2005 年 6 月英语六级
  1. 目前盗版的现象比较严重
  2. 造成这种现象的原因及危害
  3. 我们应该怎么做 Useful words and expressions: 盗版:piracy (n.) 盗版产品:pirated products 知识产权:intellectual property rights 侵犯版权:infringe sb's copyright; copyright infringement 范文: 范文: Nowadays, the problem of piracy has become more and more serious. Books, tapes, VCDs and others high-tech products have been pirated. For instance,when a new product comes onto market, most probably, its pirated counterpart will soon put on its appearance in the market, too. Piracy has caused a great loss to legitimate producers, inventors and writers in many ways. To start with,the pirated products often cost much less than the genuine ones so that they enjoy a better trading position in spite of their relatively poor quality. The genuine products, on the contrary, sell poorly. What's worse, pirated books sometimes do great harm to the authors' reputation due to some misprints.In the long run,pirated products may have a negative impact on customers. Those legitimate producers' creativity and enthusiasm may be deeply hurt by the fact that some customers are more interested in the pirated products for the sake of small gains. In my opinion, it's high time that everyone started the battle against piracy. First,customers should develop their consciousness to resist the pirated products. Second,the government should take effective measures to put an end to piracy. Finally,laws must be strictly enforced to completely ban piracy. Only in this way can we wipe the pirated products out of our life.
2005 年 12 月英语六级作文范文 Directions:For this part.you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a company declining a job offer.You should write at Least 150 words following the outline given below:
  3.希望予以谅解,并表达对公司的良好祝愿. Dear Mr. Smith, Thank you very much for giving me so much time for last week's interview. I was very exciting you could provide the position for me as I'm a student who just graduate from college now. But I must say sorry for your believing in me. I could not be able to take this job. Because I have passed the examination to graduate school. As I have mentioned to you at the interview that I have attended the graduation exam half a year ago. At that time, I don't know the results. But now I received the acceptance letter from the school. So I couldn't be able to join in your company. I'm sorry for it. But here, I still want express again my deep gratefulness to your job and warm welcome. I hope and am sure we will have opportunite to cooperate in the future. Sincerely yours, Li Ming
2006 年 6 月六级真题 Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a short essay entitled Traveling Abroad. You should write at least 150 words based on the chart and the outline given below: Number of people in City X traveling abroad in 1995, 2000 and 2005
  1. 近十年来 X 市有越来越多的人选择出境旅游
  2. 出现这一现象的原因
  3.这种现象可能产生的影响 Traveling Abroad It can be seen from the chart that there have been sharp increases in the number of people traveling abroad in City X in the past decade. As the chart shows, the year 1995 witnessed only about 10,000 people from this city touring abroad. In 2000, the number soared to nearly 40,0
  00. Last year, more than 120,000 people in the city chose to spend their vacations outside China. examda.com A number of factors account for the change in the chart, but the following are the most critical ones. First, thanks to the policy of reform and opening-up, the nation’s economy has been developing at a considerably high speed in the past decades. Therefore, the people have more extra money for traveling. Secondly, other relevant state policies and the boom of touring industry provide citizens with more opportunities to go out and see the world. Last but not least, people have attached greater importance to the quality of life, thus they spend more money and time traveling and sight-seeing. In a word, this chart is a perfect indicator of China’s fast expanding economy and people’s rising standard of life. The trend of traveling abroad will further stimulate the development of our economy and broaden people’s horizons.
2006 年 12 月六级真题 Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Celebration of Western Festivals. You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.
  1. 现在国内有不少人喜欢过西方的某些节日
  2. 产生这种现象的原因
  3. 这种现象可能带来的影响 The Celebration of Western Festivals No one can have failed to notice the fact that an increasing number of Chinese are fond of celebrating some Western festivals today. For instance, on Valentine’s Day, many people give flowers or chocolate to the one they love. Another case in point is Christmas. It seems that people around the country now love to celebrate the festival. A number of factors account for the phenomenon mentioned above, but the following might be the critical ones. In the first place, due to the policy of reform and opening-up, Chinese people tend to know more about Western culture and be influenced by it. Secondly, some businessmen wish to make money by encouraging people to celebrate those Western festivals. Last but not least, as traditional Chinese festival lose their attraction, many people tend to find joy in Western festivals. examda.com Though we need not criticize people celebrating Western festivals, nor can we stop them, we have to beware of the danger behind it. While enjoying the atmosphere brought by those Western customs, we might well lose our own tradition and identity.
2007 年 6 月英语六级作文范文
Should one expect a reward when doing a good deed
  3.我的看法 参考范文: The argument over whether we do good deeds for a reward is heated. Some argue strongly that great deads deserve recognition and acclaim. In this selfish and materialistic world, it is vitally important to recognize and promote various noble deeds. Rewarding and encouraging good deeds helps set an inspiring example to the public. The opposing view is that we should perform good deeds without expectations of any outcomes or rewards. Acknowledgements and credit shouldn't be given people who do good deeds with mixed motives. For example, some entrepreneurs supporting charity aims at tax reduction instead of lending a helping hand to others with a real motive. So we should do something good for others like Lei Feng without expectations of any economic and immaterial return. From my perspective, doing good deeds in exchange for rewards isn't an offense. We merit them. In fact, receiving sufficient public praise and attention serves as a contributing force behind the widespread promotion of good values. A role model sometimes outweighs a sole good deed.
