Lesson Six
Section One New Vocabulary Irish: 爱尔兰人 Welsh: 威尔士人 Yugoslavia: Yugoslavia:南斯拉夫 librarian: librarian:图书管理员 rare :希罕的 cupboard: cupboard:碗碟橱 brute: a cruel person attend to: take care of dressing gown: 晨衣 fancy: favor; like
Dialogue 1 B Dialogue 2 C Dialogue 3 A Dialogue 4 C Dialogue 5 A Dialogue 6 A Dialogue 7 B
Dialogue 8 Lots of ball-point pens. ballDialogue 9 Three pounds. Dialogue 10 A whole pack of soap. Dialogue 11 She comes from Tokyo. Dialogue 12 A nurse. Dialogue 13 Because her manager is nice and kind Dialogue 14 A red, silk dressing gown.
Section Two A: Telephone Conversation Vocabulary box office: ticket office; be fed up: be tired reserve: book Key to the Answers: Clerk: For this Saturday Henry: 5 p.m. or
  8.30 p.m.
  8.30 p.m. sold out any tickets; 5 p.m.
  4.50 pounds,
  5.50 pounds, 6 pounds I’d like to;
  4.50 pounds
  4.50 pounds, Saturday, 5 p.m., what’s the name? 3 p.m. Saturday
Section Two B: Vocabulary be engaged: 占线; sack: dismiss, fire 占线;
  1) No.
  2) She finally got through.
  3) 33467
  4) At least two years.
  5) For some advice.
  6) She has just been sacked.
  7) The most successful woman she knows.
  8) A lot of interviews.
  9) She wants to know the kind of questions often asked in interviews.
  10) She calls them the whys, hows and wheres.

  1) leave my present job
  2) in the new job
  3) intend to get to work
  4) I intend to stay in the job
  5) I live
  6) I went to school
  7) I am paid in my present job
  8) to be paid in the new job
Section Three Dictation 1 I am not going out with George again. Last week he invited me to go to a football match. I do not like football, so it was silly of me to say yes. We did not have seats, so we had to stand for two hours in the rain. I was cold and wet and I could not see a thing. So I asked George to take me home. He got very angry and said some very unpleasant things.
Dictation 2 Last week the sun shone and it got quite hot. I decided to put on my light grey summer trousers. But I got a shock. I could not put them on. They were too small. It is possible that they got smaller during the winter, but I do not think so. I am afraid I got bigger. So I am going to eat less and I am going to take more exercise. I am definitely going to lose some weight.
Lesson Seven
Section One New Vocabulary butter sour: 酸的 cardigan: 羊毛衫
Dialogue 1 America. Dialogue 2 In Scotland. Dialogue 3 He is a doctor. Dialogue 4 She is in a cloakroom. Dialogue 5 She is asking if the book belongs to the man. Dialogue 6 The old green one. Dialogue 7 A picture of his girlfriend.
Dialogue 8 He is reading in the garden. Dialogue 9 B Dialogue 10 B Dialogue 11 A Dialogue 12 B Dialogue 13 C Dialogue 14 C Dialogue 15 A
Section Two
A) Problems: 1
No. 1 2 3 Female Male
cannot sew Her radio doesn’t work Her car uses too much gas.
Cannot find a job He has holes in his shoes

