第四单元 Task 2: Wrong Weather Forecast
M: Hey, Jane! Does everyone know what time to meet us this weekend for the picnic? W: Yeah. They’ll all be here at eleven sharp! I’ve got all the food and drinks for the barbecue, and Tom is bringing the grill. M: OK. I’ve got that old net; we can use that for beach volleyball. W: Oh, I forgot to tell you. I’ve invited Class 2 and 3 as well. We’ll be able to have a volleyball match, one class against another; that’ll be great fun. M: Did you check the weather? I hope it’s going to stay nice for the weekend; we can’t have a picnic in the rain. W: No worries! I watched the weather forecast last night, and the weatherman said it’s going to be fine?maybe a little cloudy, but DEFINITELY no rain!(next morning) M: There’s terrible weather! It’s raining buckets! W: There’s no way we can go out in that. Those weatherman are useless?I hope they had a picnic today too. M: I don’t know what’s happened to the weather these days. When I was little, we never had this much rain in the summer. W: I AGREE. And have you noticed that winter is warmer now as well? We always used to get snow in January. Now winter is more like spring! M: You’re telling me. I bet it’s all the pollution and the hole in the ozone layer that’s changing the weather. W: Oh, global warming and all that. M: I guess we’ll have to take a rain check on the picnic. .Task 3: Global Climate Change Today, scientists have found that the greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere have changed the global climate. These gases are largely due to human activities, such as the burning up of gas, coal and oil, and the destruction of forests. It is estimated that the average surface temperature of the earth will rise by
  3.5℃ by 21
  00. This rate of warming is significant. The oceans will heat up and glaciers will melt. As a result, the global average sea level is expected to rise by 15-95 cm by 21
  00. In that case all coastal cities will be at risk as a result of flooding and storm surges. Also, around the world weather events such as storms and floods will become more frequent and intense. Clearly, global climate change is becoming a great threat to our environment. So we must take effective measures to produce fewer greenhouse gases that cause it. Global climate is causes by the greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere. These gases are largely due to the burning up of gas, coal and oil, and the destruction of forests. Scientists estimate that, by 2100, the average surface temperature of the earth will rise by
  3.5℃ and global average sea level will rise by 15-95 cm. All coastal cities will be at risk as a result of flooding and storm surges. Clearly, global climate change is becoming a great threat to our environment. Friday looks really good. Sunny all day with a daytime temperature of 70 degrees. But bundle up Friday night, as the temperature will drop sharply. On Saturday, it will be cold and cloudy in the morning with strong winds. In the afternoon, there’s a good chance of snow flurries, and the temperature will only reach 37 degrees! On Sunday morning it will be cloudy, with some rain showers in the afternoon. But temperatures will rise to 50 degrees.
五单元 II. Listening Skills