2007 年 12 月 22 日六级作文题目 The digital age
  2.使用数字化产品对于人们学习工作和生活的影响。 the digital age With the development of our technologies, the digital products are also blooming rapidly everywhere. We are bathed in a new era where diverse newly-developed digital products such as digital camera, digital computer are replacing our traditional ones at a high speed. It has remarkably impacted on our life. Decidedly, the digital products really offer us a far more convenient life than ever. Take digital camera for example, we no longer need to upload the camera with films and worry if there are sufficient films in the procedure of photographing. we can take innumerable photos as we like without worrying about spoiling films . moreover, we can delete unsatisfied ones freely. Furthermore , the qualities and quantities of photos taken with digital cameras are superior to those taken with traditional ones! How greatly it has facilitated our work! nevertheless, as the saying goes, every coin has two sides. Digital product is also a double-edge sword. It also has its inevitable negative effects. For example , nowadays we are so much dependent on the digital computers that we are immersed in online-chatting instead of communicating face to face , which to a large pitch isolates ourselves from the real world. Furthermore, we are inclined to keep all the key data in our digital products. once the products are damaged or lost , we will say goodbye to all forever ! so to this point , it is unwise for us to rely too much on digital products. of course , all in all , digital products’ advantages many more outweigh their disadvantages . hence we should make the best of its good and simultaneously ward its bad off ! only by doing so can digital products authentically bring happiness and welfare to our mankind !
2008 年 6 月英语六级作文范文
Will E-books Replace Traditional Books?
  1. 随着信息技术的发展,电子图书越来越多
  2. 有人认为电子图书会取代传统图书,理由是……
  3. 我的看法 Will e-books replace traditional books? A new era has come. With the mass production of electronic devices and application of new technologies, mankind has entered an “e” age. Nowadays, we have e-mails, e-tickets, e-tests, and e-books, and consequently, paper-based materials gradually vanish. Nowadays, e-books become extremely popular among youngsters, while traditional ones seem suffer a great loss of their readers. For some people, electronic and internet based books are convenient and accessible. Environmentalists even advocate the benefit of e-books on the ground of forest protection. E-books lovers even assert that traditional books will disappear in the near future. I have been a book worm for a long time. For me, reading experience is unique and rewarding. Nothing can be more thought-provoking than thumbing through a book bought years ago under a table lamp in a dark night. As to note-taking, scanning and skimming, and portability, traditional books have advantages. Just as the invention of camera didn’t put an end to the history of painting, traditional books are, and will still be, an intimate friend of readers.
2008 年 12 月英语六级作文范文
  3.学生自己应该怎样做 How to improve psychological health? As is known to all, psychological health is as important as, if not more important than, physical health for a student during his/her growth. However, it’s quite worrying that nowadays some students are not quite psychologically healthy. Undoubtedly, schools and universities should take great account in the responsibilities of students’ psychological health. Relevant courses and activities should be introduced to students so that they would be more aware of the significance of psychological health and find appropriate ways to maintain and improve it. For example, there should be a psychological counseling hotline or office for students to turn to when they need some psychological aid. Of course no psychological health can be obtained without the efforts from the students themselves. From my perspective, what they can do is trying to stay positive, optimistic and follow the right guidelines from their schools. To be more specific, they can participate in some activities such as voluntary work to cultivate an opening and caring mind. Meanwhile, harmful impacts from the cyber space should definitely be avoided.
2009 年 6 月英语六级作文范文(恩波)
有人认为名字(名称)不重要; 有人认为非常重要; 你认为呢? On the Importance of a Name A name is the representation of a person or an entity. It plays an important role in social recognition, just as the old saying goes: a thing is the entity of a name. However, people have diverse opinions on the importance of a name. Some people say that name is important, while the others maintain the other way round. But I think name is of great importance because it is the symbol that distinguishes one thing or person from the others. We cannot deny the importance of a name, be it for a person or a thing. In the world today, no one can live without identification because they must get social recognition, and name is the symbol of the identification. Once a person or a thing gets social recognition, people will remember their names, and they will get further improvement. Besides, a good name will bring people some nice association. A person with a special name may be easily accepted by a group or a community because of the deep impression the name leaves. As for companies or products, a name is also vitally important. Years ago, a computer company spent millions of dollars for the name “Acer”. Since then, the company caught the attention of potential customers and became one of giants in the field. However, another company was facing bankruptcy, for the name of its product implies unfavorable meaning thus cannot be sold out. Can we say that name is not important? A name may affect the whole life of a person, and a name may also influence the future of a company and its pro



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