2010-09英语 统考冲刺题:作文范文 第一部分 英语B统考冲刺题 作文范文(第一部分 第一部分) 英语 统考冲刺题:
一、写信、通知、便条 写信、通知、 (一)假如你叫张琳,你昨天(4 月 7 日)在放学回家的路上发生了交通事故,你从自行车 上摔了下来,被好心人及时送到了医院,医生叫你卧床休息三天,特此请假(ask for a sick leave) 要求:
  3、词数 80 左右。 August 11, 2010 Dear Mr. Zhang, I am writing to ask for a sick leave. Yesterday I met a terrible accident on my way home and broke my leg. It happened like this. I rode my bike home as usual on Beijing Street. But yesterday the street was under construction and there were rocks and sand everywhere. I was not able to control my bike and fell down onto the ground. My leg got badly hurt and I was not able to walk. A kind-hearted man sent me to hospital immediately. The doctor advised me to rest for at least three days. I hope I would not miss too many lessons. I will be back to school as soon as I am able to walk. Best regards, Sincerely yours, Zhang Lin (二)写通知:明天(星期五)全班同学将去参观科学博物馆(the Science Museum) ,由你 (班长)通知全体同学。 (通知的开头和结尾已给出) 。具体内容如下:
  1.早上 8 点钟在校门口集合,步行前往;
  5.下星期一交一份有关参观的报告。 要求:
  1. 不要逐句翻译;
  2. 词数 80 个左右。 Fellow students, Thank you! Fellow students, All the people in our class will visit the Science Museum tomorrow, Friday. We will gather together at the school gate at 8 a.m. We will go to the museum on foot. Please remember to bring a pen and a notebook so that we can write down the things we are interested in. When we visit the museum, please don’t take pictures, be sure to keep quiet, and listen and watch everything with great attention. After the visit, each of us will write a report about the visit and hand in the report next Monday. Thank you!
(三) Help Me to Buy A Spoken English Book
  1) 介绍你的近况。
  2) 请他帮你买英语口语书。
  3) 欢迎他方便时来访。 Sept. 11, 2010 Dear Lily, I haven't heard from you for a long time. Is everything going well with you? I am now working in a multinational company in which English is very important in daily life. I study English in my spare time. The most difficult thing for me is oral English. Would you please buy a good oral English book for me? We haven't seen each other since last summer. Why not come to Shanghai for some days when you are free? We will spend a happy time together then. Looking forward to seeing you soon Best wishes Yours, Mike (四)假如你叫李华,你的同学正在开展一场讨论,主题是:学生要不要参加体育锻炼。请 根据下面所提供的信息,给某英语报社写一封信,介绍讨论情况。
  1. 应该每天进行体育锻炼
  1. 锻炼浪费时间
  2. 做早操、打乒乓、打篮球、但不要时间过长
  2. 锻炼使人疲劳
  3. 锻炼能增强体质,减少疾病 Sept. 11, 2010 Dear editor, My name is Li Hua from a college. Currently, my classmates are having a discussion on the topic “whether students should do physical exercises”. I’d like to introduce different ideas in the discussion among my classmates. According to our statistics, 60% of my classmates hold the idea that students should do physical exercises every day. They can do morning exercises, play table tennis, play basketball and so on, but they shouldn’t spend too much time on it. The supporters believe that physical exercises can improve our physical condition and reduce the chances of being ill. However, 40% of my classmates think that the students are wasting their time in doing physical exercises, and that doing physical exercises is very tiring. I’d like to have your ideas about doing physical exercises. Thank you for your time. Best wishes Yours, Li Hua (五)Oxfam Trailwalker(乐施会毅行者)是一个非常著名的慈善机构。假如你是 Lucy,现 在要写封信给你澳大利亚的好友, 向他介绍你哥哥和他的朋友们上个星期参加乐施会毅行者 活动的情况。信中要包括以下内容,信的开头和结尾已经写好。 词数 80 左右。 概况: 自从 1981 以来是香港最大的资金募集活动之一。 目的: 帮助香港以及亚洲(Asia) 、非洲(Africa)其它地区的穷人。
Sept. 11, 2010 Dear…, How is everything with you? These days, I have been very busy helping my elder brother with his Oxfam Trailwalker activity. Through such activities, Oxfam Trailwalker has raised the largest sum of money in Hong Kong since 19
  81. Oxfam Trailwalker is a charity institution whose aim is to help the poor people in Asia, Africa and other areas. Last week, my elder brother and his three friends took part in the Oxfam Trailwalker activity. It was a very exciting and challenging team work. They had to walk 100 kilometers in 48 hours without time to sleep! They encouraged and helped each other and finally reached their destination within time limit. They were tired out, but raised a lot of money. Do you like to take part in this activity next year? Best wishes Yours, Lucy 亲爱的 , 近来一切都好吗? 这些天以来,我一直忙着帮我哥哥参加乐施会毅行者活动。通过多次这样的活动,乐施 会毅行者自 1981 年以来在香港募集了最大一笔善款。乐施会毅行者是一个慈善机构,其目 的是帮助香港以及亚洲、非洲和其它地区的穷人。 上个星期, 我哥哥和他的三个朋友参加了乐施会毅行者活动。 这是一个非常令人兴奋的 团队活动,富有挑战性。他们必须在 48 小时内横越 100 公里,没有时间睡眠! 他们互相 鼓励互相帮助,终于在限定时间内到达了终点。他们累极了,但募捐了不少钱。你想明年参 加这个活动吗? 致以良好祝愿
