commensurate a同量的
mission n使命,任务 commission n为人,任命
commissioner n委员,特派员
commitment n交托
committee n委员会
patriot n爱国者 compatriot n同胞,同一国人
compatriotic a同胞的
catenate vt连锁,连接 concatenate vt连锁,连接
catenation n连锁,连接 concatenation n连锁,连接
cave n/vt/vi洞;掘洞,使塌陷;陷落 concave a/n凹的;凹面;凹
cede vt放弃,让步 concede vt/vi承认;让步;放弃希望
cession n让与 concession n让步;租地
concessionaire n受让人
concessionary a让步的
concessive a让步的
cordial n/a强心剂;热心的 concord a协调,同意,一致
concordance n协调,一致
concordancy n协调,一致
concordant a协调的,一致的
concordat n协定;契约
current n/a流;趋势;流通;现在;当前 concur vi同意,一致
concurrence n同意,一致
concurrent a同意的,一致的
concurrently adv同意地;一致地
concurrentness adv同意;一致
duct n导管 conduce v导致
conductor vt/vi/n引导;传导
conductance n导致;电导
conductibility n传导性
conductible n传导;引导
conductive a传导性;有传导力的
conductivity n传导性
conductor n导体;引导者
conductress n女引导者
form n/vt/vi形状;构成;形成 conform vi/vt使相似;使一致;使适应
conformable a相似的;一致的;适应的
conformance n相似;一致;适应
conformation n形成;一致;适应
conformism n盲从态度
conformist n/a尊奉传统者;因袭的
conformity n相似;一致;服从
front n前面;正面 confront vt面对,使碰面
fuse vi/vt使熔合;结合 confuse vt使混乱
confusion n混乱
join vt连接;结合 conjoin vt/vi连接;结合
joint n/v/a连接物;连接;联合的 conjoint a连接的;联合的
junction n连合 conjunction n连合;连接词
conjunct a连合的
conjunctional a连合的
conjunctive a/n连合的;连接词
conjuncture n结合
query vt/vi/n质问,发问 conquer vt攻克;征服
conquerable a可攻克的;可征服的
conqueringly adv胜利地;以征服者的姿态
quest vi/vt/n搜寻;远征 conquest n攻克,征服
science n知识;科学 conscience n良心
conscientious a有良心的
conscious a知觉的;有意识的
consciously adv知觉上;意识上
consciousness n知觉,意识
scribe n/vt书写 conscribe vt征召;征(兵)
script n书写手迹 conscript vt/n征召;征兵;应征士兵
conscription n征召;征兵
sentient a有感觉的 consent vi/n同意,答应
consentaneous a同意的;一致的
consenter n同意者
consentient a同意的;一致的
consenting a同意的;准许的
sequence n顺序;后果 consequence n结果
sequent a/n连续的;结果 consequent a/n作为结果的;推论
consequential a结果的
consequently adv因而;所以
sign n/vt/vi签字;标签 consign vt/vi交付;委托;同意
consignation n委托;托送
consignee n收件人;受托人
consigner n交付人;委托人
consignment n交付;委托
consignor n交付人;委托人
sort n种类;品种;品质 consort n配偶;同事;结交;调和
consortium n合伙;财团;会社;结合
species n种类 conspecies n同属的动植物
specific a特种的 conspecific a同种的
strict a严格的;拉紧的 constrict vt收紧,压缩
constriction a收紧,压缩
constrictive a收紧的;压缩的
constrictor n/压缩物
constrictor n收紧;压缩
constringency n收紧;压缩
constringent a收紧的;压缩的
temporary a一时的,暂时的 contemporary a同时代的;同时期的
contemporaneity n同时代;当代
contemporaneous a同时代的
contemporize vt/vi使同时发生
traction n拖;牵引 contraction n收缩
contract vt/vi收缩
contracted a收缩的
contractibility n收缩性
contractile a可收缩的
contractible a会收缩的
contractility n收缩力
contractive a有收缩性的
contractor n收缩肌;立约者
verge vi倾向 converge vi/vt集中于一点;趋于相同目的
convergence n集中
convergency n集中
convergent a集中的,会聚的
convergently adv集中地;会聚地
volution n旋转 convolution n盘旋
convolute vi/vt盘旋
convoluted a盘旋的
convolve vi盘旋
convolvement n盘旋

  1.The present work comprises five essays nicely concatenated.

