, when you want to express your love and care to someone, writing a letter to
her or him by hand is a wise choice.

  36.How to improve public morals?
Nowadays there are still many behaviors against public morality, such as spiting or littering in public places, cutting in line, wasting water or electricity and so on.来源:http://www.hxen.com One of the main reasons for these immoral behaviors is that some people lack personal manners and public consciousness. Actually these small things in many people's eyes have brought great bad effects on our community. Above all, these immoral behaviors disturb social order and disrupt socialsbility. Moreover, one's violating public morality not only evades others' benefits but also does harm to himself. For example, if most people buy pirated products, those original producers will suffer great damage and might lose the enthusiasm to continue their producing. Which in turn, influences consumers taking the profits into consideration, I think it is high time that we would take more effective measures to improve public morals. First of all, education plays a very vital role. We must utilize education to make people know their behaviors influence on the society and follow public morals consciously. Besides the government should improve the administration system and ensure the efficient improvement of administration measures.

  37.A Food Poisoning Accident
Last month, I witnessed a food poisoning accident happening to my classmates. At that time the situation was really very dangerous and urgent. Though finally they got out of danger, this accident is still vivid in my mind. 恒星英语学习网 http://www.Hxen.com That day was Julie’s birthday, one of my classmates. In order to celebrate it, her roommates bought a big birthday cake for her from a supermarket nearby. They shared the cake happily. However, after a while, all of them felt abdominal pain, nausea and dizziness. Two of them even cannot stand up because of great pain. We rushed to send them to the
hospital. It turned out that the cake they ate had expired its guarantee period. Futunately, due to timely treatment, they all recovered very soon. However, this accident leaves me a deep ponder. I think it is very urgent to take effective measures to improve food safety. Firstly, the government should strengthen supervision and administration on food safety. More importantly, to those who immoral businessmen, more strict punishment should be given. Besides, we consumers should be more careful in buying food. Only in this way can we make sure that no same accident happens.

  38.Internet and Privacy
Internet has penetrated into all the aspects of our life and work. We can study and work by it. We can find a job by it. We can communicate by it. We can entertain by it. We can buy and sell by it. We can do almost everything on Internet, and almost anywhere, anytime. However, at the same time Internet provides services for us, it is inevitably invading our privacy to some degree. The services on most websites require our registry. If we want to enjoy these services, we have to provide much private much private information, including our names, genre, address, telephone number and sometimes bank accounts. Due to the poor Internet administration and weak network security, our information might be open, stolen or sold. Even sometimes the information will be misused by the criminals.来源:www.hxen.com Considering the above mentioned, we must enhance the alertness when using the Internet. First, when we need Internet service, we should always log on those big legal websites. Second, if the service requires important private information, you should think twice before you type in it.

Show Your Love to Victims in Wenchuan Earthquake May 20th, 2008 Dear Students, On the 12th of May in 2008, an incredible and unknown earthquake suddenly hit Wenchuan in Sichuan Province, which caused both financial and life loss in a large number. The awful result and influence are beyond
people’s estimate. Now people there are suffering from poor living conditions such as lack of clean water, food as well as health problems. Moreover, they are putting up with pains of losing their loved ones and their homes. Despite many difficulties, the local people are striving to reestablish their hometown out of the ruins. So it’s high time that we should show our love to the victims there, such as donating money and materials. If you are willing to give a hand, please contact us at the number 23533316 in the day time and 23533317 at night. Join us in the action and extend our love in the spirit that there is any possible difficulties. Thank you!来源:www.hxen.com Sincerely, yours Students' Union

  40. Learn to Be Grateful
Nowadays, quite a few college students lack conciousness of being grateful. They turn to take such things for granted, as parents supporting them, teachers helping them, and waiters serving them. They are even mean to say "Thank you" to others. This phenomenon has caused great attention from the whole society. The following reasons can account for the lack of gratefulness conciousness. First of all, unsound family education plays an important role. Many parents turn to pay too much attention to children's academic performance, but ignore their value orientation. Moreover, schools don't input enough time and money in moral education. Besides, nowadays, college students get so much love that they are insenstive to others' care and help. Considering the seriousness of the problem, it is high time to take effective measures to strengthen college students conciousness of being grateful. First, parents should improve self-quality and influence children by their own behaviors. Second, our society and schools must increase input in moral education, and try to build the atmosphere of being grateful. Finally, we college students should learn to express our gratefulness to people around us, just beginning from the simple "Thank you".

  41.The Moonlight Clan
Nowadays, more and more people, especially the young are joining in the army of “the moonlight clan”. These people exhaust their earnings every month without any savings. Many people think this is a fashionable life style, while more other people object to this kind of consumption style. Those who support “the moonlight clan” think that those people know how to enjoy life and have a higher life quality. However, more other people criticize “the moonlight clan”. They say that the consumption habit of “the moonlight clan” is unhealthy and sometimes wasteful. In addition, no savings will place “the moonlight clan” in a difficult position in case of unexpected expenses. 恒星英语学习网 Weighing these two arguments, I prefer to the latter one. In my eyes, though “the moonlight clan” may acquire temporary satisfaction from their consumption, in the long term, it is unfavorable to their family and career. Just as a proverb says, one should always prepare for a rainy day.

  42.Young People Should Have Ideals
What are you going to do when you grow up? When I was a child, people often asked me this question about the ideal. Undoubtedly, every individual, especially a young person, should have an ideal. Hardly can we find any great people we know ideal when they were young. An ideal is a vital importance to one's growth and success. On the one hand, an ideal is the target of one's life. Onc



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