(六) (假如你叫李华,在因特网上找到一个叫 David 的网友,请根据下列要点给 David 写 个 e-mail,介绍你自己的一些情况。
  1. 李华,在职学生,家住上海。
  2. 喜欢集邮和运动。
  3. 对英语很感兴趣,会唱不少英文歌曲。
  4. 班里同学也很想找网友,希望得到帮助。
  5. 想去英国看看。 注意:
  1. 开头部分已写好,只需接着写。
  2. 词数:80 个左右。 Dear David, I'm very glad that we get to know each other through Internet. I live in Shanghai. I'm now a student of long-distance education. Meanwhile I work in a company. I am fond of collecting stamps and doing sports in my spare time. I am also interested in learning English, and can sing many English songs. It's wonderful that I can communicate with you in English. My classmates admire me very much, and are eager to have net pals from English speaking countries. I wonder if you could help them. By the way, I plan to visit the U.K. in a few months. I hope I can meet you there. Best wishes, Yours, Li Hua
亲爱的大卫, 很高兴能够在网上认识你。 我家住上海。我现在是一名远程教育的学生,同时在一家公司工作。我业余时间喜欢集 邮和运动,我对英语很感兴趣,会唱不少英文歌曲。能和你用英语交流真是棒极了。班里的 同学都很羡慕我,很希望结识母语为英语的网友。不知你能否帮个忙。 顺便说一下,我计划几个月后去英国,希望到时候能够见到你。 致以良好祝愿 你的朋友, 李华 (七)Notice 请按下列要求写一个通知
  1. 我们的英语老师将举行晚会,请全班同学参加。
  2. 晚会时间:晚上六点;地点:在 102 教室。
  3. 请每个同学准备唱一首英语歌曲或用英语讲一个笑话。 Sept. 11, 2010 To improve our English and make us understand the western culture better, our English teacher will hold an English party in Room 102 at 6:00 this afternoon. All the students in our class are invited to take part in the party. Everyone has to prepare one performance, such as singing an English song, telling a joke in English or reading an English poem. There should be a lot of fun. Welcome to take part in the party on time. Thanks. The Student Union 2010 年 9 月 11 日 为了提高我们的英语水平,让大家更好地了解西方文化,英语老师将在下午六点在 102 教室开一个晚会,我们班的每个同学都受邀参加。每个人准备一个节目,例如,演唱英文歌 曲,讲英文笑话,或朗诵英文诗歌。肯定会非常有趣的,欢迎准时参加。谢谢。 学生会 (八) 感谢信 八 你应邀到一位好友家吃晚饭。事后给朋友写信表示谢意。你的信应包括下列内容:
  3.期待朋友的光临。 Sept. 9, 2010 Dear Mike, Thank you for your invitation to your home for dinner yesterday. It was a beautiful night. I enjoyed the food and the music very much. This Saturday is my birthday. There will be a birthday party at my place, and I will invite some close friends to have dinner at my home. I do hope you can come to join us. One of my friends will play the guitar. We can sing and dance to the music. It would be fun. Please make sure you will come. I am looking forward to having you at my party. Best wishes Yours, Lily
(九) 给朋友的旅游建议 你的一位外国朋友给你来信,打算到中国旅游。你给他回信,提出旅游建议。你的回信应包 括下列内容:
  3.表达你希望见到朋友的心愿。 Sept. 11, 2010 Dear Mike, I'm glad to get your letter and know you want to make a tour in China. Now I'm living in Shanghai, and there are so many famous places here. I have made a plan for your visit in Shanghai. First we can go to the Peoples' Square, the most famous place in Shanghai. Then we can go to Yuyuan Garden, where you can see traditional Chinese buildings and buy some typical Chinese souvenirs. In the evening, we may have dinner at my home and you are welcome to stay at my home for several days. I'm looking forward to your coming to Shanghai. I am sure you will like this city. Best wishes Yours, Lily 二、综合类
  1. My Favorite TV Program
  1) 你最喜欢什么电视节目?
  2) 你为何喜欢这种电视节目? 你最喜欢什么电视节目? 你为何喜欢这种电视节目? My Favorite TV Program My favorite TV program is news. There are some reasons for this. First, news is useful. Through the news, I get to know the policies of our governments. Second, I get to know what is happening at home and abroad every day and keep up with times. There is good news and bad news, which helps me understand the society better. Third, news introduces interesting people and things that seldom appear around us. For the reasons above, I watch TV for news every day. 我最喜欢的电视节目 我最喜欢的电视节目是新闻。我喜欢它的理由如下:第一,新闻很有用。通过新闻,我 可以得知我们政府的政策。第二,我每天都能知道国内外正在发生的事情,跟得上形势。新 闻有好有坏,但都能帮助我更好地了解社会。第三,新闻向我们介绍了很少发生在我们周围 的有趣的人和事。因为上面的几个原因,我每天都看电视新闻。
  2.Instructions:建议你在 分钟内, 建议你在30分钟内, 根据下面所给的题纲用英语写出一篇不少于80词的短文 词的短文。 建议你在 根据下面所给的题纲用英语写出一篇不少于 词的短文。 上星期天你打电话叫Jack和你去公园。在公园你们看见……,你们玩得很高兴。 和你去公园。在公园你们看见 上星期天你打电话叫 和你去公园 ,你们玩得很高兴。 get up late; call; get to; many people; do exercise; read; lake; fly Last Sunday, I got up late. After breakfast, I called my good friend Jack and asked him to take a walk with me in a park. I worked too hard these days. I needed to relax a bit anyway. We soon got to the park. It was a nice day. We found that there were many people in the park. Some people we



