100 个经 句
  1. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent is the American antelope, or pronghorn.
  1./ , 称 角 , 该 陆 动 。
  2. Of the millions who saw Haley’s comet in 1986, how many people will live long enough to see it return in the twenty-first century.
  2. 1986 看见 当 , 够长寿 它 纪 归 ?
  3. Anthropologists have discovered that fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise are universally reflected in facial expressions.
  3.V 类学家们 经发现,恐惧, 乐, 伤 惊 会 ,这 类 共 。
  4. Because of its irritating effect on humans, the use of phenol as a general antiseptic has been largely discontinued.
  4.8 苯酚对 带 激 ,它 当 剂 。
  5. In group to remain in existence, a profit-making organization must, in the long run, produce something consumers consider useful or desirable.
  5.wr 组织 , 终 须 产 费 可 产 。 The greater the population there is in a locality, the greater the need there is for water, transportation, and disposal of refuse. n 个 口 , 对 ,交 垃 处 求 会 。
  7. It is more difficult to write simply, directly, and effectively than to employ flowery but vague expressions that only obscure one’s meaning.
  7.简 , , 写 难 , 义 达。
  8. With modern offices becoming more mechanized, designers are attempting to personalize them with warmer, less severe interiors.
  8.随 现 办公 动 ,设计师们 试图 较为温 严肃 内 饰来 具 亲 感。
  9. The difference between libel and slander is that libel is printed while slander is spoken.
  9.诽谤 区别 书 , 口头 。
  10. The knee is the joints where the thigh bone meets the large bone of the lower leg.
  10. 盖 骨 胫 连 处。
  11. Acids are chemical compounds that, in water solution, have a sharp taste, a corrosive action on metals, and the ability to turn certain blue vegetable dyes red.
  11.jn 种 ,它 时具 强 气 对 属 蚀 ,并 够 蓝 变红。
  12. Billie Holiday’s reputation as a great jazz-blues singer rests on her ability to give emotional depth to her songs.
  12. Billie Holiday’s 为 个 鲁 乐杰 歌 声建 够赋 歌曲感 。
  13. Essentially, a theory is an abstract, symbolic representation of what is conceived to be reality.
  13.? 论 质 对认识 现实 种 号 达。

  14. Long before children are able to speak or understand a language, they communicate through facial expressions and by making noises.
  14.儿 说 懂语 , 久 会 过 发 声来与 交 。
  15. Thanks to modern irrigation, crops now grow abundantly in areas where once nothing but cacti and sagebrush could live.
  15.o 当 灌溉(9 术设 )X 赐,农 来 荞属科 长。
  16. The development of mechanical timepieces spurred the search for more accurate sundials with which to regulate them.
  16.机械计时 发 们寻求更 晷, 校 机械计时 。
  17. Anthropology is a science in that anthropologists use a rigorous set of methods and techniques to document observations that can be checked by others.
  17.V 类学 门科学, 为 类学家 强 术来记录观测结果, 这样记录 来 观 测结果 供 查 。
  18. Fungi are important in the process of decay, which returns ingredients to the soil, enhances soil fertility, and decomposes animal debris.
  18.真菌 过 , 过 将 学 质 馈 , 高 ,并 动 粪 。
  19. When it is struck, a tuning fork produces an almost pure tone, retaining its pitch over a long period of time.
  19. 敲击时,产 纯质 调, 经久 。
  20. Although pecans are most plentiful in the southeastern part of the United States, they are found as far north as Ohio and Illinois.
  20.虽 树 国 东 诺 看见它们。
  21. Eliminating problems by transferring the blame to others is often called scape-goating.
  21./ 怪 别 办 来 决问题 称为寻 。
  22. The chief foods eaten in any country depend largely on what grows best in its climate and soil.
  22.n 个国家 么, 决 么 气 条件 长 。
  23. Over a very large number of trials, the probability of an event’s occurring is equal to the probability that it will not occur.
  23.5 实验 , 件发 它 发 。
  24. Most substance contract when they freeze so that the density of a substance’s solid is higher than the density of its liquid.
  24.5 数 质 缩, 们 固态时高 态。
  25. The mechanism by which brain cells store memories is not clearly understood.
  25.5 脑细 储 记忆 机 并 为 。
  26. By the middle of the twentieth century, painters and sculptors in the United States had begun to exert a
great worldwide influence over art.
  26.Gf(=n! 纪 , 国画家
界 围内对艺术产