  2.The palm of one’s hand is slightly concave.

  3.Everyone concedes that two and two make four.

  4.I concentrate my thought on the subject.

  5.It is at the center of the city.

  6.He concluded that the plan was not workable.

  7.In concordance with your wish I went there.

  8.It is impossible to obtain the concurrence of all the parties concerned.

  9.Wood is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, but a metal conducts well in both case.

  10.I am confirmed in my opinion by what you told me.

  11.The stranger conformed his ways to ours.

  12.They conjoin in one to fight against his proposition.

  13.A severe illness in conjunction with the hot weather has left the baby very weak.

  14.The country has never been conquered by foreign force.

  15.The Romans extended their conquest to Britain.

  16.The knowledge quieted his conscience.

  17.I am deeply conscious of my responsibility as a teacher.

  18.He escaped conscription because he was too short.

  19.My father could not consent to my leaving school.

  20.I ought first to have asked your consent.

  21.He does not consider the consequences.

  22.The goods were consigned to you by railway and have arrived by now.

  23.It was constructed from designs prepared by famous engineer.

  24.The roof collapsed under the weight of the snow.

  25.That is this result of the corrupt system.
第十三课 词干-dens-(稠,凝)
condensability n可凝性;可压缩性
condensable a可凝结的;(文章等)可压缩的
condensary n炼乳工厂
condensate n冷凝物,冷凝液
condensation n冷凝(作用);凝聚(作用);缩合(作用);(文章等的)压缩
condensational a冷凝的,凝聚的
condensative a易凝缩的;有凝结趋势的
condensator n聚光器;凝结器
condense vt使冷凝,使凝结;压缩;精简;vi浓缩,凝结
condensed a缩小的,缩短的;浓缩的
condensedly adv浓缩地;缩短地
condenser n冷凝器,聚光器;电容器
condensery n炼乳工厂
condensable a可凝结的
condensity n凝结;浓缩
extracondensed a细长密集的
incondensability n无凝结性的
incondensable a不可凝缩的,无凝缩性
recondensation n再凝集;再浓缩
recondense vi/vt使再凝集;使再浓缩
dense a密集;稠密的;浓厚的;愚钝的;极度的;(底片)厚的,反差强
densely adv密集地;稠密地;愚钝地
denseness n密集;稠密;浓厚;愚钝
densify vt使增加浓度/密度
densimeter n密度计
densimetric a密度计的
densimetrically adv用密度计
densimetry n用密度计测量
densitometer n光密度计;显象密度计
density n密集(度),稠密(度);密度;愚钝;厚度;不透明度
nondense a无处稠密的
nowhere-dense a无处稠密的

  1. A condensation of that famous book was printed in our magazine last month.

  2. Steam condenses into water when it touches a cold surface.

  3. He has to condense his letter of application into one page.

  4.This is a condensed version of that famous book.

  5.I like the condensed fruit juices.

  6.This book is condensable.

  7.The city was densed with soldiers.

  8.The population density of that country is 685 per square mile.

  9.We need a densimeter.
第十四课 词干-doc-.-doct-(教。说)



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   2012 研究生英语 2012 年考研的 QQ 群搜集非常全 考研同学根据需要加入,方便大家交流经验,探 讨共同的梦想,踏踏实实的备考。为壮大我们的队伍,欢迎大家转载、宣传。 (广告者勿入,相信群主会必踢!! !) 北京大学 134887205 134887672 134887868 134888046 中国人民大学 134888675 134888943 134889103 134889242 南开大学 134897701 134897907 134898070 134898219 天津大 ...


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