   2010-09英语 统考冲刺题:作文范文 第一部分 英语B统考冲刺题 作文范文(第一部分 第一部分) 英语 统考冲刺题: 一、写信、通知、便条 写信、通知、 (一)假如你叫张琳,你昨天(4 月 7 日)在放学回家的路上发生了交通事故,你从自行车 上摔了下来,被好心人及时送到了医院,医生叫你卧床休息三天,特此请假(ask for a sick leave) 要求:1、请根据以上内容,向班主任张老师写一张请假条; 2、以第一人称写,不能逐字翻译; 3、词数 80 左右。 August 11, 2 ...


   1、节日计划 My Plan for the National Day Holiday 国庆假期计划 The National Day Holiday is coming. 国庆假期要到了。It is a very important festival in China. 这是中国一个非常重要的节日。Everybody has his or her plan for the National Day Holiday. 每个人对于国庆节都有自己的计划。I have a plan, too. 我 ...


   1. My Dream I have a dream from the first time I sit in a car?I want to drive. Driving is the most meaningful way to meet human being's desire of "faster". What's more, driving a car can take me to any place I want whether it rains, snows ...


   1. ?Good-bye and thank you very much for a wonderful time. ?. Hope to see you again. A. Thank you for your coming C. It was nothing 2. ?Could you show me your passport? ?. A. Yes, I could C. I haven't it with me ?. A. Yes, please C. No, thank you r ...