  27. In the eastern part of New Jersey lies the city of Elizabeth, a major shipping and manufacturing center.
  27.* 丽 , 个 运 业 , 泽 东 。
  28. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman medical doctor in the United States, founded the New York Infirmary, an institution that has always had a completely female medical staff.
  28. Elizabeth Blackwell, 国 个 医 ,创建 员工 为 纽约诊 。
  29. Alexander Graham Bell once told his family that he would rather be remembered as a teacher of the deaf than as the inventor of the telephone.
  29. Alexander Graham Bell O 告诉家 , 更 让 记 聋 师, 电话 发 。
  30. Because its leaves remain green long after being picked, rosemary became associated with the idea of remembrance.
  30.n 树 绿 , 们 树与怀 联系 。
  31. Although apparently rigid, bones exhibit a degree of elasticity that enables the skeleton to withstand considerable impact.
  31.骨头看 来 硬 , 它 弹 , 骨 够 当 击。
  32. That xenon could not FORM chemical compounds was once believed by scientists.
  32.科学家 :氙气 。 Research into the dynamics of storms is directed toward improving the ability to predict these events and thus to minimize damage and avoid loss of life. 对风 动 学 研究 为 高风 预测从 减 损 , 员伤 。 The elimination of inflation would ensure that the amount of money used in repaying a loan would have the same value as the amount of money borrowed. 7f 货 胀应 还贷 钱应与 贷款 价值 。
  35. Futurism, an early twentieth-century movement in art, rejected all traditions and attempted to glorify contemporary life by emphasizing the machine and motion.
  35. 来 义, 纪 个艺术 。拒绝 传统,试图 过强调机械 动态来 。
  36. One of the wildest and most inaccessible parts of the United States is the Everglades where wildlife is abundant and largely protected.
  36. Everglades 国境内 为 区 , 处 动 (=? )f 护。
  37. Lucretia Mott’s influence was so significant that she has been credited by some authorities as the originator of feminism in the United States.
  37. Lucretia Mott’s ^ 响巨 , 权 门认 她为 国 权运动 创 。
  38. The activities of the international marketing researcher are frequently much broader than those of the domestic marketer.

