2003 年 12 月

  1.A)Fixing an engine B)Repairing a car C)Caahing a check D)Buying some wheels
  2.A)Visit Japan B)Cook some food C)Travel abroad D)Eat outside
  3.A)One of a cheaper price B)One of the different color C)One of a fashionable D)One of smaaller size
  4.A)He has changed his plan B)He has canceled his trip C)He is arriving this afterroom D)He forgot to arrange his trip
  5.A)They had lost their way. B)They were told it would rain C)They were caught in the rain D)They had taken an umbrella
  6.A)Going shopping B)Staying at hotel C)Taking a trip D)Buying a book
  7.A)By check B)In cash C)By credit card D)By mail
  8.B)Buying an apartmenr B)Repairing her apartment C)Renting an apartment D)Panting her aprtment
  9.A)One near a park B)a larger one C)A cheaper one D)One with a good view
  10.A)The size B)The furniture C)The location D)The rent
  11.Why did Tina come to the Employment Agency? To look for
  12.What did she do in the Employment Agency? She filled out
  13.What was the problem with Tina? She had little
  14.What job did she get at a supermarket? A job as a
  15.How did she find her new job a few maths later? She felt it was very
2003 年 6 月

  1.A)Boating B)waking C)Running D)Driving
  2.A)She allows the man to smoke in the room B)She will open the window for the man C)She doesn't like the man to smoke in the room D)She doesn't mind the man's opening the window
  3.A)In a department store B)In a bookstore C)In a library D)In a hotel
  4.A)Write a report B)Type a rport C)Check a report D)Read a report
  5.A)A waitress B)A salesgirl C)A housewife D)A den receptionist
  6.A) One B) Two C) Three D) Four
  7.A) Grass B) Vegtables. C)Roses D)Rrees
  8.A) In a small yard B) In a big garden C) On the roof D) In the greehorse
  9.A) $70 B) $20 C) $10 D) $17
  10.A) He already had a lot of ties. B) He didn't have enough money C) He might get some from his children D) He had to save money for his birthday
  11. How was the travler when he got to the country inn? He was

  12. Why couldn't the traveler get near the fire? Because the room was very
  13. Why did the people run ort to see the horse? Because they were curious to see a horse eating
  14. What did the trveler do when the people went outside? He sat down beside the fire and
  15. Who ate the fish in the end?
2004 年 6 月

  1.A) In a bookstore B) In a bank C) In a snack bar D) In a library
  2.A) Because he'll write a report B) Because he'll be weth his friends C) Because he doesn't like the game D) Because he doesn't kown the players
  3.A) Flowers B) Glasses C) A blouse D) A dress
  4. A) The man can use her computer B) The man can help himself to some food C) The man should put the computer on the table D) The man should help her to move the table
  5.A) Because she likes to live near a playground B) Because the new apartment is cheaper C) Because she needs a quieter place D) Because the present apartment is too small
  6.A) To the Science Museum B) To the History Museum C) To the Art Museum D) To the Space Museum
  7.A) About every four minutes B) About every five minutes C) About every six minutes D) About every seven minutes
  8.A) The design B) The price C) The color D ) The size
  9.A) Black B) Brown C) White D) Gray
  10.A) The discount B) The weigh C) The puantity D) The distance
  11.How many parts does a conversation with a new friend usually consist of?
  12.What do you do in the first part of the conversation? We and tell each other our names or exchange name cards.
  13.What is mentioned as an example of of important matters? affairs.
  14.What is usually avoided in the conversation? Or unpleasant things.
  15.What do you usually say to your new friend at the end of the conversation? We tell him we are happy to
2005 年 1 月

  1. A) It's attractive B) It's exciting C) It's important D) It's boring

  2.A) At a railway station B) At a bank C) At an airport D) At a parking lot
  3.A) By refering to the receptionist B) By calling the finding it in the phone book C) By asking his friend D) By finding it in the phone book
  4.A) He's the boss B) He's a visitor C) He's a new employee D) He's the woman's friend
  5.A) $400 B) $200 C)$ 300 D) $150
  6.A) Sports wear B) Holiday wear C) Summer wear D) Casual wear
  7.A) See more samples B) Try on some T-shirts C) Meet the designers D) Place an order
  8.A) He wanted to check the order number B) He wanted to order some computers C) He wanted to report on a problem D) He wanted to see the secretary
  9.A) They got a wrong order number from the caller. B) They failed to deliver the computers on time C) They couldn't find the order form D) They made a wrong delivery
  10.A) T he salesman B) The manager C) Mr.Peterson D) Mary
  11.Why do more middle-aged adults have to take care of their aging parents? Because people are living
  12.What does the speaker think of the job of taking care of an aging parent? It's
  13.How have the family roles changed? The dependent parents are cared for as if they were
  14.What can a nursing home do for aging parents ? It provides them with proper
  15.What benefit can middle ? aged adults get by sending parents to nursing home ? They can return to their
2005 年 6 月