  1. M: Jenny, the main courses here are steak, chicken or fish. Each comes with rice. So, what
looks good to you? W: Gee, I had chicken last night, and I often eat fish for dinner. Maybe I’ll have steak tonight. I’d like it medium. Q: What does the woman want to have for dinner? The woman wants to have steak for dinner.
  2. W: I often sleep late and skip breakfast. Sometimes I just have yogurt or something. M: I can’t bear the taste of yogurt. I like a regular breakfast?eggs, bacon, toast, and the like. Q: What does the man like to have for breakfast? The man likes eggs, bacon, toast, and the like for breakfast.
  3. M: Why don’t we go and get some ice cream? W: You devil, you know I have a sweet tooth. I love desserts, but I have to be careful about my weight. Q: What does the woman think about sweet food? The woman has a taste for sweet food, but is worried about putting on weight.
  4. M: I’ve bought some cookies for the club meeting this evening. Do you like them? W: No, not really. Ii prefer fruit, like apples, strawberries, and so on. Q: What food does the woman like and dislike? The woman doesn’t like cookies; she likes fruit such as apples and strawberries.
  5. W: I’ve come to this Chinese restaurant many times. I like sweet-and-sour fish, fried noodles…and the mushroom soup here id delicious. M: You’re really a big fan of Chinese food. OK, you do the ordering. Q: What kind of Chinese food does the woman like? The woman likes sweet-and-sour fish, fried noodles and the mushroom soup in the restaurant. III. Listening In Task 1: Fast Food Culture Since the late 1900s, Americans have begun to fully believe in their “fast food culture”. In 1994 alone, fast food restaurants in the United States sold over 5 billion hamburgers, making it a favorite meal and an important commodity. Each day in 1996, seven percent of the population ate at the 11,400 McDonald’s; males from their mid-teens to their early 30s made up 75 percent of this business. By then, fast food had become a cultural phenomenon that reached beyond America’s borders. In 1996 McDonald’s owned over 7,000 restaurants in other countries, including: 1,482 in Japan; 430 in France; 63 in China; and so on. McDonald’s has also recognized some cultural differences. In Germany, for example, the outlets sell beer, in France they sell wine and beer, and in Saudi Arabia they have separate sections for men and women and close four times a day for prayers. But for the most part the fast food fare is the same, maintaining the same culture on an international level.
  5.C Task 2: McDonald’s W: John, I’m really hungry! M: Just get anything you want, it’s on me today. I’m thinking about a hamburger and some chicken McNuggets. W: Thanks, man. That sounds good. I love milkshakes here. M: Me, too. The formula of McDonald’s is really special. W: Right. And no matter where you go in the world, you can always see similar menu items and the same high level of quality in McDonald’s. M: It’s true. They also do well because of diversity. I mean, they sell different products according to people’s tastes and preferences in different areas. W: Right. Like the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Seafood Soup that they sell in China. They could never sell that here!
M: But I’ve heard that McDonald’s is really losing market share in the States now, and has closed down some restaurants. W: Yeah. It’s just so difficult to stay competitive when there so many fast food chains in the States. I mean there are KFC, Pizza Hut, and A&W, just to name a few. M: It seems that they’re doing better overseas,’ cause they’re really able to sell American culture. W: Yeah. They use all the media they can, and they do a good job.
  1. They will probably eat a hamburger, some chicken McNuggets, and the shakes.
  2. McDonald’s is so successful because of its formula and diversity.
  3. You can always see similar menu items and the same high level of quality.
  4. McDonald’s is losing market share in the States now and has closed down some restaurants. Because there’re so many fast food chains in the U.S. that it’s difficult for McDonald’s to stay competitive.
  5. Because they’re able to sell American culture by using all the media they can. Task 3: American Eating Habits Eating habits in America really get a lot of criticism. But the truth is, it matters much where in America you look. In big cities, people are becoming more health-conscious every day. This is shown by what foods they choose to buy in supermarkets, and what restaurants they eat in. There is now a big push for “green” foods that are grown naturally. In cities like New York and Chicago, restaurants offer new and healthy styles to stay ahead of the competition. However, these habits contrast with those in America’s heartland. Here, people tend to eat more traditional and higher fat foods, such as breakfasts of eggs, bacon, sausages, toast and other greasy, but delicious foods. Fast food chain restaurants such as McDonald’s and the Olive Garden, which serve cheaper food, draw a lot of customers and are popular in most places. There are different eating habits across America. In big cities, people have now become more health-conscious than ever. There is a big push for “green” foods that are grown naturally. In New York and other big cities, restaurants offer new and healthy styles to stay ahead of the competition. However, people in America’s heartland are quite different. They often eat more traditional and higher fat foods. Fast food chain restaurants draw a lot of customers and are popular in most places. Task 4: An Announcement Have you ever dreamed of tasting your favorite McDonald’s foods for only one dollar, and then, adding something to your Extra Value Meal? Now your dream can come true with McDonald’s Dollar Menu. Great choices. Every day here at McDonald’s. Look for these and more: Salad, Double Cheeseburger, Fries, McChicken Sandwiches, Snack Fruits, Soft Drinks, and Pies. Have a great meal! V. Let’s Talk Jane: I’m from the Students Union. We’re doing a survey of students’ eating habits. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions? Jim: Will it take long? Jane: No, not really. Fie minutes maybe? There aren’t all that many questions. Jim: And what’s it for exactly? Jane: Well, we want to get an idea of the sort of things students eat on a regular basis, and to find out how aware people are about diet and nutrition and those matters. The intention is to produce an information leaflet about healthy eating. Jim: Yeah, I suppose something like that would be quite useful. Anyway, what do you want to know, exactly? Jane: OK, first question. What would you say your favorite food is?
Jim: That’s easy. Hamburgers and fries. Lots of fries1 I must say I like a nice Chinese meal as well. Jane: Mmm. You’re getting into some bad habits there. How many meals do you have a day? I mean sit-down meals, not snacks. Jim: Well, I nearly always oversleep. I usually skip breakfast altogether. And I’d probably just have a chocolate bar for lunch. So I don’t sit down to a meal till evening. Jane: OK. Typical student, I suppose. And how about fresh fruit? Is it important in your diet? Jim: Nah, not really. I know it’s bad, but…I’m just not in the habit really. I suppose I might eat an apple once in a while.
  1. Hamburgers fries
  2. Chinese
  3. cabbage
  4. skipped
  5. chocolate
  6. sit-down
  7. fruit VI. Furthering Listening and Speaking Task 1: Foods in the World Food is national and international. Many people like their own national dishes and a variety of foreign ones. You can find European and Oriental restaurants on most large cities. You can find Italian, French, Chinese, and Mexican restaurants in New York, Washington, San Francisco, and many other cities in the United States. As well, you might also find Greek and Middle Eastern restaurants in some cities in the US. American hamburgers and hot dogs are popular in Tokyo and Paris. In almost every country you will find rice, potatoes, eggs, bread, soup, meat, vegetables, milk, fruit, and other basic foods. People all over cook them differently in different countries. People all over the world also prefer different things to drink. The English drink a lot of tea, and the French a lot of wine. Americans prefer coffee, milk or pop. German beer is now completely international. Children are often very conservative about new foods. In the United States they often prefer to eat the same three or four favorite dishes: hamburgers and French fires, hot dogs, fried chicken, and ice cream
  1. national international
  2. national dishes foreign ones.
  3. hamburgers hotdogs Paris
  4. tea coffee milk pop
  5. children three or four hamburgers fried chicken Task 2: GM Foods The term GM foods refers to those produced with the latest genetic engineering techniques. In 2000, countries that grew 99% of the global GM crops were the United States, Argentina, Canada, and China. The next decade will see rapid development in Gm products. Gm foods may solve many of the world’s hunger problems, and help protect environment. Yet there are many challenges ahead for governments, especially in the areas of human and environmental safety, labeling and consumer choice, ethics, food security, regulation and international policy. Many people feel that genetic engineering is inevitable and that such a technology should be put to use. However, others warn that we must take care to avoid causing unintentional harm to both human health and the environment as a result of our enthusiasm for this powerful technology.
  1. F
II. Listening Skills

  1. M: I haven’t been to see my doctor for a very long time. I’m worried that he’ll be angry with me for not having a physical examination for so long. W: Which is more important, the doctor’s feelings or your health? You’d better go if you want to make sure everything is all right with you. It seems that the man worries more about the doctor’s feelings than his own health.
  2. W: Oh, I’ve got a cold. I’m not used to the cold weather, and it often gets the best of me.



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