1. The most effective means to solve this problem is that . In that case, .

  2. Everything has its own two sides, no exception with AAA. For one thing, . for another, .

  3. My experience tells me that to needs a thorough and persevering process, and in this process you had better abide by the principles mentioned above.

  4. On the whole, it is high time that we recognized the significance of .

  5. As a result, we should take some effective methods to .

  6. Judging by the figures, we can draw a conclusion that .

  7. In a word, the whole society should pay close attention to the problem of . Only in this way can in the future.

  8. In my opinion, we should place much emphasis on the importance of .

  9. But and have their own advantages. For example, , while . Comparing those two, however, I prefer to .

  10. In my opinion, is just as common as . If , it may be very useful. Whatever , the key point lies in .

  11. Are their opinions correct? To my mind, the first idea seems . As for the second idea, .

  12. As a popular saying goes, . In my opinion what really counts is not , but . I believer that as long as , we will . So I am for the opinion that .

  13. In my opinion, both sides are partly right. When we , we should take into consideration all aspects of the problems, and then make the right decision.

  14. Personally, I believer that . Consequently, I'm confident that a bright future is awaiting us because .

  15. In my opinion, all of the people should be brave enough to show our disapproval and criticism when confronted with .

  16. People are coming to realize the importance of . They have begun to try their best to . We believe that .

  17. All in all, we cannot live without . But at the same time we must try to find out new ways to cope with problems that would arise.

  18. Whatever you do, please remember the saying- . If you understand it and apply it to your study or work, you'll definitely benefit a lot from it.

  19. With the development of society, . So it's urgent and necessary to . If every member is willing to contribute himself to the society, it will be better and better.

  20. It is difficult to say whether is good or not in general as it depends very much on the situation of . However, from a personal point of view I find .

  21. It is essential that effective actions should be taken to end the situation.

  22. It is no doubt that special attention must be paid to the problem of .

  23. But both and have disadvantages. For example, . Which to choose, or ? Careful consideration is necessary before you make your own choice.

  24. From what has been discussed above, we may reasonably arrive at the conclusion that .

  25. We must search for a quick action, because the present situation of is grievous, if allowed to proceed, will certainly lead to .

  26. No doubt, if we ignore the problem, there is every chance that will be put in danger.

  27. We need to take a second look at the matter from a wider standpoint, otherwise, we won't .

  28. It is high time that . Here are some of the measures that might be taken immediately.

  29. In conclusion, we should know about the problem of , and object to . Only in this way .

  30. Although it is affected by many factors, still there are certain ways that can make the situation better. The most import is . Another way is . Still another one is .

  31. Many solutions are offered here, all of them make some sense, but none is adequate enough. The problem should be studied in depth.

  32. No easy method can be at hand to solve the problem of . But the common recognition of the importance of might be the first step on the right way.

  33. It is clear, therefore, that the task of demands great attention.

  34. We may have a long way to go before we reach the final goal. But once we are on the way, the chance to reach it is greater.

  35. But for me, I would rather think of the matter in an optimistic way. Because I believe .

  36. We all know the story of . this lesson tells us that , we should .

  37. My own point of view is that is a normal behavior in our society. There is no doubt that . As an old saying goes, .

  38. If we can't take useful means, we may not control this trend, and some undesirable result may come out unexpectedly, so what we should do is .

  39. However, this graph may not predict the entire situation in the future. I believe .

  40. From the graph it is evident that .

  41. From all the reasons above, we know that great changes had taken place in . And I believe that .

  42. Taking into account all of these factors, we may reach the conclusion that .

  43. For the reasons given above, I strongly recommend that .

  44. Given the factors I have just outlined, I believe that .

  45. Therefore, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that .

  46. Recognizing the fact that should lead us to conclude that .

  47. In short, I support the statement that it is better to because .

  48. After pondering this question on many occasions, I have finally reached the conclusion that is something I truly want to do and it is worthwhile.

  49. My point of view in largely results from the fact that .

  50. Now after close examination, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that .

  51. From what has been discussed above, you can get your preference. Personally, I think has more advantages.

  52. On the one hand, it has helped china . On the other hand, it has increased China's , and at the same time, made great contributions to our national development.

  53. In my opinion, to solve this problem there might be two ways. One way to tackle this question is . Another way that is worth adopting is .

  54. As far as I am concerned, I trust the advantages mentioned above exceed the disadvantages.

  55. For me, is a glory and it is the most important thing I have to take into feasible consideration.

  56. As regards me, I tend to pick , for . What's more, .

  57. If I were given a choice between and , I would certainly prefer . For me, .

  1. important =crucial (extremely important),significant(amount or effect large enough to be important)

  2. common=universal, ubiquitous(if something is ubiquitous, it seems to be everywhere)

  3. abundant=ample(enough and usually extra), plentiful(enough for people's needs and wants)

  4. stick=adhere, cling(hold on something tightly)

  5. neglect=ignore.(difference: neglect means someone has not paid enough attention to something; ignore means no attention.)