  1. A) He didn't like that computer C) The price of the computer
  2.A) Go to a lecture B) Go to a concer
  3. A) Write a letter for the woman C) Drive the woman home
  4. A) She was tried of reading it C) She didn't think much of it
  5. A) When he can receive the order C) When he should send the order
  6.A) Three weeks ago B) Last month
  7. A) Install more machines C) Buy more machines
  8.A) Singhtseeing around the city B) He didn't find what he liked D) That type of computer was sold out. C) Go shopping D) Go sightseeing B) Take the woman to the office D) Tadi the report for the woman B) She it very much D) She wasn't interested in it B) What the order number is D) What wrong with the order C) Last week D) Last Monday B) Test the machines D) Sell the machines B) Attending a meeting
C) Shopping in the city D) Giving a party
  9.A) This afternoon B) This evevning C) Tomorrow morning DTomorrow afternoon
  10.A) At the party B) In the office C) At the meeting D) In the hotel
  11.Wha t can visitors see at the exhibition? They can see most of the latest of the company
  12.Which section do the visitors go to see first ? The section.
  13.For whom are the products specially designed? For
  14.What's special about the keyboard? Its keys are
  15.What kind of sound does the mouse produce? It produces sounds.
2005 年 12 月

  1.A)In a post office B)In a bank C)In a big store D)In a hotel
  2.A)He has a lot of experience B)He appears to be a bit to quiet C)He is nice-looking D)He lacks experience
  3.A)Prepare a price list B)Go to the Brown Company C)Send a parice list D)Mail a price list
  4.A)She should repair the telephone herself B)She can turn to Mike for help C)He knows nothing about telephone. D)He will call the telephone
  5.A)Seeing a flim B)Attending an evening party C)Having another try D)Finding a better theatre
  6.A)In the office B)In a factory C)At the airport D)At the railway station
  7.A)She was busy working B)She was having a holiday C)She wanted to get relaxed D)She want to shop for Christmas
  8.A)To make an apology B)To place an order C)To ask about delivery D)To cancel an appointment
  9.A)Trucks B)Printers C)Phones D)Cameras
  10.A)For the late payment B)For the damaged products C)For the lost goods D)For the delayed delivery
  11.When did the family car become common in America? In the early
  12.Why do more Americans have to drive to work? Because they have moved out of theto the suburbs.
  13.Why do people like smaller cars now? Because the cost of gas has
  14.How popular are Japanese and German cars in the U.S.? They sell
  15.What does the speaker mainly talk about? in the U.S.
2006 年 6 月

  1.A)Reading a novel B)Mailing a parcel C)Writing a book D)Typing a letter
  2.A)She doesn't like Kunming B)She doesn't have the money C)She doesn't want to go with the man D)She doesn't travel much
  3.A)The woman has bought a few things for the man B)The woman has bought a lot of things for Mary C)The woman has bought nothing for Mary D)The woman has bought a few thing for herself
  4.A)She'll send a reply by mail B)She doesn't want a reply C)She prefers the man to reply by phone D)She doesn't know the man's phone number
  5.A)Repair the woman's computer B)Fis his own computer C)Have a three-day holiday D)Visit the woman the next day
  6.A)Upstairs B)Downstairs C)Downstairs D)Across the bus stop
  7.A)Every ten minutes B)Every other hour C)Every hour D)Every half hour
  8.A)Production B)Finance C)Marketing D)Human resources
  9.A)Taking long business trips B)Working on weekends C)Having work experience D)Living in the company's dormitory
  10.A)Half an hour B)One hour C)One hour and a half D)Two hours
  11.About how many adult Americans have the "weight problem"? percent.
  12.In many people's opinion, what is the cause of getting fat? Eating
  13.Why were the Americans in 1910 thinner than today? Because they workedphysically
  14. What was the result of recent study? Thinner people are morethan fatter people
  15. According to the passage, what happens to those who exercise regularly? They can eat more, and still lose a large amount of
2006 年 12 月