   Test 1 第一部分:交际用语( 小题; 第一部分:交际用语(共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 个未完成的对话, 个选项, 此部分共有 5 个未完成的对话,针对每个对话中未完成的部分有 4 个选项,请从 A、B、C、D 四个 、 、 、 选项中选出正确选项 正确选项。 选项中选出正确选项。 1-5 BACBB 1. ?How are you, Bob? 你好吗,鲍勃? 你好吗 鲍勃? 你好吗, ? Ted. 我很好,特德。 --我很好 --我很好,特德。 A. How are ...


   理想的工作 My Ideal Job I have a dream for my career in the future. I want to be a businessman. The idea came into being when I was a child. With the development of market economy, there are many good chances in business. I like reading stories about so ...


   1.节日计划 ...is a very important festival in China. ……是中国非常重要的一个节日。 The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. 春节是中国最重要的节日。 ...is coming. ……就要到了。 Everyone has his or her plan for this festival. 每个人对于这个节日都有自己的计划。 I have a plan, too. 我 ...


   1.节日计划 ...is a very important festival in China. ……是中国非常重要的一个节日. The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. 春节是中国最重要的节日. ...is coming. ……就要到了. Everyone has his or her plan for this festival. 每个人对于这个节日都有自己的计划. I have a plan, too. 我 ...


   统考范文 范文(40 篇) 大学英语 B 统考范文 英语作文范文 1 Cleaning Up Our Environment??清洁我们的环境 提纲: 1.随处可见的环境污染 2.怎样才能使环境清洁 3.你的看法 Sample: The sky looks grey; the rivers become black; the grass is covered with plastic bags. You will easily get your hair and shoes dirty wh ...


   1.自我介绍 自我介绍(self-introduction) 自我介绍 Good morning, my dear professors. It’s my pleasure to be given a chance for your interview. My name is XXX,I am XXX years old. I come from XXX, a very beautiful city. My undergraduate period will be accomplished ...



   考研英语 75 分者的经验 考研英语是个非常独特的考试,考研英语考的并不是你的英语水平有多好, 而是你多会做考研英语的卷子。我英语从高考就是拖我后腿的,高考 103,四级 437,六 级 428,考级都是突击和报班过的。考研能考这么多,有一半是水平确实有提高,毕竟我准备了 几乎 1 年,另一半我个人认为是我掌握了考研英语的方法。写下与各位共享,希望能对你有所帮 助。 申明,我是报了全程辅导班,也看过别的老师的视频和讲座,某些理论不是我在瞎扯,确实 是老师所讲,我个人觉得有用摘录下来而已,信者 ...


   renal failure 肾功能衰竭 diabetes 糖尿病 diffuse intravascular coagulation 弥散性血管 凝血 dysentery 痢疾 enteritis 肠炎 gastric ulcer 胃溃疡 gastritis 胃炎 gout 痛风 hepatitis 肝炎 Hodgkin’s disease 霍奇金病 hyperlipemia 高脂血症,血脂过多 hyperparathyroidism 甲状旁腺功能亢进 hypersplenism 脾功能亢进 ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   英语语法教学中例句的选择 语言要遵循一定的规则,这种规则即被我们称之为“语法” 。许多学生在英语学习中 一听“语法”头就大,产生恐惧、厌学的心理。教师要遵循“精讲多练,讲练结合,以练为 主”的教学方法,同时还要注意提高学习效率,减轻学生的作业负担,实现语言为交流工具 的目的。笔者在多年的教学实践中总结:语法教学要重视例句的选择。 一、代表性 例句的选择在结构上要有代表性, 起到掌握这个句型就能够举一反三的作用。 历年的高 考试题、学生比较熟悉的经典习题等,我们不妨拿来一试。 如,讲动词不定式 ...

星火英语大学六级精准听力中文翻译复件 (3)

   [00:17.64]型号测试3 [00:20.62]第一个 [00:22.89]方向:在本节中,你会听到8短 [00:27.21]谈话和2长时间的会谈。 [00:31.72]在每个会话中,一个或更多的最终 [00:34.35]问题将被询问是什么 [00:37.31]说。双方的谈话和问题 [00:40.80]将只发言一次。每个问题后 [00:45.68]会有一个暂停。暂停期间,你必须 [00:49.61]阅读四个选择标有A),B组),C级), [00:53.79]和D),并决定哪个是最好的答案。 ...