  6. near=adjacent(twothings next to each other), adjoin(the same as adjacent)

  7. pursue=woo(man woos woman, old-fashioned), seek(if you seek sth, you try to obtain it. FORMAL)

  8. accurate=precise(precise is exact and accurate in all details), exact(correct in every detail)

  9. vague=obscure(unknown or known by only a few people)

  10. top=peak, summit

  11. competitor=rival, opponent(especially in sports and politics)

  12. blame=condemn(if you condemn something, you say it is very bad and unacceptable)

  13. opinion=perspective, standpoint(means looking at an event or situation in a particular way)

  14. fame=prestige(describe those who are admired), reputation

  15. build=erect(you can erect something as buildings, FORMAL), establish

  16. insult=humiliate(do something or say something which makes people feel ashamed or stupid)

  17. complain=grumble (complain something in a bad-tempered way)

  18. primary=radical (very important and great in degree), fundamental

  19. relieve=alleviate (alleviate means you make pain or sufferings less intense or severe)

  20. force=coerces into(coerce means you make someone do something s/he does not want to),compel

  21. enlarge=magnify(magnify means make something larger than it really is)

  22. complex=intricate(if something is intricate, it often has many small parts and details)

  23. Lonely=solitary (if someone is solitary, there is no one near him/her

  24. small=minuscule(very small), minute,

  25. praise=extol(stronger than praise), compliment(polite and political)

  26. hard-working=assiduous(someone who is assiduous works hard or does things very thoroughly

  27. difficult=arduous (if something is arduous, it is difficult and tiring, and involves a lot of efforts)

  28. poor(soil)=barren, infertile(used to describe the soil is so poor that plants cannot be planted on it)

  29. fragile=brittle, vulnerable(someone who is vulnerable is easily hurt emotionally or physically)

  30. show=demonstrate (to demonstrate a fact means tp make it clear to people.)

  31. big=massive(large in size, quantity, or extent), colossal(use this word, you emphasize something’s large), tremendous(INFORMAL)

  32. avoid=shun(if someone shuns something, s/he deliberately avoid that something or keep away from it.)

  33. fair=impartial(someone who is impartial is able to give a fair opinion or decision on something.)

  34. attack=assault (physically attack someone), assail (attack violently

  35. dislike=abhor(abhor means you hate something to a extreme extent for moral reasons), loathe(dislike very much)!

  36. ruin=devastate (it means damage something very badly, or utterly destroy it.)

  39. always=invariably(the same as always, but better than always)

  40. forever=perpetual(a perpetual state never changes), immutable(something immutable will never change or be changed)

  41. surprise=startle(it means surprise you slightly), astound(surprise you to a large degree),astonish(the same as astound)

  42. enthusiasm=zeal (a great enthusiasm), fervency (sincere and enthusiasm)#

  43. quiet=tranquil(calm and peaceful), serene(calm and quiet)!

  44. expensive=exorbitant(it means too expensive that it should be)

  45. luxurious=lavish(impressive and very expensive), sumptuous(grand and very expensive

  46. boring=tedious(if you describe something tedious, you mean it is boring and frustrating)

  47. respect=esteem(if you esteem someone, you respect and admire him/her. FORMAL)

  48. worry=fret(if you fret about something, you worry about it)

  49. cold=chilly(unpleasantly cold), icy(extremely cold)

  50. hot=boiling(very hot)

  51. dangerous=perilous(very dangerous, hazardous(dangerous, especially to people's safety and health)

  52. nowadays=currently

  53. only=unique(the only one of its kind), distinctive;

  54. stop=cease(if something ceases, it stops happening or existing)

  55. part=component(the components of something are the parts that it is made of)( h

  56. result=consequence(the results or effects of something)

  57. obvious=apparent, manifest

  58. basedon=derived fromcan see or notice them very easily)

  60. quite=fairly

  61. pathetic=lamentable(very uncomfortable and disappointing)

  62. field=domain(a particular field of thought, activities or interest)

  63. appear=emerge(come into existence)

  64. whole=entire(the whole of something)8

  65. wet=moist(slightly wet), damp(slightly wet), humid(very damp and hot)!

  66. wrong=erroneous(incorrect or partly correct)

  67. difficult=formidable

  68. change=convert(change into another form)

  69. typical=quintessential(this word means represent a typical example of something)

  70. careful=cautious(very careful in order to avoid danger), prudent(careful and sensible)

  71. ability=capacity, capability(the same as ability)

  72. strange=eccentric(if some one is eccentric, s/he behaves in a strange way, or his/her opinion is different from most people)

  73. rich=affluent(if you are affluent, you have a lot of money)

  74. use= utilize (the same as use)

  75. dubious=skeptical(if you are skeptical about something, you have doubts on it.)

  76. satisfy=gratify (if you are gratified by something, it gives you pleasure and satisfaction)

  77. short=fleeting, ephemeral(if something is ephemeral, it lasts a short time)

  78. scholarship=fellowship

  79. angry=enraged(extremely angry)

  80. smelly=malodorous(used to describe an unpleasant smell)

  81. ugly=hideous(if something is hideous, it is very ugly or unattractive)#

  82. attractive=appealing(pleasing and attractive), absorbing(something absorbing can attra



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   英语课堂教学“提问艺术”的研究 一、课题的提出 1.、课题提出的教育背景 如今,边讲边问的教学模式正逐步取代以往教师“满堂灌”的授课方式,但在 教学实践中,教师的课堂提问最多的大致有二大类:一是判断性问题。其典型形 式是“对不对?” “是不是?”要求学生对是非做出判断。这类问题,在思维方 面的要求很低,难以激发学生的创造性思维。二是叙述性问题。其典型是“是什 么?” ,要求学生通过记忆,背诵作叙述性回答。这类问题训练主要是学生的记 忆力,在思维方面要求不高,同样不易激发创造性思维。因此,教师 ...