  1) New curtains. (
  2) Because managers do not like his long hair. (
  3) Forty-five pounds. Forty-
  1) T
  2) T
  3) T
  4) F Even in winter I may spend one or two hours sitting in the garden at the weekends if the weather is fine.
  2. It’s a good place to a) sit with a book and a drink; b) sit with my typewriter.
  1. Betty.
  2. Mrs. Henderson.
  3. Mr. Murphy, a new neighbor.
  4. Yesterday.
  5. Because he got a lot of questions to ask.
  6. At tea time tomorrow afternoon, any time after 3 o’clock.
  7. (
  1) What time does the milkman call? (
  2) Which day to the dustmen come? (
  3) Who is the most dependable newsagent? (
  4) Where is the nearest police station?
Section Three Dictation 1 Everything changes. Once a lot of people went to the cinema to see silent films. Then when talking pictures started nobody wanted to see silent films any more. But people still went to the cinema and everybody knew the names of all the great film stars. Now we have television. People sit at home night after night watching their favorite programs. But what is going to happen to the cinema>
Dictation 2 Dear Mr. Scott, thanks you for your letter of 15th January. You say that you telephoned our office five times in two days and did not receive a reply. I am sorry about this, but we have had problems with our telephone. Yours sincerely, D. Renton
Lesson Eight
Section One New Vocabulary extremely weed the garden: 除草 roast chicken: 烤鸡 briefcase: 公文包 thirsty: 渴的
Dialogue 1 C Dialogue 2 A Dialogue 3 B Dialogue 4 B Dialogue 5 C Dialogue 6 B Dialogue 7 C Dialogue 8 B
Dialogue 9 Because she wanted to practice my English. Dialogue 10 He serviced and cleaned the car and took the family into the country for a picnic. Dialogue 11: Mark and Elizabeth. Dialogue 12: Because he hasn’t brought my lighter. Dialogue 13: He has injured his ankle. Dialogue 14: Plastic, wood and metal. Dialogue 15: Because she is thirsty. Dialogue 16: The man with a walking stick.
Section Two: A: Item Yes chocolates a cholcalate pop music pop concerts good coffee English food tea ice-cream icefootball matches the cinema the boy No Sometimes Don’t Know
Section Two B: Window-shopping Window
  1) F Bob and Angela are window-shopping in the windowshop.
  2) They are talking about the sales for the week.
  2. hi-fi’s ?
  72.64; at least 20 pounds hiwashing machine ?
  98.95; 22 pounds
  1) 200 pounds.
  2) Only 1
  50.16 pounds.
  1) She is engaged.
  2) In the spring.
  3) Probably in St. Albans.
  4) Because that’s a place where her parents live.
  5) They are going to buy a flat or a small house somewhere in South London and settle in.
  6) No, she is going to give up her present job but she may look for another one when she has settled in the new place.
Section Three Dictation 1 I have a watch. It is a Swiss watch. It is not new and my friends are sometimes a little rude about it. They tell me to buy a new one. But I don’t want a new one. I am very happy with my old watch. Last week it stopped. So I took it to the shop. I didn’t ask for an estimate. Today I went to get it. Do you know how much I had to pay? Five pounds. Five pounds just for cleaning a watch.
Dictation 2 Have you ever thought what it is like to be one of those beautiful girls that you see on the front of fashion magazines? They meet interesting people, they travel to exciting places, and sometimes they make a lot of money. But they have to work hard. They often have to get up very early in the morning, and of course they have to be very careful about what they eat.
Lesson Nine
Section One New Vocabulary duster: 掸子 wrist: 手腕 blouse: 衬衣 nylon: 尼龙
Dialogue 1 She can’t clean the blackboard because there is no duster. Dialogue 2: He can’t drink the milk because it is sour. Dialogue 3: Because he returned the glove that she had lost. Dialogue 4: Because he wants to practice his English. Dialogue 5: He went to see a film. Dialogue 6: I have damaged my wrist. Dialogue 7: She has a pain in her chest. Dialogue 8: Because he wants to know the time
Dialogue 9 A Dialogue 10 C Dialogue 11 C Dialogue 12 B Dialogue 13 B Dialogue 14 B Dialogue 15 A
Section Two A: An Invitation to a Volleyball Match
  1) For a volleyball match.
  2) This evening,
  3) Because he says he is not interested in it.
  4) He has never seen a volleyball match.
  5) Because it is very fast, with lots of action.
  6) Five pounds.
  7) He says that he has got to see some friends.
  8) Three pounds.
  9) He is joking.
  10) Yes. He gives the woman five pounds and promises to go to the match.
B: Telephone Conversation Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Things Done by Tom lifted heavy boxes lifted heavy boxes store shelves 2 hrs late; labeling bottles did little; left at six did little; left at six
C: Monologues: Monologues: Names Relation Alice Floor Age 77 Problem backache
Jane’s top friend Carol Jane’s 4th daughter Jane Carol’s ground mother
bad leg
Section Three Dictation 1 We are going to London for our holiday. We are leaving early on Saturday morning and I hope we will get to York about eleven o’clock. We are spending the night in York, then on Sunday we are driving up to Scotland. We are going to stay at a lovely little hotel near a lake. Of course we will probably get some rain, but I am sure we will have a fantastic holiday.
Dictation 2 People often ask me for my telephone number. But I haven’t got a telephone, so I tell them to ring me at work. Why don’t I have a telephone? I think the telephone is expensive and I prefer to write a letter. There aren’t many people I want to speak to in the evening and I do not want to speak to anybody at breakfast time. When I want to use the telephone in the evening, I can always use the box at the end of the road.
Lesson Ten
Section One New Vocabulary instant coffee: 速溶咖啡 cardigan: 羊毛衫
A: Dialogues Dialogue 1 C Dialogue 2 A Dialogue 3
  1) C
  2) B Dialogue 4
  1) B
  2) A Dialogue 5 A
  1) She wants to have breakfast in her room.
  2) From seven to ten.
  3) At about half past eight.
  4) Pineapple, orange, grapefruit.
  5) Pineapple.
  6) Coffee.
  7) On the desk.
  8) She offers to pour the coffee.
  9) The woman herself.
Section Two A: Discussion
  1. Tom is telling Eddie about the moment when he was most frightened in his life. That was when he, in the middle of a swim in a lake, discovered that he was too tired to swim back to shore. Fortunately he was saved by his friends.
  2. We used to have a favorite picnic place beside a lake. lake. We had a boat there. I was there with some there. friends and I decided to swim to a little island. It island. didn’t look far and I started swimming … but half way across I realized it was a lot further than I tired, thought. I was getting very tired, I shouted. Luckily my friends heard me and brought the boat. boat. I thought I was going to drown. I’ve never been drown. more frightened in my life.
B: Forum Headmaster (
  1) The two full-time jobs that children have fullalready got are: a) (growing up), and up), b) (going to school) school) (
  2) Part-time jobs make the (so tired) that Part(so tired) they (fall asleep) in class. (fall asleep) Mrs. Barnes (
  1) What children need is (a lot of sleep). (a sleep).
Mr. Barnes
  1) A part-time job can’t (harm bigger) boys. part(harm bigger)
  2) They (earn their pocket money) instead of (earn money) asking their parents for it. And they ( see something) something) of the world (outside school). (outside school). Businessman
  1)Boys (learn a lot) from a part-time job; (learn lot) part
  2) If the pupils (didn’t take a part-time job) (didn’t partjob) they couldn’t (stay at school). (stay school).
Section Three Dictation 1 Philip Andrew us 16 and he is about to leave school. He comes to me for advice every week. He is looking for an interesting job and he would like good wages. One of his friends works in a supermarket. Another friend works in a factory. Philip thinks supermarket jobs are not well-paid. And wellfactory jobs are boring.
Dictation 2 And finally, some news from the United States. David Thomas, the Californian pop singer, is 16 today and he is giving a party for 60 guests. His young friends have bought him a Rolls-Royce, the most Rollsexpensive one they could find. David is famous because he is the fastest driver and the youngest pop star in the state of California. He is flying to Paris tomorrow.



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