2010 年河北省初中毕业生升学文化课考试英语试卷听力部分
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这是 2010 年河北省初中毕业生升学文化课考试英语试题听力部分。听力部分共分两 小节。第一节为选择题;第二节为非选择题。两部分分别在卷 I 和卷 II。做第一节时,先将 所选答案划在试卷上,在听力测试结束后,请将答案转涂到答题卡上。 现在是听力试音时间。 M: Excuse me, but could you tell me how to get to the cinema? W: Which cinema? M: The Capital Cinema. W: Oh, it’s a long way from here. You’d better take a bus. M: Which bus shall I take then? W: I think you need to take No.
  7. M: Thanks a lot. W: You’re welcome. 试音到此结束。
第一题:听句子,选出句子中所包含的信息。下面你将听到五个句子,每个句子读两遍。 请你听完句子的第二遍朗读后,从各小题所给出的 A、B、C 三个选项中,选出包 含所听信息的选项。
  1. Her sister has a sweet voice. No.
  2. My license plate is B2CR7F. No.
  3. Jane is busy talking on the phone. No.
  4. Tony is not as old as Jim. No.
  5. Always laugh when you can, because it is good medicine.
第二题:听句子,选出该句的最佳答语。下面你将听到五个句子,每个句子读两遍。请你 听完句子的第二遍朗读后,从各小题所给出的 A、B、C 三个选项中,选出该句的 最佳答语。
  6. Have a good day, Maggie! No.
  7. What do you often do in your spare time? No.
  8. How long have you been at this school? No.
  9. Can I take a message for you? No.
  10. Oh, my God! Time really flies!
第三题:听对话和问题,选择正确的选项。下面你将听到五组对话和问题,每组对话和问 题读两遍。请你听完对话和问题的第二遍朗读后,从各小题所给出的 A、B、C 三 个选项中,选出正确选项。
  11. M: Jessica, I’m going to the library. I need a picture book. W: Can you help me return the cookbook and the storybook? M: Sure. Q: Which book will the boy borrow? No.
  12. M: Do you want to eat anything? W: No, thanks, Dad. M: Why? Anything wrong with your stomach? W: No, I’m not hungry. Q: Why doesn’t the girl want to eat?
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  13. M: Hey Nancy, when is the English exam? W: On Thursday. M: What? This Thursday? Aren’t we having a math exam this Wednesday? Q: When is the English examination? No.
  14. M: Look, so many fresh vegetables here! W: Yeah, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, they’re really nice. M: What shall we get then? W: We still have carrots and tomatoes in the fridge. M: Potatoes are a good choice. You know, Linda is a potato lover! Q: What do you think they will buy? No.
  15. M: Mom, I can’t find my… W: Your book is in your schoolbag. I put it in just now. How many times do I have to… M: But I’m not looking for my book. I can’t find my watch. W: You silly! You are wearing it! Q: What’s the boy looking for?
第四题:听语段、对话和问题,选择正确答案。下面你将听到四篇听力材料和十个问题, 听力材料和问题读两遍。请你听完听力材料和问题的第二遍朗读后,根据所听内 容,从各小题所给出的 A、B、C 三个选项中,选出正确答案。 下面请听第一篇材料,并回答第
  16~17 题。
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. We start today’s news with a happy note. A 4-year-old girl lost her way yesterday. Luckily, she was brought home this morning. She was well looked after by a nice mother in the next village. The girl was in good spirits as she met her worried parents. Question No.
  16. What happened to the 4-year-old girl yesterday? Question No.
  17. Who looked after her in the next village?
  18~19 题。
Father’s Day is the third Sunday of June. It is a day to honor and give special attention to fathers. Children give their fathers cards, flowers or presents. That evening, families often go out for dinner. Children who do not live at home call or visit their fathers. This special day started in 19
  10. Question No.
  18. What do families often do on Father’s Day evening? Question No.
  19. When did the special day start?
  20~21 题。
Almost every school has sports teams in the United States. They play against different schools in the area after the final term examination. They choose team members at the beginning of each term. Any student can try to be on a team. But, only the best in sports are chosen to play. And, if the students are not good at their lessons, they can’t play sports on a team. Question No.
  20. When do they choose team members? Question No.
  21. What students can be team members?
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  22~25 题。
W: Hello! M: Hi, Sara. This is Davy. How are you doing? W: Fine. How about you? M: Pretty good. I had a really good time yesterday evening. W: I did too. That’s a wonderful restaurant, and the waiter is very kind. M: I know. Why not go back there next weekend? W: That sounds great. When? M: Is Friday OK? I will go and meet you at 7:
  30. W: Why don’t I drive this time? Let’s start a little earlier, at 7:
  20. M: That’s fine with me. I’ll wait for you. Good night… W: Davy! Just hold on… There’s one more thing. Last time, you paid for dinner. This time, I want to pay. M: Sara! No! W: Yes! Listen… Question No.
  22. Where were they yesterday evening? Question No.
  23. Who will drive this time? Question No.
  24. What time will they leave? Question No.
  25. Why does the woman ask the man to hold on?
下面,请同学们打开卷 II,让我们稍做放松。请同学们准备好,下面我们开始做听力部 分第二节。
听短文填空。下面你将听到一篇短文,短文读两遍。请你听完短文的第二遍朗读后, 根据短文的内容和提示,在信息表中相应的横线上填入所缺信息。
Dear John and Mary, Long time no see. How are you? Have you travelled again? Recently I went on a trip to Thailand. Let me tell you all about it. I only went for 5 days. The first day I visited some palaces. Photos were not allowed to take there so you’ll have to go and see them yourselves! On the second day, I went to swim. The sea was so clear and beautiful! But the sun hurt my skin seriously! So I just walked around during the following days. But I tried the real Thai food and it was so delicious! The final day I took a taxi to the airport. That was my trip. I really enjoyed it! Please tell me about your trip, especially the food you ate! Lots of love, Victoria
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