  1.A)He does not have a phone B)He will make the call for her C)The woman can use his phone D)They phone is out of order.
  2.A)It was boring B)It was quite long C)It was interesting D)It was easy to understand
  3.A)It is seriously polluted B)Te air is very clear C)There are few cars and factories D)It remains what it was ten years ago
  4.A)It will be revised B)It will be approved C)It has been canceled D)It is under discussion
  5.A)Having a race in the snow B)Traveling in the Northeast C)Visiting a friend in the Northeast D)Booking tickets for the winter holiday
  6.A)Its size B)Its price C)Its delivery D)Its code number
  7.A)The goods were lost B)They have been sent C)The delivery will be delayed D)They will soon be returned
  8.A)Interviewer and interviewee B)Employer and employee C)Manager and secretary D)Seller and buyer
  9.A)He has got the required knowledge B)He is atisfied with the salary offered C)He thought
he could be hired by the company D)He wanted to have better chances for development
  10.A)Because he has no work experience B)Because it's the easiest way to get the job C)Because he doesn't meet the job requirement D)Because every newcomer start with a trainee salary
  11.What do the Gardens'Guides do every day at 11am and 2 pm? They show the tourists around the
  12.How long does the tour last? It lasts about
  13.What should groups of 8 or more people do of they need a tour guide? They should book one
  14.Where can you have meals in the Gardens? You can have your meals in
  16. In what season is the Garden concert held? In
2007 年 6 月

  1.A)He has returned from a conference B)He'll have a conference next Friday C)He's waiting for the man in his office D)He won't be available until next Friday
  2.A)Doctor and patient B)Boss and secretary C)Waitress and guest D)Husband and wife
  3.A)Study math with John B)Talk with John about his study C)Ask John to be their tutor D)Take John to a doctor
  4.A)The man dosen't like the climate in Chicago B)The woman likes Chicago very much C)The woman has just been to Chicago D)The man knows little about Chicago
  5.A)Take another interview B)Work with his father C)Start his own company D)Stay at the present job
  6.A)Miss Smith B)Miss White C)Mr.Brown D)Mr.Smith
  7.A)Mr Brown's address B)Miss S



   第四单元 Task 2: Wrong Weather Forecast M: Hey, Jane! Does everyone know what time to meet us this weekend for the picnic? W: Yeah. They’ll all be here at eleven sharp! I’ve got all the food and drinks for the barbecue, and Tom is bringing the grill. M ...


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   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


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   学习方法,全面提高听说能力~从现在就开始吧 从现在就开始吧~~~~```太经典了 最佳 VOA 学习方法,全面提高听说能力 从现在就开始吧 太经典了 直接转了 来源: 何厚铧的日志 VOA Special English 节目内容题材广泛,如果能坚持长期学习,你不仅能扩充知 识面,增加词汇量,提高阅读能力,还能在潜移默化中提高写作水平。那么你是怎 么样使用 VOA Special English 来学习提高英语水平的呢?这次讨论的目的在于 发现常见的错误的学习方法,总结出一套行之有效的最佳 ...



   aster, astr (o) 星,外 太 空 源自希腊语 ástron (a star) 。 ★ astro nomy n. 天文学 { astro- 星,外太空 + -nomy 规律,法则,学科 → 研究星星的规律的学科 → 天文学} cf. economy ( 经济 ) * Mathematics is connected with astronomy . 数学与天文学有联系。 ☆ astro nomical adj . 天文学的,极大的 { astro- 星,外太空 + -nom(y ...


   关于 2011 年全国大学生英语竞赛报名的通知 发布人: 发布人:教务处办公室 发布日期: 发布日期:2010.12.6 为了贯彻落实教育部关于大学英语教学改革和考试改革精神,全面 提高大学生英语综合运用能力,激发广大学生学习英语的积极性,鼓励 大学英语学习成绩优秀的大学生。2011 年全国大学生英语竞赛初赛将在 我校举行,请各学院安排组织报名工作。 一、竞赛时间 1、本次竞赛分初赛、决赛两个阶段进行。 2、初赛于 2011 年 4 月 10 日(星期日)上午 9:00~11:00 时。 3 ...


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   考研翻译 考研翻译基础讲义 考研翻译基础讲义 第一讲 翻译的定义 翻译是一门语言的艺术,是语言之间的转换, 翻译是一门语言的艺术,是语言之间的转换,是在准确理解的基础上用一 种语言来忠实的表达另外一种语言。 种语言来忠实的表达另外一种语言。 考研翻译简介 (一)考研翻译考查内容和形式 根据全国硕士研究生统一考试英语考试大纲规定,考研翻译“主要考查考生 根据全国硕士研究生统一考试英语考试大纲规定,考研翻译 主要考查考生 准确理解内容或结构复杂的英语材料的能力。 准确理解内容或结构复杂的英语材料 ...


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