  38.国际 场研究
动 围
较国内 场研究

  39. The continental divide refers to an imaginary line in the North American Rockies that divides the waters flowing into the Atlantic Ocean from those flowing into the Pacific.
  39.5 陆 矶 线,该线 区 开来。
  40. Studies of the gravity field of the Earth indicate that its crust and mantle yield when unusual weight is placed on them.
  40.对 球 研究 , 寻 负 壳 会发 。
  41. The annual worth of Utah’s manufacturing is greater than that of its mining and farming combined.
  41.A 它 业 产值 工业 农业 总 。
  42. The wallflower is so called because its weak stems often grow on walls and along stony cliffs for support.
  42.墙 叫墙 , 为 干经 墙 顺 长, 。
  43. It is the interaction between people, rather than the events that occur in their lives, that is the main focus of social psychology.
  43.E 会 学 与 间 交 , 们各 件。
  44. No social crusade aroused Elizabeth Williams’ enthusiasm more than the expansion of educational facilities for immigrants to the United States.
  44.给 国 加教 设 会运动 更 激发 Elizabeth Williams 热 。
  45. Quails typically have short rounded wings that enable them to spring into full flight instantly when disturbed in their hiding places.
  45.1§ 鹌鹑 长 圆 , 们可 惊时 跃 ,飞 它们 躲 。
  46. According to anthropologists, the earliest ancestors of humans that stood upright resembled chimpanzees facially, with sloping foreheads and protruding brows.
  46. 据 类学家 说 , 轮廓与 ,额头 倾, 。
  47. Not until 1866 was the fully successful transatlantic cable finally laid.
  47.zG 1866 n 条横跨 电缆 功 架 。
  48. In his writing, John Crowe Ransom describes what he considers the spiritual barrenness of society brought about by science and technology.
  48. John Crowe Ransom Def 认为 科学 术给 会带来 贫困。
  49. Children with parents whose guidance is firm, consistent, and rational are inclined to possess high levels of self-confidence.
  49.H 教导 果坚 , 终 , 可 满 。
  50. The ancient Hopewell people of North America probably cultivated corn and other crops, but hunting and gathering were still of critical importance in their economy.
  50. 远古 Hopewell V 可 种 农 , 猎 对 们 经济贸 关 。
Using many symbols makes it possible to put a large amount of inFORMation on a single map.
  51.&/ 种 样 号可 张 图 进
  52. Anarchism is a term describing a cluster of doctrines and attitudes whose principal uniting feature is the belief that government is both harmful and unnecessary.
  52.tx§ 义这个词 论 态 ,它们 共 ,没 。
  53. Probably no man had more effect on the daily lives of most people in the Untied States than did Henry Ford a pioneer in automobile production.
  53.恐 没 谁对 数 国 响 过 车 产 驱 .}t 。
  54. The use of well-chosen nonsense words makes possible the testing of many basic hypotheses in the field of language learning.
  54.&/4R 选 义词汇,可 检验语 学科 许 假 。
  55. The history of painting is a fascinating chain of events that probably began with the very first pictures ever made.
  55.优 历 连串 件组 , 头 概可 图画。
  56. Perfectly matched pearls, strung into a necklace, bring a far higher price than the same pearls told individually.
  56.’ ,串 条项链, 卖 单独 价钱。
  57. During the eighteenth century, Little Turtle was chief of the Miami tribe whose territory became what is now Indiana and Ohio.
  57.=! 纪时,“. 乌龟” 迈 长,该 盘 。
  58. Among almost seven hundred species of bamboo, some are fully grown at less than a foot high, while others can grow three feet in twenty-four hours.
  58..$ 个 种 , 长 还 , 却 时内长 。
  59. Before staring on a sea voyage, prudent navigators learn the sea charts, study the sailing directions, and memorize lighthouse locations to prepare themselves for any conditions they might encounter.
  59.谨慎 员 ,会研究 ,记录 , 对各种可 现 况 备 。
  60. Of all the economically important plants, palms have been the least studied.
  60.1… 经济 , 榈树 研究 。
  61. Buyers and sellers should be aware of new developments in technology can and does affect marketing activities.
  61.购买 销 应该 术 发 , 简单, 为 术 够并 经 响 营销 动。
  62. The application of electronic controls made possible by the microprocessor and computer storage have multiplied the uses of the modern typewriter.
  62.电脑储 电 处 机 实现 电控运 加 现 机 功 。
  63. The human skeleton consists of more than two hundred bones bound together by tough and relatively
inelastic connective tissues called ligaments.
  63.V 类骨 块骨头组 , 骨头
对缺 弹
, 称为韧带 结 组连

  64. The pigmentation of a pearl is influenced by the type of oyster in which it develops and by the depth, temperature, and the salt content of the water in which the oyster lives.
  64. 泽 为 蛎种类 蛎 ,温 盐 约。
  65. Although mockingbirds superbly mimic the songs and calls of many birds, they can nonetheless be quickly identified as mockingbirds by certain aural clues.
  65.尽管 鸟学 种鸟 鸣叫声 , 类还 够 声 线 识别它们。
  66. Not only can walking fish live out of water, but they can also travel short distances over land.
  66.鲇鱼 仅可 开 ,还可 距 动。
  67. Scientists do not know why dinosaurs became extinct, but some theories postulate that changers in geography, climate, and sea levels were responsible.
  67.科学家 恐龙为 绝种 , 论 断 ,气 变 。
  68. The science of horticulture, in which the primary concerns are maximum yield and superior quality, utilizes inFORMation derived from other sciences.
  68.X8 优质 农艺学 科学 识。
  69. Snow aids farmers by keeping heart in the lower ground levels, thereby saving the seeds from freezing.
  69. 对农 种帮 , 为它 层 温 , 种 冻 。
  70. Even though the precise qualities of hero in literary words may vary over time, the basic exemplary function of the hero seems to remain constant.
  70.历 学 虽各 , 功 却 古 变 。
  71. People in prehistoric times created paints by grinding materials such as plants and clay into power and then adding water.
  71.)2V 们 颜 将 , 加 。
  72. Often very annoying weeds, goldenrods crowd out less hardy plants and act as hosts to many insect pests.
  72.***f&V 厌,它挤 么顽强 ,并 来 。
  73. Starting around 7000 B.C., and for the next four thousand years, much of the Nort



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